• Sarah

    ABC abs killed me today! Thanks cassey!

  • Wingless Angel

    kept trying till the end !!!! :D

  • Danbarberi

    ABC ABS didnt help today…. I just coldnt help it…. Casey said “pizza” & i just finished the exercises and all i was thinking was about the slice of pizza i didnt eat yesterday, so i got up and ate that yummy slice of pizza…. Sorry….. But…. I did the exercises!!! Completely

  • Lu

    Why did the videos vanish? It was so convenient to have them all in a row here :(

  • Amily

    I’m still straining my neck badly for the 8 min abs workout. I think i pulled some muscle there, as a lump is forming at my neck! And I gave up halfway through the ABC abs…

  • Minna

    I’m so shake.. my belly is crying for help! And i’m so broud .. i did it all! <3 <3

  • Alison

    Vidalia Onion!

  • Olivia

    I don`t know how you do I pelvic thrust. Can someone please explain?

  • Eli

    The abc is still soooooo hard :(

  • Lena

    omg, the 8 minute abs are so hard, can’t believe that :o

  • D

    Day 12 ….. 8 minute abs is so hard and every time I do it rly hurts my neck :(

  • Rachael

    I usually end up doing 2 videos and then some other various workouts. I get bored very easily with workouts so having variation makes things easier.