• Katerina

    Hey! For the last vid, keep pushing! It really is over before you know it. I gave up on the last move because I thought I was only halfway through and I knew I wouldn’t be able to do much more after that but don’t worry! Also, it changes really quickly from arms to abs so if you’re thinking of giving up during the arm part, don’t worry it’ll be over so soon that u won’t even remember you were doing arms!

  • Crystal

    The Last workout killed my abs!!! Cassey is the BEST!!!
    I have noticed that I am getting stronger each day with her calandar. I hope that I will be able to do the regular calandar soon.

  • Sarah

    This was definitely rough today but I finished! I had to stop and rewind the last video so i could get all the moves in. But otherwise, feeling good and sweaty!

  • Sylvia

    That last workout finished me!