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  1. Hello Casey,
    I was wondering if you could recommend which videos would be best for prenatal workouts. Seeing as you have sooo many women following you and watching your videos. I think it would be a really great to have that option in the mix. It is important for pregnant women to continue to be fit and healthy while pregnant.
    Thank you

  2. Can you show your BB pin?

  3. Hi I was wondering if you deliver to the Channel Islands as I really would like the DVD


  4. Hi Cassey

    I noticed before on your FAQ page you talked about the myfitnesspal app and what we could put your videos under in the exercise section. It’s not showing up when I click on it. Is anyone else having this problem or is it just me? If anyone remembers what they were thatd be great


  5. Hello! I was wondering if Casey or even anyone anyone can help me out, I’m sure this questions been answered before but I can’t find anything about it. I want to lose weight and thin out; if I do the monthly calendars just like they are will that work for what I want? Or do I have to add cardio with that?

    • Hi Corinne! The monthly calenders incorporate cardio and a lot of Cassey’s pilates moves increase your heart rate so do act as cardio. For me, when I was first starting out the calenders were enough to help me lose some weight even when that wasn’t my goal. Since then I’ve started incorporating at least two days at the gym where I train with heavy weights and do intervals on the treadmill to ensure I don’t plateau but that’s a good year after I started pilates. In the beginning I personally found the calenders had enough cardio moves to aid weight loss. Building muscle also helps you burn calories throughout the day so I think the calenders are much better for sustainable weight loss than a simple cardio routine.

  6. Hi Cassey,
    I just started with POP Pilates two weeks ago and I can already see a difference. I don’t want to loose weight, I just want to get lean and toned and your workout plan really helps!
    Since about 6 months I’ve been trying to get lean and toned but it didn’t really work, even tough I always ate completely clean and worked out 5 times a week.
    Now with your workouts I see so much more progress than in the last 6 months! You’re such an inspiring person and I’m so thankfull to have someone who helps me with my own fitness journey.
    Thank you very much, Cassey!

  7. Marissa Nevel says:

    Hey Cassey, hope you are doing wonderful.
    I just wanted to ask if you would consider going back to multiple body parts targeted per day for the August 2014 workout calendar. As you know, sometimes we get busy and might miss an extra day here and there. I have found it much easier to stay in shape doing the workout calendars if multiple body parts are targeted throughout the week, such as your June calendar. That way, for example, If I miss the arms day, I’m not totally missing out on working my arms for the week if I know that it’s arms and abs twice a week instead of one arms day and one abs day.
    Anyways, your calendars are always awesome i’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
    Thank you so much for all you do.

  8. Hi Cassey! You are awesome and I love your workouts! I just wonder about crossfit workout video, what are you think? ;) It would be great do this workout with you!

    Greetings from Poland <3 !

  9. Serrie V says:

    Hey Cassey,

    Hope you are doing well! I was wondering can you do a Bollywood music workout? Bollywood music is so energetic, lively, and AMAZING to work out to. [maybe it could be called Bollywood booty ;), Bollywood beauty, Bollywood total body workout?] I suggest songs from Yeh Jawaani Heh Diwaani, Student of the Year, or Main Tera Hero. It would be awesome if you could consider!


  10. Hello Cassey! I’m Laura, and I might be your youngest POPster. I’m 8 years old. Could you come to Cleveland, OH? I would really like to meet you and take a live class!!! If you come to Cleveland, could you do a healthy cooking show or a healthy snack tasting and a class? I want some healthy & yummy snack/meal ideas. Thank you Cassey!

  11. OH MY GOD CASSEY HAVE YOU SEEN THESE?! They are sweat activated sports wear which change what they say if you get sweaty enough! So awesome!!

    Also, love you! And please come back to London soon!
    from a london popster!
    meg xxxx

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