Cassey’s 2014 Teaching Schedule

POP Pilates at Equinox

MONDAY: 8am POP Pilates

THURSDAY: 5pm POP Pilates


  • Aliyeah

    Hey Cassey!!!!! I am heading to LA in a couple of weeks and I really want the chance to get to meet you. I have come pretty far with your help and I would truly like to meet you how much you inspired me. You are one of my heroes and to tell you that in person would be fantastic. I hope to get the chance to meet you!

  • Laura Standley

    Cassey, someday, I will drop everything and make a trip out to your hometown and take your gym class. And I hope to see you someday in Portland, OR.

  • Anita

    is there a way of knowing where the classes will be in the U.S?

  • Kathryn

    Hey Cassey!
    You should definitely come to the east coast for a couple days and teach a class in our very own nation’s capital!! I would LOVE to meet you!!

    • Ditto! I live near D.C. and would totally come to a class! :)

  • Christine

    Hey Cassey,

    You should come do a class around Philly! Your videos have really inspired me to get in shape for my wedding this fall!

    <3 Christine

    • Sarah

      I agree!!

    • Rachel

      Yes yes yes!! Pop Pilates is the only thing that I’ve found works for me to stay in shape

  • Bianca

    Does anyone know if I can borrow a mat there or if there are enough mats?

  • Mike

    Hi, I just recently looked up cassey’s classes at Equinox and it looks like she has a substitute? How do we know when she will be teaching the class???

  • Mike

    Where and how do I find out how to get into on of her classes? I’m from out of state and would like to attend her class when I visit LA next month

    • natalia

      you can buy a daily pass at equinox gym. check their website on google and there are the instructions.