Class Sched

Cassey’s 2014 Teaching Schedule

POP Pilates at Equinox

MONDAY: 8am POP Pilates

THURSDAY: 5pm POP Pilates



  1. Yes yes yes!! Pop Pilates is the only thing that I’ve found works for me to stay in shape

  2. is there a way of knowing where the classes will be in the U.S?

  3. Ditto! I live near D.C. and would totally come to a class! :)

  4. Hey Cassey!
    You should definitely come to the east coast for a couple days and teach a class in our very own nation’s capital!! I would LOVE to meet you!!

  5. I agree!!

  6. Christine says:

    Hey Cassey,

    You should come do a class around Philly! Your videos have really inspired me to get in shape for my wedding this fall!

    <3 Christine

  7. Does anyone know if I can borrow a mat there or if there are enough mats?

  8. I live in NH, the farthest east you can go, I’m there. ;(

  9. Hi, I just recently looked up cassey’s classes at Equinox and it looks like she has a substitute? How do we know when she will be teaching the class???

  10. you can buy a daily pass at equinox gym. check their website on google and there are the instructions.

  11. Where and how do I find out how to get into on of her classes? I’m from out of state and would like to attend her class when I visit LA next month

  12. Thanks Mimi! I will email that address. I hope the class was great!

  13. I live in Denmark :(

  14. I wanted to get a couple of girls together to go to class this Thursday, 4/4, do any POPsters (or Cassey!) know the best way to do that without being members of the gym?

  15. France for me…

  16. u should do her youtube workouts! free!

  17. Hey Cassey, hopefully you can come to Texas!! I would love to meet and have a class of yours but I know you work hard so maybe one day you can come to Arlington in the at&t staudium or maybe even in dallas or ft worth I would still go.

  18. Me…I live in Czech Republic.

  19. i live in Australia :P

  20. me .. i live in saudi arabia :( oh! how i wish to meet you cassie ..

  21. does anyone know of a class similar to cassey’s that’s located in chicago? I want to do the workouts but I can’t muster the self-motivation.

  22. Me too! I hope to meet her as well :)

  23. Maia Thayer says:

    Are you still holding your Pop Pilates classes at the equinox gym ? I would love to attend one of the Thursday classes if you are :)

  24. You pay for a day pass for the gym, the class does not cost extra.
    Meet ups are free but you have to reserve a ticket beforehand (free).

  25. I wish you did international like you did with the London olyimpics
    Please come to Canada or Israel

  26. ME-i live in singapore :(

  27. is the class free?!

  28. :D I live in the south of Germany, ladies, so who is more far away of LA than me ;)

  29. OMG I have family in Bulgaria!

  30. Bulgaria? pffft!! I’m from India LOL :D

  31. ya I wish one that on a regular basis just to get to work. I’m in Toronto Canada….one day I hope to meet her :)

  32. I will come when I get better at the moves so I don’t embarrass myself (= right now I’m like a fish out of water.

  33. Daniela says:

    Don`t bother. I`m from Bulgaria, eastern Europe. I`m only 6600 miles away :D!

  34. I like the “I’m scurrred” haha I want to go to but I’m from Wisconsin! So farrrrr ):

  35. Chelsey says:

    WISH I COULDDD. If I am ever in LA I will though :o

  36. I know how you feel… :(

  37. rusetti says:

    Just an hour? Uh that’s nothing! There’s over 5300 miles between me&Cassie. :/

  38. The place I’m living at is an hour away so I can’t see you

  39. OMG cassie you have the best body!
    I totally want one like yours.
    I’m going to LA tomorrow and I REALLY want to go to one of your lessons and take a picture with you
    but my parents probably won’t allow :(

  40. Cassey! Me and my husband will be in town this weekend visiting from Phoenix. Will you be having a class tomorrow thursday July 4? If so I would LOVE to come!

  41. Or Bridgewater, NJ! ;)

  42. Grace Bartosch says:

    Hey Cassey, My birthday is coming up and i really want to take one of your classes(hopefullly if my family drives me) so … If i came to one how much money is it? Or like a day pass at the gym??

  43. OMG i wanna come but im scurrred =)

  44. Kadhir Profit says:

    Cassey; I want to take the time to say Thank You for being who you are! You project nothing but positivity and encouragement in all of your videos, and for the first time in a looonnnngggg time; im excited to work out again. Ive just discovered you about 2.5 weeks ago and I have been target toning + cardio in the gym with your videos twice a day 5 days a week, and my body has totally transformed…every single day my body changes! I can’t wait to see my results at the end of 4 wks! You totally need to come visit us in ATL by the way. Thanks for turning me into a believer! My goal is to become a “Pilates Princess” like you lol. Because of you, I know that my goal is not only attainable, but it IS going to be achieved. Luv ya lots! And please, dont change! Muahz

  45. One day when I’m skinny and tough enough (like you) I’m gonna totally do a live class! ♥

  46. Hey wanna come to Hillsborough, NJ? hint hint. hint hint.

  47. Cassey are you teaching in March in SF? I am visiting SF around 3/22 and I really want to take your class!

  48. Cassy – LOVE your workouts. Been doing your videos for years. Wondering if you can do a Pilates arm video?

  49. Cassey, I’m going to be in the San Francisco and L.A. area from February 8th-17th, and I’m hoping I can catch a class! Could you give me some info. on where and when you’ll be teaching then?

  50. Are the people in your class like uber fit and althletic?

  51. teilzeitDAU says:

    grrr, how i envy those girls & guys who can take real-life classes w/ you on a weekly basis!! :)
    and grrr#2 for the fact that i actually was in SF last autumn (2011) but didn’t know about you back then so i didn’t come to a class!!!! sadness x39746483!

    if ever i’m going to happen to be in the bay area again, i will SO show up though! :)

  52. Oh my god! I never knew you taught classes in the Bay Area, I live in the Bay too! Going to have to come to a class :) <3

  53. Hey Cassey :) I just wanted to say I LOVE your workouts! They’re so much fun, I’ve only done a few so far, but I can’t wait to do more!
    Love, love, LOVE you and your workouts!
    Kate xoxo

  54. I just stared her work out on the blog,,, one work OMG burn like hell however look very simple but burn a ton of CALORIES. Thank you Cassey

  55. I fourth it :)

  56. How much do your classes cost?

  57. You are such an inspiration!!! I came across your blog at the beginning of the summer and I cannot even begin to explain how much you have inspired me! Every single video. . .you PUSH me to give 110% even if I have the biggest urge to just fall down and stop! I have had a hard time remaining consistent with working out. . .but ever since the beginning of May, and coming to your blog- it gives me the motivation I need to get a good work out in each and every single day. Furthermore, your tips to eat healthy and clean is something I always keep in mind :) Love your grocery list and I appreciate you sharing! Thanks so much again!

  58. Hi Cassey! I’m Cassie too :) I just started following your blog after hearing about it from the Fitnessista and am SO excited that you’re in the Bay Area since I’m in the South Bay! I’m a fitness instructor as well with a hectic schedule, but I definitely want to make it to one of your classes soon! Loving your blog so far :D

  59. grrr i wish i lived in SF just for your workoutsss! Super peppy but will all the burnn! <3 :) You're always awesome Cassey! Love you!

  60. Hi Cassey and Everyone Else!!!
    I live in Ireland but am travelling to CA for two weeks in August to visit relatives. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a Pilates studio where I might be able to do some teacher training – just a one or two day course would be great or if failing that if anyone can recommend somewhere for me to attend classes?
    I will be staying with family in both Riverside and Pamona.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Ladies!!!

  61. I third that.

  62. omg so excited that you’re teaching at Crunch!! I just joined there! Are you teaching that class tonight?

    PS- you should come teach at the New Montgomery Crunch location too! :D

  63. Hi, Cassey! This is Joanne who met you at F21 last week at Hillsdale!! Remember I tweeted you the pix I took with you! I can’t believe that you are also teaching in RWC Crunch as I work in RWC too. I am so going to print out a guest pass and try to join one of your class on a Sunday! Are the classes on Sunday similar to the workouts we see on blogilates?

    Can’t wait!!

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  65. Cassey,I wanted to plsornaely thank you for all the videos you have created on YOU TUBE. You are truly a gem. I have enjoyed many of the video and I continue to do them. It has taken a time for me to see results but after 3 months of really make small changes the results are coming in. I wish that we were closer. I would love to take a class with you (I am taking a class but one in person). I would like to have an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with you. If you had 5 minutes to speak with me .I would love that. The questions are one that I would love to plsornaely discuss with you. They are all on the fitness arena. Again thank you for the gift you have left so many of us. May you be blessed and continue to succeed.

  66. Katrina says:

    Wow, I had no idea that you were just a city away! I am definitely going to grab a guest pass to Bally and join you on Tuesday and Thursday!! :D Woo-hoo.

  67. Hey,
    I’ve been doing a mixture of your workouts for just over a month and already feel so much stronger, and more confident, so I just wanted to post and say thank you, and if you ever come to the UK, I am there! Thanks Cassey!


  68. Samantha Kae says:

    Hey Cassey!

    I want to come to one of your classes this week, I’m guessing from your latest video that you’re still in Santa Monica, so whenever you get back I’d love to take one of your classes. Thank you!

  69. Stephanie says:

    I second that! And preferably at a 24 Hour, if that is at all an option. Bally’s and ClubSport are sooo expensive, and a guest pass would simply not be enough!

  70. come to fremont!!!!

  71. Hi Cassey!

    I’ve been following you for almost 2 years now, and you’ve made such a difference in my workouts and my outlook on my goals with much positivity. I’m currently in nursing school and barely have time to work out like I used to, but having all my favorite youtube workouts you’ve posted makes all the difference in the world.

    I see you are now teaching classes in Fremont and Union City! Which is AMAZING but I’m more towards the Tri-Valley (Dublin, San Ramon, Pleasanton area) I was wondering that since you’ve started a class at the Club Sport in Fremont if you can maybe try and extend some classes out this way so it’d be easier for me to come to your classes!

    And I’ve actually been dying to meet you for a while! I’m definitely a fan and am inspired by you. :) I was planning to come to the SF meet up sometime last year, but couldn’t make it. I was so sad!

    But if you could at least see if you can try getting some classes out here, that would be amazing. :)

  72. we’re in some stores, but best to just buy off the site!

  73. I love love your gym bags. I’m from Chicago area and I was wondering if the bags are only available on your website :).

  74. if i don’t see you in time, just sign up for a free pass online. it’s like a 3 day thing, just do that in case we don’t see each other at the front!

  75. I’ll be in Fremont tomorrow morning and I wanna come to your 1015 at Bally. Can u get me a guest pass please? I’d REALLY Appreciate it!:) thank you!!:)
    Ps-I asked u on FB too.

  76. Nancy Guzman says:

    I wanted to personally thank you for all the videos you have created on YOU TUBE. You are truly a gem. I have enjoyed many of the video and I continue to do them. It has taken a time for me to see results but after 3 months of really make small changes the results are coming in. I wish that we were closer. I would love to take a class with you (I am taking a class but one in person). I would like to have an opportunity to have a one on one conversation with you. If you had 5 minutes to speak with me….I would love that. The questions are one that I would love to personally discuss with you. They are all on the fitness arena. Again thank you for the gift you have left so many of us. May you be blessed and continue to succeed.

  77. Victoria Price says:

    If you ever come to London to do a class I’m there!

  78. if only i lived there i would prob take it everyday!!!!!

  79. Ahh, I would love if you would be able to teach a class in San Jose! I would be so excited to come and meet you!

  80. 1 hr

  81. Ahhh =D I’ll be in San Fran in July, will you still be in Ausi then? I mean it’s kind of far away but hopefully I can hit up one of your classes and actually meet you IRL!

  82. that sounds GREAT! how long each class lasts?


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