• Jackie

    Hey Cassie I like your app but I can’t upload pictures too the forum which is making it hard to enjoy completely

  • Sarah

    Hi casey,

    loving the app and your youtube videos, can’t wait to get stuck into sweatempber xx

  • Steph

    Quick advice question, I am going to take a crack at your 8 week Bikini Meal Plan,
    any ideas on what I could replace the Protein Shake for? Protein shakes dont agree with me.

    Thanks :)

  • Ayu

    aww you are such a sweet sister!
    The cake looks absolutely delicious. I must give it a try!

  • rita

    Hello, Cassey,
    lately I found your site and now it’s already two and a half months I’ve been working out with you. My results are great and my inspiration too. I hardly wait the next morning to have a new workout!
    Especially I like your new HIIT workouts because I can do it at my own pace and I know exactly how much effort I need to accomplish the whole routine.
    But I also like your short videos because they are like chocolates in a box – you don’t know what’s inside. Just open it according to the list in the calendar and start doing it.
    I want to know your apinion to isometric training and your thoughts about it. Do you think it’s a good idea to do some isometric workouts like Kallanetics or it’s enough to follow your changing tempo to strenthen the inner deep muscles?
    And one more question. I used to watch your videos on Youtube but sometimes (rather often) it tells me that the owner prohibited to watch this video on mobile devices. So I need to find the video on your site and it’s inconvinient to loose time for that in the middle of the workout. Is it possible to fix it up, please?
    I appriciate your approach to working out and making it so interesting, inspiring and easy to follow.
    P.S. excuse my mistakes in English if any :)

  • Anjali Tennekoon

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for the POP HIITS – they were absolutely amazing. Working out became so exciting and there was always something new to look forward to. I know I said it before but Thank You, once again! And do do do please (please!) keep giving us more of these – could you (please?) continue these in August, too? Indebted to you in more ways than one – am so grateful for you!


  • Belen

    Hi Cassey! I wanted to thank you so much for being an inspiration to me and so many others to have a healthier, more positive life. Last year I started my freshman year in high school and finding your videos was one of the best influences on my well-being that year. However, I did have a hard time balancing schoolwork and workout time (I attend an extremely exigent school and usually have up to 7 hours of homework, not counting other projects). I was wondering, are there any tips you can give me (and other students in the same position) to ensure a healthier year, like how to follow the workout calendars on a crazy-busy schedule? If you have any ideas or comments, they are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much and you are wonderful! Keep up the great work!!!! :D

  • Jessica

    Hi Cassey

    I was just wondering, how do you know when it’s time to get new sneakers?

    Thanks so much for all your motivation and inspiration!


  • Selina

    Hi, Cassey! I was just wondering what size the shoes in your giveaway is? Please let us know!(: By the way I absolutely adore everything you do and I love your workouts!!

    • jamie

      How do you enter the sneaker giveaway!?

  • Lubna

    Hi cassey! I was wondering of you had any tips on staying healthy when fasting. So basically this month I’m fasting for a holiday and I try to eat healthy as much as I can and I still exercise. But I’m still gaining weight and when I exercise I fwel faint. Do you know any tips that can help

    • farwah

      so hard during ramadan! but working out right before u break fast or right after…this year was hard even if you ate healthy our bodies did not have enough time to break down the food…iA next year maybe cassey will help us

  • Katelyn

    Hey Cassie! Well I’m visiting my aunt and uncle for a week and they don’t like to cook and they eat really unhealthy. When we go out I try to order something on the healthy side but then they look at me like I’m a weirdo or something. Plus all of this eating out is making me very bloated and I feel like I’m going to give birth any day now. Do you have any advice??

  • Crystal

    Cassey – I know you love the Nike Free Runs and I know you do a major variety for workouts. I’ve only ever bought running shoes but am finding that I need something for indoor/gym cross training as well as running. I am also an underpronator and needs additional support for my arch. Do you still recommend the Nike Free Runs for cross training, running and arch support?

    Thanks for your feed back!

  • Brianna

    Hey Cassey,
    I love all your videos and great recipe ideas! really look up to you for health and fitness tips! I wanted to know if you have any strategies or tips for when you must eat out? My family and friends love to go out and eat rather than making something healthy at home. i don’t really have a choice so i was wondering what you do to make sure you don’t eat something with a billion calories?

  • Jie

    Dear Cassey, is there other ways to burn and tone our lower belly rather than doing pilates? I have trouble doing them as my back hurts whenever I do it. If so can you make some videos of them? Thank you :)

  • Daisy

    About the pop hiits, how long should a rest be before I do another set?

  • roxanne hernandez

    Hi cassey!
    Im new to all this and so I was wondering, should I try the July calendar or the beginners workout calendar?

    • Becca

      I was wondering the same thing. I’ve been doing yoga but that’s much easier. So what do you think I should do?

      • Guste

        I recommend the begginer calendar if you are new to get used to the working out, the advanced calendars are probably going to be too hard for those who are not used to it! :)

  • Anjali Tennekoon

    Hi Cassey,
    Was hoping (really really really hoping) you could another traditional HIIT type workout soon – like Food Baby or Bikini Blaster 1. Maybe you could call it Body on Fire and add it to your current series! Would love to try a new hardcore HIIT. Thanks Cassey for ALL that you do!


    • Anjali Tennekoon

      Meant to say “add” another traditional HIIT type workout. Thanks!

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Cassey!
    I had my oldest son very young, and I got pretty big. But after I had him I went from a size 13 to a size 1 in 6 months. Nursing really helped, but since I wasnt working out, I got stuck with that wrinkly baby belly. 8 years later, it’s still there and no matter what workouts I do it won’t budge. My question to you is what workouts go you recommend to help get rid of it? Maybe I’ve just been doing the wrong thing? Thanks for everything you do!! Your awesome!!

  • Jesse

    Cassey I was wondering if I could make a seductive video my boyfriend wants to watch me do pilaties and I want to tease him a little bit thanks

    • Thalia

      The video called “what makes you bootyfull” is a good one to tease your boyfriend. While your butt and legs are dyingso will your bf ;)

  • ezgi

    Hi Cassey !
    So i want to get abs , but i’m far too fat to get them i think. What should i do ? İ’m so fat that I can’t even do pilates.

  • linda

    Hey cassey,
    I currently go to the gym 5times a week. I do cardio 30 mins and strength training with free weights and on the machines. I am 24 mother of 3 kids( they love to eat plenty of fresh fruits only so my frigde is sort of stocked), I have been trying to eat clean(my inly probably like sine other people is that I’m not a fan of veggies) everyday expect on sunday. I have lost weight especailly around my midsection. But I believe I still have a bit more fat that I need to reduce around my midsection inorder for me to tone my midsection. I was wondering if maybe you might be able to make a video with gym equipment (cardio, machines, etc.) with some of your home routine workout for a rare hybrid like me. I love your videos, some are challenging, but love your energy and spunk.
    Please maybe a hybrid work between gym cardio and at home workout?
    Want to know if might be able to substitute vegetables with a vegetable juice, if yes which one or maybe how to make an at hone vegetable juice?
    Oh and what do you cook your eggs with oil, butter, a non stick spray? (Cuz I cook with canola oil but I place two napkins under my eggs to absorb the oil and place another on top as well. I tend to do this with anything that has grease or oil.)

    • Katie

      veggie juices are a great way to get a ton of necessary nutrients in one drink. Don’t buy bottled veggie juices, they have extra ingredients in it to preserve the drink which isn’t good (the less ingredients listed on a package the better). Juicers are kind of expensive, but they’re definitely worth it! i have one and i absolutely love it. there are tons of great juice recipes online, they usually consist of 1-3 veggies and then a fruit or lemon to make it taste good. some health food stores make juices, and there are also juice bars around but buying those every day can get pricy, buying a juicer is cheaper in the long run.

      here is a link about juicing:

      This documentary got me into juicing:
      “Fat sick and Nearly Dead” (on netflix)

      For cooking eggs, check out ghee which is clarified butter and is said to be healthier (in small amounts).

  • Christine

    Hi Cassey – I’ll definetly not able to thank you enough for the tremendous help your workouts did for my body and my spirit. For my health overall. I’ve been doing the pop workouts for about a year now, 4 to 5 times a week, I’ve lost about 50 pounds since i started and I feel and look better than never. However I now would like to maintain the weight while keep toning and I’m not sure how can I best incorporate the 2 days 1 hour cardio workout with the pop calendar. Could you please advise on how to schedule the intense cardio (and here im also talking about treadmill and eliptical workouts beside the Hiit pop ones)and pop Pilates for best results?Thank you so much!!!

  • Jaime Jones

    Hey Cassey!
    just a quick question! I workout 6 days a week, eat clean, but drink coffee like nobodys buisness!!!! Is this very bad? I work nights and quit smoking and this seems yo help with both….

  • Samantha

    You have a beautiful soul!

  • Cassie

    OMG We have the same naaaame!! :) Hi Cassey I’m 14 years old and live in NEW ZEALAND!!! :D and I absolutely am in love with your workouts ! thank you so much for giving us all what we want! a body to die for! Your calanders are amazing and it is hard with school but I manage! I love how enthusiastic you are when your working out which helps me keep on going!
    Lots of Love, Cassie <3

  • Brittany maxwell

    Can you please show us some different smoothie recipes!??

  • Lauryn

    Hey Cassie! So I just started your workouts this month and I LOVE IT! But one concern I’ve been having is while doing the pilates workouts I’m trying to keep my stomach sucked in, like you said in order to get those flat abs, but for some reason I can’t hold it in :'( now I’m developing those puffy abs, which are cool, but not really the goal I had in mind. I eat healthy 5 times a day, but I do keep dairy products in my meals and snacks could this be a big factor why my abs aren’t slimming the way I want? I used to have a nice six pack so I know it’s attainable for me, but that was from barely eating at all…. and that’s definitely not the lifestyle I want to go back to…. So please any suggestions?! I really wanna get this down! :D

    PS Thanks for your encouragement through the vids!! Helps tremendously!

  • Cathy Beling

    Hey Cassie! (((:
    I am absolutely in love with your workouts! I started watching your videos 2 years ago and I havent looked at any other fitness trainers ever since! I just want to thank you for taking your time to make these workout videos and motivating each one of us! (: I just want to request wether you can make a video about what to do after eating a huge meal after binging! I have just been so stressed lately that I have completely abandoned working out and just gone to food for comfort which is really unacceptable! Would love it if you could help out! Thank you so much Cassie! Keep up the good work! love you!!!

  • Hello Cassey, Hello from Dominican Republic. I’ve been doing your videos for a while now. But I haven’t seen a video directly directed to cellulite. That’s my biggest problem right now.Thighs basically. I’d really love if you took time to do a video specially dedicated to that. Or maybe, if not, at least tell me which of your videos are perfect to my problem, which I know you have. Thanks so much, I hope you read this. Love your job, very well done!

  • hailey

    Hey cassey,
    Im a total night owl trying to get fit. Im 20 and real over weight and on top of that have spinal issues!(boy could it get worst?) Well i stay up pretty late even if I have to get up early. My body just does not adjust well to morning. And the big question is, will my unaverage meals cause me to not reach my goals?

    My breakfast would be others lunches and so on and so forth. And im really new to the eat clean world so at the same time I am trying to convince my mother so cook and keep food thats un processed and healthy in the home. And I have tried to wake up and excercise but I cant seem to get on with my day without a nap.

    And finding time during class and work to excercise is hard work but I am trying!!! And I really do appreciate some of the videos where you give an alternate for back issues! And your possitive attitude is a positive considering how people here talk so negative about fitness! Thanks for the videos and your future answer to my question!

  • Riley

    Hi Cassey, love the blog, love the workouts! Thank you for your amazing work! Could you maybe do a video specifically for teens? (That’d be great!)

  • Sheila R.

    Hi cassey! I really love your videos and have just been starting to follow them. But I guess
    I have a different case, I’m really skinny and I have a apple-shaped body. I have veru broad shoulders and very narrow hips — which I dont really appreciate. I want to get thicker hips and thighs and legs maybe. I want my hips and butt to look wider than how my shoulders are so it’d be more feminine less manly. Can you have a specific workout for me? And maybe some diet tips too on what I should be consuming more on? Thank you!

  • Lydia

    I love your videos, especially all of the lower body ones. But I was wondering if there are any modifications for side planks. I have an old elbow injury and for most things it’s ok but side planks even when I go down to my elbow are still really painful. If there isn’t a modification is there a similar exercise to substitute when you do them in the videos?

  • Tabitha

    Hi !!! I have a question I’m 36 and a mother of 3 very busy …I’m 5ft and weigh 106 and all I want to do is lose 5lbs and tone …I have a reallyhard time eating healthy….. do well for a few days then I give in and have a cookie lol ..its just seems like no matter how hard I try I can’t shed these five pounds ..please help !!!

  • Isabel

    Cassey, thank you. I’m on day 5 and already lost 3.5 pounds. I have more energy, and I am more motivated.

  • Stephanie

    I am 21 years old. Weight has always been a iffy topic for me. Went through anorexia in my young teens and got really unhealthy. I gained some back and was at a healthy stage til I was 20, then I had my daughter 10 months ago. I gained over 60 lbs! I lost a lot of the baby weight earlier but had troubles with birth control and gained majority of it back. I have not started your full workouts yet but I have singled out a few and my sides burn! I hope I see results! I’m only on day 4. Wish me luck!

  • Breanna maurer

    Hey, Cassey I’m totally addicted to your workouts!!!! You are so bubbly and make it really easy for me to workout. I’ve been trying to eat really clean and workout a lot because I want to be more toned. I’ve never been fat, I’m 5’3 and I weigh 112 but I want a cuter body. I’m 16 and I just wanna be cute!!!
    Wanted to let ya’ll know about an amazing thing I had for supper tonight. Cabbage cooked in coconut oil in a skillet and then take Ezekiel bread, tear it up and put it in. Put soy sauce on and it tastes like a healthy egg roll!!! It was soooo yummy!!!
    Also can you do some more workouts to One direction??? I’ve done What Makes You “Bootyful” soo many times!!!! Thank you so much for your videos and everything!!!:D

  • Carly Nichols

    Hi Cassey! My name is carly and i am in desperate need of your help. I am 16 years old and have struggled with my wieght for a very long time.I have done just about every diet and nothing seems to help too much. In October fo 2012 i got very strict with what i ate and exercising, so much that i got very sick an unhealthy. I then gained all of my weight back and i am stuggling so hard wuth my appearance. I am 5’3 and weigh 140 lbs. my sister weighs 129 lbs and makes me feel swful about myself because she is so skinny. I am currently trying a lo-cal diet, keeping near 1000 calories a day. But i work at a fast food restaraunt and am a full time student, so its very hard to eat clean. I need some help and motivation if i reallt want to get my life and health on track. I am so inspired by you and hope you can help me get what i need to do figured out, because while eveyone else tells me i look fine, i cant help but think of myself as disguisting. PLEASE HELP ME!,

  • Adrianna

    Hey Cassey! I am DESPERATELY in need of your help. I am 15 years old and about 35 pounds over weight (for my hight). I love working out and eating clean but my parents are the complete opposite. They know I’m trying to change to a healthier lifestyle but it is very difficult when they make it so difficult. :( It is hard for me to eat the healthy foods I would like to eat when the only foods they buy arent good choices and full of processed sugars and etc. I run everyday and workout to your videos (me and my best friend absolutely love you!!) , but I know I need to change my diet as well. I was wondering what you think I should do to/how to talk to my parents.

  • Katherine

    Hey hun
    First wanted to say thanks for the dvd…nearly killed me but…onwards & upwards!
    Second, I know you’re not a parent but I wondered if you have any advice for me in light of the honey boo boo saga ;-) my family is not like that & my daughter no where near that weight but she is addicted to food and snacking and constantly asking for more. Her brother & my husband have a ‘normal’ attitude to food & have embraced the clean eating thing but the daily battles with my daughter are exhausting esp eating vegetables at dinner time. She’s 5 btw. I want to do the right thing by her but also don’t want turn food into a huge issue to battle over. For example she likes yogurt in her school packed lunch. I switched the little kids pot ones for natural yoghurt with honey & she just spat it out (not enough sugar??!) and while the rest of us loved your two ingredient cookies she wouldn’t eat them. Am I worrying to much she’s only 5 & doesn’t have weight problem probably because she doesn’t stop running about! She won’t always be like that though & the rest of the family have embraced a change. Nothing seems to fill her up..! Got any snack/meal ideas for her? Thanks hun x

  • Siobhan

    Hey Cassey, I’ve seen on your facebook that you have been getting a lot of negative flak on your recent blog posts, so i thought I’d send a little love your way! I’ve been doing your work outs and following your blog and youtube for about a year and a half now, your positive energy and fresh attitudes towards food and working out is such a motivator! I don’t have the body confidence to work out in public places such as the gym, so your do at home videos have literally changed my life and my body, and I am now getting closer to the achieving the body I’ve always dreamed of, and changing my attitudes towards what a healthy body image is and my attitudes towards food. I really love your vlogs too! they really help to pick me up and motivate me to keep eating clean when I’m stressed and find myself wanting to eat bad foods! Just like your totally cute gym gear motivates me to work out by making me feel fabulous when I’m getting gross and sweaty :L Thought it would also be worth mentioning that I introduced your workouts to my brother who is anorexic and its also helping to turn his unhealthy body ideal around too.
    Really can’t thank you enough Cassey! I have so much time and love for you! xoxo

  • Andrea

    I love your workouts! You are so great, I’ve already seen a nice difference in my body, which is wonderful because before this no workout had done anything. It’s nice having a calendar to look at instead of choosing which videos to do.

    Request: can you do some more workouts that focus on lower abs and obliques? Most of your workouts focus everywhere but there (they touch on but don’t focus) and I’ve noticed while doing the #jaNEWary workouts that my legs n butt have gotten MUCH more toned and so have my arms and shoulders as well as my upper abs, but as you can imagine the remainder is… unfortunate and makes clothing fit VERY weird.

  • Shea

    I found out about you/Blogilates a couple of months ago but really settled in to figuring it out in January when I started the JaNEWary calendar. I just wanna like shout to the world about how great you and your resources are! Seriously. I’m an insanely busy college student and I’m going to be student teaching this semester and I think being able to do some quick workouts at home will be the exact thing I need to stay on top of fitness this semester. I always would do great for a few weeks but then get slammed with work and it’s hard to find time to head out to the gym. Being at home makes it so much easier!! And I FINALLY have someone who knows what they’re talking about to tell me what to do! Instead of me just trying things and hoping I see results. I just love you Cassey thanks for everything!! <3

  • Rebecca

    You should add a little blank box on the bottom of every sunday or a day to put your weight to track it. Or add room at the bottom of each day tp write what you ate!

  • nicole

    is there anyway you could make an eliptical work out cause i get bored just elpticalizing

  • Misty

    Cassey thank you soooo much for all of the inspiration that you bring into my life through your blog and videos! You’re amazing. I look forward to sharing my story of transformation soon. Also, I just wanted to say that we share the same birthday, tomorrow…Jan 16th!!! Imagine my surprise when I looked at my calendar and saw that your birthday is tomorrow as well. Happy Birthday!!!!

  • Layla

    I LOVE THIS BLOG SO MUCH!!!!! Im just a teen and going to the gym is still a bit intimidating but doing these online workouts has helped a lot! not to mention your crazy happy moods in ABSOLUTELY ALL OF THEM :D your cooking classes are topnotch and i just love the banana pancakes with only EGGS AND BANANAS :O

    PS. you should do a workout to ‘Thrift Shop’ by macklemore!!!!


  • I love your blog. You have inspired me to blog. I turn all my pilates gals to your website for so many reasons… fashion, exercise tips, inspiration, music etc…

  • Whitlee

    I love you Cassey! I was a beginner that was already in a rut. I watched one of your videos and you were so inspiring! I just kept watching and doing, and now I’m coaching my own student. You’re awesome!

  • Tanika

    I love your personality and find your workouts a fresh new alternative to the usual routine,