Total Body Slim Down // PIIT

Total Body Slim Down // PIIT

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Published on February 23, 2016 by blogilates
  • Patricia Ann

    I purchased and requested a refund. DO not waste money. A supposed 28 minute video is a 7 minute one they tell you to play 4 times. Totally different than advertised.

  • Gabriella Love

    How many calories does this burn???

  • Disheartened fan

    Cassie, I love your workouts and your message. However, the $39.00 for your new PITT series is a bit discouraging. I understand you have to make money and encourage it because you do a great job and deserve compensation! However, I feel like this goes against my understanding of your message: that people of all walks of life (regardless of socioeconomic class, weight class, ect) should have access to quality, fun, and time sensitive workouts. I would love to participate in PITT, but unfortunately cannot afford it. It is a bit disheartening.

    That being said, I do thank you for all of the hard work you have put into blogilates and the great workout videos, healthy recipes and inspiration you have given us!

    • MARÍA

      I understand your point of view, Im from México and it´s very expensive to buy dolars for us. Buuuuuuuut I think Casey offers lots of exercise, recipes , etc etc for FREE, more than we could ask for!! Im not gonna say its cheap some of her sellings buuut im saving money to get certified with her, she is worth it and her method too.
      Best Regards <3