Real Life Waist Trainer Exercises | Apartment Friendly Workout

Real Life Waist Trainer Exercises | Apartment Friendly Workout

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  • Malaika

    Suffering with an eating disorder is hard. Trying to recover and get fit just,started the august calendar I’m ready 👍🏼

  • iloveblogilates

    Thank you thank you!!! So positive and fun! You rock!

  • Stacy Gittleman

    thank you. Yes, everyone has abs. Some of us have abs that delivered three children. I’ll never get a six pack but I can still feel good and strong!

  • Jennifer Maresh Apahnis

    can I just say that I love what you had to say before this workout!!? It comes from your heart! Your positivity throughout ALL, and I mean ALL, your workouts has helped me become more confident, becoming the best version of ME…not my version of you or anyone else. Blessings to you Cassy and thank you for what you have done and continue to do for those of us who follow your wisdom and expertise on our own exercise journeys. Hugs from Maryland! :)

  • Lynn

    Can we get printables for the appartment friendly workout series and the bootcamp series? I’m leaving on a holiday in 2 weeks and I would love to keep up with my workouts and these seem like so much fun to do on the beach or by the pool or even in the hotel room… Thanks Cassey!

  • Terracotta

    I Love your series Im 31 and 160 pounds my goal is to just be fit and strong no scale checking all my progress is based on what I see in the mirror. I am ready because of your amazing message and energy Cassy you are my role model. Thank you so much for just being you. I use to weigh 190 and you helped me get down to 160 about 2 years ago. I love what you have become and this time I ordered your Body year round book on amazon Im super excited for it to come in. Again Thank you Cassy.

  • Lisa G

    This was a great exercise and I just want thank you for making apartment friendly workouts, I know my downstairs neighbor appreciates it. Your workouts have been amazing for me as a medical student since I live in a building with all other medical students and it decreases my stress. Thank you!