Fun Yoga Routine for Flexibility with Jackelyn Ho

Fun Yoga Routine for Flexibility with Jackelyn Ho

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Published on July 2, 2017 by blogilates
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  • Rose Haran

    Thanks for the vid. It really helped me!

  • Rochelle

    This was awesome!!! More yoga, longer videos!

  • K_B

    Really enjoyed this yoga session, but your sister was speaking a little fast for me to keep up with the steps

  • Aliaa

    Hey cassey😊
    i really love you very much. you are
    my role model
    i am Egyptian and my community and most of my family don’t support me so really you are the one who makes me complete my workout i am 12 yrs , and my dream is to become a pop pilates instructor like you. i will never give up on my dream because i know i can do it ,and thank you very much cassey for making me find my own strength, and making me believe in myself and in my skills , and for making me love my body . thank you cassey and all the popsters for supporting me , i love all popsters around the world and i love you so much cassey 💙💙

  • Erina

    Thanks for all tour hard work ^^
    I would like if you could do more yoga videos, I want to be more flexible :)
    But as I am not flexible right now, I can’t do the sames moves as you. And then I’m always wondering if it is better if my leg is straight but far from my body or if I should bend it a little and so pull it closer; or if my entire foot should be on the mat and my leg not straight or should it be the reverse … ?
    So I would like if you could explain what should people who are not flexible do as “variations” of your move ^^

    • komal

      Keep going I remember being passionate about doing the splits I stretched a little everyday following you tube videos and in two weeks i did the front splits :D

  • Christine Bellini

    Absolutely loved this!! Please do more yoga videos that are fun – so many of them on Youtube are meh.

    • blogilates

      Ok I def think sis and I should do more!

  • Gabriella Love

    MORE Jacklyn!!!! Your sister is awesome and it is so sweet the way you interact:) MORE Jacklyn!!!!

    • blogilates

      haha OKAY!

  • AD

    loved this video.. you and your sis are so cute together.. thanks for a great stretch. Would love to see more of her

  • Vivian Vaessen

    Yessss 💖 so excited to do this first thing tmw morning!!