BOOTY FOCUS // 6 Week Body Toning Bootcamp

BOOTY FOCUS // 6 Week Body Toning Bootcamp

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  • Annalaya Brown

    This was amazing! It seriously made me sweat so hard.

  • Rebeca

    OMYGAWD! so glad I clicked on this vid. youre legs look great! legs AND abs feel good right now, im going to do this for the next 5 days or do you think 4 is okay? mind you, I mix at least 3 of your workouts in my routine, hope to hear from ya! sending love
    -beks from htown

  • Alinah

    Ahhhhhhhh. It was so hard. It hurts, but it feels so good at the same time. Why do I love torturing myself like this?

  • Light

    Loved it! I finally understand what people mean when they say “it hurts but in a good way”

  • Jean Xandra Veloso

    hi. I’ve been working out for days to improve my butt and I’m looking for actual result. Can I get your email address for further information?

  • Rochelle

    I spent most of the time trying not to fall over;( Not the most effective. Maybe that gets better after the six weeks??

    • Amber

      I’m not good at balancing so I grabbed the edge of the table when doing the moves! Helped me really focus on using the right muscles without worrying about falling!

  • Carrie

    So I am confused on how this challenge works. Do I do the same routine for 1 week then I do the next routine?

    • Carolina

      So, you have to do the workout of the week 4 times through, at least once a week. Then, you have to add the next workout of the week to the next week and do it at least once, meaning that the fisrt week you have to do at least once the workout 1 and the next week you have to do at least once workout 1 and workout 2, and so on..

  • Joanna

    Just curious on these quick HIIT workouts: would you recommend a few minutes warm up before doing the full 28 minute workout? Thanks

  • Sikelela ‘Sike’ Ntanda

    Yay! I just got my first Cassey newsletter!! Haven’t done this yet but I am definitely excited to start. I’m still doing the beginners calendar so it will probably be really hard but I’m determined. Blogilates is like my new obsession!

  • Arianna

    I did it 😎 Then I challenged my cousin to do it to. Love the ocean in the background!

  • I never thought I was gonna make it and I had to go so slow during the 4th round, but I did it and I’m so proud of myself! Looking forward to these next 6 weeks.