Abs, Butt and Thighs | HOT BODY EXPRESS DVD (Full 30 minute workout)

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Butt Lifting & Thigh Sculpting Workout | POP Pilates for Beginners

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Plie Squat Challenge! | Thigh Workout

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gorgeous legs cardio beat-01

Gorgeous Legs // Cardio Beat (Fun apartment friendly workout)

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Quick Burn SADDLEBAGS Slimdown! Best Outer Thigh Workout!

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quick burn inner thighs

Quick Burn INNER THIGH Workout! Best Pilates Exercises for Lean & Toned legs!

This is an INNER THIGH specific workout that features 2 of my brand new POP Pilates signature moves: The Clapper and The U Uplifts!

If you want to get stronger, leaner legs, these moves will do it for you without using ANY equipment! You can do my “Quick Burn Inner Thigh” workout from home, when you’re traveling, or at the gym – it’s so versatile!

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Quick Burn Calves! Best Workout for Sexy, Slim Calves!

If you want to know how to get lean, sexy, slim calves – this workout will do it for you! No equipment, plus you can do it anywhere, especially at home. I did this calf workout and was SORE FOR DAYS. Loved it so much.

Big thank you to Zespri for making this possible!

The moves are:

1. Calf Raises
2. Calf Raises – Out
3. Calf Raises – In
4. High Heel Pliés
5. Plié Calf Raises

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Quick Burn Booty & Thighs Workout!

This is such a fun Pilates inspired standing butt and legs workout! You can do this at home without any equipment! The exercises will lift your butt, sculpt your thighs, strengthen your quads, slim your calves, and make your lower body look super toned and sexy!

The moves are:

1. Push Pedaler Squat
2. Puppet Legs
3. Tip Over
4. T-Stand Hamstring Extension

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Quick Burn Legs! How to get lovely, lean legs with no equipment!

If you want to get strong, sexy, legs without using any equipment and in under 6 minutes, this leg workout will do it for you! Build your lean leg muscles with me as we sculpt your thighs, quads, and calves with my unique POP Pilates exercises.

The moves are:

1. Single Leg Squat & Lift
2. Squat Circles
3. Alt. Heel Lifts

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leg slimming piit

Leg Slimming Workout // PIIT

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Quick Leg & Butt Sculptor!

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Blogilates Cyber Monday Sale + 3 Day Workout & Meal Plan!

Glutes & Thighs Trimdown!

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3 Min Sleek & Slim Legs | POP Pilates TURBO

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8 min bikini thighs workout! Swimsuit Slimdown Series

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I Really Like You Squat Challenge!

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