Thank you for forgiving me.

Happy Small Business Saturday!

I’m currently at the POPFLEX warehouse making sure all your orders are getting pushed out quickly and perfectly! 📦 This is just one of the mailing carts we use to put all your orders in. The big post office trucks come at the end of the day to pick it up, then they swap it for an empty one. Decided to ask the parents to pose in one before we started filling it with packages…cuz…why not!?

It’s crazy to think that just a few years ago we were shipping out of my mom and dad’s garage – packing items over their washer and dryer. Our house was full of boxes spilling with hoodies, leggings, tanks, and planners. There was barely any place to walk. We ate dinner surrounded by towers of cardboard boxes. It definitely was a scene.

I want to personally say THANK YOU for your kindness, your support and especially your forgiveness. Growing a business is not easy and I admit that we’ve made many mistakes along the way. In this cut-throat world of retail, if my leggings don’t fit you right or your order is shipped a few days late, I could lose a customer for life. But your continuous belief in me and my products allows me to keep trying my best everyday. So thank you to everyone who is supporting this small woman-led business. 👠

Your orders this year are helping to support jobs, medical benefits and 401k for our incredible employees. 🙏  We could not do this without you. So please know that I am so so soooooo grateful for you!

Also guys, if you have not taken advantage of the 30% OFF Sale at, go do it! The sale ends on Monday! And things will not be this low for a loooooooong time. Use the code “HAPPYFRIDAY”. Comment any questions you have about sizes and or styles!

  • reeniereindeer

    I originally ordered the shorts in size 2 (my normal size) back when you first came out with popflex activewear, but I couldn’t wear them because they were too small! So I donated those to Goodwill and tried again with some leggings in size 6 last year. They are a tad too small for me, so I am thinking I need to get size 8. Have you changed your sizing in the last year, or is it still the same?

    • blogilates

      The Dark bloom collection is a little smaller than the mermaid and peony collection, so I’d order a size up!

  • Irum

    OMG Cassey! I absolutely love you and you are an inspiration to me! I am actually falling in love with working out just because of you! And I love hearing your Sheroic podcast because its so real and raw and I can relate to it!
    I live in Pakistan, which everyone thinks is medieval but we are pretty modern and our generation is coming into our own. Would love to talk to you someday and have a heart to heart conversation! But our society is pretty conservative and traditional and I can so understand being Asian the things you have relaed
    P.S. I just ordered some popflex after years of mulling over it. I hesitated because the international shopping experience has never worked out for me so I ordered for DHL express since I have never managed to get anything from standard international shipping. But I feel so silly for not including the scarf in checkout! I am so disappointed because I was looking forward to having it finally! I know you’ve already said that it can only be received through including it in checkout, but please, please, please, please, please if possible, could you send it to me? I’m probably the only order from Pakistan and I can share my address and other details if you want!!
    But I understand if you can’t send it, I will accept because maybe I was never meant to own it!
    Thank you!! xoxoxxoxoxox Happy holidays! :)

    • Patricia Richardson

      You should email [email protected]! They might be able to help you.

  • It’s crazy how far you’ve come, Cassey! First your parents scorned you for your dreams, and now they’re working with/for you. I’ll show my parents the same. >:)