You’re going to fall sometimes. But you can always get back up.

Hi guys!!

So the other day, I was having dinner at a restaurant and saw the cutest little boy walking by with his mom! He was holding a huge iPad in his tiny hands and looking down at some game, totally distracted. He was doing all fine until the pathway turned into a mini set of stairs…and then before anyone could do anything, the poor lil thing face planted to the ground. At first it was pure silence. Then, the type of hysterical cry that makes your heart clench.

His mom immediately picked him up and comforted him. He was upset, of course. But after a few sniffles, he started smiling again. He was fine! And they kept on walking.

You’ve totally see this happen before, right? You know, there’s some little kid running around a playground and, out of nowhere, the kid just falls. And, oh boy, they fall HARD! There’s usually tears and maybe a bandaid necessary.

For a moment, the world came crashing down for that child. It was embarrassing and scary. And it hurt! They might need a little consoling. A hug. Someone saying, “You’re okay!”

But do you notice how quickly they bounce back? The tears dry up. The bandaid is applied. 10 minutes later, that kid is laughing and playing again.

This ability doesn’t go away just because we grow up. We’re still capable of getting back up after we fall. It’s just that, as adults, we feel shame, pity, embarrassment and we worry about what others think of us. So, we need to stop that. We need to brush it off and start again. It really begins with our mental strength to recover.

Our falls aren’t always physical. They can be emotional. Maybe you were broken up with. Maybe you lost an opportunity you REALLY wanted. Maybe you messed up. You failed somehow. You fall down. I’m not gonna lie, it’s a terrible feeling. But you can bounce back! You are never stuck at that low place. I promise, even if that’s how it seems. Feelings are TEMPORARY!

Sometimes our hardest falls actually push us to a place we never could have dreamed! It’s life. It’s balance.

Whenever I fall in different aspects of my life, I am going to remember that little boy and how he brushed it off. I’m going to stop feeling sorry for myself and instead smile, look for solutions and get on with it! I’m going to remember how he was brave. And how he didn’t let one bad experience ruin the rest of the day. We can keep going!

Let’s remind each other of that sometimes, okay? We can do this. We might fall, but we’re just going to get back up!

Did you ever have an experience like a “fall” that actually lead you to a better place? Would love to hear your stories!

  • Nichole

    This is my first time saying anything on here, but I feel I need to ask someone for advice because at this point I’m not sure what to do. I’m in high school now have been trying to lose weight and lose the fat as well, but I was starting to go down hill because I thought if I just eat only lunch I’m gonna lose weight quickly and yes I did. Though I wasn’t really seeing any difference around stomach or legs and then I would end up at sometime, gaining some of the weight back. I also got to the point where I could barely walk anywhere without wanting to just sit down all day because I was And after going on vacation with my mom I did start to eat regularly again and sometimes a little too much, but obviously that made me gain weight but when I came home I kept eating regularly but then I started binge eating sometimes and I have a sweet tooth which annoys the heck out of me because its like I need something everyday. I’ve gained some weight back and im just trying to go back down and to be able keep it stable but its been hard and I want to be able to lose this extra fat around my stomach area and legs and such because I’ve been trying to lose the fat for pretty much a year now, but I just keep messing up and I would really appreciate some advice because at this point I just don’t know what to do. I tried doing a keto diet but that didn’t last long and just gave up. So yeah if anyone has kind of been through the same deal it’d be appreciated if you could tell me how you got back on track and was able to go back to eating clean and healthy.

    • Hannah

      Hey Nichole,
      My best advice to give you (coming from a fellow teenage girl) would be to find a way to health you enjoy. Eat what you want, find a way to exercise that you like, and your body will naturally find a weight that it’s comfortable with. Heck, we all have a sweet tooth, but there are ways to satisfy your needs in a healthier manner! Heck, I have chocolate oatmeal multiple times a week, but since I made it, I’m comfortable knowing what I’m putting into my body. Take it one day at a time, and enjoy your journey. Good luck!

    • Kathryn

      hey nicole !
      ok so I’m currently in high school (I’m a sophomore) and literally my whole life I have struggled with my weight. Since I was 8 my thyroid got messed up and wouldn’t, and still won’t, produce enough hormones, as well as slowing down my metabolism. And all of these problems caused me to be depressed and have a lot of anxiety at a really young age. I gained a lot of weight. At age 11 I weighed 170 pounds. I used to be athletic and always moving but after my thyroid stopped doing it’s job I was forced to take animal hormones that are in these really tiny pills which I dread taking to this day. When I was 12 I tried doing this really, really strict diet for 21 days and it worked, I lost 7 pounds. But I was so miserable throughout the whole thing and I just ended up gaining the weight back. So I just gave up. I felt like I would never be able to do it. I felt like I had to accept that I would always have to take those stupid pills forever and that I will always stay the way I am. Currently I have no friends. I’m pretty much alone. I feel like giving up for good and not worry about my health and just move through life without making an impact or difference, so literally not living, just breathing ( if that makes any sense😂) but you know what.. I bet you’re a really strong, beautiful person. I know that you can do this. I know we can do this. Currently I’m 15 and 152 pounds. Since 3 years ago I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. I’ve done it, the right way. I found blogilates January 2017 when she started the 28 reset challenge. And I did that challenge and I’ll be honest I didn’t last longer that 2 weeks but I lost 10 pounds in just those 2 weeks!! You wanna know how? By doing workouts I loved and eating good and drinking lots of water. I really want to start again and finally shed off the rest of the weight I want gone, so if you really want to do this I’d love to do this together so we could keep each other in track.
      Anyway, I hope you’re having an amazing day!!! Remember, you can do anything

      • Nichole

        It means so much to me being able to talk to someone who’s going through the same thing because I have some close friends but they don’t really understand what I’ve been going through so its hard to talk to them and I’m really glad to hear that you’ve been doing well and tbh I kind of feel the same way, not feeling like ill be able to lose these extra pounds and hopefully one day I will because atm I’ve been having trouble with it. I used to be 131 pounds about a month ago and have been fluctuating on and off and then after Halloween I kept binge eating a bunch of candy and kind of ruined myself lol and now I’m up to 141 XD its really annoying and even after Halloween I seemed to always be able to find some way to eat something sugary and I’m trying to go back to eating clean again and try to not be so obsessed with needing some sugar. And I definitely like the idea of trying to work on this together it sounds like a great idea and i’d love to be friends as well.

        • Kathryn

          oh my gosh !!!! yayyyy I’m so excited, we can totally do this! I’d love to be friends too, how could we keep in contact to do this together?

          • Nichole

            uhh do you have skype.

          • Kathryn

            Yes I do

          • Nichole

            ooh awesome whats ur usernameeeeeee

          • Kathryn

            This conversation is private right? 😂 I don’t want everyone to see it

          • Nichole

            uhh I don’t think its but maybe u could give meh the user and then delete the message afterwards?

          • Kathryn

            I’m sorry I got to you late but anyway my username is kathrylopez13

          • Nichole

            I tried looking it up…but it doesn’t seem to be showing up

          • Kathryn

            oops sorry it’s kathrynlopez3

          • Nichole

            okay I think I got you and I’m Scarlett btw on skype

  • Ana

    This is too true… Just recently I got over my anxiety and fear of driving after causing a small accident, thankfully it’s was nothing serious, but for me, it was the end of the world, I felt so scared, blamed myself for messing up, for not giving enough safe space for the other driver, told myself I’d never drive again, felt like a total failure. I felt like a child that didn’t know anything about the world, I also had been driving for only 1 year after getting my license. I really wanted to run away from everything. Now I got over it, using it as a lesson to be extra careful with other drivers around me and drive more defensively. “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn’t.”

  • Chloe

    Your awesome, thanks for being a great role model.

  • Ily_Wong

    Thanks Cassey for this post. I recently failed my nursing exam to be a RN. Everyone around me has passed and I still hold the title of CPNP. I still have chances but the moment I scrolled down the FB wall. I just see people congratz each other, and me, I was liking their post and feels like a failure. I did tell myself I just need to be strong and it’s okay to fail a test. And I am not alone but however, going to work and everyone asking you your results, I felt shame. Like I said, the others one has upgraded to RN and I still stay on the same level. After reading your post, I feel strong and empowered. Thanks for your post and I will remember too, the little boy who fell down but getting up, smiling and playing. Life is not easy, so why would we choose to not smile at it. Love you Cassey and you’re not alone. as well me too :)

  • Diiane

    Hope you’re okay Cassey! Sorry to hear that you were down.. but yes I am glad you are up and at it again :) *hugs*

    I’m going through a bit of a hard time too atm… and this post was perfect timing. So – thank you <3

  • Leanne

    Cassey thank you being so open, so honest, so real. It’s so refreshing when someone who is a celebrity can be so forthcoming and relatable. Keep being you and moving forward.

  • Nadia Gerbaudo

    The important thing is, I believe, not to feel that a mistake (or several) equals failure. Mistakes and errors are part of the natural process of learning and they should be seen as something positive, something you can learn from. Without mistakes you cannot improve or get better, right? So… yes! I’ve fallen many times in my life. Some harder than others. Some were… terrible. Nevertheless, I endured those difficult and dark times and learnt from them. I became stronger. Stonger than I ever thought I would! And you know what? Because of my “falls” I can appreciate and value hapinness much more now! I still make mistakes, of course, and I’m sure I’ll keep making them. The difference is that, now, whenever I make a mistake I see an oportunity to get better.

  • Mochachiiiii

    POPsters can I talk for a second? I’ve been out of highschool for about 2 almost 3 years now and I just feel like it’s been the roughest two years of my life. I wanted to start college right away but things don’t always work out the way you plan. Every college or university I applied for I got into but the thing is my parents couldn’t afford it. I searched and searched and I found so many schlorship opportunities. I studied day and night for the schlorship exams and practiced everyday for the schlorship interviews but still I got none of them. So I decided that maybe I’ll just get a job but i guess no one wants to hire someone with no experience. Right now I’ve falling and I’m struggling to get up but Thanks to you Cassey and your positivity and your awesome workouts and the positivity of this community I think I’ll find the power to stand again and try even harder this time.

    • Nadia Gerbaudo

      Don’t give up! And if by any chance you cannot get those scholarships remember there are some countries were higher education is free for everyone. Maybe you’ll need to learn a new language, but you’ll be able to get your degree! :) Keep going no matter what!

    • Lou

      Don’t give up sweetie! I know how hard it can be when you want something and work your butt off but still can’t seem to get it in the timeframe you’ve hoped for. All I can say is that it’s always worth fighting for your dreams and never ever give up on yourself- you clearly have what it takes, you just have to find another way to reach your goal. I wish you all the best!

    • jody

      Hi! That is definitely a challenge that I have seen some students face. It can be discouraging to anyone when plans don’t fall into place because of our personal circumstances. I have personally gone through the fall and rise thoughout my life. I believe that you will find your path, although it won’t be the traditional route, it will be the path that you’re meant to be on.

      I don’t typically do this but I just wanted to extend my hand of support, from one popster to another. I work with tons of students (high school/college) to help them get to college and through college. Please feel free to contact me if you need some support navigating through the college going process. You got this! Good luck!
      [email protected]

  • Becky

    I failed my bachelor’s paper the first time around and I’ll admit I spent way too long wallowing in self pity. But I plucked up the courage to try again, and today I got a letter saying I passed!

  • What inspired you to create this post, Cassey? Did you fall recently?

    It’s wonderful that that mother didn’t scorn the kid for falling, even though perhaps he might have been asking for it since he was distracted by electronics when he should have been watching his step ahead of him. I’m guilty of this too when I’m crossing the road and it actually proves stupid and dangerous and I know my mother would have yelled at me instead of empower me to feel better about my mistake and give me a hug–which is a way better way of nurturing!

    One of my falls is dealing with loneliness in highschool and parts of postsecondary:

  • Laura

    Have felt like I fell since 8/25/17. Hoping surgery will help us get to a better place and get back home.

    • What physically happened? :O

      • Laura

        For my baby, physically the congenital issues – tetralogy of fallot and subglottic stenosis. For me it’s an emotional fall or low point.

        • I’m so sorry Laura :( Post partum depression is a thing–do you think that’s what you’re going through?

          • Laura

            Nope – I know it will improve and I’m stronger for what we’ve been through. It’s still not easy to watch this happen though.

          • I can totally understand that. I struggle with SAD and depression. We are both strong and will get through this.