When does competition become unhealthy?

Hey guys,

Let’s talk about competition! In honor of today’s topic, I would like to share a photo of me wrestling both of The Bella Twins :P (I have a collab coming up next week with Nikki and Brie that I think you will really enjoy!)

I know I’ve said I don’t like competition a bunch of times. But I think you deserve to know why it’s not for me, but how it can be good for other people.

Okay, first off, competition is not meant to be a bad thing. It has so many benefits. It pushes us to try harder, to be better, and to always strive for the next level. Those are good things! Competition is a great source of inspiration. It’s why musicians have “influences”. It’s why athletes like training with people who are “more skilled” than they are. It breeds growth and excitement.

If you attend a group fitness class, you might find yourself pushing more than you would if you were working out in your living room. It’s not that you’re in competition with the other people in class. It should always be a supportive, encouraging environment! But naturally, you’re going to go a little harder. You’re going to give it something extra, you know?

These are all the positive aspects to competition! We grow. We challenge ourselves. We become better versions of ourselves. We learn new skills. We reach higher places.

But when does competition become a problem? When does it transform from something motivational to something unhealthy?

Competition should be a motivating factor, but not something that consumes your entire life. Because honestly, you’re never going to be perfect. And someone is always going to be better than you at something. That’s not something to obsess over! That’s not something to ruin your self-esteem and self-image over. That’s just a fact. And it’s okay.

Your self-worth is not determined by what someone else is doing. It is not determined by how you stack up to the people you see on social media, your friends, your family.

Competition can plant these toxic seeds in us. We compare ourselves to everyone else. We want to be the best. We want to be the best one. But guess what? The only person you are ever REALLY competing with is YOURSELF. That’s it! And the cool thing about that is it’s not a race you have to win in a certain amount of time. It’s lifelong. And you get to decide the pace. You get to make the final call.

I still have moments when I need to check in with myself and make sure I’m competing WITH ME and only me. And real talk, it can be sooooo hard sometimes. But it’s always better for my mental health when I remember I am not competing with the other people I see. Just me.

How about you guys? Are you competitive? Has competition ever negatively affected you? Share your stories!

  • Gabby

    This is the exact opposite with me because when things get competitive (especially with sports because I am really bad at all of them) I get a lot of mean criticism which makes me want to brake down and cry. It’s not always like this though sometimes I will meet people who are completely positive and help me.

  • bebo madridista

    I am definitely a competitive student! And I can’t actually tell if it is good or bad, when a student take a higher mark than me (or even answered a question that I couldn’t answer) , I get very sad, and to be honest, sometimes I hide my tears and show them to myself at home.
    However, it also movitate too much, after getting a bad mark (or not the best one), I promise myself to study better and be more careful at the exam.
    So… at last being competitive is a part of my personality, all I can do is focusing on the positive side…
    OK.. bye now, I have to study physics :)

  • Cupcake11213

    I like competition but it can get a little overwhelming sometimes. I like to run cross country, Track and field, and I play Ultimate Frisbee. When it comes to competition in these sports I can be quite competitive. I try to slow down and tell myself that I know that i’ll get better and that it takes time for that. I know that i’ll not always be the fastest or best player, but I do know that I tried very hard because I put a lot of effort into it.

    PS: My favorite color is rose gold so i’m for sure going to get the fitness planner!

  • Mya

    Competitive situations push me further than I thought I could go and I love the thrill I get when competing with others in anything from sharpening pencils to baking a masterpiece, but sometimes they do become too much and I have to back off and tell myself that I’m ok where I am. That’s really hard to do though when you have a friend who seems better than you in a lot of things I’m still working on telling myself that I’m still good even when I see those around me doing or looking better than me. Because yes, someone will always be better at something, and acceptance is a huge part of overcoming that insecurity.

    • blogilates

      Yes! Acceptance!

  • Lauren

    I am a competitive dancer. Competition is my life. At first, the fear of not being nearly as good as all of the other dancers destroyed me. Over the years, I have trained myself to only focus on myself and ignore the others around me. It’s me on my own journey and I am getting better every day.

    • blogilates


  • Competition sure helps me compete and become a better me. I have one day a week called a PUSH day where I go harder than usual and do something to scares me that fills me with dread.


    I always feel extrà accomplished and never regret it!

    Constant competition is detrimental as you get exspectation hangover and burn out, by periodically done is super beneficial!