November 2017 Workout Calendar!


Did you dress up today?! Blogifam sure did!

Halloween is one of my fave holidays because you get to dress like a weirdo, walk around in professional settings, and people will think it’s totally okay :) Societal norms are kinda thrown out the window today!

I did a poll on IG stories and it said that 78% of you did not dress up today! It totally surprised me! But, I guess we’re all getting older aren’t we? Well, no matter if you’re in full gear or if you’re celebrating in spirit, just don’t forget to have fun…and don’t take yourself too seriously!

Now…are you ready for the month of giving? And EATING!!??? Y’all NOVEMBER IS HERE!!!!

Ugh, time goes by so fast. Sometimes I wonder if when I’m 80, I’ll still be blogging, and I’ll still be saying “whoa I can’t believe it’s [insert month] already!” I need to figure out how to slow down mentally so that it doesn’t feel like time is flying at 1000 miles an hour everyday. I need to go back to meditating again. I only did it for 2 days and then went to Dubai. Traveling always messes up my flow!

Anyway, here is your brand new November 2017 Workout Calendar!

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res JPEG

As usual, remember to do each video listed once, and check them off as you finish your daily workouts! On Thanksgiving Day, if you’re not doing a Turkey Trot, then ask some of your family members to join you for the workout of the day! Family bonding time ya know!? Stay active, and then eat to fill your soul!!!

Then guys, BLACK FRIDAY!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! All I am going to say is you’ll wanna prep yourselves for the craziest POPFLEX Black Friday Sale EVERRRRR. Begins at 12am EST Friday the 24th!

Then CYBER MONDAY?? Oohhh, you just might wanna check out Just saying ;)

Ok that is all! Who’s ready for November!??

  • aerianna

    Usually I don’t post on these kinds of things but I want to hold myself accountable for working out. I’m tired being a lazy piece of you know what so I will be doing this for a month and post some updates throughout the month and hopefully get a before and after pic (and I won’t be those people who say they’ll do it and then go MIA haha) For reference, I’m 148 pounds, 5’6 and eat a relatively healthy vegetarian diet. Wish me luck!!

  • Mjjeje

    Is there an altenative moves to some of the exercise? I found some of the moves are really hard to do and since I was unable to follow it, I just stand still until the next move.

  • Madhu K

    I’m already done with 6 days of the calendar. This is my First time trying out the blogilates calendar and I absolutely love it. I am feeling so much better as a person. I have been down lately because of my career and its issues. But this calendar just makes my day. It is the best thing that has happened to me right now. It feels amazing to be better than I was probably an year ago. Just keep evolving everyone! <3

  • Lina

    Does anybody know if there is some group I can join? Like Cassey says, I need to surround myself with inspirational people!

  • Daiquirri

    I wish the videos were still on the bottom of the calendars. I didn’t see the day six playlist on YouTube this morning. Had to look them up individually which slowly interfered with my workout motivation. (Typing into the search on my tv is a dreadfully slow process 😭)

  • Christina Fuller

    Got done with the beginners 2 videos last month, so I can only do 3 videos per day so far of this months calendar. I’m just doing the best I can for right now and am hoping for strength to do all 5 in the future! But as of right now, my body just gives out on me. Still keeping it going though!

  • Us Canadians have already celebrated the holiday thanksgiving haha :) but I’m excited for this months calendar!

  • Katie

    Hey Cassey or Cassey’s team!:) does Cassey want us to do any other kinds of physical activity besides the workout calendar? Does she recommend going on walks, runs, etc.? Thank you!:)

  • Laura H

    So, question for clarity: Each day has 5 video workouts. Nov. 1st has two PIIT 28 minute workouts, two 12 minute workouts, and one 5 minute workout. That’s 85 minutes (1 hour, 25 minutes).
    Are we supposed to do the full length of the PIIT videos or just one round so that the combined workout videos for the day is about 45 minutes?

    I want to get in shape, but I also don’t have 85 minutes a day for this. It’s a struggle to even get 30 minutes to fit in my schedule, so 45 looks like an attainable goal.

    • Samantha

      The PIIT 28 videos are generally only 7 minutes per work-out, but you do them 4 times (if not following the calendar) to get in a full 28 minutes. If you count them as 7 minutes each, the total comes out to be right around an hour

      • Samantha

        So ultimately, you only do one round of the PIIT 28, not the four rounds per video

        • Tiffany

          Yup. Cassey says it in the video: if this is your only workout for the day do it 4 times but if you’re doing it as part of a calendar, just once is fine.

  • tayusuki

    I wanted to dress up, but I worked! Even more so, during the height of Halloween festivities.

    I’m looking forward to this month tho. Let’s do it! :D

  • LAK

    Are we supposed to do everything on the list for each individual day? Seems like a lot!!! Thanks

    • Tiffany

      It’s about 45-60 minutes total. I thought it was a lot too but when you factor in not having to go to the gym, it’s not so bad. Sometimes I break it up and do half during my lunch hour and half when I get home from work.

  • Tamara Oostdam

    How do these work ? I printed off the calendar do I find the work outs online or does a email with links get sent each day ? keen to get started Thank you

    • Ariana

      You go to her YouTube account all the videos are posted on there

    • Lex

      Each workout on the pdf file is linked to a video on Cassey’s youtube channel:
      Each day she generally also has a playlist containing all the videos for the day :)

      You can also simply type in the name of the workout on the youtube channel and find the videos :)

  • Nikki

    So ready for November-making it a habit to workout every day this upcoming month and December…Also, Cassey what are your plans for the Blogilates app? :)

  • Gabriella

    Bit of a dumb question, but should we do the 31’s AAH Abs on Tuesday, then abs again tomorrow on Wednesday?

    • Vierdz

      I noticed that too! I might switch around Wednesday’s and Thursday’s workouts just for this week to give my abs a little break, haha.

  • Cassie J

    Can you do these with the beginners calendar? And can you believe 2017 is almost over in two months?

    • I think it may be high time for a Beginners 3.0 calendar, personally. (Should Cassey make a Beginners 3.0 calendar, it would be great if there were some arms/upper body ones included. I did 2.0 last year and had to supplement it with arms-focused videos since none were included in the calendar.)

      • Cassie J

        Agreed, I was hoping she would realease a newer one with better videos, but I guess the one she has now will have to do the part

  • Samantha Bradshaw

    I looooove the colours!!! not too bright; it’ll work perfectly as a desktop background.
    I’ve been slacking this last year and gained all of the 30lbs I lost before. Personal issues, but I wanna get back on track!

    • Samantha Bradshaw

      For the record… I lost that 3lbs with Blogilaties and PIIT28!

      • Kianna

        I’d have to agree. Perfect colors to really bring out the fall vibe. I can’t wait to start tomorrow and get back on track! If you want to change, do it now. Don’t wait for January.