Women, We Need To Support Other Women, Now

Hey guys!

Halloween is quickly approaching! I am SO excited! Do you know what you’re going to wear yet?!

Here at Blogilates HQ, we’ve been releasing superhero themed workouts this whole month of October to keep you guys interested and inspired. Just getting into the Halloween vibe early, you know?? I mean, Halloween can last a whole month…right?

Most recently, the girls from Blogifam dressed up as the Sailor Scouts and we filmed a super fun Sailor Moon themed video.


It’s moments like those when I really feel grateful to be supported (and to support) so many wonderful women. We all worked together and brainstormed and laughed a ton.

And this brings me to another really important topic.

We need to support the women in our life. We need to champion their success and root for them.

And maybe most importantly, we have stop the girl-on-girl hate. Right now.

I see it all the time and it always breaks my heart. We have to STOP picking each other apart. We have to stop being so judgmental (both online and IRL). Bringing another woman down does not catapult you to the top. Criticizing another woman won’t make you love yourself more. It never makes a situation better. It just breeds hurt. And there’s no room for that in this world. 

Look at women as your sisters, not your competitors. They are your allies in this world. I am SO grateful for the women in my life and all the strength and compassion they share with me on a daily basis. Women are amazing! And the connections we create with each other are so powerful and NECESSARY! There’s a shared understanding. Women have 100% been fundamental in my growth as a person and an entrepreneur.

When another women does well, CHEER for her! Be excited! The more doors we open, the more doors are open for others to walk through as well. Don’t waste your energy on being jealous. Don’t waste time being bitter. It NEVER make things better. And it’s NEVER productive.

I love seeing a woman succeed in business, in her relationships, on YouTube, wherever! It brings me joy because we’re all a team. I know not everyone sees it that way, but I choose to. I choose to be over-the-moon-omgsh-THRILLED when a woman I know does well.

We, as women, have to lift other women up. We have to be the positive change we want to see.

THANKFUL to have all of you in this journey with me!

What’s something you did lately that made you proud? What’s a success you’ve had! Share them below so we can all celebrate each other!

  • Amanda

    I’m glad you feel this way about it :D I love seeing other people succeed and be happy! And not that this is a reason to be nice, but sometimes someone becomes successful and they help others become successful, too! I haven’t had this success yet, but I’m hoping to do a marathon in 2 years! I’m really slowly training (I’m not sure if I’m doing it right, but hopefully I am) and I know it’ll take time and patience but just within a week I’ve seen improvement :)

  • Rdtrm

    #MeToo. I’d rather keep my name private, but I know exactly what you’re talking about. As a thirteen year old girl I was molested, sexually harassed, and abused by a guy four years my senior. I attended a very small school, in an equally small community. When I spoke up, I immediately had people attacking me. He denied everything, and his friends and family fought back so harshly. I felt terrible, and it made me regret ever opening my mouth. My story isn’t like most women’s though; eventually, some other girls began speaking up. There were four of us that I remember, one of them was about eleven. He didn’t last long after that. The worst feeling that I had ever experienced was during those weeks where nobody believed me. Even today, some of my old classmates deny it ever happened. However, having not only my family, but my community support me as well was something that I was so lucky to have. It’s taken me years to get over what happened to me, and nearly eight years later I still get irrationally frightened by some of my male acquaintances, but without that support that so many women don’t receive, I honestly believe that I wouldn’t be alive today. Sexual harassment and sexual assault is a matter of life and death, because afterwards people struggle to look at themselves without disgust and it gets so hard to find a reason to live. I’m so glad that you’re talking about this Cassie, and for the people out there that have been abused and used: it does get better. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met the love of my life nearly a decade later. He’s always been so supportive of me, and is completely aware of everything that’s happened. I can sit down and discuss with him what is and is not ok, both sexually and in normal everyday interactions. He listens, he is patient, he compliments me, he doesn’t touch me in ways I don’t like, he doesn’t hit or yell, and he loves me for everything that I am. It DOES get better.

  • Diana Wegner

    It makes me happy when my friends and my family succeed, when they make positive changes, and when I am able to help them get through difficult times. There is no such thing as too much love and joy in the world. I don’t understand hate, jealousy or crime. We need to support and care for each other. About six years ago (outside of my day job) I started running social/physical activity groups for women, men and youth who are struggling with various issues in my community. We exercise and do outdoor activities – we recognize each others strengths, work as a team, and support each other. If you can build a person up, they will build someone else up also. And that’s what we need more of – to be more accepting, more understanding, and make each other stronger, not tear each other down.

    I love these these kinds of posts, and the Sheroic Podcast. You really encourage strength and love, and that is admirable.

    And, Cassey, because you love Halloween so much and mention it at the top of this post – my Mr. Wonderful and I are nuts about Halloween too! I love to sew super elaborate costumes that take weeks to complete. This year we are going as Rumpelstiltskin and The Evil Queen from the series Once Upon A Time!!

    • Amanda

      Your comment made me happy :D Wow, that’s awesome about sewing! I’ve heard that if you want something that you can’t find, you should make it yourself. I would do that with clothing, but I don’t have the skill yet. I don’t see many other OUAT fans! I love Regina <3 Talk about a powerful woman!

      • Diana Wegner

        And your comment has made me happy!! Thank you :))) If you have the opportunity to try a local community sewing class, go for it! Who knows what possibilities could come from it.

        Regina definitely is a powerful woman. Have a beautiful day!

  • #MeToo. I may not know what it’s like to feel so sexually assaulted and violated that it may take a few days to physically recuperate, but I know what it’s like to feel so frozen and shocked after harassment. Blaming the victim mentality comes from the fear of vulnerability. People don’t want to feel the same way the victims have, so they assume that the stories are facades. It’s devastating, even more devastating when the victims blame the situations partly on themselves. What’s worse is that everyone gets upset when people are silent. But you know what? Who on Earth would want to speak up if they’ll be met with spite and disregard?

  • annettepedersen

    Thank you! There is a story about crabs in a basket – when one crab tries to climb out, the others drag it back down. Crazy!! That’s what picking each other apart does: keeps us in the basket trap.
    I love how you bring this topic up for us to look at and make a difference.

    What am I proud of? Visioning and creating Priestess Drums!! The website is almost ready to go live, YEAH!

  • nova

    I totally agree with this blog post! Women should not see each other as competitors. There are far too many successful women out there to where we should see each other as a network opportunity. Many women have helped me on my journey to become a teacher and while all of them I may not call a friend I would say that they have been there to help guide me on the right path. So many women are stuck on how they can one up the next woman when they should be trying to see how they could work together. In so many professions women are put against one another and forced to compete, and that is understandable, but they should not have to feel as though they are obligated to treat each other badly because they are competing against one another.

  • Ana-Maria Nicolaescu

    Hi Cassey!
    I wrote about you in my blog today!
    What do you think?

  • Saleha

    Hi guys check out my site. I’m a newbie, and I’ve currently challenged myself to get back to being fit. Join me on my journey on getting healthy. Give it a read and share.

  • Deanna Langley

    I have been working out with you for over a year now…. and just love your mindset. I am a teacher, 46 years old and trying to balance my family and work schedules. It can get vicious! This weekend, I got to spend time with my sis, 44 years- old soon and a cancer survivor of over 20 years. We were in the parking lot going to my car from shopping and someone yells, “Eat a pizza!”. Oh my gosh, I was mortified! They were targeting my sister, who is very thin. She has many food allergies and would love to eat normally, but can’t or she is in pain. I am at a loss for words, I almost cried right there in the parking lot. Unfortunately, I guess it happens often to her and I never knew. She is PA for dermatology office. She cures people everyday. Too bad she can’t cure the hate. I too want to be Wonder Woman to protect my loving, successful, sister. I could only think of you, Cassey, we need a BIG voice.

    • Amanda

      Wow that’s so upsetting! I’m so appalled when human beings are awful to others – ESPECIALLY when you don’t even know them (I’m not saying you can be mean to someone if you do know them). You and your sister both seem like very strong, kind individuals. Much love <3

  • I recently went on a long run and it was really peaceful! I love that a lot. And I listen to the Shira with podcast while I was running that run to :-) Thanks so much for interviewing Lily. She came to visit my school last year! I Got 5 feet away from her and I was so excited.

    • Amanda

      That sounds nice! I love when I’m running and my mind wanders so much that I don’t even notice how tired I am. Wow :O (about Lily)

  • Megan Keo

    I just wrote a blog post on this too!!! Empowered women definitely empower women! Check it out http://www.cutchic.com/blog it’s a few down on the page

  • Virjinia Harp

    I couldn’t agree more! I LOVE cheering on my friends whenever something awesome happens in their lives. I’ve dealt with some awful girl hate and there’s just no time for that. I love lifting others up whenever I get the chance!
    My big success lately is working on 5 good form pull ups! I use resistance bands but I hope to not need them soon!