Hate is a sickness. We need to WAKE UP


Hate is a SICKNESS. Waking up to the news that over 50 innocent people are dead and 400 are injured from a mass shooting in Las Vegas poisons my body with grief.  It’s terrorism in our OWN country by our OWN people. WAKE UP EVERYONE.

Stop pointing the finger at other countries, other ethnicities, and other religious groups. Our country’s internal turmoil is self-created. The amount of HATRED and IGNORANCE I see comes from a severe blindness to human compassion and a close-mindedness to education.

How can we forget the atrocities that happened less than 100 years ago? How we deny the evils that once blackened people’s hearts to the point of selective human extermination?

We CANNOT forget our history because we CANNOT repeat it. The world once came together to fight for peace. To fight for the innocent. To fight for freedom. We need to teach our friends, our family, and ESPECIALLY our children the importance of love, empathy, and overall what it means to be a good person. Just stop hurting people!!! It’s that simple.

Today I posted this picture of me dressed up as Wonder Woman because I wish she was there yesterday to shield the innocent from the gunfire. I know she’s just a fictional character, but she stands for so much honor, strength, and pure goodness. Please let’s come together to fight the bad in this world. Wonder Woman isn’t just one person…there’s a little bit of her in all of us. We must work TOGETHER to PROTECT one another. Praying for everyone affected by the massacre yesterday.

How are you doing? Were you there at the festival? Was anyone you know hurt by the violence? I hope you’re okay.

  • Alwa

    I love you Casey. Luv, Alwa (a Muslim).

  • Diana Wegner

    Thank you for posting this Cassie. Hearts are broken all over the world; violence needs to stop. Just simply, stop.

  • Gabriella Ceccarelli

    Yes the world need more love but also less guns, it’s unbelievable that in USA people can buy them as candy. Maybe it’s possible to do something about that and also teach our children the right thing to do, too love more and try to understand the difference and not hate them. We need hope for the future, we need compassion and peace. We need to react, it’s not possible to have fear to travel or to do something because of terrorism, we need a change.

  • I am so out of it when it comes to news because I don’t read it. Most of the time I find it to be extremely negative and I don’t want to set that tone for my day. My heart goes out to those affected by the mass killing, and I pray for future peace. I’m glad you’re safe, Cassie!

  • Ruth

    My heart goes out to all of the families that were affected. Not only that, but I really do feel for the Paddocks’ family. To suddenly be notified that your relative-a retired individual who you spent time with, laughed with, just seemed like a normal, every day kind of fellow-was involved in a mass shooting/suicide and not know the reason why…It’s very heartbreaking. I hope that we as a country are able to find strength as one and press forward.

  • Zed


  • P. Higley

    I think I heard Wonder Woman was there. She loaded ten people in her truck and took them to the hospital, also she took off her tank top to stop a mans bleeding. She was there… it’s just too much. Thanks for your post. I’m glad I’m not the only one who was not there and feels poisoned by the news.