Do Millennials Share Too Much On The Internet?

Hey guys!

Have you ever noticed that millennials get made fun of a LOT on the internet?? Apparently, everything we do is the worst! 😂 😂 Between our selfie obsession and the ridiculous claim that millennials could afford to buy houses if we weren’t spending on avocado toast, we’re really screwing up, apparently!! (Jk, we’re amazing 💁‍)

Okay, let’s get this out of the way: criticizing the current generation isn’t new. It’s something that above generations have always done. You know, it’s the joke of Grandpa saying, “When I was your age, we had to walk to school in snow and sleet!” So I don’t think millennials are unique in this aspect. And of course, all generations have their cons and pros. But because technology has afforded us so many new avenues of expression, we’re the most connected and visible we’ve ever been.

Which brings up a question that I’ve seen discussed: Do millennials share too much?

The internet only became publicly available in 1991, which in the grand scheme of things isn’t THAT long ago. The ability to find your tribe, to create a community online, is something that older generations weren’t able to experience, at least not during their youth.

We have so many platforms. We have blogs and Instagram and YouTube and Facebook and *insert so many others*. It’s amazing! It’s amazing that we get to have voices and be in control of creating what we WANT to create.

But have we lost the art of privacy?

Sometimes I struggle with finding the right balance. When I announced my engagement to Sam, many of you had no idea I was even romantically involved with anyone! And it’s not that I was “hiding” it, but I did choose to keep some of my personal life more private.

I feel SO connected to all of you. YOU are why I do this. And sharing my life with you is a joy. But I also have to keep things for myself. I have to choose what I’m willing to share and what I need to keep sacred. It’s a tricky line. But I think it’s an individual choice.

Do millennials share too much? Maybe they do, maybe they don’t. Who am I to make that call? What works for you, works for YOU. As long as you’re happy and safe, that’s all that matters.

As much as millennials are teased for being self-involved, there are beautiful benefits to “over-sharing”. So many people feel less alone when someone they follow decides to speak out about an issue that affected them. When you are able to look at a public figure (or even just someone online) and see what you’re going through isn’t just a solitary experience, it’s validating and SO healing!

One of the first things we’re taught as kids is how to share. I am proud of millennials for this ability. While I can’t promise I’ll always share everything, I am SO proud to share my life with all of you.

I am proud of this community.

What do you think? Are millennials too comfortable sharing on the internet? How does one find a good balance between privacy and openness? Comment below!

  • Technically I’m not a millennial (but I feel like one 😀 ), and I don’t really struggle with posting/sharing too much. However, I do struggle with opening up more online, and allowing my personality to shine through. Lately, I think I’ve been doing a good job of that on IG, but sometimes I want to post more private things, but I get scared. Not because it’s private, but because of the response I might get from my IG friends. I’m not sure if they even want to know more about me on a deeper level. If they do then GREAT! But if they don’t then how am I suppose to be authentic if my audience is not ready for that? Do I say “F” it and share whatever I so desire, or do I take my audience/cyber friends into consideration?

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  • Zineki

    heard an interesting talk on TED about this topic. it’s really worth a watch :)

  • Eleanor

    I think we share too much! I loved facebook in college, but an incident happened with someone making an anon account and trying to spread poison between my fiance and I. So we both got rid of facebook. I had an insta for a few years as my friends live on the other coast but I started to notice that my thoughts weren’t feeling like mine, they were darker somehow. So I deactivated it and within 2 weeks my frame of mind went way up and I felt more normal/ freer again! I think all the perfectness and travel and flawless faces/bodies made me anxious. I started texting/calling my friends more and texting photos of my baby instead and yea…just feel so much better!
    That being said, I find your insta to actually make me feel better- so encouraging! I really upped my fitness game through insta. And my older brothers (17-24 years older than me) share waaay more than I feel my generation does. I think because we grew up with it, we are disillusioned to its charms faster? IDK! But interesting subject.

  • People need to be wise about what they share on the Internet. Personally, I like to keep intimate relationships as private as possible, personal situations private, and I don’t disclose anything that will harm those I love. Particularly in my life, my parents and older relatives don’t really like being on camera, so I simply don’t film them. My younger relatives and sisters totally don’t mind it though! :) Some people like to “keep it real”, but that doesn’t mean you have to share everything and anything in your life. If you are going through a hard time in your life, I think it’s okay to share what’s been on your mind, but some people are better off taking a break from the Internet! It really depends on the individual.

  • Naomi R

    I have also battled with what I feel comfortable with in terms of sharing my life online. Especially during the election last year, battles online were an everyday occurrence and it was making feel really anxious and sort of a mix between depressed and angry. I admit that part of me not liking the online aspect was how I used it, too. I was posting so much of my new daughter and I felt like because I did it so often, it was giving people an “excuse” to not actually talk to me since I was pretty much providing the updates freely. I missed the phone calls, photos over the phone, emails, and face to face interactions.

    I stayed online for a little while longer, but, it seemed that the way people (including myself) were using Facebook just wasn’t changing–at least on my Feed. I decided to get off of Insta and FB entirely, and I’ve felt really good since. I catch my news through an app and I frequently listen to BBC World News and NPR.

    I have a really good way to describe why I left that I heard Salman Rushdie use during an interview yesterday. He recently got off of Twitter after using it for 4 years and when asked why, he said something like, “It was like being in a room I didn’t want to be in. It was hearing voices I didn’t really want to hear. So I left.” That’s why I left and it was because so many millennials use social media as platforms to fight, argue, and compare, which all leads to non-useful afterthoughts, in my opinion! <3

  • Aimee Cardwell

    Face to dace is appropriate for some conversations, so words aren’t taken wrong. People are also more bold speaking their opinions online, I try to keep my posts positive and be the same IRL. I have dealt with a sketchy side of social media, what was considered harmless flirting almost ended with my husband leaving me for a Florida woman. It was awful. We made it through but I am more aware now.

  • S.C.

    Way to much sharing! Pick up a phone if you want to share one on one with somebody. Developing a one on one relationship with an individual is far more fulfilling than a million people. Do that with a phone call where you hear the feelings with a human voice on the other end. Moreover, less trolling will happen with a phone call to that person who means so much to you. Quit trying to be reaffirmed by a mass of strangers who don’t know you. Be reaffirmed by people who look out for you daily.

    People are like bank accounts. Deposit more wisdom than withdrawing energy.
    That’s true sharing!

    50 years old

  • Elizabeth :)

    I am one generation younger than millenials. I have no complains about both but I do feel we are too superficial. I am not sure if that is reserved to my generation only, but I feel we have two lives: social media and reality. We are only looking at the materialistic/social media side of life: wow, she can afford all those designer shoes; look at her perfect body; she travels all the time, she must be so happy. There are other things in life, and I feel that social media is making us forget that… all this obsession with likes and followers is also taking a toll on a lot of people. We are acting not like ourselves, but like the person who’d receive most likes on Instagram. We are setting our value based on how many followers we have.

    • martha atakora

      That means you’re either 12 or under. It’s great you care about your health at such a young age. LOl I sound like an adult when I’m only 13

      • Emma

        Actually, the youngest millennials are college age now. The general consensus is 1997 and on is Generation Z. If you’re thirteen, you weren’t even alive to see the millennium, let alone have it and that time period shape your formative years. You also weren’t alive for 9/11. I think this is also partly why millennials get so much crap. People are using it as a catchall term for young people.

  • Judy

    I love this new age where we’re able to share online and connect with others who have similar stories and difficulties. We’re able to really help each other out and realise that actually, we’re not alone in a lot of situations no matter how unique the situation is. And like you said, it’s so healing!

    But I think there is a problem that lies with either the sharer or the viewer sometimes because of this mindset that one has to share everything, as if they owe their lives to us (they really don’t). And sometimes that type of pressure can downward-spiral for both parties because there’s no balance.

    Since you announced your engagement though Cassie, I almost respect you MORE for keeping that side of your life private because it’s YOURS. (Basically so much of your life is public already, that I think you ought to keep something as yours and yours only as cliché as that sounds!)

  • Kathyz09

    That was an interesting post to read. It’s true – a lot of older people always, or let’s say often say that people share too much. Maybe they’re right with some stuff, but in the end they didn’t grow up with it. It’s just like you said.
    I for example was actually born in 19991, so when I grew up the Internet grew too somehow (I think you know what I mean). So beeing online is kind ‘normal’.
    I think everyone should decide what he/ she wants to share themselves. It’s totally ok that you keep things to yourself Cassey. I don’t mind one bit. In my opinion it’s natural that you want to keep some stuff private.
    I’m not much of a sharer, but that’s my own decision, but I like sharing things in the blogilates community, because there are so many supporters around the world. The same goes the other way around- I love supporting others in their journeys, and even when it’s just with a ‘Great Job.’ or something like that.
    But also thank you for sharing some of your experiences. They’re really great to read and often give me new ideas or new views of my life.
    So, thank you :)

  • Virjinia Harp

    I think some people definitely overshare. However, I think that’s how they are in general so oversharing online isn’t a big stretch for them. I share a bit about my life but don’t really share too much about my husband or my family. Like one blogger I follow says “That’s their story and they should decide if they want to share that.”


  • I think it’s a wonderful thing to be able to share our lives online! Unfortunately also creates a mask or the impression that we are all connected, however a lot of us are actually feeling So Alone, depressed, anxious, and dealing with depression. I think it’s a reality of this new generation that with the technology, a lot of our mental health has been negatively impacted by that too.

    I also couldn’t agree with you more Cassie, on sharing experiences, reading others experiences and feeling not so alone with our personal keeping condition when we realize that it’s a universal Condition! It’s the reason I admire you, and it’s how I discovered you on the internet! You are one of the best things that ever happened to me through the internet. I would not be the person I am today without first getting lost on YouTube and discovering your workouts!

    You are the best thing that’s happened to me online.

  • JenniferN

    It depends. If you want to share photos or check yourself into places, totally cool with me. When you’re posting things about how you’re so upset/sad/angry/hurt/whatever on the daily just for people to comment, I have to roll my eyes. My cousin is an over-sharer. He got into a bit of trouble a couple years back and listed everything he was charged with on his facebook. Why on EARTH would you do that??

  • I think there should be balance between what you share online and what you keep in private! I admire how you kept your personal life to yourself, I think it’s great to keep some things too yourself – I definitely don’t share a lot of what I do in private! You never know what’s going on in someone’s life by reading what you see on social media. But everyone feels differently obviously. You do you :)

    • I agree with you one hundred percent! Social media is where we SELECTIVELY share what we want to; it’s not the whole picture. In fact I made a YouTube video on it called The Problem with Social Media!

      Cassey, when you have a chance to check out the video, would you let me know your thoughts?

  • This was such an enlightening read! I often struggle with balancing between sharing too much and going MIA. I really appreciate the people I follow that share every little good and bad thing because it portrays the ups and downs of real life…but know that I could never do that. It definitely depends on the individual. If it makes you happy, then instagram away!