August Workout Calendar!

Hey guys!

Ahhh August. A transitional month for sunlight, weather, fashion and mood. As I sit here and type this blog post, I see the sun slowly dropping down…but it’s only 7pm! No, come back! Summer is my favorite season of the entire year and August marks it’s end, so I can’t help but feel a little sad.

But this time, I’m going to cherish the warmth and the glittering sunshine for the next 31 days. Time really is relative to our age and how busy we are. Remember how when you were 7, counting down the days to Christmas felt like forever? And you know how now you’re like “OMG how is it already August!?” That’s what I am talking about. We all have so much going on now, that life is passing us by!

So if we can all re-learn how to “think like a kid” when it comes to enjoying our rest, our vacations, and the weekends, we can really make life go by as slowly as want.

Anyway, here’s your new August 2017 Workout Calendar! We’re back to 1 new workout video a week beginning on August 7th…my sister’s bday!

Download linked PDF | Download hi-res JPEG

You are going to LOVE the new series on the 7th. It’s all time-interval POP Pilates. Plus! I challenged myself extra to see if I could do a motivational a “life hacks” talk WHILE coaching you how to exercise. Let’s see how it turns out…hahaha.

If for ANY reason you are feeling like you don’t have the motivation to get through a workout calendar, then you MUST watch this video!

Ok guys, good luck! Let me know in the comments how you feel about August. Love it? Hate it? Meh?

Meanwhile, I’m going to try to soak up the rest of the day and goooo slooooow.

  • Sonal

    Hey, Cassey, when is the September calendar coming out? I live in India and our time zones are ahead of yours so can we expect it by tomorrow?
    Much anticipation,
    Your Indian pop fam!

  • Eliana

    Where do you find the daily playlists?

  • Pompi Borah

    Ohhh Girls, Video is really Awesome, and you made all workouts soo exciting, I enjoyed a lot.

  • Salla

    I’m new to this calendar thingy. Am I supposed to do all of the workouts per day? Or just pick one and do that?

  • Apple

    Hey everyone, I’m just curious. What kind of pre-workout stretching and warm-ups do you do? I usually just jump into the day’s videos, but I may be hurting myself by doing so idk.

  • Kat

    I’m new and I have a question! Do you do each thing on the day once? Or if there’s a circuit do you do the circuit how many times it specifies and then move on to the next things or just pick one thing from the list?SOS! How is this organized?

  • Zoey

    Hey popsters!! So in September I want to start taking fitness more seriously and I don’t know if I should do PIIT (be it the program or the videos on YT) or the monthly calendars for a while and THEN switch to PIIT

  • leslie Aguilera

    How do i know how many times i should do the videos?

    • Elizabeth

      Her piit videos should be done twice if you do the calendar. If she mentions in any of the videos that you need to repeat that video, then repeat it. If she doesn’t say anything just do that video once.

      • leslie Aguilera


    • Teresa J

      If there are several videos for a day, I only do them once.