Do you have a “hip dip”?

Soooo…let’s talk about Hip Dips a.k.a. Violin 🎻 Hips. To be 100% honest, the only hip dip I’ve previously been familiar with is the workout one where you’re in side plank dipping your hip down to work your obliques. 🤔 But I suppose there’s a new hip dip in town that describes the indent that occurs after your hip and before your thigh begins.

For anyone asking “how do I fill in my hips?”, let me tell you that this was never a “problem” until people started making it a problem. A simple search on Pinterest gave me NUMEROUS results.

You see, the weird thing about hip dips, unlike “bat wings”, “thunder thighs”, “muffintops” and “saddlebags” is that having hip dips doesn’t have anything to do with having excessive fat in that area. In fact, it’s kind of the opposite. Women who have hourglass figures sans the hip dip, usually have a HIGHER fat deposit in that concave area, helping to fill it out. So, this isn’t even a weight loss thing. It’s a very strange nit-picky thing that has everything to do with your NATURAL ANATOMY!

With pics of models on IG in string bikinis and body con dresses showing off their tiny waists, wide hips and getting tons of likes, you start thinking that that’s the body you need to have in order to be desirable! It makes you start to believe that THAT is THE BEST body type, the MOST IDEAL body type, the body type that GUYS LIKE. And you start to tell yourself that if you don’t look like that, you’re not good enough.

I mean, move over magazine covers…Instagram pics are the new beauty standard. 🙄

Listen up. Hip dips are NORMAL! If your hip bone sits a tad higher than your femur, fat and muscle in that area are likely to cave inward. Literally THAT IS ALL.

So if you want to spend all day and night fighting the natural anatomy of your body trying to “fill in” your hips, let me tell you right now that you are better off spending your energy elsewhere. Yes there are exercises that can help you work the muscles in the hip dip area (gluteus minimums and gluteus medius) but if your only goal is aesthetics, I urge you to find another reason to exercise. Your overall results with your entire body’s strength, mood and energy is so much more meaningful.

Hip dips do not make you a good person, a bad person, a skinny person or a fat person. Please remember that they just ARE.

Now…onwards to more important things in life!!!

  • amberview

    I never knew this was a thing to not like about myself. lol

  • Jennie Stilton

    This was never seen as a problem until people made it a problem? This has been a problem for me since I was 12, and I’m in my 40s now. I have never seen mine as anything but a deformity.

  • Jason

    This is a news to me. I had no idea hip dips were normal. My friends were talking about it the other day. I am surely going to share this with my spin mates at

  • vanessa

    nobody like ugly thing and everyone wants to be attractive but in order not to make life more complicated is accept the fact that noboby is perfect.

  • vanessa

    nobody loves ugly thing and everyone wants to be attractive but in order not to make life more complicated is accept the fact that noboby is perfect.

  • jan

    i didn’t have them tell istarted workout on my outer thigh+butt …thats why i felt bad like i was trying to fix something but i fucked up something else

  • Jess

    Wow thanks so much for this blogpost ! Exactly what i needed! :) lots of love from finland xx

  • Sophia Ha

    I am 18 years old and I have got hip dips. Until now I thought this isn`t normal. I tried many workouts especially for abs and for the booty (the workouts on your Youtube Cahnnel). Now I am stonger and have for the first time in my life muscles. But nothing helped to lose my hip dips. After reading your arcticle I feel stronger and happier.🙈
    I want to thank you Cassey. For many years I felt unhappy about my hips. I tried to hide them with long jackets, sweaters,…but now I accept them. Btw I am doing your Videos daily for an hour and it changed literally my entire life.💖🙈 Now I am strong, more confident about myself and I feel pretty. Thank you!! And I want to congratulate you and your fiance!😍💖😉

  • Salla

    Hip dips are a thing I have been more or less insecure about since I was 13. This post opened my eyes. I feel so much better after reading other peoples thoughts. Thank you Cassie! Gonna go and do your arm workout for the day now and NOT care about my hip dips ;)

  • sarah

    It is possible to round out that area (to different extents depending on skeletal structure/genetics) by building up your abductors and you can decrease the appearance from behind by growing the glutes in general.

  • silvia totis

    Thank you Cassey!!! So many of these “get wider hips” workout appear on my youtube page and I was like “are you kidding me?”. Beauty standards are getting unreal

  • Annalaya Brown

    I feel like all women are beautiful! Even if you are a little bit more on the heavy side, or if you have a hip dip, it doesn’t even matter!

  • Jo

    For the past few days I was trying to NAME this thing. I even stumbled upon amazing BLOGILATES that way, but just now randomly found this. So. “HIP DIPS”. Now I’ve googled it a bit …. and … well … I guess I truly am a weirdo. Can anyone tell me how to GET THEM? INCREASE THEM? For half a year I was doing a job which got me those, they were huge, it was a bit creepy at first, but actually I loved them, because I got fit and it was a good thing. It was a reminder (of me being fit) and also to me it looks cool if you have it, like, better with than without. One month ago I left that job (work) and they are almost gone (but I still “feel”/see where exactly that “dip” is(was), I didn’t exercise much in the meantime. What would be the best exercise to get the “holes”?

    (I got them because of my work – slow cardio(standing/walking 8 hours a day, reaching up (not really on the tiptoes but reaching) about 1 time per minute(on the average)(both legs included). Of course now I would do an alternative exercise, which wouldn’t take me 8 hours (more like 8 minutes but more intense). Is that even possible?

  • Shauna Paulson

    I’ve had them forever and no matter how much weight I lost they were still there and I feel so much better that they are normal and it’s not just me being fat…. I was always so self conscious about them but now I feel better and won’t worry about my “hip dips” haha. Thanks Cassey!

  • KLG1960 “KLG1960”

    Everything I’ve read about “hip dips” is bc of the bone structure. But I use to have what had been called a “bubble butt” narrow hips, but bubbled out. I’m 57 years old and in the last year my hips have changed into these dips. Granted my “bubble butt” started flattening over the years. Has anyone else experienced this?? Thank you!

  • Stephanie Burket

    Thank you so much for posting this. I have been SO self conscious about my body becuase I , without knowing, have hip dips. I just thought I had extra fat on my hips or my thighs that caused that. It makes total sense now. I just had a baby a few months ago, so I’m just now able to get back into working out and I’m using your calendar.

    Thank you for the motivation and encouragement!

  • Nina Boutsikaris

    Thank you so much for posting this.. what is wrong with our sad, empty culture that the shape of your natural hip is something to ask women to change? I never hated my legs/butt until posts like those pinterest examples began appearing. Just another way to get women oppressing each other.

  • Sarah G

    I literally had no idea they had a name haha! I just thought I had strange hips because I’m hyper flexible pretty much through my lower body – nice to put a name to it even if people are being crazy about them! :)

  • Ella

    I honestly just thought everyone had them. Doesn’t seem like a worthy thing to obsess over!

  • Dolapo Kuforiji

    This post made a lot of sense! I am so grateful for people like you in the world. Thank you so much for the motivation.

  • Thanks for posting this Cassey, I learnt something new because of you and I will, I suppose learn a new thing to friends I’ll share this post with! Thanks to always put your good energy in positivity and reality above aesthetics and fake things!!!! I truly love you, you’re a model to me who learn me how to eat newly and great, and to make me realize I have a great body with imperfections I will change because of you and because of my real dreams!!! Hope you’ll see that comment and light up your day (or night :3) Hey By the way, Does Lindsey Stirling have Violin hip? It would be so funny if the nature did this to my (and maybe yours too) favorite instrumental artist!!

  • Getwifed

    I’ve seen this junk on pintrest too and thought it was CRAZY! It just seems like a totally ludicrous new way to make women feel bad about themselves. Great post!

  • bb

    can you make a video about more topics like this? i love your youtube videos btw

  • mrswebb

    Love, love, love this! Thank you Cassey for this positive awareness! I’m feeling more confident with my hip dips after reading this!

  • Chloé

    I have an important dip on my left hip and I was worried about… but actually I have a tendonitis problem. Believe me, it sucks!

  • Laura Ahrens

    Thank you for always being body positive!! Also, Selma Hayek has hip dips and she owns them! So nothing to be ashamed of ladies!! :)

  • Deanne Estelle

    I never even paid attention to this. I mean, I knew I had it, but I just never cared. It was normal. Why do we insist on fixating on the most trivial stuff and calling it bad?

  • Oatmeal & Pancakes☕

    I have hip dips too. It was interesting to see the science behind it. :) I also want to say thank you for your Upper Body videos that include weights. As a naturally slim teen girl who is trying to gain weight and muscle, those exercises have been very helpful and fun. One of my goals is to be able to push-ups and planks without getting so tired. Do you have any advice?

  • Aemy

    Thank you for talking about this. I also noticed this new trend in “fitness” and beauty. It kind of makes me sick how hypocritical and obviously superficial society can be. 10 years ago, the trend was to be as skinny as possible. Now we’ve made a turn and decided women need curves in very specific areas. It means nothing. All women have each a unique beauty. These criteria and measures are stupid. Beauty comes from love and hope and kindness. Thanks for reminding us of that. Cassey. Xoxoxo

  • martha atakora

    I still don’t really know what hip dips are.

  • Mjech

    I have it and thought i was misformed because i sit at a desk all day for work. But my mom has it too. Can’t say I like them and I don t spend my day looking at Instagram models.

  • Sensitivemuse

    I used to hate them with a passion. I’m slowly coming around starting to love them.

  • María Maisterra

    I always thought it was because my hips wasn´t too big, then that it was fat … and now I can make peace 100% with my body! I mean, I accept all my body with it´s flaws, but it’s always nice to read that you’re doing FINE, that your body is FINE and that everything is going to be FINE so we can truely stop looking for those unreachable beauty standars! Thanks Cassey!!! Love from Mexico!!!

  • Laura S.

    Another reason I love what you do, Cassey. Thank you for being a positive, no-nonsense voice.

  • Rachelle Ray

    I LOVE that this post is all about embracing your natural body. “Squad goals” “thigh gap” “hip dip” – who can keep up with all that? Healthy body positivity all the way!

  • I have them, but never thought about it. They’ve just been there. Didn’t know people liked or hated them at all lol

    Gemma |

  • glendita

    I didn’t know it had a name either. I’ve always hated my “violin” hips and hyper mega protruding hip bone only because you need to wear low waisted jeans/leggings all the time or else it looks like a mess. Not the most versatile body type, specially if you are 🍐 shaped… But oh well, you learn to dress it and besides mom jeans are not my thing lol

  • Kathryn St John-Shin

    I…guess I have hip dips? I dunno…I have so much roley poley fat all over that area that it’s not easy to tell. When I read this I immediately got naked and checked myself out to see if I had them. I think I do. I always assumed the dents were caused by my underwear or clothes or something. I’ve never liked the dents but only because I thought my clothes had caused them and if I wore higher waisted undies or something that they’d smooth out or whatever. Also, I figured my fat had also caused them and I’ve never been keen on how many rolls I have in the hip/lower belly area. I don’t spend my time worrying about them though. I worry about more important things like gaining more muscle and preventing further injuries.

  • Caitlyn

    I’ve literally never heard of this. Amazing what people fixate on!

    • blogilates

      I know. It is so weird.

  • Aubrey Montez

    I’ve honestly never heard of hip dips. It’s crazy how many “bad” things about our bodies we can fuss about. I think it mainly effects us women, because we all want to be desirable. I always love it when you talk about body image Cassey. It’s something I struggle with a lot. Your videos have been helping me, especially the ones where you open up about your eating disorder. I think I’m going through something similar. Thanks Cassey 💜

  • Cassie B

    Thank you for this! This is something that has bothered me for awhile about my hips, but I didn’t even know it was a “thing” or that it has a name. I’ve wondered what causes it and this makes me feel better about it & the work I’m doing to get into better shape :-)

  • My hip dips aren’t going anywhere, so I just deal with them.

  • Alexandra Nugent

    Welp, guess I have hip dips.

    Guess I don’t care either! ;D #selflove

  • I’ve got hip dips, I hated them until I read this. Thanks for always making me love (and appreciate) my body a little more x

    • blogilates

      Nothing to hate my love! <3

  • I actually have violin hips! That means my jeans are always looser around my waist but tighter around my “violin hips”. I’ve always had a hard time accepting them, but as I workout and eat healthy, I’ve just started appreciating my body for functioning as it is. :)

    Do you have violin hips, Cassey?

  • Why would hip dips be such a big deal? I don’t think they look unattractive or attractive! Personally, I have a very subtle hip dip around my right leg, but it’s more prominent if I lose weight! Ironic, huh? Either way, all hips are beautiful no matter what build!

    • vanessa

      hip dips are fucking ugly its true, nobody like having that shit but then when you cant fix it then your other option is to just deal with it no other way lol

  • JenniferN

    I never knew this was a thing…weird.

    • blogilates

      right? so weird.

  • Jennie Brent

    Thank you so much for this article!! I’ve been wondering for years what causes this thing and wasn’t able to figure it out.

  • Lady, I love you.
    Simple as.
    Keep preaching the right stuff ♥

  • It’s crazy how something so natural can be obsessed over! I never realised that violin hips were a thing, I thought that I just had a muffin top, but here we are learning something new every day! I know for a fact that I’ll look at different exercises to see if I can fill in the dips, but to be honest I’m not too fussed about it!
    Maya x |