I have a soft body. So what?

No matter how proud I am of my fitness achievements, there’s always someone that will say “Not to be rude but why is Cassey still fat after all these years of working out? She looks bulky and has rolls.”

I’m not writing this so you can tell me to “ignore the haters” because I don’t think this person is a hater. I think this person is genuinely asking why I’m not stick thin or ultra muscly like all the other trainers out there. And the truth is, I ask myself this all the time. If most people did what I did workout wise and eating wise, they would probably be stick thin or ultra muscly.

But not me. I have a soft body.

But I’m accepting that because my body is so much more than a loud billboard. My body is a novel with an intricate story.

I’ve been there – skinny and toned. But I was miserable. I could not function at my optimal levels in other areas of my life. So today, I choose to be happy with this body while being happy with the all the other cool things I’m getting to accomplish in business, relationships and creativity. My body is so much more than how it looks. I love my body for what it CAN DO.

And for anyone thinking that I’m making an excuse for my soft body, NOPE. I’m still working everyday to get stronger. My body is simply a result of the work, not the goal…and hey, nothing’s over til I die, so I’ll keep trying new things until that day comes!

Please remember that EVERY BODY IS DIFFERENT! There is no one right way to lose fat or gain muscle. We’re all formulated differently. It’s in our genes! So each of our prescriptions for diet and exercise will be different.

What I can say though is that I don’t count calories anymore and I surely don’t spend more than an hour working out a day. Sometimes it’s only 28 minutes! And I FEEL. GOOD. POWERFUL. UNSTOPPABLE.

If you’re looking for something new to challenge your body and mind with – try PIIT28 or get certified as a POP Pilates Instructor. I hope one of these programs can help you guys find what works for you! Remember to love your body and never stop working hard! Love you so much!

  • betrah shikoh

    Cassie, i love your posts and i do them alot. I have seen so much change ever
    since i started following your workout. Thank you for always encouraging
    us in the workout, it really helps. I totally love your body too

  • Katy

    I love this! People forget or just simply don’t know that to a large degree, your body is what it is. Working out can’t change genetics. And it’s so much more important to be happy than to try to work towards one incredibly difficult, hegemonic ideal. Thank you for what you do Cassey!

  • PrettiestLilAngelYoullEverReve

    Your body is soft-toned. Which I think is beautiful, and is my goal. I don’t want hard abs or to be stick thin I just want my body to be soft-toned, exactly like yours.

  • Eva López Escribano

    I think you’re beautiful, your body is beautiful right now, I can see how strong you are and not “soft” at all!!! I wish I have your strenght and positivity! You’re such a nice person! Beautiful inside and outside. Such an inspiration!

  • Wioletta Krzewica

    You look so beautiful!!! i just wanted to say this because hopefully i can cheer some people who were in the same position as me. Today was the first time i did extreme abs 3 in the past month or two, i haven’t been able to stick with the calendar because of my exams and sometimes i just felt like crying because i was in a situation where i was angry at myself for not exercising and at the end not revising cause that’s all i was thinking about. Today i couldn’t finish the workout, i felt annoyed that i let myself come to this state and to make matters worst my cousin told me i was weak and that pilates was easy yet he’s there sitting in the sofa playing a video game hahah. I asked him to exercise with me because he wants to lose weight yet he just watched.

    There are two lessons that i learnt today
    1) its okay if you cant do something that you could do straight away, it takes time to rebuild and you need to stay strong and realize that, that’s the real strength , don’t let it bring you down. “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”
    2) don’t let other negative people bring you down and even if they do still be positive to them as mother teresa said: “Do good. Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.” I will still encourage him everyday to workout with me

    So everybody keep going!!!!

    Cassey thank you so much you literally don’t know how many times you have helped me go through hard times with ease and a positive mind, keep being you ! Love you!!<3

  • Brey Sanchez

    I’m a long time lurker who finally decided to follow so I can post. I love how you say, “My body is simply a result of work, not the goal.” That really resonates with me. I’m having a hard time dealing with my current weight gain of 30 pounds, not being able to fit into my flight attendant uniform, and just being in an overall mental fog. I know proper nutrition is the right direction to go and exercise is just a small part of the equation. But that word… goal. A body goal. A dieting goal. It kind of turned on a light bulb for me to see things from a different perspective on how we judge ourselves and others so harshly. Thanks for posting.