This June Workout Calendar will make you :)

Hey guys!

It’s the beginning of a brand new month and in just a few weeks…it will be the official start of Summer! Ahh!!! My favorite month of all! It’s perfect romper weather. I am just swimming in glee :)

Alright, now can we talk about the cal? Because we ‘gon talk about the cal.

Last month was all focused on the 6-Week Body Toning Bootcamp, so quite a few passionate POPsters were upset at repetitive workout plan for May. For those of you who embraced the shake up and saw new changes in your body – thank you! And for those of you who were like “nope, not for me”, thank you too for your vocalness.

For June, I’m going back to classic Blogilates style where you’ll find a ton of variety in the workout selection! Check it out:

Download Linked PDF  |  Download Hi-Res JPEG

Isn’t it so pretty and summery? I love it! If I were you, I’d download the JPEG and make it my desktop background! That way, you’ll feel accountable and won’t miss a workout! Also, take advantage of the linked PDF. Just click on the video name and boom, it’ll start playing. No time wasted looking for the right vid!

This month is the start of the Apartment-Friendly series on my channel! Even if you’re not going to try my first workout now, just click play so you can look at this cool loft I shot in…

AHH isn’t it amazing!? I am in LOVE with the plants, the brick, the string lights…EVERYTHING!

I think your neighbors will be very happy to not hear you jumping all over the place! But this doesn’t mean that the workouts won’t be intense. PUH-LEEZE. We’ll be working out to the music and flowing hard. It’s gonna be fun and fierce!!!


If you’re wondering where all my workout clothes are from, they’re all POPFLEX! Durr! The black top I’m wearing is brand new. The Danger Tank comes in Night and Cabernet!

I love this tank so much and have been waiting to release it for a long time! I wear a size 4 if that helps any of you make a decision! Make sure you guys read the “Stylist’s Tip” on the site if you’re unsure on whether to size up or down etc.

Okay, let’s all promise ourselves that we’re going to have an AMAZING JUNE!!! C’mon let’s work hard and enjoy the results we earn by doing so.

Love you so much!

  • Riley

    I did the body toning boot camp and each “focus” we had to do 4 times. does the same apply to these focus ones? is the workouts for the day in total supposed to be 30 mins?

  • Katie Doughty

    I just joined! I can’t wait to start the July calendar with you!

  • lydia

    This is going to be my first ever monthly calendar and i just finished the beginners calendar and still need to get stronger, can i modify this calendar and do as much as i can because there is a lot of work for each day and i know I’m not strong enough to fully jump into an advanced routine, so will it still be effective even if i cut out some of the videos? I can’t wait to get started!

  • Anne

    where are the video for june ?

  • Anne

    where are the video for june ? thanks

  • Callie Cleve

    Hi Cassey! I was wondering if you could do some more” 1000″ challenges? Maybe for your arms or something. Also, I was wondering if you could do some new warm up routines. Especially for PIIT and the body toning boot camp series. That would be great! Thanks for all the great workouts!

  • Sophia Sa

    I’m sorry, I have a question..The video of any workout is about 10 minutes..I must repeat each one for 4 times or if you do all it’s one time?
    for examples:
    snowbanny blast 1 time
    booty focus one time


    snowbanny blast 4 time
    booty focus 4 time

    Thanks :)

    • Each video once, except for Leg Slimming PIIT, which you would’ve done twice.

      • Sophia Sa

        thanks :)

  • Ellie Liu

    Hi! so am I supposed to do the videos in the calendar in one go or can I split it? for example 2 first videos in the morning and 2 other videos in the evening. Sorry for my bad English :)

  • Ejvis

    I love your combination of beginners calendar with the videos attached to each day. Would it be much to ask to do the same for monthly calendars as well?!!!😊
    P.s. I am in love with your training 😌

  • Sam

    I am so excited to start the June Calendar! However, do I do each video once for the day or do I pick one video per day and repeat it 4 times? Can anyone help a new Popster like me?!

    • Eileen Fioramonti

      do each video listed for the day one time. In some of the video Cassey will say to do it 4 times but you only have to do it once when it’s part of a calendar :)

  • Nicki

    Love the linked PDF, so awesome and your hair looks fabulous!

  • Sophia

    I recently introduced my best friend to blogilates and the calendar, and now, we both endure the wonderful pain of blogilates together. This has made us closer friends and both feel much better about ourselves and a lot more confident. Thank you so much Cassey!

  • Holly Higdon


    I am currently training for a marathon. It is a lot of long miles and I don’t know how to incorporate the calendar into it without pushing my body over it’s limit. every Sunday I get a cardio day (that doesn’t include running). I am not sure if I should just do some of her videos on that day or spread them out after my runs.

    I tried to email Cassey, but as we all know she is super busy!! I didn’t expect an email back but was wondering is anyone in the group had advice for me.Thank you.
    With Love,

    • Anushree

      With long distance, it is important to build up endurance. I’m no expert whatsoever, so take my advice with a grain of salt! I would say, if you workout 5 days a week, run 3 out of those 5 days, and build muscle endurance (low weights, many reps; body weight exercise like pilates, yoga, etc) for the other 2 days. For the running days, slowly build up your distance by 0.25 mile each run!

  • Yulia

    What is that “New Video”?

    • Colleen

      My assumption is that it is the video that is posted in the middle of this page ^

      • Yulia

        That’s what I thought but it didn’t seem right at first. Thank you for your reply!

    • Sophia

      That is the newest video that she has posted on her channel.

  • Colleen

    So I downloaded the app on my iPad mini. I love it because the videos are automatically upload (I pay the .99 so I can get the videos). Is there anything somewhat similar for my Mac? Or an easier way to find the daily videos rather than searching through each tab? THANKS!! <3

    • sara aguilera

      Cassey makes a playlist each day with all five daily videos :D just go to the playlist tab on the blogilates channel, or download the pdf version of the calendar and all the videos are linked there.

  • Ericka

    I liked May also!

  • Brooklyn

    I’m new to this calendar thingy so please can someone explain to me what exactly should I do? Thanks :)

    • Sophia

      You do all of the workouts in the box for the day. When it says “New Video” on Mondays, it means do the newest video that she has posted.

  • nina

    how does the calendar work?
    do you just do one of those or should you do them all on that day?

    • Anushree

      Do them all, or as many as you can handle :) I’m still a beginner so I do 3 videos, and then see how much more i can handle.

  • abigailcenish

    hey every one, does any one know what new video is ??

    • sara aguilera

      it’s the newest video Cassey uploads to the blogilates channel, there’s a new one every Monday :)

  • Sofia Melgar

    On day 3, do we have to do the snowbunny blast 4x?

    • Delani Rae McAulay

      I was wondering the same thing. I don’t think so because I think each day is meant to be roughly 30 minutes and in doing all 5 videos you reach that goal. If we did the PIIT style videos 4x each then today’s workout would be almost 2 hours long because the Booty Focus and Snow Bunny Blast were both PIIT style. At least that’s my logic? But I had the same question!

      • Sofia Melgar


  • Dionne

    I sort of have a stupid question. I started off doing the beginners calendar last summer since I was new to Pilates and Blogilates. I managed to make it through the whole thing with some improvements but ever since school started, I haven’t been able to do any of the exercises on here and barely had any time to go to gym at least 3x a week like I would do as a replacement workout. I wanna start back up again this summer since I have the time but after trying to get through some of May’s (and dying in the process) I don’t know if I should try doing June’s calendar or just do the beginner’s calendar over again since its been about a year I’ve done so. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    (Also if anyone has any recommendation workouts on here for loosing weight I would love to know some as well. Different people have said that they noticed me loosing weight but I’ve noticed that my weight has been at a stagnant stand still since last summer. I do eat right and try to exercise regularly when I’m able but I’m not really loosing anything.)

    • Kim Kieu

      I started doing the Blogilates calendar program again after a year off as well. I skipped the Beginner’s calendar and went straight to the current calendar. It was indeed hard, and I felt discouraged at times, but I pushed through by modifying all the moves to fit my pace. You don’t have to mirror everything that Cassey does. For example, if she’s jumping, you walk it. If she does 45 lunges in 45 secs, you may do 20, and that’s okay. If you can’t do a sit-up, just keep crunching it and try your best to climb up. The sit-up will eventually happen – you just have to keep trying. Modify all the hard moves according to YOUR ability. As Cassey said before, “quality over quantity.” Don’t stress about keeping up. Just keep moving and you’ll be okay. June calendar is my 3rd calendar and I am able to keep up with all the videos, and no longer taking 10 min breaks in between. You can do it!!

  • Saskia

    Omg, Cassey, you’re on the BBC!

    I’m happy the old calendar style came back, simply because I’m 6+ months pregnant and can’t do so much PIIT right now! :) if I wasn’t, I’d definitely enjoy the May calendar too.

  • Maria

    I originally planned to do the Beginner’s 2.0 Calendar for all 4 weeks to slowly get fit and build my way up to your monthly calendars. I was two weeks in when I saw your June Calendar go up and that plan went out the window! I wanted to start June because my birthday is this month and I really wanna push myself and keep myself motivated during what I think is the luckiest time of the year for me. During the first day of the workout I was DYING and my muscles were shaking like jello but faster and I had to stop more than I would have liked. I felt weak and not strong at all but then I remember you and your videos and how encouraging they are to keep going and instead of giving up I took a break for a little and kept trying to do as much as I can. I reminded myself that I’m definitely getting a workout with the amount of sweat I had by the end of it. I remind myself how strong my muscles grow every day; how my legs could go so much longer than what they did two weeks back. I WILL get stronger and I WILL be more confidant and I WILL keep going and I WILL give myself that healthy lifestyle my body needs and deserves. Thank you Cassey for giving me this hope that I haven’t felt in a while! <3

  • Lindsey Boyle

    I just did the workout for June 1st and……….. omg that was sooooooo hard! I hate you (not really)

  • Sofia Melgar

    Do we have to stretch after each workout?

    • Anushree

      Always!!! Stretching before and after is best!

  • Ginae

    For the June calendar workouts, are there warm ups to do before or is it ok to just do without?