Thank You Kind Stranger…

“Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

The other day when Sam and I were in Singapore, we were in line for some smoothies, needing to desperately hydrate ourselves from the scorching hot sun. I had just taught a huge class at Fitness Fest and was feeling nauseous and weak from the heat.

The only thing I wanted was an ice cold smoothie. We searched around and eventually found a smoothie stand by our hotel. It looked like an oasis in the desert.

I looked at the menu and picked the one with fresh mangoes and dragonfruit in it. I could’t wait for the sweet and tangy nectar to cool on my tongue. Sam picked one that was a little creamier – something with yogurt and matcha.

When we pulled out our wallets to pay, the cashier shook her head and told us that she could not take MasterCard or Visa. Darn, I thought. We didn’t have time to change our currency because we basically flew in, got off the plane and went straight to work. Besides the credit cards, we only had US dollars. But, it would not suffice.

Feeling defeated and very dehydrated, we walked away when a complete stranger said “I’ll pay for them.”


We turned around to see this young man walking towards the counter with some Singaporean cash, urging the cashier to take it. We kept telling him “No, please don’t” but he insisted.

The thing that happened next was beautiful.

The cashier saw his kindness and whipped up a free smoothie for him while blending 2 for us. Of course the young man insisted that she take the money for his smoothie too. She didn’t want to and kept denying it. But, eventually the guy won and she reluctantly accepted it.

All 3 of us patiently waited for our smoothies in an awkward, beautiful and grateful silence. I didn’t really know what to say because I was so taken aback emotionally. We tried to offer him our US dollars but he would have none of it. After a few minutes, we all got our drinks, and we thanked him endlessly. Then, we parted ways. Probably never to see each other again.

But, I’ll never forget him.

How could a complete stranger who didn’t even know me do something like that for me? His random act of kindness means so much to me and speaks VOLUMES about his character. A genuinely good human who isn’t asking for anything in return. A kind human who just wants to help. That’s who I want to be everyday.

Ahh…this is what we need more of in the world. THANK YOU STRANGER, not only for the smoothie, but for inspiring me to be more giving. I will not let your kindness go to waste. The ripple will continue to spread.

Thank you.

  • Harsimratgill

    Cassey…U r an inspiration Urself…can’t express in words what ur videos have done for my mental n physical health..especially mental.
    Love n respect

  • Ni Ni

    I got emotional reading this. So grateful we still have such kind of people exist in this world! <3

  • I love this story! That man knows there is great joy in giving.

  • Radhzell

    I must say that I would do the same as him

  • Ashlie Garcia

    I work at a boba shop that’s debit/credit card only. If you’re in the SGV area, then you know which one I’m talking about lol. Anyways, I’ve been seeing similar acts of kindness. A customer may not have their card, and we wouldn’t be able to make their drinks. However, another customer steps in and offers to pay their drink. Every time someone offers, it’s really heartwarming.

  • Kavita

    This is so beautiful. Nice to hear that you experienced some kindness in my country. Didn’t have the chance to come to your class at Fitness Fest Cassey but totally stoked you were here.

  • sara-beth rickards

    this is lovely!! what a wonderful human being.

  • Jamie

    <3 Thank you for this beautiful story!

  • Courtney Louisy

    That was a beautiful little moment you had with the random stranger. If good people are willing to love one another, then people with bad intentions will never win! Thanks for sharing!

  • Chelley Blakeborough

    What a great story!!! 💜💜 So true, we can all be that act of kindness everyday!

  • Shakeelah

    Wowww!!! This story has inspired me tooo :)

  • Rachael

    That’s just lovely! I had something similar happen to me while I was Christmas shopping. I had my very difficult 2yr old son with me and he was letting me know I was taking far too long, but when I went to pay.. their system didn’t accept my card and I didn’t have anything else with me. So as I start taking my bags out of the cart to return them, the woman behind me says “I’ll pay for it” and since it wasn’t a cheap bill, I was adamantly saying no. She ignored me and swiped her card, and I stood there stunned and just said “I don’t even know what to say or how to react right now… thank you so much” she just said it was her pleasure and I gave her a hug, thanked her a few 100 times and then took my crabby toddler home. It definitely opens your eyes and makes you slow down for a moment and think, I’m so happy that happened for you too! It brings things back into focus, how we should treat each other, we are all here together and should spread the love more often!

    • blogilates

      Oh wow…that is just amazing!!!

  • I would have gotten his email and kept in cintact with him! This is honestly so beautiful. :)

  • Tina

    That’s great. Thank you Cassey for sharing :)

  • This is what I call “helpful readiness.” Being ready, willing and able to help makes magic happen. Thank you for sharing.

  • Chi Yan

    Whee! As a fellow Singaporean I feel so proud, because more than often we are known to be cold and sometimes even rude amongst foreigners (our unhappiness index ranking is pretty high…). Thank you so much Cassey for coming to Singapore, despite the sweltering heat these few days and hope you enjoyed your stay here. ☺️ It is SUCH A PITY I didn’t get to attend FitnessFest and I didn’t get to see you 😭😭 The tickets were a lil bit too pricey and none of my friends could join me, so I had to give it a miss. I missed out last year’s KiwiFest as well 😢 I really hope you can visit Singapore again! Can you pinky promise me? 😌💛

    • I hope she comes to canada someday!

      • Meredith

        Cassey, please come to Canada somday!!

    • blogilates

      Aww hopefully I get to see you another time!

      • Karinne

        Can you come to Portland and schedule a family and/or children session on a Saturday? That would be amazing and there is SO MUCH cool stuff here! If you come though, you HAVE to visit Salt and Straw! It’s probably the best ice cream place ever! My two favorite flavors are blue cheese and pear and strawberry and balsamic with black pepper. I wish you the best of luck for a short line. A typical Salt and Straw line is about an hour and a half. We still had a line lined up around the block when it was snowing! There is also Blue Star Donut and Tea Chai Te and Escape from New York and, yeah, we have A LOT of amazing food places! Please do come! That would be so amazing!

        • PopsterIrena

          Yes, Karinne! I live in the Portland metro area and I would love this!

      • Chi Yan

        I hope so too! Fingers crossed 😁

  • Mary

    Thanks for writing about your side of the story, it’s so awesome. I paid for someone last week at the university canteen. An employee forgot her purse and couldn’t pay, much to her embarrassment. I was behind her in the queue and after she left with an ‘i owe you’ note from the cashier, I covered her bill. I don’t know her name, just that she’s the one who gets the post across campus and l love it so much when I find my parcels on my desk, thanks to her. It’s like Xmas :)

    • blogilates

      Aww. Thank you for doing what you do.

  • atkh j.

    Shows that there is still kindness amongst society!!!! Thanks for coming to Singapore, Cassey and gang!!!❤☺

  • Sarah

    Beautiful in both prose and actuality. Thank you for sharing ❤️

  • Al Robin

    Last week at night I was very stressed. So as I was going back home from college, and as I was leaving with everything in me feeling exhausted, a security standing by smiled, said “good-night”, went back to his work.
    Literally, just like pop! – stress was gone away.
    Whatever good thing you have to say or do; don’t think twice.

    • blogilates

      All the little things really do matter!

  • Sophia R

    I really needed to hear this today, thank you for sharing this beautiful little story!

  • Catalina Alvarez

    Oh my! This is so beautiful! <3 Thank you so much for sharing this! And these are so inspiring words : "I will not let your kindness go to waste. The ripple will continue to spread." …. <3

  • I appreciate little posts like these where it restores my faith in humanity and the goodness of the universe.its like a little pocket of happiness in my day to read stories like this Casey!

    • blogilates

      I’m glad you enjoyed this!

  • Kathyz09

    Thanks for sharing that cute story. I agree – the world needs more people like him <3
    Sometimes a small gesture can make a difference and if it is just a smile.

    • blogilates

      yes even a smile :)

      • Karinne

        That’s so amazing and so true! Sometimes though, when I try to be nice, I feel like I’m being taken advantage of. At one point, I gave someone a piece of paper for their notes and now I’m practically the paper girl. 4 people asked me for paper in one period! I also find it really annoying and saddening when people borrow things from me or other people, like money, and they promise to return it but they don’t. It shows that their word means nothing and their promises aren’t kept and it’s really upsetting to see a person in a friend group just to be a “supplier” or “entertainer”.

        • Kathyz09

          I know that feeling…and I hate it.
          Back in school I was the paper and the handkerchief girl. And that went on like this throughout several school years.
          I really feel with you. In the end we need to learn to say no for once.

  • Itza Balcazar

    It’s amazing how something so small can make such a difference

  • This morning, my house hold has been full of petty negativity. This was such a nice break from all of the complaining and whining! ☺’

    Such a beautiful story, Cassey! Even if you don’t ever get to meet him again, I’m sure good karma will be paying him a visit to say “hello” for you. ;D

    Great read!

    • blogilates

      yes, I do hope so!

  • Belinda

    Thank you so much for sharing this experience. We need so much more love in this world <3