Do you have a strong woman in your life? GIVEAWAY TIME!

Hey guys!

Mother’s Day is coming up and I’m trying to be a good daughter by planning a lil trip for my fam this weekend! Actually, Jackelyn pushed me to stop working on the weekends and she’s helping me get everyone together. I got us a cool AirBnB on the beach!

My mom loves the ocean and sunsets so I think she’ll enjoy it. She works so hard taking care of the family, so I really wanted to surprise her with something special.

Do you guys think I should vlog it? Maybe take some photoshoot pics? Either way, it should be a good mini vacay with the fam. I hope we don’t end up just yelling at each other the whole entire time….I’m going to try to instill the relaxation vibes as soon as we get there! :D

Mother’s Day.

Obviously a day to honor all the mama’s in the land, but also a day to send love to ALL the strong women in our lives too. One of my good friends from high school just gave birth to her first baby boy today! It is SO CRAZY what women can do. WE MAKE HUMANS.


I’m making an effort to spend more time with my girl friends this year because they make me happy. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful, positive, smart and talented ladies like these…

Last night when I was at UC Riverside teaching a POP Pilates Class and doing a Q&A, one of the questions asked was “How does it feel to be a part of the Girl Love Squad?” Hahaha – I didn’t even know our friend group aka “squad” had a title. But I guess it does now and I’m ok sticking to it!

The squad consists of Rosanna Pansino, Lilly Singh, Justine Ezarik, Lindsey Stirling, and me! We naturally formed a bond when we all went to dinner together and started connecting over discussions regarding business, YouTube, boyfriends, managers, and being our own girl boss etc. I love that we all have different talents and bring something unique to the table in a humble and grateful way. So to answer that POPster’s question on how I feel about being part of the Girl Love Squad…I honestly feel…included.

I know that is a weird thing to say but I’ve never been “popular” and I always have felt left out when it came to social activities. But now, I feel like I have friends who get me, accept me, and respect me. It’s a really nice feeling :)

But also!! I feel like I am a real life Sailor Scout out to fight evil and promote happiness!

Hmm, actually I think these Disney princesses are much more accurate. 

BTW…I am working on a new Disney Princess sketch for you guys that focuses on DIETS. I think you will love it! Hopefully it’ll come out by the end of the month if we get everything together!

I really hope you guys are CHOOSING to surround yourself with inspirational friends who encourage you to be better versions of yourself everyday. Get rid of that negative, competitive attitude that many women have towards each other. Choose to LIFT each other up and help each other GROW, instead of tearing each other down. Learn from each other. Be kind to each other.

On this planet, we all have this one life to live. So choose to make it the best, most positive experience. It starts with people. And it ends with love. We all want to be loved, so choose to give love to someone else. It’s the best gift anyone can give.

Now…in honor of Mother’s Day, I’m giving you a chance to win this POPFLEX x PIIT28 prize pack for you AND another strong woman in your life! That means I’m giving away 2 of these prize packs!

POPFLEX x PIIT28 Prize Pack:

The Rules:

  • Comment below and tell me who you’d give the Prize Pack to and why she deserves it.
  • Begins today and ends 10am PST on Mother’s Day, May 14th, 2017.
  • Winner will be announced on this blog post on Mother’s Day!
  • Open to all POPsters internationally.
  • 1 comment = 1 entry. Enter as many times as you would like.

Now go shower the LOVE in the comments. Share the gift of health, fitness, and fashion (c’mon don’t we all love clothes!!??) with another strong woman in your life. I cannot wait to read all of your submissions! Good luck!

EDIT May 14, 2017: The winner has been chosen! Congrats to Shreya and Cathy! You two are the winners of the POPFLEX x PIIT28 Prize Pack! 

  • CCT

    Hi there! I just joined this group & am really liking it. I know I am late for the free Mother’s Day giveaway, but my best friend is the strongest woman in my life. I used to think that you only had one best friend at a time but as the older I get (50+ yrs) the more I find you can have more than one at a time. To make a long story short, one of my best friends passed from cancer in 2013, my mom passed the next day, my dad unexpectedly 8 1/2 mo. later. My other best friend has been my rock through it all. It took a long time to get mentally back to where I had been. I believe I am there now & ready to get my physical self back on track. My question is if you have any of these left to give away, I would be ever so grateful! In the 80’s (gasp!) I used to teach the latest & greatest in aerobics! (tights and all!) Lol. Even kept up with staying physical through 2 kids & being with my best friend thru all her treatments.

    The last few yrs have been rough & it’s time to get back on track! I’ve seen your videos online, I love them & think that your program would be just the positive boost needed! I hope you have one (or 2, one for my best friend) programs available to send us!

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I appreciate that. Your videos are so positive & inspiring, I’m glad I found you!

  • I like you my mom. Whenever we’re together, you’re full of joy and enthusiasm which makes being with you so enjoyable. Even when I’m grumpy, you find a way to make me feel good as you make me feel love and appreciated. You’re always full of love for the people you come in contact with, and you deeply care about them. Everyone who knows you is lucky the have such a caring woman in their life.

  • Jamie

    I’d like to nominate my mom to win the prize pack. She’s been my rock forever and after loosing my dad two years ago, she put herself & health on the back burner. Growing up she was always a health nut & made time for exercise. I could usually find her walking around our neighborhood (which was 1.2 miles around) or doing Jazzercise or even popping in a video of Denise Austin. She still walks a lot but within the last two years has stopped caring so much about her diet. I know it’s depression mixed in but I’d like to support her in any way possible.

  • Carmen Linda Cruz

    Who won???

  • Jemmi landing

    I’d give the prize pack to my best friend Payton, because she’s been with me always. When I cut she was the only one who listened to me and thought I wasn’t crazy. I have anxiety which makes it hard for me to make friends, but she always includes me in her friend group and never leaves my side in social situations. Honestly, she just does everything she can to make my life as normal as possible, even if it’ll never truly be.

  • Eunice

    A strong woman in my life is my little sister. Although she has a weak shoulder due to a tear and weak ankles (from spraining it multiple times), she still wills herself to participate in competitive swimming. She never gives up and she is one of the strongest people I know. She also pushes me to train with her and eat healthy as well. I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and encouraging workout buddy :) we also love doing blogilates workouts together and laughing while we fail miserably at some moves, so thanks Cassey for making your videos fun and enjoyable!

  • pauinha6

    Congratulations to Shreya and Cathy!!!!

  • Faith Ng

    Ever heard of a job that makes you work 24/7, having almost no sleep and almost no breaks? Furthermore, this job does not pay you, you get absolutely $0 for doing this tedious job. Think its impossible? What if I told u there are people working in this job? They are Moms. My mom works non stop, singlehandedly supporting our famly and damn she is strong. How I admire her. One day shes at the beach answering calls from her office on the other side of the country, and the next she is picking up dust and dirty clothings left behind by us. I love her and she will love this present even more. After all those pickings, she needs that stretchy break.

  • Jenna Rose

    I would share this awesome prize with a true gem of a friend and human being: Melissa Macaulay. Currently she’s hiking all over Utah and exploring the west coast and following her dreams with her new and loving and devoted husband, Matt. She not only hikes for hours among the most breathtaking cliffs and landscapes in Utah, but continues her healthy eating and Pilates workouts when she can. So many people in this world make all the excuses in the book not to work out or eat well, meanwhile this lovely lady is doing it all, while experiencing it all, living in a cool RV and did I mention their dog tags along with them?! Cassey- I introduced Melissa to you, your videos and infectious healthy lifestyle and she has blown me away with her dedication. She deserves this package more than anyone because she’s a terrific example of finding balance in life , of strength and beauty.


  • Defne

    Hi Cassey
    Yes I have a strong woman in my life my mom!! She teaches you everything! Even if she had a problem ıf you are going to be happy she keeps it inside. She feels every pain for you. She worries about you. She understands you. And many things like this but you nedd to live it and feel it I cant explain it with words. So she deserves the BEST. She deserves everything good nothing bad. If I win the clothes I’ll give it to my mom. And If I win the piit pack I’ll give it to my mom too. But I actually want the 100$ clothes shop prize because my mom always suffers from her sport clothes ahaha😂

  • Jenai

    If I were lucky enough to win I would give the other prize to my sister. She was the person who first showed me your channel about 6 months ago and I was hooked. She is always encouraging and supporting those around her and works her butt off at whatever she does.

  • Candice Cordero

    We’re the winners announced????

    • Catharina Pina

      Yes, at the bottom of the blog post there is an edit with the winners names :)

  • Vettie Vettie

    I would give it to one of my best friends Olivia P, she is the hardest working little bee I’ve ever met. She is always radiating positivity and making everyone around her shine with joy. She works out extremely hard and eats so so well, I am so proud of her! She is just my #1 inspiration, always inspiring me to work harder and do better. Not to mention she is the sweetest, kindest being I’ve ever met!!!! Love you my MM xxx

  • Joanna

    Under the newest video (for arms) on youtube there is a comment from Blogilates that promotes some kind of code generator. Cassie are you really promoting things like this? I hope not coz its nothing else that stealing money! I hope that its a joke or somebody broke into your account to write this!
    Btw new video is great! 😊😊😊😊


    I would like to share this prize pack with my housemate too. She struggles to lose weight and has confidence issues. Through PIIT I wish that she would not only gain health but also confidence in herself :) pretty workout outfits would be a plus for workouts too ;)


    I had a good uni friend who was the kindest and most helpful lady I met at uni. Due to some health issues, she wasnt able to graduate with me so I hope I can share this prize pack with her, get healthier together and save her money to workout at home instead ♡


    I have another good friend I don’t see often but I miss the time when I went to her apartment and did workout together. I wish to share these prizes with her so I have “excuses” to drag her doing blogilates with me again ♡


    Another lady in my life would be my teenage sister. We don’t live together for years since I’m oversea. But when I go home, she would workout with me although she may not have the strength to perform some moves yet. I appreciate having her workout with me and would like to share this prize with her as a remembrance of our fun workout time together ♡ so she could grow up strong and healthy too ♡


    I would love to share this with a good friend of mine, An. She just started her workout journey after I shared her a workout video. She has been continuing exercising for 2 weeks which is an achievement in her life. I wish this set of prize could even encourage her to keep going and not giving up :)

  • Lizzie

    I would give this pack to one of my best friends. We’ve known each other since we were nine, and she’s struggled with body-image and her weight all the time I’ve known her. I think she’s beautiful, but it upsets me that she’s upset by it – but I don’t think the crash diets are a good idea or very healthy. This is a much more sustainable programme, and as she doesn’t like running I think she’d really enjoy the exercises. I want her to know she’s strong, incredible and can do anything – I want to give her something that will help her see herself the way I see her.

  • Pri

    Just wanted to win for once! For my mom! *sad*

    • Linda

      I feel you girl, i feel you😥😫

  • Megan Hartwig

    My Mom has been the most amazing role model to me; you have never steered me in the wrong direction, you allowed me to make my own mistakes without so much as an “I told you so.” You afforded me the space to grow and learn for myself without ever being so far away that you weren’t able to help when I needed you. You are my mom, my mentor, my strength, my number one fan and, most of all, my best friend. You have always been a constant force in an ever-changing life.
    No matter the trials you were faced with in your own life, you always found the means to ensure my needs were met. To this day I cannot begin to imagine how you did it. Despite all your heartaches, worries and troubles, you never lost your kind nature, you never surrendered your tenderness or sacrificed your values. When my heart aches, you know exactly what to say to pick me up and bring me back to myself. Whenever I have felt like our world is caving in, and that I am falling apart, it is your strength and love that have kept me going.
    I will always cherish the morning teatimes we spend together; the time we are able to relax into one another, to chat and catch up on all the goings on in our lives. I know that through your love, wisdom and friendship you have given me the ability to love unconditionally, to cherish every living creature and to treat them with the utmost respect and kindness. If I am able to grow to be half the woman that I see in you, I will consider my life a success.
    I can say, with certainty, that without you by my side, I would not be the woman I am today. Everything I have achieved, I owe to you. You are my pillar of strength and my most trusted friend.

  • Jagjiven Kaur

    I’ll give it to my beautiful best friend. She’s been such a beautiful and strong women. Constantly lifting me up andbeing there for ne when I need it. She’s indeed a strong women! I love her! And I love you Cassey! 😘😘

  • Yvonne Sanchez

    The strongest woman I know is my daughter. She learned how to be strong from me. She was in a toxic relationship which produced my beautiful granddaughter, who is also forming into a wonderfully strong young lady. They both make me so proud. She is an great role model for my granddaughter. She tries to look at situations from different viewpoints, but in the end she says what does your instinct (heart) tell you. She has such a positive attitude towards life. The one thing I taught my children was that you never want to have to say “I coulda, woulda, shoulda” They now say this, passing onto my granddaughter. She knows that family comes first. They are very proud of me, teaching at such a late age. I will be 60 years old next month and teaching POP Pilates. I am teaching my children that anything is possible, the only person holding you back is yourself.

  • Nadja Baden

    Hi Cassey! I would 100% give this prize pack to my amazing Mother!! I totally agree that we need to surround ourselves with supportive and inspiring people and my Mum is the most positive person I know. She encourages everything that I do and is definitely one of the strongest women in my life! My Mum works A LOT and when she isn’t working she is looking after me and my three siblings, so this prize pack would allow her to take some time out of every day to do something she enjoys. I feel like I can’t give back to her nearly as much as she gives to me, so this prize pack would be an amazing way to show her gratitude!

  • Elena

    The second person I would nominate is my little sister, who’s the one who first introduced me to Blogilates! I was going through a period of very severe depression a few years ago after things in my life reached breaking point, had gained about 20 pounds and was just feeling really low about myself and my situation. My sister was also wanting to get fit, found your Beginners’ Calendar online and suggested we do it together as a way to ease ourselves into Pilates (as both of us are REALLY unsporty haha). What followed was a lot of laughter, groaning when the moves got harder (as they always did) and urging each other to just get through a few more reps! I normally really hate sports and struggle to commit to a fitness routine, but with her by my side to power me on, the two of us conquered that first month! I’ve found that regular workouts really help with my mental health, encouraging me to get up and do something that I can feel I’ve accomplished, regulating my energy levels and mood and helping me sleep. I’d love to give my sister a little something to thank her for setting me on this journey that’s made such a big difference and just always being there for me, as well as to encourage her to keep pushing on even when it hurts! Thanks Cassey :)

  • Denisse Montoya

    Another person who deserves is my best friend. We have our ups and downs. Right now it a down. She is also a huge fan of blogilates. If I gave her this we would go back up in friendship and down in weight. We both would be encouraged to loose weight and look hot doing it.

  • Sameen

    My mom definitely deserves this. She is the most selfless person I’ve ever met. Since before i can remember she’s been fighting for my sister and I. In court, in life, everything. She has never given up on either one of us. Not once. My whole life has been a custody battle of visitation rights and passports-the whole shebang. She would willing to give up anything for us. Anything-the house, the car, she’d move halfway across the world for us if she has to. She does so so much for others but never for herself. She never stops reminding me of how important it is to love my body for what it is and to stop comparing myself to others. Recently she had a surgery, she’s all healed up now and she’s got a clean bill of health, but ever since then she’s been rapidly gaining weight, i feel like this would help her control it and boost her confidence in turn. She has taught me how to love unconditionally and I love her beyond words. IF I won the giveaway, i would give one pack to her and the other to my older sister who’s going away to college in a few months, who really needs that blast of self-love you get from exercise and pampering yourself. They’re both warriors, my strong women, and they’ve been through so much that i think this would be an incredible gift. You have no idea how grateful i am for this chance you’ve given me to show these boss ladies how much they’re appreciated. Thank you so much for this giveaway and happy Mother’s Day!

  • Janice

    I would definitely give this to my mother to show her how much I love her and how much she has been such a big influence in my life especially when it comes to health and fitness. She has always encouraged me to become a better version of myself and reminds me of how important it is to love my body for what it is and to stop comparing myself to others. Without my mum I really don’t know where i would be now. To all the mothers out there, have a blessed mother’s day!

  • Crissie Woolard

    My mom definitely deserves this. She is the most selfless person I have ever met. She does so so much for others but never for herself. She has taught me how to love unconditionally and I love her beyond words. Thanks so much for the giveaway and happy Mother’s Day

  • Janice

    I would be thrilled to be able to give this to my mother as a mother’s day gift :) She is the most amazing woman and I am incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

  • Elisabeth Redman Briant

    My mom is my rock! She and my dad raised me and my siblings (14 of us) and still made time to exercise and eat right!! She is a saint and deserves everything in the world! I whole heartedly believe that my mom would benefit from this! I wish I could give her something this special for everything that she has done for me! She encouraged me and my siblings to “shoot for the moon. And even if you fall short, You’ll land among the stars.” I love my mom for so many, many reasons, but most of all I love her because she never gave up on me! She is my biggest encouragement and my greatest roll model!!

  • Gabby B.

    Cassey I was wondering what day do we find out the winner? Cause wasn’t it over at 10am this morning? Not trying to be mean or impatient, I just sincerely was wondering. Love ya!💕

    • Meher

      she might’ve meant 10pm, not sure

  • Cindy Tan

    Would definitely give it to my best girl friend. Both of us are international students studying in Australia. We studied at once of the most prestigious university in Melbourne, so everything was not easy. We need to study really really hard to pass the exams, especially since we come from a country where the education standards are set lower than Australia. Moreover, English is not our first language, thus it makes the whole thing more thrilling and challenging! For me, everything was great. What I need to go through is typical international student life, but for my best friend, in the middle of her course, her dad’s business got a problem, so her dad cannot fund her anymore. That was a major problem for us, international students. First of all, international students have limited working rights in Australia, only 20 hours maximum per week. Also, it is hard for “foreigners” to get a job as Australia would prioritise the locals (no hard feelings; totally understand). The only jobs left for international students are usually very very underpaid (because locals would not want to get those jobs) and “illegal” as it is not registered, so my best friend got it. As the job is unregistered, she can work more than 20 hours, but of course, highly underpaid. She worked really hard. Once she only slept for 3 hours everyday for a week, because she got work to do and exam on the same time! However, the craziest part about this is that she NEVER complained about it. She didn’t ask for anyone’s pity. She never blame her dad. She never said “I wish this didn’t happen to me”. She just endured it all. And she is happy. H.A.P.P.Y. She managed to give thanks under any circumstances. SHe survived the exams and get mostly HD. How awesome! Bestie, you really are my role model. I am so proud of you <3

  • Cherry

    There are so many ups and downs in my life eapecially when it comes to family and friendship. My (mental) illness literally gives me this love-hate relationship between my family, best friends, and I. But none of them has given up on my circumstances. I have so many strong people in my life because of that but for this giveaway, two people come to my mind — my mother and my best friend. Both of them deserve this Prize Pack for so many reasons. To my mother, who’s currently stressed out because she and my dad sacrificed a semi/luxurious life in tropics to move and give my siblings and I a better future. And then there’s one of my best friends, who’s so patient even how distant I become. She’s turning 21 soon and I would LOVE to give this to her as a present. I’m caught in a dilemma right now!!

  • Cherry

    There are so many ups and downs in my life eapecially when it comes to family and friendship. My (mental) illness literally gives me this love-hate relationship between my family, best friends, and I. But none of them has given up on my circumstances. I have so many strong people in my life because of that but for this giveaway, two people come to my mind — my mother and my best friend. Both of them deserve this Prize Pack for so many reasons. To my mother, who’s currently stressed out because she and my dad sacrificed a semi/luxurious life in tropics to move and give my siblings and I a better future. And then there’s one of my best friends, who’s so patient even how distant I become. She’s turning 21 soon and I would LOVE to give this to her as a present. I’m caught in a dilemma right now :))

  • Jessy María

    My mami ist the strongest woman in my life. She trains so hard and motivates me and my bro to do so as well. Before she was very self conscious and she’ll only go to the gym with a friend, never alone. Now she loves it and she trains whenever she can, alone or whatever; she even made her own crew at the gym. I admire how she tries to train even a little every day because her schedule is very complicated and she must travel a lot.I think PIIT28 will help her and me spend more time together and achieve our goals.

  • Jessy María

    My mami deserves this Prize Pack because she is always training hard and motivating me and my brother to do so as well. Even though her schedule is super complicated because she has to travel almost once a week, she finds time to do her workout and when she does it she feel like the happiest woman in the world. I love how she tells me about how she challenges herself doing heavier lifts or just mastering a move she thought she’ll never be able to do.
    I think PIIT28 will help her and me spend more time together and achieve our goals.

  • Katherine S

    The most powerful and inspirational female figure in my life is my mother. Yes, this is a generic answer, but that does not strip any truth from it. As a single parent she raised my sister and I to be strong, as well as to never waste a moment being rude or angry. Without laying a hand on me she disciplined and taught to always consider the perspective of others. She is both my role model and my best friend, and that is why there is no one else I would rather share this prize and continue my fitness journey with. Thank you Cassey for your great generosity, You are yet another important female figure and my life and have helped me through so much, even if you are unaware of it. Good luck to everyone!

  • ambra shiroka

    if i had a srong women in my life she would definitely be my mum.She is the one that suports me ,the one that protected and by that i dont only mean in advising ,but being the shield of mine many cases when i was little . For me and my sister she has gone through circumstances than a normal woman would never allow but she did it .I dont know if any of you can understand it ,i can now, that a real woman can barre anything to maintain her family.Thats my mum .The one and only hero of mine .The only person that knows and suport my dreams 🙏🏻🙌❤️

  • Meher

    (Entry #2)

    Hi (again) Cassey!

    I previously discussed why I would share the pack with my mother, but I now want to talk about my beautiful best friend Suhani. I’ve known her since the third grade (we’re both now in 7th grade), and she’s one of the strongest and most supportive people I know. She’s always there for me, and so easy to talk to. She’s been through her fair share of hard things (I don’t know if she’s comfortable sharing, so I won’t go into details), and she’s stayed strong through all of it. We’re both very involved with fitness and we love working out. It’d be so fun to go on the PIIT28 and 28 day reset journey with her, as we have done with every other journey in our life. I’d like to once again restate, in case you haven’t read my previous entry, that you (Cassey) are also an incredibly strong woman in my life. You inspire me to be active everyday and stay confident no matter what! Your positive vibes make my day and I can’t imagine working out with out you. Love you!

    – Meher

  • Meher

    Hi Cassey!
    I’d give the prize pack to my mom because she is definitely a strong woman in my life. I’m too young (13 years old) to have been through anything incredibly difficult in my life, but even through the small things my mom has been there for me. She is the most emotionally strong and spiritual person I know, taking every challenge in life head on. She never gets discouraged no matter what. There was a time a few months ago when neither of my parents had jobs, and it was very stressful, but she was still able to push all of us through and she’s very happy at her new job. My mom and I are both incredibly busy and I LOVE the fact that your program requires such little time to be taken out of our day to workout. The transformations of some other popsters are incredibly inspiring and I would love to have an oppurtunity to try out your program (with my mom of course)!! I’d just like to tell you that you are an incredible and strong woman in my life as well, always pushing me to the limits. I love how much you care about all of your followers and I especially love the positive energy you spread. Keep doing what you’re doing Cassey, you are changing lives!

    -Meher (Cupertino, California)

  • alexia

    Hi Cassey! I would love to win this contest – the May calendar has really made me love the PIIT style workouts! If I won this I would share it with my Mom. She is the strongest person I know and 5 kids later she is still kicking. This would only make her stronger by helping her reach her goal of eating better and getting back in her pre mommy shape!