Stop holding yourself back, get POP Pilates certified!

Hey guys!

Did you know that POP Pilates classes are in crazy high-demand right now? In Hawaii, classes are averaging about 80-100 students a class! It’s wild sauce! That’s more than when I used to get when I taught a weekly class! Haha.

I think the reason why the format is connecting with so many people is because it doesn’t FEEL like a work out. It doesn’t feel like a chore that you have to drag your butt to do. It’s fun to take and it’s fun to teach. This strong community is what’s keeping POP Pilates so special. The sisterhood is UNBREAKABLE. The people who teach are kind, enthusiastic, inspirational, and overall – just great humans.

So to my current instructors, thank you for making POP what is is today. And to those of you poking your head into the POP door…let me invite you inside. Don’t be afraid. If there’s a burning fire inside you telling you to get certified but you’re ignoring it because you’re scared…let’s chat.

I’m not kidding when I say that this is the best job ever. Want a career that pays, gives you a free gym membership, and is meaningful? This is it. Teaching fitness truly changes people’s lives. Don’t think you fit in? Right now we have seasoned instructors who have been teaching for many years, but we also have new, younger instructors who are actually POPsters turned POP Instructors! I think you can find a place in that range. And guess what? You’re going to grow, no matter where you start! You have a network of people who can act as mentors to help you reach your potential.

Oh yah and our kick butt Master Trainer team will make SURE you’re ready to teach after a training!

Still not convinced? OK. Let’s go through those thoughts running around in your head.

#1. You feel like you’re not “fit” enough.

But what is “fit” really? Do you think you don’t “look” like a fitness instructor? Well, fitness instructors, especially POP instructors DO NOT need to look a certain way. We do not and will never judge your appearance. What matters is that you are able to move safe and effectively with good form – and we teach you that in training! As an instructor, you also do not have to be moving and “performing” the entire time. You get up and walk around to check on your students’ form and alignment. So, you get breaks to talk and coach without moving at the same time. Let that fear of being “fit” enough GO! You are enough. What matters is the magic and passion you hold.

#2. You’re worried about landing a job.

POP is in HIGH demand right now! Classes are booming and gyms want POP on their class schedule ASAP! So you are in good hands. We also have a “Job Opportunity” section in our online portal when you get certified. We keep you updated when specific gyms are looking for instructors. If you live in an area where there are no chain gyms such as 24 Hour Fitness or Life Time Fitness, DO NOT WORRY! We have many successful instructors on our team who do not even live in the U.S. They are internationally based and have been able to find gyms, studios and clubs to teach POP at! You can teach anywhere – there are no limitations. You get to bring this format to people who don’t even know what it is and then they fall in love with it. It’s literally the best feeling ever.

BONUS: We have special marketing materials for you to use when advertising your classes!

#3. You’re scared about the training process. 

If you take a live training, it is an 8 hour workshop of learning, team building and A LOT of moving. We teach you the POP format, the exercises, how to move with the beat of the music and so much more. Most importantly, you leave feeling on top of the world! You will gain true friendships in POP trainings. It’s a magical experience.

During training you may receive Conditional Approval to teach, which means you can take that confirmation to gyms and start teaching right away, but you also have 60 days to submit a 30-minute video of you teaching POP. This video does NOT have to be formal – it can be in your living room :) We just need to see that you know the POP format (which you learn in training and it’s in your POP manual), that you can move safe and effectively and that you can coach. All of these things are taught in training and then you have 60 days to study and master it! The video does not have to be perfect. Just like real, live classes – things happen. You may forget the choreo – and that’s okay! As long as you jump back in and carry on like nothing happened you are fine! We are very realistic and give you constructive feedback on your evaluation.

Oh yes. And you earn THIS bracelet at the end of the training. This is something that cannot be bought. Only earned. So if you see someone wearing it, he or she is a part of the #POPArmy.

#4. You feel like you’re too shy to teach in front of a crowd.

Well, my friends, THIS is the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone! Of course your first few classes may be intimidating. Getting up in front of a group of people who are expecting you to give them an awesome class can be scary! What if you forget the moves, your cues, etc!? Don’t worry! Once the music starts, you will remember everything and if you make a mistake, it’s all good! It happens to all of us – even instructors who have been teaching for YEARS! Remember, you are the leader, the expert in the format. Act confident, stand tall and OWN your class. After a few classes you won’t even know what shy is!

#5. You think more experienced Pilates students will come to your class and judge you.

First off, you need to remember and KNOW that POP Pilates is NOT classical Pilates. I was trained in classical Pilates but I teach in a very unique and non-traditional way! POP is a choreographed Pilates class to pop music – which has never been seen before. In fact, many of the moves you probably haven’t seen before either! I invent them as I am choreographing. In the training, we give you the format and moves to follow. You don’t have to go worrying about matching moves to music. That’s all planned for you! Bottom line? You can’t let someone who is an expert in another format make you feel unknowledgeable about your format. It’s different!

The best advice I can give you is to follow your heart and your passion. If getting POP certified has been on your mind for a while, then it means you should do it. The POP team is here to help you along the way. We set you up for success. The Master Trainer team will prepare you 100%. I’ve hand selected the people who I know can represent my brand well and who know their stuff. Trust me. You are in great hands.

Above are some upcoming trainings. You can see the entire list here. And remember, even if you’re outside the US, you can still get trained too! You’re eligible for PPOW – the POP Pilates Online Workshop.

If you have any more questions that I didn’t address, comment below. I’ll answer them for ya!

  • Kayleigh

    I have wanted to become POP certified forever but no classes near where I live. Wish we could take the online class so many people can realize the dream of becoming a pop instructor

  • BenandBreana Johnson

    I really want to get certified to teach POP classes! I live in the Caribbean right now but I’m moving back to Phoenix soon. Our flight home is on April 24, the day after the Phoenix class (go figure). I would rather take a live training than the overseas training, if I can. When will the next set of classes be?

  • Decima

    Come back to Austin soon, please! Pop is so huge here and I really want to join the fun :)

  • I’ve been considering this since I found you a couple years ago. I know quite a few people who would love to come to POP classes where I live in Australia, but that’s my question I suppose – can people in other parts of the world get certified?

    • Miranda Seymour

      YES! There’s an online international program.

  • Kanishka Rambukwella

    Hi Cassey I love your work outs I wish I could go to one of your POPtastical classes BUT I live AAAAALL the way in Sri Lanka (teeny tiny island). Why don’t you expand your business interest ;) maybe to this side of the world?.
    Then we can all get a piece of you and your vibes which I might add is much needed in this side of the world. There is a high demand for fitness but no one here tell you that your body is good just the way it is but to make it stronger to feel good. So it all kind of flairs out. Everyone is trying to achieve that media imposed body and looks which is insane and is such a common and a sad state of mind here. Wish there were people like you here to change that.

    Saying that I have just been doing your videos PROPERLY (I pick and chose ) but my gash there is a difference. “I FEEL IT ” :D (especially my arms, belly pooch and posture Im really proud of that
    I have a ton of energy and my stamina has improved drastically.
    Lots of love <3
    May you be blessed with strength and courage to spread the love for a lot of years to come.

  • Veronica

    Hi Cassey! Thank you so much for this post, it answered a lot of my questions. I’m still a little unsure on one point though – will this certification certify me to teach in a gym without any prior group fitness certification? Is POP Pilates an all-inclusive certification or a specialty? I’d love to know, thanks!

    • bextannya

      I saw the answer to your question somewhere in the FAQs :)

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  • Anna

    Hi Cassey! I live just outside of Pittsburgh, and there are no training sessions near me unless I want to drive for many many hours. Can we do the online program if there are no training sessions near us? Unless you would want to have one in Pittsburgh… that would be awesome!

    • Katie Davis

      I’m in the same boat, the nearest one is over 4 hours away ?

  • Chi Yan

    I am definitely DEFINITELY going to get POP Pilates certified one day!! ((-: just that it’s not the best time for me now with college and all, probably 4 years later after I graduate, and also after I’ve reached my personal fitness goals ^^

  • Shelby

    Hi Cassey,
    I am interested in becoming certified but there are never trainings in my area. I live in west Michigan, around the Grand Rapids area and the only training that’s been here was in Detroit. I can’t drive three hours away. Is there any way that you could do one in west Michigan or can I do the online international training? I am very interested in becoming certified!

  • Althea

    Becoming a POP instructor would be a dream come true! But I have those concerns of not being fit enough, and fit in this context I mean strong enough. I’ve been doing blogilates videos for almost a year now but still feel like I have a weak core. Thoughts like, how can I ever be an instructor if I can’t do.. say proper double leg lifts, I can only go like 45 degrees, and my hip flexors get sore after a while. Things and thoughts like these are whats holding me back.
    Any advice would be much appreciated <3

    • Hi Althea! I attend a local Pilates class with an instructor that also has weak muscles (due to chronic back pain, actually). I think it’s actually a great way to demonstrate modifications to your students! He’s always saying things like, “If you want a challenge, take both your legs straight, and go all the way down as close to the floor as you can! If that’s a little rough, you can bend your legs or only go to 45 degrees like I am. Listen to your body and take what feels good for you.” I actually find that I love instructors who show these modifications because I can easily connect with them – they feel like “real people” instead of the super toned Jillian Michaels of the world. And that really makes the workout more fun! Don’t let that fear keep you from pursuing your dream!

  • Allie

    I’m going to the Ohio training on April 30th, and I’m so excited! Can’t wait to be a part of the Pop Army!

  • ervie

    Hi Cassey!!!please please please make a live training workshop in Malaysia!!

  • MarkandSarah McConkie

    This post makes me happy! Back when you first announced that it was possible to get certified in POP I immediately thought (1) that would be awesome and then (2) but I could never do it. Well, here I am as a mom of 3 who still doesn’t look like I used to think a fitness instructor should, and I’m pretty nervous about teaching in front of a whole room of people, but I’m doing it anyway! I can’t wait for my workshop next month and to be able to bring some much-needed POP love and good vibes to my home state of Utah. :D

  • Ariana Garbers

    I am not 18 yet so I can’t, but I talked to my parents and that will be my 18th birthday present! I cannot wait! It will be a great way to earn money and get my workout in in college!

  • Rawan Krayem

    So you know how you said its okay to get certified as pop Pilates instructor even if you are not fit? So does that mean being an instructor can help you get more fit and feel good physically?

  • Johanna Clare

    Hi Cassey!
    I see you’re coming to DC to do a training soon – are you leading any regular POP Pilates classes, or just doing the trainings? It’s such a rare treat when you’re on the east coast, and I was out of town the last time you were in DC, I’d love to attend one!!

  • I am a little bit saddened to hear that you’ve hit Singapore and the UK when you live in the US and us Canadians who are much closer really want you to visit US! Please do sometime soon! You have so man fans here, Cassey! And we’re much closer!

  • Mallory

    Hi Cassey!

    I am super interested on getting certified as well. I looked to see what the classes would be like, and there is nobody in my state that does POP Pilates (I know, I was like…what??). I have run into a few questions that I would like the fly past you:

    I have only been doing your daily videos for a little over 2 weeks (so totally hooked by the way), and I feel myself getting stronger everyday. However, sometimes I struggle to finish all 5 of the videos. Is there a time frame that you recommend before starting to become certified?

    Do you recommend going to a POP Pilates class before getting certified?

    Do you recommend any extra videos to help?

    I really struggle with money, and the closest place for me to do a workshop would be Chicago. And it looks like I missed that one. Do you visit the same places around every year?

    Any other information would be super helpful!


    • Stephanie Schultz

      Hey Mallory!

      The Blogilates YouTube videos are not the exact same as a live POP class – don’t worry about not being able to finish them all right now. As an instructor, you are COACHING not doing it the entire time. You can get up and walk around to check on your students.

      It would be cool if you could do a class before getting certified but it’s not required. Once you register you get access to an online portal that has a whole POP class!

      We do go to the same places throughout the year – if one doesn’t show up you can email [email protected] and we can try to get you into the online program :)


      • Mallory

        Thanks Steph! This is super helpful! So what is the difference between the videos and the POP class?

  • Ximena

    Hi Cassey I would love to certificate as a POP instructor, since working out with you every weekend has helped me feel better with myself for compromising and surviving your amazing workouts, with my body, my mental and fisical health, and I would love to share this with more people, and work in something as amazing as being a certificated POP instructor, but I am from México, Morelia Michoacán to be precise, and don’t know how or what can I do, neither where can I get certificated

    • Stephanie Schultz

      Hey Zimena! You can do the online international program! Check it out here at

    • Deana Alvarez

      Oh my gosh, hi! I live in Michoacán too, near Uruapan. There isn’t any POP pilates here either, I’m still in between if I should get certificated, I would love to but I live far away from any gym..

      A MESSAGE TO CASSEY: have you considered doing POP pilates videos in spanish? I have friends who live far and I would love for them to workout with these beautiful videos you make, saddly, they don’t understand english.. I feel it would really make the POP family grow through the distance and language barriers.

      Keep up the good work!

  • Veliana

    I’m moving to Germany soon and I’m determined to get certified and teach pop there, but I’m so scared of the language and how I’m going to translate the names of the moves since it’s not my first ( not even my second) language… ?

    • Nina

      i’m from Germany and it’s okay to be scared! The german language isn’t the easiest one, but i’m sure you’ll do your best!! If you don’t know some words, thats okay. The most People here can speak english and you can also ask someone how this or that word is spoken correct.
      I wish you a good time in Germany!
      Greetings from Munich :)

    • Agnes

      Hi Veliana, don’t worry! I’ve been living in Berlin for the last 12 years, you will learn the language just fine, just make sure not to lock yourself in a little expat group, just try to use German as often as possible and it will work out just fine! As for fitness classes, there is actually a huge demand for English speaking fitness instructors, either as a personal trainer or at different gyms- just google some fitness clubs in your city and ask around!
      Stay strong!

  • Kristen Hickey

    Thank you so much for this post!! I’ve been needing to read some of these. I’m living abroad from home and really want to get certified but have so many worries! This has made me feel a lot better!

    • Stephanie Schultz

      You can do it!!!!

  • shriya sasank

    Hey Cassey! Could you introduce POP training sessions in Westwood and San Jose? I am a student at UCLA and it’s pretty hard to get to the current training places! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to get trained though! ??