Take the 28 Day Reset Challenge!

Hey guys!

Are you ready to take on a challenge that will SERIOUSLY change your body once and for all while giving you more energy? If you’ve been working out super hard and you’ve had trouble SEEING your results, then we need to talk FOOD. It usually boils down to what you’re eating.

I know, I know. It’s probably what you DIDN’T want to hear! I was in denial too for a long time too – thinking I was eating clean, but apparently, it wasn’t what my body truly needed to thrive.

What you need to know is that The 28 Day Reset is NOT A DIET. It is a way for you to clean out your body and figure out what food intolerances and sensitivities you may have. If you have acne, if you get bloated easily, if you have trouble losing weight – then you need to do this with me. The challenge is only 28 days long and will help you clean out, lean out and increase energy! Many POPsters have lost anywhere from 5-15 lbs in just 1 month of doing this! GUYS IT WORKS. IT WORKED FOR ME!!

The #28DayReset Challenge is FREE for everyone to take on! You don’t even need to buy my nutrition guide to get started. All you need is to download the FREE PDF that I wrote up for you below. It explains everything:


Click to download the PDF

To take on the #28DayReset Challenge, do this:

Omit the following 5 things from your diet for 28 days straight:

  1. Dairy
  2. Gluten
  3. Added Sugar
  4. Processed Food
  5. Alcohol

Commit to working out 6x/week. Choose one plan:

Download the PDF to understand why I am asking you to do this. You will seriously feel SO AMAZING on day 28. Your skin will clear up, your body will be leaner, and you will be so much stronger!

If you feel like you need more support plus access to hundreds of recipes, then it may be a good idea to get The 28 Day Reset nutrition guide. It is a comprehensive e-book that includes detailed meal plans, grocery lists, substitutions, and access to the online portal where you can directly communicate with Erin, the amazing Blogilates Executive Chef and Nutrition Coach. You can choose from getting the regular meal plan or the plant based vegan meal plan!

OK are y’all excited!!??? Comment below and tell me if you’re in!!!! LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!


CAUTION: Before embarking on any diet or weight loss program you should consult your physician or health care professional, especially if you have recently been ill or have special dietary or medical requirements, or if you are pregnant or breast feeding, are a child, or are elderly.

You should not rely on the information in this nutrition guide as an alternative to professional medical advice from your doctor or healthcare provider.

  • Naomi Dupras

    Sounds hard, but the results are sure to be worth it!

  • Leslie

    I wish the nutrition plan and workout plan wasn’t so expensive :(
    Not everybody can afford that :(

  • Shelby

    I probably can’t do this while breastfeeding, can I?

  • laniya epperson

    Hey cassey I just started my 28 diet and today at 9 am I had a fruit salad then at 11 I had chicken salad but I feel bad because it had chicken breast , mayo, and celery, and ritz crackers I’m just concern will this effect me please answer back .Also what are some good healthy dinner ideas that are 28 diet friendly

  • Cara Sherrod

    Hi there!
    I am just about to begin the 28 day reset but was wondering if my husband, who has Type 1 diabetes, would be able to follow the reset with me?

  • Alexis Kyle

    Would I be allowed to drink my 100% grape juice, because I used it for my germaphobia

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  • autumn

    so I really want to try this, in the lists of okay foods like okay proteins, okay vegtables, okay fruits ect, there is no okay carbs list???? are any carbs okay as long as it’s gluten free? in the build a meal section under carbs there is rice quinoa banana apple broccoli listed but is there anything else allowed? like sweet potato or gluten free bread?

  • WreckItRalph

    Hi, Curious if you have done an office related workout series yet? Maybe done in office attire so you can also have the limitations…

  • amane

    Hi cassey im not sure if your going to see this or reply,but i wanted to know if i starded the biginner plan workout will i see any results?plz reply if you can

  • Caroline

    Hi! I was just wondering if you can eat popcorn? I absolutely LOVE popcorn and don’t know if I could live without it lol! Also, is honey okay? Thanks!

  • Rebecca

    Hi! Did anyone buy the 28 Day reset program? If you did, could you tell me if the meal guide tells you how many calories each meal is? Thanks!

  • DD

    DO NOT BUY THE 28 DAY RESET IF YOU ARE ON A BUDGET. I saved up to buy this and haven’t been able to start and finish it to completion because I cannot afford all the ingredients each meal demands. I don’t know what kind of paycheck you need to make or how stocked your kitchen is beforehand to be able to get through one full week following the meal plans. Utterly depressing.

  • Elizabeth Avila

    I am currently on day 10 on my reset and I am standing strong. I am loving it so much and I already see and feel a difference in/on my body. I’ve discovered so many amazing recipes that I hope to continue making even after the 28day reset. I do have a question though. For sweetening I understand that you can use a tiny bit of stevia. But what about raw honey? Would that be acceptable to use as a sweetner?

  • Allie

    I am starting in a few days with a friend but I need more recipes that are reset approved. Any ideas? Thank you so much!