Instagram is the new beauty standard.

Hey guys,

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, but was’t sure how to approach it, and still don’t. So I guess I’ll begin where this all started. I was on Facebook about 5 nights ago, browsing through the news and saw that the top trending thing was Kylie Jenner.

Great, another Kardashian trending AGAIN. Not a day goes by that I don’t see one of the Kardashians in some media outlet…

“Kim Turns Lingerie into Street Wear”

“Kendall Goes Braless…again!”

“Kylie’s Lips are Fall’s Hottest Trend”

I mean, yes, there is no denying that they are beautiful. Beautiful people naturally get more attention because they’re “easy on the eye.” In addition, they are super rich, have a highly watched TV show, are the most famous family in the world (I think) and epitomize EVERYTHING it means to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. It’s INTRIGUING. I admit, even I follow almost all of the sisters and I don’t even know why.

So, I don’t have a problem with any of that! But what I do have a problem with is the fact that Kylie Jenner posted this picture on Instagram and it became the #1 trending thing on Facebook:


A selfie in her underwear??? OKAYYYY. With all the important things happening in the world now – hurricanes, Syrian refugees, ISIS…even the US election…KYLIE IN HER THONG IS THE NUMBER ONE TRENDING THING!!???

Before I get deeper into this and before anyone tries to accuse me of shaming another woman, let it be heard that there is no shaming. This post is meant to be thought provoking. Some of you will find it upsetting and some of you will find it empowering. The choice is yours on how you choose to process and use this information.

So here we go.

People used to get upset over magazine covers showing only thin, beautiful models and celebrities. Then we found out “OMG they photoshop the covers!” Then this whole “body love, body positivity, body acceptance, anti-photoshop” movement started. Traditional media then started showing “thicker” models and more “real women”. The public seemed to be happier. Curvy girls were being more accepted as desired. Then Instagram came along and butts came into style. Not just bubble butts, HUGE, badonkadonk butts. I don’t know who it started with, but some of these girl-next-door “booty girls” are now considered “fitness gurus” and have close to 10 MILLION followers. Fan base? Men. Comments? Too inappropriate to post here.

As booty girls and the Kardashian’s butts just started getting bigger year after year, I started to get more mean comments on my pics saying “Why would I follow your butt workout if you don’t have one?” Well thanks, but I actually DO have a butt. This is my real butt, a strong butt, and the butt my Asian genetics gave me. A majority of Asian people do not have big butts! It’s like us having black hair. We were BORN. THIS. WAY.

I began to feel bad about the way I looked because I was afraid my credibility would suffer. To be a fitness guru, am I now supposed to have a butt at the level of these booty girls for people to believe that my program works? How am I going to do that? I’ve squatted hundreds of pounds before during my body-building phase and AT BEST my glutes were a tiny bit lifted. And now, all of sudden I’m competing with booty girls for credibility.

I began to question the authenticity of these super voluptuous women with their huge boobs, beyond human butts, and their super tiny waists. Like, I had never ever seen bodies like these EVER until these past couple years. (Edit: Not saying that this body doesn’t exist. I know it does. And if you have it, awesome! Embrace it! Just saying that people can tell when something a little off.)  I never wanted to believe that women would go as far as doing something unnatural just to have an “on trend” body…but my naiveness was shattered when I saw this video:

Butt implants. I didn’t even know they existed.

I saw that video probably a year ago. It made me question EVERYTHING I saw on Instagram. I used to think you could find real girls on here. I used to think Instagram would help even the playing field for all body types because you wouldn’t see photoshopped magazine covers on here. But alas, it’s even worse.

Not only are there NUMEROUS apps for altering your face and body, but IG has also PERPETUATED the okayness of plastic surgery. Which brings me back to the original Kylie Jenner pic I showed you. Real body? I think not. Her choice? Yes. How many young girls know that? A very small percentage. And that’s the scary part. You never see her working for her body. No sweaty selfies, no exercise pics. In fact the only time I saw her in a workout outfit was when she became the face of PUMA. UGH! HUGE FAIL PUMA!!!!! Because you know why? This is how Kylie Jenner tells young girls she gets her body:



Waist Trainers and Fit Tea.

Oh you mean, squishing your organs and laxatives. Thanks for the healthy fitness advice Kylie.

BTW, you do know that she get paid A TON to tell you this right? Whether she uses the products or not, she’s making $ off of you believing that she does. And guess what? After my blog post ousting the entire skinny tea industry, the CEO of a fit tea company actually wrote me a personal email asking me to remove their name off of my post. The CEO said this:

“My name is XXXXX, I’m the owner of XXXXX…I see you wrote a blog post about detox teas. I am asking that you please remove my brand name from the title tag. We are a small family run business that works extremely hard…I am working 50 plus hours week trying to support my family, so I am asking you to please remove my brand name.”


You have enough money to pay ALL the Kardashian sisters but you’re trying to play the pity card on me?

I hope you see what’s happening here. Everything that you think is authentic could very well not be. From lies in photos to lies in emails, it’s so overwhelming to have to sit here, sift through the facts, and wonder what’s real and what’s not. And now, all of a sudden, my real, worked-hard-for for body is competing against a plastic body.

The Kardashians have promoted their plastic surgeon Dr. Simon Ourian numerous times on their show and now the guy has over 1.2 MILLION followers. Check out this procedure which costs anywhere between $15k to $40k:


I would rather spend $15-$40k on eating ALL organic food, an Equinox membership, and all the fitness clothes my heart desires. But that’s me. And who am I to judge women who want to alter their bodies. It is theirs and theirs to change how they would like. My problem is that social media is now exposing plastic surgery to girls as a solution for looking better and feeling better about yourself. What if girls find plastic surgery before they find fitness? What if they begin to think that spending your money on injecting your butt is better than spending money on your education?

It worries me. A lot.

My heart is thumping hard as I write this. My chest is hot.

Some may argue that getting plastic surgery is like getting your hair dyed. Same thing. You’re changing yourself. You want to be more beautiful, so both are vain.

Yeah….except one involves a knife going in you and we don’t even know the long term effects of these foreign objects being in your body over time. Will beauty end up killing you? I don’t know. But I’m not willing to be the guinea pig.

“Stop comparing yourself Cassey! You always said that comparison is the thief of joy!”

The truth is, I’m not comparing myself to them. The followers are. And what the followers think becomes the new ideal whether I like it or not. I feel it happening. They’re telling me I need to have a big butt in order to “sell” my butt routine. And when I say sell, I mean, just watch my IG video and give it a like.

But I’ll keep being me and keep being happy with what I have because I know how trends are. They’re in then they’re out. It’s like fast fashion. Back in the 1920’s having a flat chest was in. Now, super butts are in. What’s next? Will your body be on trend? Will you alter yourself just to “fit in”?

The people used to think magazine covers were the beauty standards. Now, Instagram pics are the new beauty standard. How long will it take for people to realize that what they’re seeing on IG is not real? Maybe as long as it took us to realize that magazine covers were photoshopped.



  • Eleanor

    Love your article! I wanted to say that you and your sister show true beauty on IG- while you guys don’t look like the typical IG model, you exude health, vibrancy, energy, adventure, intelligence, and amazing personality- and- the best magic- people come away from your page feeling better about themselves! (if they have an ounce of common sense and aren’t the ones who get offended about EVERYTHING)

    But yea IG has definitely made an interesting new standard. My parents are both from small European villages, and growing up instilled a healthy attitude towards food / my body in me- eat well and in moderation, I never saw either of them do any exercise but they walked everywhere they could, and my mom had 5 children and never gained an ounce. If she did, she didn’t care, and would enjoy herbal teas as well as the weekly chocolate cake and just up her walking. I get to enjoy my parents telling me “you’re too skinny” when I come to visit (love Blogilates and Ballet Beautiful after childbirth!!) and they go to every effort to cook me big, healthy meals.

    HOWEVER my parents retired in California. After years of an empty nest, I guess my mom has succumbed to Hollywood and admiring these “celebrities”. I was stunned when she told me the Kardashians were ” goregous” (it is my personal opinion they are not, though I think many in Hollywood are, of course, Rhianna…young Catherine Zeta Jones, etc.) she would never have thought so when I was growing up, she used to ban me from listening to the Spice Girls when I was 9 because they were “indecent” and promoted “artificalism”. ha! Just, interesting, that media would have changed this elderly European woman’s natural lens.

  • Elena Morales

    would someone tell me what “IG” means?

    • Miss Margaret Ann

      Instagram. :)

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  • Annalisa Messa

    Cassey I’m following you from Italy. You are very beautiful and cheerful and I love your workouts. I love the colors of your oufits, your cheerfulness and the purity of your intentions. What you say in this post is so powerful and I would like everyone to know the truth about it. Thanks Cassey, you are an example of healthy and beauty.

  • Kristen Arnhoelter

    Cassey, thank you so much for this article!!! I am beyond excited to have found you and Pop Pilates. For the first time in my life exercise is something that is FUN, interesting, and rewarding. I actually look forward to it now, rather than feeling it is something I have to endure to stay in shape. POP Pilates is the best workout ever!! One of the things I love most about POP, is you, and the sense I get that you are REAL! I feel like you care about all of us getting healthy and becoming our best selves. I appreciate that you are not selling sex, you are confident in who you are, and don’t come off as a phony in any way. I can’t thank you enough for that. Please don’t ever feel the need to become like one of the K sisters or some “booty girl “. You are perfect the way you are. Thank you Cassey!!!💖☺️🙏🏼

  • Shenika Plantegenest

    I love this post because it addresses a large issue that we have in society today. Nowadays, the beauty standard has become everything on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. Women now have crazy high expectations to have tiny waists and large butts and it is not realistic. Social media has created images in women’s minds of what they should look like and almost shames women for not looking a certain way or having a certain body type. Also, social media promotes some unsafe ideas of what they have to be doing to achieve that look. This is upsetting because now many women are insecure but they should be proud and happy with how they are.

  • Katherine

    Even though you wrote this post 5 months ago and I just found it, damn, its good! I finally found someone who isnt being crazy about this booty gains:/ It is interestingly to see how body standards are changing. 5 years ago, when I was working as a model, our hips could be(maximum) 92sm! 92? today, women want to have all 150!That is so crazy. All of my friends like-why dont you try to bulid a “nut” butt? And because I was so tired, after 7 years of bulding my body according to beauty standards, I was like-damn no, to exhauted. Thank you for this post! It gave me a hope that there are people who think the same way as me xx

  • Liva

    thak you so much
    i am a 13 year old girl and I have been using waist trainers untill 2 days ago where i saw your post about the subject i only did bc kylie jenner said it worked but thank you so much

  • ロカ

    i’m mostly a lurker but I thought I had to say something to this, tho I’m horribly late.

    I feel like everything in the US is totally exaggerated and ppl are so easily manipulated though it’s obvious that a lot of it-people are not “real” people. and also there are a lot of mean/rude/ignorant and just plain toxic people out there just to ruin someone’s day because they’re miserable themselves.

    I know that you’re living in the US and everyone there is like that (either being toxic or just too easily manipulated) but everything they do or say don’t have any value. there is no equasion that says, you have to have these kinda butts to be a fitness guru (since they’re not real anyway). these people spouting that kind of nonsense are just plain ignorant if not retarded. It just really pains me to see you getting dishearted by the the normal crowd who I bet never exercicsed like you do. Please show me anyone who can do plank holds/crunches etc. and still talk normally and sound encouraging and not out of breath or anywhere near exhaustion. this should show you too how strong and amazing you are! Those people have not worked hard at all if they’re quick to judge someone just based on a picture.
    And I know you’re even trying to reach more people and try to change people’s mindset but I hope it will never make you feel bad about yourself and how you look ever again!!! for an asian you have a great round butt (as a fellow asian i know ho asian butts normally look like ;))

    sending you lots of sanity and common sense
    your EU-follower who struggles to get back into the routine

  • Anna Schmitz

    I just want to tell you how thankful I am for you. I am a personal trainer who focuses on teaching clients how to strengthen their bodies and find JOY in the progress that they make. I have been following you from a distance for about 6-7 years. It wasn’t until I watched a few of your videos after your bikini competition and started reading your blogs that I appreciated you fully. I love your workouts so much but the HUGE thing is that your heart and focus is dead on. I absolutely hate how my clients (and myself!) get bogged down when looking at Instagram or Facebook because the pictures that are supposed to INSPIRE make girls DEPRESSED and UNSATISFIED with themselves because they are focusing on the outward appearance and showing their entire naked bodies. It is really sad! I am ALL FOR a picture of someone who has changed their life around and is posting about that but I get really frustrated when women are only interested in showing off their bodies in ways that are focused more on how much they can show verses how strong they are/how much they have achieved! Please don’t stop speaking out and being a POSITIVE voice for women, friends, family, clients, and personal trainers around. You are an inspiration and a wonderful role model! <3


  • Angel Rhodes

    Thanks for writing this and voicing some of the concerns I’ve had personally about this new popularized body shape which is very unnatural for the majority of girls to achieve. Coming from someone who can thank her Puerto Rican genes for her bubble butt–but who is also “flat chested”, I definitely feel that all women’s shapes should be celebrated!

  • Emily

    This is a great post! I completely agree with all that you said. Firstly the fact that the Kardashians are acting like their bodies are “all natural” drives me insane. They will all deny they ever had butt implants because they “didn’t!” They got these butt lifts instead which is the same thing! Plastic surgery is not the issue but own up to it. Also a note on some comments below…as Cassey was saying in the post, having a big butt is beautiful but why is society only considering it beautiful NOW? Why is it only glorified when a rich, privileged and white female has one? Why was it not considered beautiful before when Latinos and black women have always had these beautiful bodies? That is the question. I’m Chinese so when will it be “on trend” to look like me?

  • D

    Spot on. I celebrate you, Cassey.

  • Bianca

    Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve struggled with continuously comparing myself to these “Instagram models” and it’s unreal how depressing it can be. It’s hard to remember the fake ness when it’s the whole Instagram world doing photoshop promoting the wrong things . This really helped me <3

  • ladamamutante

    Cassey, I appreciate your work and philosophy. However, this post made me mixed feelings. I understand the part of your post where you critisize plastic surgery (although it’s a choice). But, on the other hand, it seems you try to put down this big-but fashion because it’s not how your body is or how you want it to be. Now big butts are fashioned, but there are a LOT of women who have them naturally and are glad that for once they don’t receive body shame as they always have.

  • Marie

    Im glad big butts are finally in for every woman out there who was born with one and felt like she had to hide it. That said Cassey you give us all hope and conforts and advices when we need them the most, you help so many of us improve ourself and get through the rough dark days. I think its time for me to do the same! The people out there questioning your credibility upon your butt’s size dont KNOW you like all your followers do. I have been following you on and off since 2012 and you are THE REAL DEAL when it comes to improving our bodies, our diets and our lives. Exercising with you can be tough but often gets my spirit up, you are funny, you are keeping it real and you are so beautifuly strong.
    Trust me when I say that your followers know your butt is made of steel!

  • Paulina

    Hi! I loved thiss, seriously, i think women today must appreciate what they have, and know that those people who have beautiful butts, are likely to owe them to plastic surgery, if you don’t have it, you are at least natural, which makes you even more beautiful in your very own way.

  • I agree with you so much on this! This is what I feel exactly, everything that you said was on point! I truly believe that nowadays young girls will grow up to wanting plastic surgery first to fix their problems instead of girls. I do love Instagram, but at the same time I dislike it too because it reminds me again of how other gorgeous girls look and would often results of comparing me to them. I really love how you talked about this issue because I believe this is really important and needs to be talked more about.

  • Maya Al Hasheem

    Dear cassey thank u so much sooo much for posting this . I feel like you’re really representing me! I mean this is what exactly on my mind. I hope from now on after people reading ur post they will change their mindsets. About the beauty standard. And start to be the real human without any strange objects place inside your body in order to feel/look good. Once again thank u so much cassey you’re really my inspiration with your real body & inner-outer beauty and i started to feel more confident and encouraging to be fit in a realistic way after I watched ur videos . Well I have my asian genetic too and i always feel bad about my butt, but after seeing u . Its like u showed me that being fit or feel good doesn’t mean that you must have those insane big boobs or butt like the kardashians. You’ve done a great job so keep going! God bless u ,
    Much love Maya xoxo

  • Jamie Lee Coffey

    It angers me that people are so duped and so ignorant and so willing to believe in the quick fix in their quest to find any way around taking responsibility for and loving themselves. I’m so glad you aren’t letting those people dictate to you, your workouts abso-frickin-lutely work!! This myth about creating that unreal silhouette for oneself is so incredibly destructive, thank you for doing your part to dispel it.

  • Sarah

    Yes thank you so much for posting this. This helped me a lot. I was aware that a lot of these super wealthy girls have lots of fake features, and that it’s a trend, but I felt horrible about myself anyways because people seemed to actually like that look better. I wanted to get plastic surgery, and I felt super embarrassed about my body. I work out a lot, I’m strong, I squat a lot too, I do all those butt workouts, but I don’t have a large butt/hips region. It’s just not in my genes and racial make up. It’s not that there’s something wrong with girls that do have that body type, I get that, but what’s wrong is making it seem like girls who DON’T are not attractive, not working out hard enough, not doing this or that. Since that became the new media beauty craze I have felt so unattractive because all I hear guys talk about (I’m 22 & in a university…) are models with super large asses….It sounds like a stupid thing to be bothered by …but this is the first time I have seen anyone that I look up to bring this up. When young rich/famous girls get so much surgery, and I’m bombarded by those images, it’s REALLY difficult not to think “oh…so THIS is what pretty is…” …so thank you for this perspective…I don’t see this enough

  • Mirley Guerra

    This article was amazing! Everything you said is so true! There are women DYING as they alter their bodies and no one speaks of this. They only speak of the new HOT bodies. This idea to be like those you follow on social media can be very dangerous.

  • Tasnim

    This is a really inspirational post to me because I have always felt so rubbish about myself when seeing posts of tiny figured women on social media and stuff and to know that others feel the same is amazing so thanks x <3

  • Denise

    Thank you so much for posting this.
    I don’t for a second take Instagram posts like that seriously, but unfortunately plenty of people do.

  • Ashley M.

    Cassey, I am with you! I think this big butt trend is ridiculous! I would rather be proud of a body that I earned over a body that was bought! And as for your butt, it’s great! Your program works for me! I have noticed that my butt has lifted naturally and I love myself more!

  • Akaye47

    Great post, Cassey!

  • Mila

    Thank you so much! I’m fit but I have almost no curves. I love the curvy look, but it’s just never gonna be me! It’s my opinion that plastic surgery and body positivity do NOT go hand in hand. How can you tell flat-chested girls that they’re beautiful if you can’t accept your own boobs and get implants? It’s not the same as hair-dye or makeup, which expresses something about your creativity and your style. The size of your butt doesn’t speak to your personality. I’m so glad you’re speaking out on this!

  • Katie Chung

    I still think this comment is hilarious because I agree it’s so true — “Well thanks, but I actually DO have a butt. This is my real butt, a strong butt, and the butt my Asian genetics gave me. A majority of Asian people do not have big butts! It’s like us having black hair. We were BORN. THIS. WAY.” You’ve always rocked. I see a lot of myself in you and that is why I am part of the POP Army! Thank you Cassey.

  • ridonrides

    People don’t understand that there is a max capacity of booty build. Some Asians have big booties, some have none. It’s all about being the best you can be. The prob with the Kardashians/Jenners is that they won’t admit to their procedures. creating an unrealistic expectation that working out can achieve these results. Especially for Khloe who had a very flat butt in her PETA ad, and now have a butt several inches larger. I’ve done your booty work outs and they hurt! When I see you smiling and doing the work out, I can tell that your booty is strong. I challenge anyone to try one of your workouts and tell me that it’s not legit.

  • ky

    Cassey, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH FOR THIS!!!!!! Finally someone with common sense, basic morals, logic, respect, and tact. I truly respect you as an individual and as a fitness instructor. You need to be more popular than those kartrashians. You worked hard for your real, healthy, beautiful body! You are a real role model.

  • Ava Maestranzi

    Beautiful post. You are an inspiration and I’m so happy that we have YOU to look up to and not these false advertisements for everything other than YOURSELF. You may not be able to attain these “perfect” bodies, but at least you know you worked for yours! And I feel that THAT alone will help you improve in many other aspects of your life, whether it be school, work, achieving your dreams and goals, etc. Because you are being held accountable and there truly is no quick fix. Just greedy people preying on you and trying to make money off of your hopes and aspirations. Thank you, CASSEY. MUCH LOVE XX AVA

  • Ava Maestranzi

    Beautiful post. You are an inspiration and I’m so happy that we have YOU to look up to and not these false advertisements for everything other than YOURSELF. You may not be able to attain these “sickkkk” bodies, but at least you know you worked for yours! And I feel that THAT alone will help you improve in many other aspects of your life, whether it be school, work, achieving your dreams and goals, etc. Because you are being held accountable and there truly is no quick fix. Just greedy people preying on you and trying to make money off of your hopes and aspirations. Thank you, CASSEY. MUCH LOVE XX AVA

  • Coralie

    I love you Cassey, thanks for being you ! Your true, genuine self <3 YOU are my inspiration. Physically and mentally. I want to be as strong and healthy as you are. You push me to my limits, you push me to be a better person than I was yesterday. You push me to see myself with my flaws and to ACCEPT them, to work on them, and to look at my beauty and strength without comparing myself to other women. And I love you and respect you for that ! <3 You rock ! Thanks for speaking up !

  • lovelihua1026

    Yes to this! Preach!

  • Jennifer Martinez

    I remember when the ideal used to be very thin and size zero. The current thick trend is making me more comfortable with my body but then thinner girls feel bad about themselves.

  • Léa

    I had so many feels reading it, and I loved it. This is real life, this is real shit. I can’t believe that this Kylie Jenner thing is what is trending, this is so fake. I agree with you at 300000% Cassey. Thanks you for your bravery, thank you for always speaking out the truth ! <3

  • wanda

    omg! this family is driving me nuts. everywhere you look they are there ! and i can’t believe she just said, she gained weight. giklllllll you would not gain weight just in your thighs and butt. The pic that should be trending is the Danielle Banks #loveyourshape pic! its beautiful! and positive! Kylie obvi has some kind of body image issue her self. she was lovely just the way she was!

  • Anna Gress

    I love this post! It is so true. The thing that aggravates me the most about people that post like this on IG and other social media is they are not the majority. Most people don’t look like that. We hold them up as idols and try to look like them when it’s fake. In reality people have to work for their body type. It’s not cut into them by plastic surgeons. It’s not really fair that these people get idolized over you. You have done nothing but work hard. Not only have you worked hard but you are honest. You opened up about your eating disorder when you could have kept quiet. And that more than anything is why people should look to you for fitness advice. Not because of the size of your butt, or your waist but because you have an honest body. A body you earned. Keep going Cassey! I love you and your videos!