August 2016 Workout Calendar

Hey guys!

Can you believe we have arrived at the last FULL MONTH of SUMMER!!???? I’m crying inside. I am soooo in love with the warm weather, the shorts, the extra hours of daylight…oh my goodness…we all need to embrace the beauty of summer because it goes away so quickly! So, why don’t we close off summer with a bang? Let’s make it one to remember.

So starting right now I want you to commit to your body that you’re going to give it everything it needs. Nourish it with good food and train it to be stronger with great workouts.

Here is your workout Blogilates Workout Calendar for August 2016!

Aug 2016 small

Click for high resolution calendar

As usual, do each workout on the calendar once through. You can find my playlists daily on or you can download the Blogilates Official App (free on iPhone and Android) and subscribe to the workout calendar there which will automatically provide you with the videos and the exclusive video of the month “Back Sculpt Song Challenge” (99c subscription to the app calendar) which you cannot find anywhere else.


Alright guys, I’m going to add something on for us that’s gonna be super fun. Are you ready for the last Instagram Challenge of the summer!!??? We’re going to be doing 28 days of abs to sculpt you a STRONGER CORE with the #AdoreTheCore Challenge!

If you want to join in, just repost this graphic on your Instagram and declare it so! And by participating all 28 days, you’ll be entered to win the POPFLEX Super Prize Package!

POPFLEX Prize Pack

The #AdoreTheCore Challenge begins on Aug 1 and ends Aug 28! You’ll find all the details on the challenge here.

Alrighty guys – let’s make August 2016 a month to remember!


  • Roxy

    Hi, so here’s a strange question… I’ve just noticed the font on the calendar, and love it! Do you know what it’s called please Cassey?

  • Ayana D

    Do I have to do the videos all at one time? Or could I do a couple in the morning and a couple in the evening?

    It’s just a big time commitment to do at once. Let me know how/when you work out the best?

    • Martha

      I think you should do them all at once, cause you are already heat up and burning more calories. I know, it sometimes gets boring for me aswell, but you should try to do them at once. After all, it’s just 30-45 minutes

  • Shannon

    Still going!! August 15 and feeling motivated!

  • Taissa

    Hi! My name is Taissa Hayden. I’ve been a blogilates member for some time. However, I’ve never achieved not one challenge, but it’s not your fault it’s mine. After cancer I fell into depression at first before it I was doing the excel uses and when I moved to Texas I just fell into a state of not caring about myself. I fell completely out of love with who I was. Today I decided to take back who I was, when I saw your message about the challenge for August today and YouTube video, I was feeling like I couch potato like why start until you said, ” you will never appreciate life unless you learn that trials and overcoming them are apart of your success ” at least that’s what I heard. As a mom of two I felt like I was always at demand with being a single mom at that. Always working not finding the time to get to know me. So today, I said lets get up get active and fall in love with myself. You rock Cassey!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • Shannon

      You got this Taissa!!! Way to go!!

  • Shannon

    Did anyone else come here from the beginners calendar? How are you doing?? These videos are killing me and I’m feeling discouraged, need moral support from other beginners. I loved the beginner calendar but this is like a totally different thing. I can barely get through a video without stopping a bunch of times. I’m still trying my best but…. I need moral support lol

    • Roxy

      Shannon, I originally started doing the regular calendars and then couldn’t move for three days! I then went to the beginners calendar and did okay, but it was still really, really hard! (Lots of stopping and breathing hard, feeling like I was not going to make it!). After that, I went to the regular calendars and did the more modified moves until I could work my way up. That was a few years ago! Now I still have to do some modified moves, but mostly, I’m onto the advanced when I can and push myself. You can do this!

  • Dana

    I had to subscribe again with a different email (third time) because after a month or so, I stop receiving monthly emails with a password. Does anyone know how I can fix this or if this is an ongoing issue with others as well.

  • Anya.Hinota.Tekavei

    Woohoo! my day 5 WO..done with #ADORETHECORE challenge? corkscrew
    T/smoothie art…???? Next time

  • Lisa

    I still haven’t gotten the email of the calendar so I can print it! I’ve re-subscribed twice :( Not in my spam folder either. Hmmm…

  • Shannon

    This is so much harder than the beginners calendar! I feel like I cheated a lot today because my abs are so weak! I got through it though.

  • Sarah

    Can’t wait to complete another month of cassey’s amazing workouts!