28 Day Ab Challenge!


Hey guys!

I haven’t done a monthly challenge for a while so…guess what!!?? We are going to do a HARD CORE challenge for the month of August!!! It’s all about dem abs! WOOHOO!!!

It’s time to #AdoreTheCore.

Unlike the other challenges you may see on IG, these aren’t just poses…they are a mixture of static and dynamic movements. You are meant to ACTUALLY DO THEM. Not just take a pic doing it. It’s  a 28 day challenge meant to strengthen your abs. It will be highly effective – trust me – as I know there are moves here that you probably haven’t done before. So, expect soreness.

You will execute one unique move each day from August 1-28! And I want you to Instagram a pic, video, or boomerang of you completing the move to basically sign off on the fact that you worked your abs! If you don’t have an IG account, no worries, just make one! You can even use the word “POP”, “PIIT”, “Blogilates” in your screen name if you’d like. You can make this your official fitness account! Once you have an account, comment below and let us know what it is so that we can follow each other!

To make this challenge a celebration of our amazing community, I will be hosting a giveaway for you guys!

If you participate in all 28 days of the #AdoreTheCore Challenge, you will have a chance to win the POPFLEX Super Prize Pack which includes:

POPFLEX Prize Pack

1 Draw the Line Legging

Criss Cross Crop Bra

1 Pop Short

Siren Tank

1 Couture Yoga Mat

1 T.Y. Hello Kitty Mermaid Plush

To be eligible, you must:

  1. Follow @popflex_active, @poppilatesofficial and @blogilates
  2. Repost the challenge graphic above and tag 3 friends to join!
  3. Commit to posting the move of the day all 28 days
  4. Hashtag all your pics/vids/boomerangs with #adorethecore

You can be from any country and of any age! I will pick one random winner on the last day of August and announce on the blog!

Here’s a breakdown of what each move is! The goal is to do a minimum of 28 reps of each move daily, per side, unless it is a static hold – then you’ll want to hold it for a minimum of 28 sec…each side! The static holds have *’s next to them.



I will post the move daily on my Instagram – so be sure to follow @blogilates so you know how to interpret the exercise correctly! Please invite a friend to do it with you too – this is going to be so so so fun!! Let’s make this big guys!  Let’s do it together! Comment below if you’re in!!!! And don’t forget to post your IG handle so POPsters from all over the world can follow you!


  • sam

    so the idea of the challenge is to do one move each day, right??
    i really seak to strong abs and itend to finish this challenge all 28 days

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  • Kylie Gough

    @Thesestreetsareyours is my IG :) Come find me and let’s do this together, guys!

  • Faith

    How many times should we do each move?

  • Tracy

    Hello, where can we see who win the challenge ? Thanks !!

  • Teresa512

    My Instagram name is “poppilatesfollower”. Follow me, if you like. I’ll follow back and give you all some support ^_^

  • Ashley C

    So glad to have finished my first challenge. I feel great! I can’t wait for the next challenge! :D Great job to everyone who completed this challenge also! I’m so proud of us all!

  • Katherine Rivera

    So happy to have completed yesterday the challenge! I can’t wait until the next challenge is announced. It keeps me motivated to do an exercise everyday which is sometimes more than I do when I get really caught up with work and school. Butt or Legs next please :)

  • Dymond Moore

    Ahh I finished! Can’t believe I just did my first challenge! Feeling pretty good!

  • SammiOnTheMove

    Have participated in every day of this wonderful challenges and I LOVE it! So happy to complete it tomorrow, which, coincidently is my 40th birthday! YAY


  • Christy T

    Fun challenge! Love all the 27 moves so far!!! Sad tomorrow is last day, look forward to the next challenge. ?
    My IG: abcdt_fitmom
    So nice to meet you all here.

  • Annika

    Woooh, just did day 27 – add me @tonednika to see. This challenge was fun, but also so hard at times – couldn’t hold todays reachbehindplank for longer than a second!

  • Been loving this challenge so far! I introduced one of my closest friends to the Blogilates community over a year ago and we have really enjoyed doing your challenges together. It reminds us to be active at least once a day. Thanks, Cassey! My Blogilates IG: http://www.instagram.com/emma_doesthesplits

  • Ellie W

    Um… Does anyone know how to do the “shooting star” move? I’ve never done it before, and i can’t find it anywhere else online or on YouTube.

    • Nin Stardust

      7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates
      Shooting Star

      Cross your ankles and balance on your tailbone. Put your hands in a Charlie’s Angel style position and tap the mat on the left side.

      7 Moves to Bikini Abs from Blogilates

      Then reach the hands above your head, arms straight, and extend your legs out! Return to starting.

  • Caroline

    Can anyone else just not do the starfish move? I hate side planks and things like that, I never feel it where I’m supposed to and it just feels awkward. What should I do instead?

  • Sarah

    My Instagram is @saripopster , feel free to follow :)

  • My Blogilates Insta is @popstersera ? I’ll follow back fellow popsters btw ? Love this challenge!!

  • Tara

    I’m on day 12, horizonz13

  • Lexi Wilson

    It kind of sucks that im starting it late, but, better late than never, right? My IG is Nightman_ahh