April 2016 Workout Calendar!

April 2016 Final

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Hey guys!

Here is your new April 2016 Workout Calendar!

This month is going to be exciting for a couple reasons…

  • It’s the anniversary of Hot Body Year Round! WHATTTTT!!!! I cannot believe it’s been a year since the book tour. And guess what? Now the book comes in 3 languages! English, French and German! So crazy! Thank you guys for your support….from all around the world!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.16.42 AM

The original cover!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 9.59.55 AM

The French cover!

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 10.00.18 AM

The German cover!

  • The new exclusive App video is a bit crazy. It’s called Tricep Trifecta and basically, in just 3 movements, your triceps will die. You can get this video when you sign up for the calendar subscription in the Blogilates Official App.

Download for iPhone (free) | Download for Android (free)


  • SOMETHING BIG IS COMING APRIL 19th. OOOOOOOH yes. I want you to follow @blogilatesdesigns to find out. We will be dropping hints all the way to the big day!

So there you go guys! I hope you love the new calendar – the flower background is actually a pic from some bougainvilleas in my backyard. We had a good time playing around with colors to make it look edgy. Have a fantastic month of April! See you on YouTube!


  • Lam

    I have tried really hard to sign up for blogilates, but it won’t let me! And I don’t recall subscribing before

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  • Christina

    I had to resign to get the may calendar password, the password is ” boybands”

  • Lavonda harwell

    I love her she is so kool and I feel that she can really help me with my weight loss she already has with her belly slim detox water I loss 6lbs and I brought me a detox water bottle I will be buying me another one I don’t know her but she is like a sister I never had

  • Erin Kathleen Arendsee

    SO Pumped Just signed up! Really wish that you could click on the calendar and it would be a link to take you right to the you tube video. IE: you click on “6 minutes to a sexy body” on april 28th and BAM you are then watching the video. Just throwing it out there:) Can’t wait to get started:)

  • Anabelle

    Thank you for all the videos and help along the way! this is my first week going back to do exersises after some back problems, Im really looking foward to get me health back, if I get brave enough i will post some pictures before and after!!

  • Laura

    I am new and I do not know how to use the calendar. How do you use it?

    • Mirac

      The dates and days on the calendar they have workouts and you do all of them on the day and and that’s how you use them basically you repeat them until Cassey comes out with another calander (you dont have to do it)

      • Laura

        thanks for that. all the videos are on you tube right? how do I find them?

  • Anna

    Hi, I’m just wondering if anyone has tried tone it up and blogilates and could give me some advice. I don’t know whether to follow the blogilates calendar or do the tone it up bikini series? Any thoughts welcome. Also, I am under some time constraints and don’t have a lot of time to work out every day, I’m planning on trying to squeeze it into my routine so I’m wondering which is less time consuming but also which yields better results?

  • Catherine Christy

    do you know how to get the workout calendar? its password protected.

    • Sarah

      Sign up for the newsletter and it will be sent to you every month. It’s on the side and says “Sign up to get my FREE monthly workout calendar, tips and motivation!”

  • Hester

    Hey guys

    I’m so new to this. So I’m planning to do the may calendar but how is it done? Do I do 1 set of each video for that day? I’m not sure how long each video is but is it like more than 30 mins of workout each day? Thanks for answering

    • Colette

      You do all the video workouts that she has listed for each day once, unless it specifically says to do the video twice (which it sometimes will for PIIT workouts). If it says to do it twice it is only for that one video not all of them. The time varies, I would say usually it is around 25-45 minutes (it also depends on if you watch the entire video because sometimes she talks in the video for a couple minutes when not doing the workout).

    • Sarah

      Honestly you can do what you wanna do. I don’t do all the videos. I skip the cardio ones because I do my own cardio before pilates. Then I usually choose ~20 minutes worth of exercise (cutting out the bits where she talks) which is usually 2-3 of the remaining videos. If I’m really feeling it then I’ll do all of them minus the cardio ones though. I also don’t do “recovery day” or “sweatfest day”. I just take those ones as break days over the weekend where I’m more likely to be physically active anyway.

  • Jill

    I just finished the beginner calendar and am looking to start the monthly, but I can’t figure out where to get the videos…For the beginner each day had a link to the videos from the calendar, how does this work for the monthly calendars? I have the password and can see the calendar, just can’t figure out where to get videos…thanks!

    • katniss

      you can get the video at blogilates’s youtube channel

  • Kate

    Hey Cassey!
    The last calendar I received in my email was February.. same as some of the others I’ve seen so far in the comments. I tried to resubscribe but after re-verifying my email. I have been waiting for the april password and it’s still yet to arrive. Just wondering if there’s any technical issues going on..
    Anyways, I hope everything is going well. ??
    Thank you!

    • izzo

      Yeah I also haven’t gotten the April password yet? I’ve tried signing up again but I didn’t get an email or anything

  • Dana

    Hi Cassey, I stopped receiving your emails and calendars for some reason. The last one I got was February. I havent done poppilates for some time because I had a baby in January and havent downloaded the calendars for a while. Could that be a reason? Do I need to sign up again? I’d like to start pilates again to get back in the shape :) Thank you.

  • Sam De Moss

    How do i get the password

  • Kelly Tran

    So I did the beginners calendar 2.0 but I didn’t workout for about a month after that due to lack of time. Should I do the beginners calendar again or just do the April calendar?

    • Anitoo Rusevska

      try a week or two from the normal calender and if you struggle too much go back to the last two weeks from the beginners one

  • LC

    anybody having problems subscribing to her newsletter? I’ve been getting a pop up that says oops something went wrong for the past few days

    • Shelley. J

      Me too!

      • ComeLetsTalk

        Same here

  • bebie kimberly

    its been 2 days i didnt get the password..is something wrong or?

    • Vettie Vettie

      Cassie doesn’t email every day, just be patient, I’m sure she’ll send another soon :)

    • Jasmin

      Check your promotions mail box!

  • Kelsey

    I really hope that the email problem will be fixed!

    • Carmen

      I didn’t get it either and I deleted the email that contained the password! I don’t want to sign up on another email. Can it be resent to me?

  • Emma

    For some reason it says “OOPS.SOMETHING WENT WRONG” when I try to sign up for the email newsletter, I’ve tried to sign up for several days now.. what’s the matter?

    • Kelsey

      I know right. Does anyone know the problem?

    • M

      Yeah, me too!

  • Sam Mychelle Tuazon

    How do I sign up

  • Kristy Elliott

    How do I get a password for the Calendar

    • Catherine

      when you sign up on the first page she sends an email with a confirmation link and when you click on it it says you will get an email with the workout password within a hour from now (the time you confirm your email password )

      • Kristy Elliott

        Thanks it went to my promotions mailbox. Found it :-)

        • Cassandra Dos Santos Soares

          I can’t find mine either ?

  • Meg

    Hi Cassey (or anybody), I recently bought your book and cannot wait to try it. However, I am confused about the way the workouts are laid out. At the beginning of the book you have a weekly schedule (Monday: 4 abs/core workouts and 20 minutes of cardio, Tuesday: 4 leg workouts and 1 slim-down workout). In the actual seasons of the book, though, you have the moves grouped into Workout(s) 1-5. When I begin using this book, should I be choosing individual moves based on what they target and, for instance, only doing four moves on Mondays, or should I be doing 4 full workouts of various moves out of the 5 offered for that season?

  • Amelia

    Are you supposed to do the days workouts back to back or throughout the day?

    • Vettie Vettie

      Back to back :)

    • Nicole

      It doesn’t matter! Back to back might save time and leave you more tired, but you’ll be getting the same benefits regardless! In fact, spacing it out will keep your metabolism firing all day long! (Though it could be a bit more time consuming)

  • Alice

    I’ve been receiving calenders for seven months up until now, but the email for this one never came through. I tried signing up again with a different email but 3 days later I still haven’t had the confirmation email :/

    • Taylor

      the same thing is happening to me!!! ugh

  • valia

    How can i understand how the to the exercises ?
    i see just their names but dont know how aand how long how much times,
    can you give me example with april?

    • Alisha

      Go to her youtube videos.

  • valia

    How can i understand by the name of each exercise how to do it

  • Luci Williams

    I accidentally deleted the password email, how do I receive the email again?

    • Miyah Alexander

      Sign up again

    • Vettie Vettie

      Or just wait for her to send her newsletter

  • Lexi

    I still didn’t get the email? Could someone help me with this

  • Sandri

    Cassey pleace send me a greeting in your next video.

  • Debbie

    Hi. Love the workouts. Is there anyway to lighten up the calendar b4 printing? I find it difficult to see the print with the busy/dark background and small print. — Just thought I’d ask. Thx

    • Miyah Alexander

      Try doing it in black and white

      • Debbie

        I don’t have a colored printer so it is in black and white but thanks for the thought.

        • Alisha

          Try grey scale instead of black and white

    • Vettie Vettie

      You can do this in either photoshop or word, its super simple, just google how to do it. You can probably easily do this with the editing tools in any photo viewing program (like ‘Photos’ or ‘iPhoto’ for Mac) too

  • Monique

    I’m subscribed to the newsletter but I haven’t received to password to the April calendar

    • Monique

      I used my ymail email and got the password almost immediately. If you’re using a gmail account like I was maybe this could be a problem?

    • Miyah Alexander

      It might be in social or promotional in your email

  • Rose

    Hi I know cast is fake because when you send to her email or password it’s nothing waste your tim Es . I have been many tried times . Cassey is selfish not disrespect answer your question !!!!

  • Michelle

    Hi! I have been susbcribed to Blogilates about a year from now, but I didn`t get my April’s password. Can someone help me?

    • Ashutosh

      You need to sign up for the newsletter then the password will be e-mailed to you every month

    • Miyah Alexander

      Sign up for it

    • Kath

      Hey Michelle!
      The April password is “somethingbig”.
      Good Luck!

  • Sarah

    so whenever cassey comes out with the monthly calendar, there’s always a weekly “new vid” on youtube, but the calendar never says what that new video is. does that mean you check cassey’s youtube for a video that has come out on the same day as the calendar day? for ex, would today’s April 11th “new vid” be cassey’s quick burn obliques video that came out a few hours ago?

    • Margaux

      Hi Sarah,

      I’m not sure if I’m answering your question or not but everyday, Cassey make a new playlist on her youtube channel. The playlist will be named after the date of the workout day. In the playlist, all of the videos to watch and follow for the day are added… Hope this helped! :)

      • Sarah

        oh i totally forgot about the playlists! thanks for the info :)

      • valia

        Hi Margaux,
        How can i understand how the to the exercises ?
        i see just their names but dont know how aand how long how much times,
        can you give me example with april?

    • Miyah Alexander


  • Marta

    Hi! I have a question, how can I get the password to have acess to the calender? thank you !

    • Tara

      Sign in to the newsletter

  • Esther

    I got a question, I’m doing the April workout calendar but how many times do you have to do it?
    and what kind of warming up do you need?

    • Zoe

      Hey, you only do it once because there’s a new one every month. So you just do what’s written for each day. I usually do a bit of stretches before the workout but that’s it because the videos start slowly before getting harder on each day

  • Mara Cassandra

    Hi. I’m kind of new to this whole thing. I have a question. Can I follow the monthly calendar even though I’m only a beginner or do I have to follow first the beginner’s calendar? And if I follow the Beginner’s calendar, how many months do I have to repeat it before I can go on to the monthly calendars? Thanks a lot! :)

    • Nhi

      Hey! I have been doing pilates for nearly 3 years now and if i reflect back, i would have NEVER completed the monthly calenders without doing the beginner. The beginner calender is your month to get all the forms down and that’s really important to be able to develop strength and also, if you don’t know the basics, doing the real calender will be very disencouraging. Casseys calender is no joke so i recommend doing the beginner even for at least 2 weeks! Xoxo

    • Sarah

      hey mara, when i first started doing cassey’s videos i was also a beginner, and following the beginner 2.0 calendar really helped prepare me for her regular monthly calendar workouts. i think i followed it for a month or two before continuing on to the regular workouts.

  • Lulu

    I have a question for the 4/9 workout on Saturday. For the “Snowbunny Blast” workout, do I do it 4 times if I am following the calendar? Love the workout and I love seeing the change of my body. Not only just the shape but also the stronger stamina.

    • I was wondering the same thing this morning! I did it 4 times and WOW I was dripping sweat!

  • Dominika

    Hi, I’m 13 years old. I’ve done excercises since a month. But I’ve found, that I get on weight! I was 60kg, and now I’m 66! I don’t know what’s going on :( My height is 165cm. HELP!

    • Hey.Don’t worry about the weight.Take me as an example.In semptember 2015 I weighted 65 kg and was 162 cm tall.Now I’m all that but my waist and my hips are smaller for 3 cm.Weight is not that important if you’re gaining it with the right lifestyle.(if you want to see my progress here is my instagram myjourneywithblogilates1)

    • Starfy

      You could be gaining muscle, and you’re probably growing taller too! Try not to pay attention to the number on the scale, just measure your progress by the way you look and feel, and how your clothes fit. You’re a healthy weight so I wouldn’t stress about it :)

  • Mackenzie

    Hey guys, does anyone know certain foods to eat/avoid to get rid of cellulite? I do the monthly calendar every day, and try to eat as healthy as possible, but it doesn’t seem to be working, so maybe I’m eating something wrong? Thanks! :)