The Debut POPFLEX Lookbook: Peony Garden 2016.

POPFLEX Peony Collection

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You’ve made it here! :D Now go ahead and click on the image above and view the POPFLEX Peony Collection lookbook in it’s entirety! I hope you love it. Tomorrow, January 14th, 2016,  the entire collection drops at 12PM PST. Write down what you want now and get your mouse clickers ready!

Comment below which piece you like best!


PS: The official hashtag is #POPFLEX. You can always photo tag @blogilatesdesigns so we can see what you got!

  • Kayski

    Hi Cassey,
    Was very excited to see the prices in your new line. Unfortunately even with the VIP pricing it was still too expensive for me. The line looks beautiful though.

    Thanks Cassey

  • Karrie

    The active wear looks so cute! I want one of everything, which I’m sure is the point, but I seriously can’t afford one of anything. I’m sure the quality is really great and I’m excited for all of the people that are going to rocking this cute stuff, but I definitely don’t think it could be called affordable- even with VIP prices. Especially when your entire premise is exercises that people can do in their homes for little to no cost.

    Definitely not mad or anything, it’s really cute and congratulations! But I think I’m going to stick to getting my stuff from Forever XXI and Walmart where I only have to blow 20 bucks on an outfit that works just as well.

  • Evelyn

    Hello Cassey! Congratulations, you have done a beautiful job! I wish you a lot of sucess. The Set the bar bra its my favorite piece, it looks really good! Keep going, greetings from germany!

  • Rachel

    When I first heard about this, I was really excited. Especially after reading you saying that you worked your hardest to create affordable and fashionable workout clothes. Then I got into the website and my heart broke. In now way, shape, or form is $76-$90 for a pair of leggings “affordable” for the average person. I’m very confused as to why it was advertised as so, when that pricing is on par with some of the most expensive actice wear brands out there. I think some thought needs to go into who the target audience is because most of the girls I interact with on blogilates, including myself, cannot afford to buy work out clothes that are that expensive except for maybe one splurge item.

  • Shannon

    Just ordered three outfits and I’m very excited! They are a bit pricy but I have yet to find anything of that quality that is any cheaper (and it’s usually a lot more expensive). I bought a jacket from the bodypop line a while back and I seriously wear it all the time. Worth every penny, and I’m sure these will be too. Can’t wait until they arrive! Thank you, Cassey, for creating such a beautiful line! With blogilates, I know I can trust the materials and quality of every garment and I will definitely wear these popflex outfits all the time too! <3

  • Beth

    To everyone saying the prices are outrageous and wayyy too much, (ex. $90 for leggings), sign up for the VIP prices! It’s free to sign up. I did it. And you get the better price :) hope this helps.

  • alina

    Cassey, congratulations on achieving your dreams and having your own BEAUTIFUL clothing line!! But you’re killing me!!! You did such a great job I want one of everything in every color!!!

    • Maria

      OMG! I couldn’t agree more. Cassey, thank you so much for all your hard work and your passion. What an accomplishment! Gorgeous job! (oGorgeous, in fact.;) Can’t wait to get some new leggings! What great motivation to work out! Thank you!

  • Ashley

    Casey! I haven’t received the password and I was sooooooooo excited! Still am, but a bit bummed out to have not receive the password:(

  • Mel

    Haven’t gotten the password yet.. what’s going on?

  • Julia

    Honestly, when Cassey said that the new collection would be more “affordable”, I was super excited. Now that I found out that a pair of leeggings costs $90 (without shipping), Im kind of disappointed. I was really looking forward to this, but I just can’t afford it.

  • Molly

    I haven’t got the password yet and i would really like it. Does anyone know the password?

    • alina

      Check your spam! That’s where mine and a bunch of people’s ended up

  • Annie

    The Peony collection is so gorgeous, seriously! Everything is relatively steep in price, but I’m willing to break my bank account for it. Can’t wait to check out the high quality materials in person :)

  • Jennifer

    $90.00 for leggings? No way. Sorry. ..

  • Jennifer

    $90.00 for leggings? No way. Sorry.

  • Molly

    The line is so pretty! I have to say though, I’m a little disappointed about the price point. She talked a lot in the video about better pricing, but the shirts are over $60 and the leggings are between $76-$90! I wish these were a bit more in my price range. Oh well :(

    Hope the sale goes well Cassey! The designs look lovely!

  • I’m still waiting for my password! Can someone just tell me what it is? PLEASE! (yes I checked my spam folder)

  • Gia

    Soooo lovely. I just loved the shirt inspired in the ice cream

  • Sarah

    Has anyone gotten the email yet with the password yet? I dont know of its because I live in Canada, but I haven’t gotten an email yet.

  • Kyndra

    I absolutely love your new line!! I wish I could have everything but it’s so expensive especially from being in Canada and the 15$ shipping rate ?

  • Chelley

    Beautifully displayed, such a work of art from the dancer models to the clothing!

  • Ashley Cox

    Has the password gone out? I havent seen it!

  • Ida

    No shipping to the UK ????????

  • Erin

    I love, love, LOVE the designs. Especially the periwinkle top. So cute and so perfect for working out. The sports bras look like they’d fit amazingly. Can’t wait for the password so I can go check it out!

    P.S. to all of you worrying. The pswd will be sent out for 12pm PST (California time)

    • Cristina

      but it is 12 PST!
      No email :(

      • Vicky Mei

        check spam

        • Holly

          Has anyone received the password? I still haven’t!

          • Erin L

            Watching spam and inbox profusely and still nothing… :(

          • Rhian

            I’m still waiting for the password too. Very frustrating, not sure what has happened.

          • Ashley

            Nope. Checked spam too :/

          • Erin

            Yes, it was in my spam folder. Check there! Happy shopping!

  • omg i didnt get an email

    • Vicky Mei

      I haven’t gotten it either!!But she just tweeted!

      • Jen

        Guys the password is in your spam folder!!

    • Erin

      I didn’t get one either… :( did anybody get theirs?

    • Alison

      I didn’t get an email either. :(

      • Vicky Mei

        check spam!