Are Waist Trainers Bad for you?


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The new year starts in under a week! Can you believe!!?? So…we are going to kick Jan 2016 off with a fun 30 day challenge that will begin Jan 1! Are you ready for this? We’re going to work to tighten our waists with the 30 day Waist Trainer challenge that I’ve developed for you!

But wait, do you have to wear…a waist trainer??

Please give me a moment to take a breather.

NO!!! OH GOODNESS NO, do not do it, please! For your health!

Let me tell you something. A waist trainer is just a corset that has been resurrected. Corsets, which originated in France, used to be worn by women (and upper class men) as early as the 16th and 17th centuries! The peak of the corset’s popularity was during the Victorian Era.


Here is a picture of a women from the “Gibson Girl” era, where hourglass figures and the tiny cinched waist were in! The tinier the waist, the more delicate, beautiful, and feminine you were. At this time, people were not very knowledgable about health and exercise either, so all of the cinching was done for pure vanity – which as you know, is ALWAYS a problem. During the mid to late 19th century, doctors began to get concerned over the health issues that corset-wearing may cause.

waist trainer bad

What are some risks?

  • Constipation
  • Indigestion
  • Shallow breathing
  • Passing out
  • Acid reflux
  • Back acne


As you can see, corset wearing doesn’t actually get rid of fat. How can it? Celebrities like the Kardashians and Jessica Alba swear by the waist trainer, but there is NO EVIDENCE that you’re burning extra calories by wearing it. (Let’s also keep in mind that celebrities are also paid A LOT by companies to wear and promote their products to their adoring followers.) All it does is push your organs, muscles and bones into a different placement so that you can achieve an hourglass figure.

Hmm, that doesn’t sound like a good idea does it? If your body’s anatomy was structured and spaced in a way that was meant to make you function optimally as a human being, why in the world would you change that? Wearing a waist trainer or corset for days, weeks or months at a time can have very serious and dangerous effects on your health. Please save your money and do not buy into this gimmick.

Remember this. Wearing a waist trainer or corset does not give you flat abs and an hourglass shape forever. The more you wear a corset for “support” and reshaping, the less strength your actual muscles have. Also, once you stop wearing it, your belly is just going to bulge right back out. If you’re looking for a permanent solution, you better stop reading up on waist trainers and being enchanted by “impeccable” celebrity bodies. There is no spot reducing and there is no “magic”. There’s plastic surgery and then there’s something called working hard and earning your body.

Oh and yeah, and above all that, you actually get STRONGER when you work out and eat right. Who wants a skinny waist while not being able to do a proper sit-up? Let’s work for strength and create our own “natural corset” with our muscles.

That’s why I want you to take the 30 day waist trainer challenge with me. It’s free and it WORKS. Everyday for 30 days, we will all perform the following 5 moves to tighten your entire core, your upper abs, your lower belly, and your obliques. We are attacking the mid section from every angle. You ready!!?? Here’s your challenge, which begins Jan 1:

30 day waist trainer-small-03

Click to download hi-res version

If you are committing the next 30 days to a fitter body and a slimmer, stronger waist, then I want you to save this pic and post it to your social media. Ask your friends to join in and use the hashtag #30daywaisttrainer.

Here are the moves:


Eagle Abs – bring your elbows to your knees and use your abs to crunch. Works rectus abdominus.


Reverse Crunch – Press your arms down into the mat and lift your butt off the ground. Works lower abs.


Double D’s – Press your entire back into the mat. This is almost like a double leg lift, but instead your legs will draw two D’s in the air as your go back up. Works lower abs.


Infinity Abs – Bring your feet up into table top position. With hands clasped together with elbows straight out, pretend you are rowing side to side. Draw an infinity shape with your elbows! Works entire core, especially obliques.



Accordians – Lying on your side, place your elbow underneath your shoulder and raise your top arm above your head. Your top ankle should be crossed over your bottom ankle. Raise your top leg and bring your elbow to your knee. Works obliques.


Ok, now you know all of the moves. If you’re in, comment “I’m in!” and post this pic so I can see how many of you are taking the 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge! Jan 1 is the day we begin!







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  • Little e

    Thanks for posting the waist training challenge. I love your videos :)

  • Sandra

    I’m in. A little late but I am starting this challenge today. :)

  • Ashley


    do you think there is anyway you could do a 30 day muffin top challenge? this is a very problem area for me and those 30 day challenges work the best for me as far as my schedule goes!

  • Talia

    Hey guys, I have a quick question. I ordered the vegan 8 week meal plan with my journal, and used the combo, and did not get the discount!!! Also, I ordered it on my iPhone6, and the meal plan did not “instant download” so I still don’t even have that. Does anyone know how to rectify what’s going on with my order?? Thanks so much!!

  • Nikki

    I’m in this is one of my challenges for myself in February:)Good luck everyone and God Bless!

  • Jen

    Guys, if I do this for 30 days, does it mean I can stop after that? Or do I have to continue doing this for it to work?

  • Lauren

    When she puts like 5 eagle abs, is each rep like 1? So I do 5 of those in total? Because I do some ab workouts (although not a lot) I feel like doing this little doesn’t do much for me. Not sure, if someone could clarify please:)

    • Jen

      I think she means just 5 eagle abs. I think she wants to build us up slowly, but I’m not completely sure.

  • Lauren

    When she says says like 5 reps of eagle abs, Does that just mean do 5? I do some ab workouts, not a lot, but sometimes I feel like since everything is so little it doesn’t do anything.

  • Arti

    The February calendar is about to come out and im just about to start this one!