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Hey guys!

It is time for your October Calendar! I am so excited about this one because, well to be honest, there’s a pumpkin with hipster glasses. HOW CAN YOU NOT BE EXCITED ABOUT A HIPSTER PUMPKIN!???


Click to Print/Save

I hope you love the calendar as much as I do! The pumpkins you see in the background were personally painted by a very artistic member of the Blogilates team, Leslie! She used glitter and fabric paint to achieve those looks. I really love how they don’t look at Jack-o-lantern-y. Because the base is white, they look really classy! I then photographed them outside as the sun was setting! As you can see, we pay a lot of attention to how your calendar looks and feels. Since you have to hang this on your wall or use it as your desktop for a whole month, I want you to WANT to look at it!

So, what to do now?

  1. Click on the calendar, save it, and print!
  2. Hang it on your wall or put on your desktop background.
  3. Download the Blogilates App (SUPER cool new feature is coming soon!)
  4. Find all the daily videos either by subscribing to the App’s calendar or by going to youtube.com/blogilates
  5. Check off the videos as you do them each day.

THAT IS IT! This month is going to be epic! Do you know what you will dress up as for Halloween? I have no clue yet. If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

Also, for the rest of Fall and into Winter, watch out for some new videos from me. We are trying to get a little more creative and well, it may get weird. But whatever. I love weird because weird is me and I love me :)

*As “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld plays in the background…*

Ok have fun with this one guys! LET’S GO HARD when everyone else is winding down!


  • haniyya

    OMG i did the 1000 abbs challenge and it nearly killed me i was in pain for the next day at school and i had P.E ,but i did it and my parnets said if i contribute to the price i can buy a spiralizer
    yayyy zoodles

  • fede

    cassey, i haven’t yet recived the email with the password for the new calendar! what can i do?