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Hey guys!

August. The last summer month. I always remember back to my school days where I would start getting more and more nervous as the first day of school got closer and closer! Ahh the nerves! But you know what made it easier? Having friends I could look forward to seeing.

I encourage you to surround yourself with people who make you happy and who actually are excited for you when something good happens, versus being jealous. I’m currently dealing with some *ahem* “divas” who only expect things out of our relationship. And you know what? That is when the unhappiness begins to creep in.

My life motto is “Give, give, give. The more you give, the more you receive.” Anyone who doesn’t believe in the same thing? Sorry, we can’t be friends!

ANYWAY…let’s talk about the August Workout Calendar!

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Each day is focused on one target area but we always start with a type of cardio to keep your heart your up! This will help burn more calories throughout the workout.

Be sure to check out August 9th! There’s a special birthday that day! 5 years ago I uploaded the “POP Pilates: Instense Ab Workout” and it’s been a classic ever since. Do it with me that day to celebrate!

Friday is a rest day where you will stretch and make some fun #cheapcleaneats recipes!

Additionally, you will find that on Saturday the 1st and the 15th, there is a workout you will not find on YouTube. That is an exclusive “Pilates Perfect Legs” routine you will only find in the Blogilates Official App (free to download on iPhone and Android)! Make sure you subscribe to the calendar in there and you will be given 100% of the videos in this month’s workout plan!

Also, I would love it if you could give the Blogilates app a rating! It really helps me continue to create more features inside the app if I know you like it. Thank you in advance :)

Oh! And here is the 7 day #Planksaroundtheworld challenge that the Calendar is referring too! Please see all the details on how to join the challenge on my Instagram @blogilates. It’s gonna be fun and there will be prizes!


Remember, if you’ve been itching to join the challenges but you feel like you’ll be annoying your friends with all of your fitness posts…then listen up! One of the most liberating things you can do is the start an Instagram account DEDICATED to your fitness journey! Follow other POPsters and I promise that they will follow you back. Make sure you’re using the hashtag #blogilates and you will find so many amazing people who share the same passions as you :)

And you know what? I love rewarding POPsters who are KILLING IT daily! Check out this new program we have!


Every Friday, the I, along with the @blogilatesdesigns team will be looking to crown a POPster of the Week! If you read the blurb up there, you will get a sense of what we’re looking for. And every Friday, one special member of the community will be awarded a full Instagram feature on the @blogilatesdesigns page and s(he) will also win a $25 gift card to To be considered, just tag your IG pics with #blogilatesdesigns when you’re in Blogilates or BODYPOP gear! Or maybe it’s even your dog on a Blogilates mat! Or your latest detox bottle recipe!

detox bottle

Check out all the Detox Bottle Designs here.

Whatever it is…I wanna see more of you and thank YOU for being an amazing POPster.

I also want to address something here. I noticed that when I put up this post on Instagram, so many people were commenting that I was being “discriminatory” and “mean” for not putting “he”. The truth is, looking at the analytics of this blog, the YouTube channel, my social media pages etc…I can see your gender! And female is pretty close to 100% :) But to be clear, I will never out-rule a guy who shows major POP love.

Ok! That is all for now. I want you to print the calendar out. I want you to ask a friend to do it with you. And I want you to share a calendar selfie with me before you hang it up! Comment if you’re in!


  • Moazzama

    Someone please help me stop late night snacking.

  • Hana Stephanie

    Hi! I’ve been exercising for some time already, just at home by myself, but recently it was really hard to just go and start. It became so monotonous and many times I couldn’t find any motivation. And then I found Cassey! :) I love you! Thank you soooo much! :) With your help I’m back on my way to my dream body!

  • Helixa

    I started in July with the beginner’s calendar and follow since 2 weeks this calendar.
    I feel I get stronger but my hips crack always. I do everyday a strech video but the crack doesn’t stop. What can I do?

  • Raj


    I’ve nearly finished the beginners workout and I love it. I have had a look at the new workout calendar and I think it would be great if you uploaded the videos like the beginners workout!!!!

  • amina

    Today I take up d challenge to embrace my new self,beautiful mind and body. Positivity all the way,people!

  • Arliana

    I fell in love the first time i saw your videos on youtube! Subscribed today and I’m gonna start right away! wish me luck!

  • Kyndra

    Cassey I love how you added abs and obliques this month! I never worked them so hard I love it! Can you please do it again next month I need to melt my post baby muffin top! !

  • Kay

    Hi girls!
    I’m starting today with a mix of Beginners and August calendar. I followed Cassey’s calendars for a few months before and I have never felt better in my life!! Due to personal reasons I stopped, but now I’m starting again and would love it if there is someone else starting too, so we can support each others! Let’s connect on instagram : . I’m so looking forward to this journey, good luck everyone <3

  • Hi cassey I need help on getting the new calendar posted to my house I have not a clue on what to go on to enter my postcode, and when you do show me, will I be safe giving my postcode to you as I don’t want it to spread or be on the Internet for people to see or for you to share or show anyone, please get back to me thank you


  • Valerie

    I will finish the 2.0 beginners calendar tomorrow(Friday)! So excited! So I purchased the August challenge on the app for $.99 and I wanted to start from day 1 but it doesn’t show the videos or anything on the app. Is there any way I can get to them! I don’t want to start midway in August.????????????

  • Dimple

    Cassey, your videos are amazing and I love your workouts.
    Do you however recommend doing pilates with other forms of weight loss routines – cardio and lifting?

  • thivya

    cassey pls do a 1000 arm challenge! that’d be really cool! love youuuu

  • Natalie

    Need advice for printing off the monthly calendar where I can actually read it.

  • Katheryn

    I’ve been on this site since last summer and was doing well. But, I started in January, to step it up with your ab challenge, then added the slender thigh and the butt lift challenges. I was down a pants size by May and I’m still going strong. I’m doing the flash abs video you sent out and I will try your new ab and butt tomorrow. The pushing grasshopper has done wonders to tighten up my arms and back. No more droppies by my bra, no more pudgy love handles. This is great!
    I’m 60 and in wonderful shape now. Pilates has done more to transform my body than years of going to a gym. I’m firm, more flexible and my balance is much better.
    Keep up the good work. I am sold on this.!
    P.S. I saw the video where you digitally transformed yourself after receiving criticism. Pooh on them. You are lovely. You have an asian woman’s body, and you are very fit. No one should expect you to have a big butt. You have muscles like spring steel. Thank you for making those catty people look as petty and foolish as they are. Rather than sniping, they should try to keep up.

    • Karoliina

      Katheryn, you’re such a lovely & inspiring person. Pilates doesn’t care about the age :) Keep up the good work!

  • Rachel

    hey! i just recently joined and im really trying to lose some major weight, mostly around my stomach and legs. I was wondering if i should just do ab and leg workouts each day or do the calender which has abs and legs but also others?? and how long will it take to see results?

    • Emily

      everyone is different. For me when I started I did the beginners calendar, which I highly recommend, as well as the 30 day arms challenge because i wanted to loose the arm fat i had. I know there is both an ab and a thigh one but I would just pick one to do at first since you’re newer to Pilates.
      It’s good to try and work every part of your body, but you can sometimes focus more on one area over another as long as you dont hurt yourself in the process (so have rest days!)
      The results may vary, but for me I could tell within the first month that I was changing everywhere!

      • Sadie

        I recommend doing a variety of different exercises. If you wish to lose weight in such areas, you can concentrate your workouts around working those areas of your body… In my opinion it is good to have days where you focus on these areas. For instance, you might say to yourself, Monday I’ll focus on abs, Tuesday I’ll focus on flexibility… and so on and so forth. Regardless of where you want to lose the weight, it’s just a good idea to give your whole body a workout. Also, if you wish to lose weight, the trick is to combine a good diet along with your workout. By this I don’t mean cutting all foods you like out of your diet. Basically, the way you gain weight is by injesting a certain amount of calories on a certain day– regardless if it was calories caused by eating healthy or unhealthy foods– and then not working them off. The accumulation of these calories will cause you to gain weight, etc. That’s just the trick. If you want to lose weight, you should download a calorie tracker app. You can input your weight goal, daily workouts, and what you ate that day. It will keep you motivated and help you to healthily shed a couple pounds. Also, I’m not a doctor, just into fitness, etc. as well so please no judgements made. However, if I said something incorrect, I’d be happy to learn more! Hope this helped!

  • Bloated but motivated;)

    After months, today I was only a few pounds off my goal weight, I felt the great and the workouts were awesome and really working..i ruined it by binging for the past 2 hours:( I feel so angry and upset with myself, and sitting here in pain from eating to much, looking back at the past few weeks, I’ve realised that i’ve been binging a lot recently. I know this probably is the wrong place to post and I’m aware that this post sounds pretty pathetic, but I was wondering does anyone else do this or has anyone experienced it?or does anyone please have any advice how to stop? I always feel so unmotivated and sorry for myself after I binge and actually just sharing it with people who may know what it feels like makes me feel a tiny bit better:) I was looking forward to my rest day tomorrow, that’ll have to wait!!x

    • McCall

      Hi!!! I had a similar experience in high school! Things are looking up!! You can completely heal from these behaviors and thoughts that haunt!!! I suggest Jenni Shaefers book Life without Ed and meeting with a dietician speciaizing in eating Disorders. I love you keep trying! Add me on Facebook and I’ll give you more support. Also my eating disorder recovery blogs is

    • Katheryn

      I’m an older lady and find sometimes I graze, nibble here, nibble there, and by the time I’m done, I’ve eaten a meal”s worth. I found this works for me. I grab some water and the keys and walk out. I go for a walk. I put distance between myself and the temptation. A fast, long walk gets the weakness out of me. It’s like divorcing myself from the food.
      It sounds simplistic, but this has worked for me. Good luck to you.

  • Lily

    How long is the Pilates Perfect Legs video on the app? I want to know how many videos I should use to substitute it.