30 Days & 30 Stretches to Splits! #JourneytoSplits

Journey to Splits Square

Hey guys!

Introducing your brand new 30 day challenge for July! #JourneytoSplits. I’m going to teach you how to get into the side splits in just 1 month. This will be a VERY REWARDING journey, however, you will need to show me that you are DEDICATED. Increasing your flexibility at this level TAKES TIME. A little every day.  You will need to stretch for at least 10 min a day if you’re serious about getting into the splits in 1 month. But let me assure you right now that this feat is not impossible! Get excited because we’re going to get there together :)


1. First of all I want to know that you’re IN! So, everyday from today til July 1st, I’m giving away a set of Stretch Bands to a random POPster who has posted the above graphic on their Instagram! Make sure that you hashtag #JourneytoSplits and #Blogilates for your entry to be seen! Also follow @blogilates and @poppilatesofficial.

(If you don’t have an Instagram account or don’t feel comfortable posting on your personal one, just make a new one dedicated to your fitness! Feel free to use the words “POPster”, “POP”, or “Blogilates” in your username!)


Blogilates Stretch Bands, shopblogilates.com

2. Stick to the 30 days. Do not skip a single day. Promise? That’s how you’ll get into the splits. Every day I want you to post a picture of the pose of the day as a sign that you did your stretches. Hashtag #JourneytoSplits and #Blogilates.

3. Ok but here’s how this month’s challenge is different than The Stretch Project. Everyday I will need you to do stretches 1-5, your foundational stretches. You may not skip them. So, the first 5 days, you are doing the first 5 stretches! Then beginning day 6, you will just add one move on. So on day 6, you will do 1-5 and 6. On day 30, you will do 1-5 and 30. Get it? So you will do 6 moves a day beginning day 6.

4. How long to hold? I want you to hold each stretch for around 30 sec to 1 min per side. Total, each day you should spend around 10 min. stretching.

Yes, this is dedication! But, just like how I felt when I got into the headstand for the first time, it was PURE BLISS. You will feel so happy, accomplished, and just VICTORIOUS! Unlike losing weight or getting slimmer thighs, your goal is not driven by fitting into skinny jeans, societal pressures or vanity. It is genuinely for yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks. There’s freedom in knowing that.

At the end of each week on Friday, I will be announcing a weekly winner of a special gift from ShopBlogilates.com just for participating in the #JourneytoSplits! All the winners will be announced on @poppilatesofficial. Prizes will look something like this…


Featured clockwise from top left:

1. POP Pilates Tank, 2. Choose to be happy Mason Jar, 3. Train Like a Beast Slippy Shoulder Sweater, 4. POP Pilates Flat Abs Fast DVD, 5. Train Insane Booty Shorts, Choose to be Happy Crew Neck Muscle Tank.


Are you excited!!??? I am!! Let’s get this party started! Just post the pic and tag as many friends as you can. Let’s get everyone to get more bendy this July!


  • zeina

    hi, i would love to start the journey to split but i dont know how to watch your videos and what should i do so i will be thankful if you help me..

    • anonymous

      you don’t have to watch videos, the first five days, you do the streches with numbers 1-5, from day six, you do 1-5 and the number of the day you are (for example: day 22: streches 1-5 + 22).

      • zeina

        thank you…

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  • Carla

    Hey! I have a question, it is necessary doing The Stretch Project before my Journey To Splits?

    • anonymous

      no its not necessary, you can do this from every level of flexability, my grandma is 79 and she started it about 26 days ago, she is not fully in the splits, but almost.

  • I’ve always wanted to be able to do the splits! Defo going totry and give this a go!

    I’ll try my best not to miss a day!!

    Clare | http://www.clare-without-an-i.com


  • Isabella

    Can you make the app for windows phones??please Cassey

    • anonymous

      I have a windows Phone, and I have it

  • Caroline

    I’m not flexible enough to do Day 6… it looks like you have to be pretty flexible already to do it, like almost at the splits. Am i just doing it wrong? I tried it by going as far into the splits as i can, with a block or something under my leg like where she has it in the picture. but I’m not flexible enough to even touch the block… Someone help me…

    • Annie

      just place a large enough blocker you to complete day 6!

    • Marta

      Hi Caroline! I think Cassey’s idea was to demonstrate the stretch for a visual guide. She is obviously much more flexible than you or me and therefore can go lower. This is probably how we would be supposed to look if we did the stretch on day 30. Don’t give up! While I’m doing this challenge I will just go as far into each stretch as I can without worrying about whether or not I am as deep into the stretch as the picture.

      • Nikki

        Hi I just used a rolled up yoga mat and a pillow on top of it to do day 6:)Hope this helps and God Bless!

  • Completed, documented in my blog and proud that took the part in the challenge! As for newbie in yoga/pilates was not easy but made huge improvements during the challenge! Thank you Cassey for challenge, and hope to see some new ones soon – I am intrigued!

    Miss Athlétique

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  • veronica

    Voglio provarci!!!! Ma inizio domani: 1° agosto :-)

  • dillon

    Guys, what is she doing in Day 6?

    • Popster

      She is putting a block below her legs to balance herself to doing the splits. In her video 9 Steps to doing the Splits skip to 4:00, and you’ll get an idea of what she means.

  • Ruadh Kelly-Harrington

    Guys, what is she doing in Day 5??? I can’t figure it out!

    • Hannah

      She is laying down on her back with one leg down and pulling the other leg up. I also have a question. Is she doing the splits on Day 6?

    • Christine

      Check out the video Cassey did for Streching (Stretching for Leg Flexibility! Swimsuit Slimdown Series – at “6:13”). She explains some of the streches. I think the leg just goes straight up in the air while the foot is flat (not pointed). I hope that helps :)

  • Renelle

    hey Cassie Im loving this 30 days to splits….can you do a 30 Day Challenge for the Front Splits plzzzzzzz

  • This is exactly what I needed!! I’ve just started back at Ballet after many many (many) years off and my flexibility isn’t what it used to be!! Can’t wait to get stuck into this and get my splits back! x

  • Eydís

    Could you do #journeytoadownwarddog next? That would be really helpful ????

  • Found this today. I have a left split, an “almost there” right split, and I want a six-o-clock arabesque penchée. I will definitely try this. Thank you!

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  • jini

    Today was my first day starting back working out and I absolutely loved it…. Love what you’re doing Cassy… Keep up the Great Work!!!!!!!!!

  • anonymus

    Back end or head stand next month please

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  • maggiewild

    i dont know if i got it right, on the day 30 im gonna do moves 1-5 and 30, not 1-5 and every move to 30?

    • jiturka

      On day 30 you’ll make all of them.

    • Sierra Graziano

      Yea thats right, you are only doing 6 moves in total every day
      on day 30 you would only be doing moves 1-5 AND 30 thats it :D

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  • Laura

    I would like to know how to improve my “spagat”. Are there any routine like this to get it in a few time?
    Thank you


    • Signe

      “Splits” means Spagat in English. So just follow this routine and youll be fine :)

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  • hi cassey.
    well uh I really don’t know where to start…… uhm okay well ive daughts about the spilt thingi… for starts iam not one bit flexible I can’t even reach my toes. can’t I possibly get something easier?

  • Liz

    I never stretched myself but yesterday was my first day and it was fun but hard, I will keep going, thanks Caseey for this challenge.

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  • Eva

    loving this forgot the last too days but am back on track can’t wait to keep going! my muscles wiretapping from stretch 6 today but i loved it! had to have the yoga block on its side as couldn’t go so low!

  • B

    It would be very helpful if you made a video of the poses so we know if we’re doing them right.

    • Jamie

      I agree. I was literally just on youtube checking to see if there was one. lol

  • Gabi

    What if I can’t keep my leg straight on top? It hurts too much.. (on day 5)

    • Annika

      In the picture, she’s using a theraband but even a towel or a scarf should help to keep it in a position where it stretches, but not too much. You don’t have to start with your leg straight up.

      • Sadie

        You can try placing the theraband/scarf/towel lower on your leg. Put the band around your ankle or mid calf instead. If needed, you could even slide it down to your knee. Nothing wrong with going at your own pace! Once doing this your leg will be farther from your body and you should be able to straighten it. Everyday just move it slightly higher up your leg and you’ll get it in no time! Just remember don’t rush yourself too fast or you could overstretch your muscles and then not be able to stretch again for several days!

  • Kathrine

    Is it okay to stretch when you are sore from your previous day of stretching? Can it slow down the prosess of the muscles rebuilding themself? Or can it hurt your muscles?

  • Milda


    It’s really great to see everyone working out to feel good and be healthy and pretty :) and I have to say I love the positivity and energy in Blogilates videos. The colorful and light-filled interiors inspire me, too. Thank you for that.

    I have thought about this for some time now while trying to stretch and have a question that maybe some other people have, too… When I lean forward (for example, in the stretches 1, 2, 3) – I have to keep my back straight, right? At least, the lower part of it? The question popped in my head because if I try to bend further without consciously keeping my back straight, it bends in the lower part so that my spine is kinda visible. I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s right. Maybe it has something to do with strengthening the core muscles and remembering to use them while stretching, too?
    Thank you in advance!!

    Have a nice weekend, everyone!

    • Brittany

      Hey :)

      You should try to keep your back straight while you stretch forward so that you feel the full stretch right through your hamstring :) I find it helps (as long as you have good balance – maybe try beside a wall) to put your hands straight forward and try to reach past your toe rather than putting your hands on your leg. Like hover your hands instead of placing them on your leg and reach further and further :)

      If you bend your back and hold your leg you aren’t stretching as far as you can. It’s not bad for you but it is bad for progress :P

      I like to roll on my back forward and backwards holding my knees after stretching to help my lower back limber up a little too :)
      Hope this helped!

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  • Joyce

    Anyone has trouble doing this month #JourneytoSplits? :(
    The first 2 days were fine for me, but I did the stretches 1 to 5 for the 3rd time last night and I being woken up in the middle of the night cus my thighs are hurting so bad. They are literally killing me and I have such a hard time just to sit out or stand up. It doesn’t feel comfortable just walking around too.
    Is this normal reaction? Should I do today’s stretches too or just stop for a while? Anyone has any advices? :(

    • Angie

      Oh wow! I think you should stop. I know that you may not want to but if it’s not sore “pains” and it’s actually hurting you in a bad way, you should stop. Relax for a couple of days and if it doesn’t go away/gets worse, you should see a doctor or someone.
      Hope you feel better! ♥

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  • Janfi

    Hi! I really wanna know if you have resistance band workouts. If that’s so could you please tell me the names :) thank you so much!!

  • Jean

    Cassie this is the 3rd month I don’t recieve calendar password. Can you tell me why? Or can someone pass the password x July.

    • jill


    • Anonymous

      The password is banansplit

    • The password is bananasplit;)

    • tamia

      hey! The password is bananasplit…:p

  • amy

    you’re the purtiest.

  • Jey

    Hi Friends

    I am at the beginner level and completed 10 days and yesterday I started Journey to Splits. I am feeling extremely sore and tired since I started it. Should I add some stretches.
    Also I started working out last month – 9 months after my baby. I was idle for1.5 years. I started running then I found Cassey which is very motivating. i try to run 3 times a week for about 2-3 miles each time. So what should I do for the soreness. I feel really lazy to run after the day exercise.
    I could not even climb stairs. I feel my body is getting tighten though I have not lost weight. Again losing weight is not my goal. Being fit and happy is my goal.

    • Angie

      Honestly, I would do super simple stretches. Example: stretch your arms above your head and arch your back (kind of when you sit down for a while and then then you do the “stand stretch”), just reach down to touch your toes, widen you legs and reach for each side and down the middle, etc.
      I usually do these, their simple and they don’t hurt too much. I actually feel better than not doing any stretches at all.
      If not these, I’m sure you can research some other stretches you may find more useful :)
      Hope this helps at least a little :)

  • hajer

    hi cassey i love your workouts !!!
    I have just a little question for this challange because I am very engaged and in but personally i can not maked the same position than you in the poster !!! it is my first day can you help me and perhaps other girls who have the same problem

  • Hanna

    On number 5 can you hold your foot with your hand if you don’t have a stretch band?

    • Jey

      I have the same question

    • I’m not one to say anything, but I don’t see why it should be a problem. If ur flexible enough and won’t bend ur leg then why not. Otherwise u can use a rope (like a jumping rope) or anything similar and walk ur way up with ur hands and pull so that u get that stretch. Ur rope just won’t give way. Hope that helps ;)

    • Poppy

      sure, or you can use a belt, towel,..

    • Andra

      Surely you have a scarf, a belt, or a towel you can wrap?

    • zina

      you cn use any fabric you have..I use a long t shirt for it

    • Nienke

      I think you can just use any kind of band, doesn’t have to be a stretch band. I used a towel :P
      I guess you do have to be careful with the pressure you’re putting on your leg, don’t pull it too far!

      • Sadie

        Try putting the band around your ankle, mid calf, or knee instead. Then it will hurt a lot less and you should be able to straighten it. Hope this helped!

  • michelle

    J’ai bien aimé votre article et j’ai appris plusieurs choses. J’ai une amie qui pratique le Pilates et qui constate plusieurs des bienfaits que vous décrivez sur votre blog. Que me recommendez-vous? Pilates ou plutôt des exercices ABC?

    • cailloo

      qu’appelles-tu les exercices ABC?

  • Debbie

    I’m super inflexible I can’t even touch my toes properly, so I’m excited to try this and see where it goes! But I’m confused about move 5. Are we supposed to move our legs straight up or to the left and right as well?

    • Amber

      Both legs should be as straight as possible, and you’ll try and pull your leg to your chest. It looks like these stretches are to get right and/or left splits, not middle (sometimes called straddle) splits.

      • Jey

        I am not able to do any of the stretched properly. I am not able to stretch the leg straight. If I try to do, my head is not reaching where it should be in the postures (2 and 3). I am trying though! This is making me totally tired along with Beginner’s workout. But loving it though

    • Paty

      I get the struggle… I can’t touch my toes either and I just hope I’ll gain some flexibility with this :)

  • Elise

    Just finish day one!
    I know I Will feel it….
    Thank you for the chalenge !

  • Amal

    I’m so excited , I’m new here and I’ll do my best to keep in task every day . I’m afraid , I won’t be able to post pictures on instagram :(

  • Eunice

    Do we need to do the pose for both legs or just as shown?

    • Sarah

      both legs. (to get both spilts- left and right)

  • Suzette

    To split or not to split, that is the question. I am going to give it my all, I need all the help I can get and this will be a good challenge. #Split’sat46.

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