30 Days & 30 Stretches to Splits! #JourneytoSplits

Journey to Splits Square

Hey guys!

Introducing your brand new 30 day challenge for July! #JourneytoSplits. I’m going to teach you how to get into the side splits in just 1 month. This will be a VERY REWARDING journey, however, you will need to show me that you are DEDICATED. Increasing your flexibility at this level TAKES TIME. A little every day.  You will need to stretch for at least 10 min a day if you’re serious about getting into the splits in 1 month. But let me assure you right now that this feat is not impossible! Get excited because we’re going to get there together :)


1. First of all I want to know that you’re IN! So, everyday from today til July 1st, I’m giving away a set of Stretch Bands to a random POPster who has posted the above graphic on their Instagram! Make sure that you hashtag #JourneytoSplits and #Blogilates for your entry to be seen! Also follow @blogilates and @poppilatesofficial.

(If you don’t have an Instagram account or don’t feel comfortable posting on your personal one, just make a new one dedicated to your fitness! Feel free to use the words “POPster”, “POP”, or “Blogilates” in your username!)


Blogilates Stretch Bands, shopblogilates.com

2. Stick to the 30 days. Do not skip a single day. Promise? That’s how you’ll get into the splits. Every day I want you to post a picture of the pose of the day as a sign that you did your stretches. Hashtag #JourneytoSplits and #Blogilates.

3. Ok but here’s how this month’s challenge is different than The Stretch Project. Everyday I will need you to do stretches 1-5, your foundational stretches. You may not skip them. So, the first 5 days, you are doing the first 5 stretches! Then beginning day 6, you will just add one move on. So on day 6, you will do 1-5 and 6. On day 30, you will do 1-5 and 30. Get it? So you will do 6 moves a day beginning day 6.

4. How long to hold? I want you to hold each stretch for around 30 sec to 1 min per side. Total, each day you should spend around 10 min. stretching.

Yes, this is dedication! But, just like how I felt when I got into the headstand for the first time, it was PURE BLISS. You will feel so happy, accomplished, and just VICTORIOUS! Unlike losing weight or getting slimmer thighs, your goal is not driven by fitting into skinny jeans, societal pressures or vanity. It is genuinely for yourself regardless of what anyone else thinks. There’s freedom in knowing that.

At the end of each week on Friday, I will be announcing a weekly winner of a special gift from ShopBlogilates.com just for participating in the #JourneytoSplits! All the winners will be announced on @poppilatesofficial. Prizes will look something like this…


Featured clockwise from top left:

1. POP Pilates Tank, 2. Choose to be happy Mason Jar, 3. Train Like a Beast Slippy Shoulder Sweater, 4. POP Pilates Flat Abs Fast DVD, 5. Train Insane Booty Shorts, Choose to be Happy Crew Neck Muscle Tank.


Are you excited!!??? I am!! Let’s get this party started! Just post the pic and tag as many friends as you can. Let’s get everyone to get more bendy this July!


  • Abigail

    Hi, I have been doing these stretches for a week and a half now. I can’t seem to always do what she is doing on the picture though. For example on day number 7 I can’t get my bottom all the way down while keeping my feet flat on the ground. Plus I can’t seem to do it everyday. I do it one day and then rest for one day and then get back to it the next day. I don’t count my rest day as a completed day so I’m not skipping stretches I am just taking a day off every other day. Will it still work, even if it takes me longer?

  • Ali Khan

    Hi :D

    Based on my own past painful experiences, it sounds like either a)
    you are particularly tight in your arm/shoulder area, or b ) you tried
    to over extend yourself.

    If it is a case of option A: I would
    recommend doing additional shoulder and arm strengtheners and
    stretches.There several yoga poses which can help you with this or you
    could do exercises like the ones shown in this link

    If it is a case of option B:
    Remember each person starts at a different level. If you want to focus on the
    hamstrings do an alternative positioning for your arms. eg.on your hips,
    or stretched out in front of you towards the floor (focus on keeping
    your spine straight). If you want to do the pose as shown, then maybe go
    at a slower pace and move gradually into the pose. You may have tried
    to imitate Cassey’s level of flexibility instead of sticking to your
    own comfort zone. Try it again slowly. Try keep your shoulders down away
    from your ears, and keep your shoulder blades flat against your ribs
    and transition forward slowly. Do not take your arms further that 90
    degrees to your shoulders (i.e don’t try to go further than Cassey in
    the picture.) If its becomes uncomfortable stop or transition back to
    the point just before it became uncomfortable. It may take you a few
    sessions but you should gradually feel more comfortable and flexible as
    you continue to practice.

    I hope this helps. Enjoy your journey to the splits :) I am also trying to achieve this goal :D