30 Day Sleek Arms Challenge

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Hey guys!

By popular demand, your challenge this month is all about those arms! Let get ’em strong, toned, defined, and beautiful! (So that we can carry 17 grocery bags in one trip because THERE IS NO WAY I AM TAKING 2 TRIPS!!!!)

These exercises target your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and shoulders! It is quite amazing what you do do without lifting a single dumbbell.

I want you to ask at least 1 person to join you on this 30 day challenge! It’s easy to incorporate into your day – you can do the exercises all at once or just one at a time. Either way, just get it done! Here they are:

arm-circle-gif (1)

1. Arm Circles (Golf Balls)

Draw mini golf ball circles with your arms! Keep your palms open the whole time! Do not drop the golf ball. Targets your shoulders.

arm raise all in 1

2. Arm Raises

Palms open, raise your arms up and down! Pretty simple. Targets your shoulders.


3. Single Chest Press Pulse

Bring your elbows together. Imagine you are holding onto a $100 bill. DO NOT DROP IT!!! Hands in a prayer position. Now take your elbows from chest height to nose height! This targets your chest, your biceps, and shoulders!


4. Half Cobra Pushups

Place your hands underneath your shoulders and lengthen your body on your mat. Pressing through your palms, lift your chest off the ground and stop when your elbows create a 90 degree angle. Make sure your elbows are TOUCHING your ribcage the whole time. Targets the triceps and chest.


5. Up Up Down Downs

Start in plank on hands and toes. Beginners, go on hands and knees. Bring your right elbow down to the floor, left elbow down, then press your right palm where your right elbow was, press your left palm where your left elbow was and now you’re back in plank! That’s one Up Up Down Down. When you’re half way through your reps, start going down on your left side first to even out your body. Targets chest, shoulders, and core.

HAVE FUN! The hashtag for this challenge is #30daysleekarms. Now go post a pic of the calendar and ask your friends to join in! I’ll be liking all of your pics tonight :)


  • AndyMandy

    Hello Cassey, could you please do a back challenge? I think we need something in order to target back fat and bra bulge. We’ve done almost every other muscle group, but not the back. You have said, and I agree, that girls tend to ignore the back as it’s more of a ‘guy thing’, but sculpting a stronger back will definitely help us pull off back-less dresses and remove bra bulge.

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  • Jessibelle

    I’m literally doing all the challenges from arms to legs.
    Like..I’m doing arm slimming challenge..then ab challenge and yeah! Wish meh luck I guess! 😉

  • zainab sajid

    How many sets are we supposed to do?

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  • kate

    how would you do this??? 10 reps of something or just 10 at a time?? someone explain this workout to me im a noob

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  • maqorong

    I love how you put rational goal for this exercise :*

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  • Lauren

    Hey Cassie, I’m more concerned with trimming my tricep fat. Does this exercise target that too? I’m noticing that my biceps are starting to form already but my triceps are still flabby. How do I go about this please?

  • Ecb

    Does this help for building muscle or is it only good for getting rid of fat? I have skinny arms so would this be better with weights yo build up a bit of muscle?

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  • Slava

    Hey! I’m eager to start my trainings, but I’m wondering, how many of the programs it is ok to combine at the same time?
    I mean, can I do “Sleek Arms”, “Butt Lift”, “Flat abs” all at once and not overstrain myself? Can I go further and add to that “Begginers plan”? Or better to stretch trainings over time (say, do arms and butt on monday, abs on tuesday and so on)?

    • Raashi

      I’m doing sleek arms, abs, and thighs.. it’s not overstraining and starts out easy. Even towards the end it’s not straining because you build up to that exercise.

  • Regina McIntyre

    So I´m almost done with the challenge. I did get a bit delayed because some days it was just too hard to add reps, so I just repeated the same count. Still, I´m feeling the results for sure and can even hold my half-cobra properly for the Beginners calendar´s Day 1, the whole time, where I couldn´t even get into the position before. It´s awesome. Hello abs, you´re next! ;D

  • emily lindmann

    If I do the arm, waist, thigh, stomach and butt 30 day challenges as well as burning around 100 calories by walking my dogs every day, will I see and feel results? I heard you’re supposed to do these 30 day challenges with the calendar but I’m not, will I still see results even though I’m not doing the calendar???

    • Te’ya Mitchell

      As long as you are getting at least thirty minutes a day you should be fine. I’m currently doing the arm and ab challenges and with the time left I usually do a cardio video and a full body if I have time.

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  • Regina McIntyre

    Started with this today, because my arms are my worst weakness. First two moves went by themselves, but dang, those pulses hurt. Good to know it´s working! This´ll be hard, but I´m determined to push through.

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  • Nicola Griffin

    Hi. Which of these exercises best targets “Bingo wings”?

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  • Hanifah

    Does this get rid of excess arm fat?

  • Rebecca

    I didn’t find that the the first three exercises were working my arms, so I added 3 pound weights. Definitely feeling the burn.

    • Rebecca Evans

      I was thinking of adding 3lb weights too, did it work well?

  • Asha

    I started the sleek arm challenge and super excited. I’ve injured my knee badly and it can’t take any weight at the moment sooo I figured it’s time to build some strength in my arms and shoulders. I noticed a lot of comments regarding arm fat, I have excess fat on my arms so I’ll post at the end of the month and tell you guys if there was any changes. I’m doing the exercises in the morning and evening (day 2 of the challenge and it really does take just a couple of minutes each time, 3 sets each time since I can’t do any other form of exercise at the moment). I definitely feel something in my shoulder blades and my shoulders/back feel more open as opposed to hunched (Yaaay :) )
    Goodluck if you are doing this challenge xx

  • emilie

    hey does this challenge help with the bat wings? i have excess underarm fat i’d like to get rid of, i know you cant spot reduce but i’d like to add an arm workout in addition to my other exercises. Or what is the best workout for this area from cassey’s videos? thnx

    • D

      Tricepts and biceps excercises… And they work… I manage to get 1 cm less in my arms in two weeks with only the begginers calendar because I used to end so tired I can not keep pushing me trough this all time… but they surelly work… Hope this help…

  • Kelly

    Hi Cassey, I was wondering if you could recommend some exercises to help with underarm fat. I’ve been doing many of your videos for arms but I can’t seem to get rid of any underarm fat. Thanks~

  • magali

    Hi Cassey,

    Could you please do propose a series of simple exercises that can be made at work ?
    Thank you and have a good day!

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  • raindrops21

    Please, Cassey do 30 days obliques challange !!!!!

  • Alexis

    Would it be more affective to do all the 30 daychallenges, or the actually monthly workouts?

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  • Vanessa

    I use a set of exercise balls called FitBalls http://www.smartthingz.com/products/hand-strengthener-repetitive-stress-prevention that are a great hand strengthener and also provide fabulous relief from too much texting and typing.

  • Natalia

    I can’t do a single push up without dying, so i hope this’ll help me :) ;D

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  • Daija

    I really want to start this challenge. This would be my first time doing one of thesae challenges and I was wondering if they really work.