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March 2015 3


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Hey guys!

HAPPY MARCH! (Well for me, there’s still one more day, but BASICALLY!)

Here is your new March 2015 Workout Calendar. The official hashtag is #MarchofthePOPsters. When I saw this I almost died. I mean, it is the most perfect hashtag ever and makes me laugh. I keep imagining, March of the Penguins but replace them with POPsters and we’re all waddling along :P

Anyway, your workout schedule looks like this:

Sunday: Bunday (butt)

Monday: Legs & Thighs

Tuesday: Core Crusher

Wednesday: Hump Day HIIT

Thursday: Arms ‘n Back

Friday: Relax ‘n Revive (For stretch day, make sure you download the free Blogilates app and subscribe to the calendar to see my exclusive “Revitalizing Stretch Routine.”)


Saturday: Total Body

Also, I want you to pair every day with the super simple moves in the 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge. It’s quick and will take no more than a few min in the beginning to get started. You can do these right when you wake up or spread em out throughout the day. Please print it out, paste it up, or save it and invite your friends, family, and co-workers to join in on the challenge!


Click to download & print

If you want to see how all the moves should be performed, please click here to see the gifs I made for you. The official hashtag for this challenge is #30daythighchallenge.

That is all guys! Let’s have an AMAZING start to our new month!! Please share your calendar selfie when both of these guys are printed! I wanna see!



  • hanah

    I haven’t got the email for the password. :(

  • Jordan

    Angela: eat more protein. You’re probably weak because of your diet, which means that you can’t finish the workouts with as much gusto and can’t feel as sore or grow as strong. Protein will help your muscles grow, which is (from my “baby” understanding) why they’re sore after a workout. Keep smiling!

  • Kiera

    how are you supposed to confirm your subscription if you never get the confirmation email?!!

  • Angela

    Hey guys! So I finally decided to commit to blogilates starting with this workout calendar. The first few weeks I did the workouts I was so energetic and keeping up (for the most part), and my muscles would be so sore, but I LOVED that feeling, because I knew I was actually putting work in. But recently, the past few days I have been so week and tired during my workouts. I just feel so shaky in all of my muscles, all of my energy that I had the first few weeks is gone. And I don’t feel soreness anymore. I think I’m not sore anymore because my body is now more use to it. Is that a thing? Or should I still feel sore after every workout. But that still doesn’t explain the weakness and overall lethargic feeling I get during every workout. Can someone please explain to me what I may be doing wrong?

  • Dan

    Hello Casey!
    I preordered your book and Amazon
    Gave me an April 27th ship date???
    I really wanted to bring the book on vacation
    I leave the 24th..any chance it will be
    Shipped earlier as its released the 5th..

  • Isabella

    I still don’t have the password…

  • Marleen

    This calendar doesn’t come out in the bloglates app! Why!?

  • Alma Badillo

    Hello everyone I started doing the workouts yesterday. Where would I go to share photos? Ty

    • Luise

      Just get the blogilates app! :)

  • Jax

    I signed up for the newsletter but didn’t get an email or password to get the calendars :(

    • Jax


    • Arina

      me too :/

  • ala

    I have subscribe to the newsletter like a year ago and got the password, and they new never send me one calendar…. they send me all this other stuff about caddy but never. My calendar this is crapy

  • Kayla

    I’ve tried typing in the password and I still cant open the calender

  • Claudia Elizabeth

    the password is “hotbodyyearround” everyone!!

    • Alisia


  • Ali

    I’ve been doing Cassie’s videos on youtube for a while, but would like to sign up and get the meal plans. I’m relatively new to this, so I have a few important questions… Does is cost money to sign up for a subscription or newsletter? Does it cost ANY money to get the meal plans. Any info from current popsters would be much appreciated!!!:)

    • Bella

      It does not cost any money whatsoever to get newsletters or sign up for the calendars and/or meal plans. Literally just sign up, confirm your subscription and then you should get an email with the code for the month, once you have entered this code in for the calendars, the meal plans should become available. It is completely free. Hope this helped (: xxxxx

  • Shelia Carruth

    Cannot access calendar…keep asking for password…I cannot see where to create one

    • Dina

      You need to subscribe to the newsletter. When you do that you’ll get the password sent by e-mail.

  • Ceryd

    It won’t let me access this calendar

    • Talia Ann

      you need a password to access it. you get the password when you sign up for the newsletter. hope i helped :P

  • hannah

    ive sent the email like 5 times and still haven’t gotten anything. help!!

    • Dina

      You need to subscribe to the newsletter.

  • katherine

    If anyone feels like you have join cassey newsletter and you havent got the email, check “all mail” (if you are using gmail) because i have the same problem and not getting the message but, when i click the “all mail” i get the password. Hope this will help you :)

  • Marleen

    I cannot find this calendar on the bloglates app!!!

  • Robin

    I cannot find the blogilates app in the app store for apple. Can anyone please help? I’m trying to find the revitalizing stretch routine. Thanks.

  • Zelda

    For the inner thigh pulses it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for me to do the awkward foot!!
    I really need help because if I don’t do it properly I won’t get the same burn!!!
    Can someone please help me???

    • Nadia

      Hey! I had that problem also, try to put your foot thats in front of you down, bend it down on the floor.

  • Jolene

    I think it would be easier if the links are there. What do you mean by “New Video”? I could not click on it at all.

  • Allison

    no more playlist?

    • menka

      even i cant find workouts post 7th march??

  • Joly

    Hey guys, how long would you say it takes on average to complete all the videos? Are they pretty intense? TIA

    • Jennifer

      Hey, Joly!
      I would say it takes 1-2 hours. It depends on how long you take your breaks in-between videos or breaks in-between each exercise in each video.
      Cassey’s workouts are always intense! If, it’s too much you should start the Beginner’s Calendar 2.0 which takes about 1 hour. Then move to the regular monthly calendars.
      Goodluck! x

    • Ally

      It usually takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes, but some days it goes a little longer or shorter.

  • Cathy

    Hey :)

    So I’ve been sick for a week. I had a really high fever and didn’t work out at all :( Now my motivation and momentum are gone. Any tips how to get back on track?

    • Zelda

      How to Push Through a Tough Workout: http://youtu.be/U21mMMK7ucg

      • Cathy

        Thank you :) That’s a great video. I’ve never seen it before.

  • Carrie

    hey so today’s the 9th of march and i just got this calender so am i supposed to start from day 1 or just go to 9 already? :/

    • kerrie

      i think you can just start at 9, but you can start from 1 if you’d like

  • Menahil

    These daily workouts take way too long. With exams and assignments I barely have any time. I can’t spare so much time each say to exercise. What would you recommend I do if I have only twenty minutes each day!?

    • Hannah

      I’d probably recommend HIIT workout, but try and vary it. 20mins is better than nothing! :)

    • Lindsay

      Hey! I would say just do what you have time for. Maybe try picking one or two videos each day that target the area you want to work. There are some good stretching videos you could do too if you are having a really busy day and just want a 10-15 minute break from studying. I love the feel good soul stretches and best stretches to relieve low back pain. So good after sitting all day!

    • Sarah

      I have the same problem. Like Lindsay said try picking a few or doing stretches. I am doing the 30 day challenges (abs, butt, thigh) you could try that as well. all day ones, day twos, etc. Hope that that’s. Good luck on exams.

  • Sydney Wuensch

    Cassey!!! I just finished extreme abs ugh I’m still shaking. Loved and hated every second of it… I died with that earthquake!! Xxx

  • trisha

    why arent the videos liked here?

    • trisha

      sorry i meant linked*

    • Jessica H

      I was just trying to figure that out.

      • Sunny

        If you look at Cassey’s you tube page, you can search all the videos there. I make a playlist of each video, them they just keep playing, and I try not to stop ☺

  • Beatrice

    Hi! I am really struggling To go through all Videos of the day – Would it be better To give them all a go Even if i dont finish them or to do say 3 out of 5 from start to finish? Thanks!

    • signe

      I think that you should just start from the top and then if you only have time, or feel like you’ve reached your limit after 3 videos that’s ok. I personally don’t always have the time to do all 5 videos, and i feel like it’s better to give my fullest in 3 videos, than to do some of all 5 because it makes the workout kind of weird and inconsistent. Hope that helped ;)

  • Brooke

    What days do you do your extra cardio? It would be helpful to know which day to put it on.

  • Manela

    Where can I find the videos of these month if I haven’t phone with internet????? I’ve only pc!

    • Chiena

      Hey Manela!

      You can find all of the videos on Youtube! Search for the title of the video on the calender or go to the Blogilates channel on youtube and search for the videos there!

      Hope this will help you! If not, reply and I’ll try to help you again!

      Have a great work out!!!

    • Chiena


      Here you go! The Blogilates Channel on Youtube! Just type in the title of the video that’s on the calender and add it to your playlist or whatever method you have to do the work outs.

      Good luck!! And please let me know if you understand and find them or if you need any help!

  • soo

    It is totally hell of job, I must say!! Thank you Cassey♥ I hope done with it

  • Julia

    This month is the first month I´m doing the Workout calender. Last month I´ve done the beginners calender because I was not in the best shape.

    My question now is; In the beginners calender there was every day a link to all the videos I have to do at this day so I don´t have to search them.
    Are there also somewhere links for the march calender? Because I think it´s a bit anoying to search everyday the right videos!?

    • Carrie

      just make youtube playlist for everyday of the calender:)

  • Leslie S

    I really want to the stretch workout for today but how–don’t have iphone or andriod to get app.??
    This should be available on you website like the other workouts??? Please add so I can do and keep up with this month challenge??? Love the workouts and videos you do Cassey!!! Thank you for all you do!!!

  • Cindy wang

    How do I access the revitalizing stretch video without subscribing to the monthly fee?

  • Thank you so much for these workouts! Did the the stretching today and it was so needed!! I look forward to doing these every single morning!

  • adrianna

    My back is dying from yesterday but it feels great!

  • Shelley

    Where do I find on the workouts on the March Calendar?

    • Sopho

      Youtube.com/blogilates !

  • Macy You

    May I know what is the best time for workout?

    • Britt

      Anytime you can fit it into your schedule will work! I like to do mine in the afternoon because I don’t like to get up any earlier than I need to but it all depends on what works best for you. Hope this helps!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUdyYHENk00
    What do you thinl, caasey? Are you right or her

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  • Monica

    I have a quick question. After finishing all the workouts, do I still have to do cardio workout? Or can I end my workout?

    • Paige

      You cal always do more! But Cassey sets up the whole work out through the calendar so that we don’t have to.

  • adrianna

    Hi I’m just wondering if for the calendar do you do all the videos put for that day or do you pick a video from them as options and pair it with the thigh challenge? I’m wondering so that I get enough in without overwhelming myself

  • working momma

    I have just started with blogilaties and I love it. I havent been this sore in some time and its a great wake up call to my muscles. I have been following the march calander which I love because then I don’t have to try to decide what I’m going to do it’s already mapped out for me. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!!!!