#janYOUary 2015 Workout Calendar!! (Get password by signing up for my newsletter)


HAPPY NEW YEAR beautiful POPsters!!!!

Are you ready to absolutely kill it in 2015? To chase after and capture all your dreams? To finally earn that body and that life that you want?

Yes, yes, and YESSS!!! Ready? We’re doing it together and it’s gonna be fun.


1. Download and print the brand new #JanYOUary Workout Calendar or the totally updated Beginner’s 2.0 Calendar.

2. Download and print the 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge. It’s a simple add-on on top of your main workout plan. Invite at least 1 friend, family member, or co-worker to join you.

3. Check off all the workouts daily after you do them!

4. Drink plenty of water everyday until your pee is clear! (Trust me, it’ll keep you from being bloated.)

5. Eat more veggies! Replace your refined carbs with them.

6. Ditch the soda, the fried stuff, and the sugary desserts! Replace with clean, healthy, whole foods! This will keep you fuller, longer. Plus it’s nutritiously dense.

7. Have one YOLO Meal a week. (That’s a cheat meal where you can pretty much each whatever you want!)

8. Download the Blogilates App (free) and tag yourself on the map! Find POPsters in your area, meet up, and set up a workout date! Friends are the best motivation :D

Alrighty guys…here are your assets!

jan 2015 2

 Click to enlarge and print

(What!?? New look!??? Yes. You likey?)

30 day ab challenge gray 72

 Click to enlarge and print

(Obsessed with those mini-me’s with transparent legs. Haha.)

beginners 2b-1

 Click to enlarge and print

(Love challenging you to your own best potential every day.)

YAYYYYY!!! I am super excited to KILL IT in 2015 with you! I have so many cool workouts planned for you. All I want for you is to be the happiest most successful person you can be this year. I wanna be here right by your side cheering you on. Please take a pic of yourself with the calendars once you print them out and show me.

Love you so so much. And thank you for being with me throughout 2014. We did so much together. Here’s to another year of amazingness together.

<3 Cassey

  • Great printable! I need to clean up my body of all fats and toxins. This seems to be a great way! Thanks!

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  • Mariana

    Hi well I wanted to start the year doing some exercise but I have some problems. (English is not my main language so I dont know how to explain some things.)
    Last year like on January I was taking jazz classes and I was doing exercise really good but I started to feel like a pain (when oyur bones do that noise like a cracking noise) on my right leg even sometimes when I was only walking. I didnt paid much attention to it because I thought I just had made a bad move or something and because for school reasons I got out of jazz classes and I didnt feel it again. But starting doing the routines at beginners calendar I started to feel it again and I couldnt do the double leg lift or the abc abs but with the legs. I told my mom and we went to the doctor and they told me that I didnt have any problems but i couldnt do exercise which kinds of surprise me because if I didnt have anything bad why would they said that. I dont know either to stop doing exercise or just ignore it and keep doing them. Someone knows anything or give me an advice for it? I would really apreciate your help.

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  • Quynh

    Hi Cassey,
    I’ve just finished the beginner 2.0 callender (as my new year resolution was to work out everyday). I feel much more energetic. I’m a very skinny and healthy girl but I want to have more energy and look toned (I also don’t mind having a six-pack). I want to move on to the next callender but I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to do 5 videos/day like the January callender suggests as I work 11 hrs/night shift. Is there a way you can design a callender that is less time consuming? Thanks so much for changing my life!