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NEW Beginners Calendar 2.0

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Hey POPsters!

Welcome to the Beginner’s Calendar 2.0! Lots of you were asking for an updated beginners calendar with all the new videos so I thought the beginning of the year would be a perfect time to do it!

I developed this Beginner’s calendar to help those of you who are just starting out on your fitness journey and are unsure about how to ease into the routines. I want you to know that you are capable of ANYTHING and that all it takes is a little practice. This is a structured 4 week plan and compilation of videos that will really help you understand the basics of Pilates – like proper form, proper breathing, mind-body connection. Once you finish this calendar, I guarantee you’ll be ready to do the monthly calendars!


1. Subscribe to

2. Print the calendar and hang it on your wall

3. Do each of the videos once (video playlists are listed per day in the table above)

4. Check mark each video you do

5. Sign off and then tweet or instagram me your accomplishment @Blogilates!

6. Download the Blogilates App (free on iPhone and Android) to make friends in there! It’s such a fun and inspiring community! This calendar is available there as well. For only 99c you get all your videos in one place (no need to search YouTube) and you get to electronically check off your daily achievements. It’s pretty cool!


New workout videos are uploaded every Monday on Although the new vids are not included on the Beginner’s Calendar, I encourage you to take a look at them when they come out. Please try if you want to challenge yourself! If you can’t do it anymore, just stop, and start again. NO BIG DEAL. Breaks are ok. Everything you do is PROGRESS!

Do the best you can! All it takes is hard work and determination.

If you want it bad enough, your dream of becoming fit will turn into a reality. I promise.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am your friend and your instructor and I am here for you!


  • Celi Monzón

    So i wanna begin with these exercises but my problem is that I currently don’t have time to do the “wake up” exercises with having school at the morning and not much time to prepare, would it be a problem if i did them when i returned from it? (that would be like 2pm).

  • Daniela Paz

    love it!!! kisse from Lima, Perú !!!

  • Kali Schmalzried

    Hey Cassey! I used to be consistent with Blogilates and after taking a couple months off I am struggling even more than before (for the obvious reasons). However, I have always had trouble with the floor ab exercises. I can’t help but have a sore neck after a workout. Sometimes I can’t even complete a workout; not because my abs can’t take it, but because my neck hurts too bad. I also really struggle with keeping my lower back on the mat.

    Do you have any tips or suggestions to help me? (open to tips from other people too)

    I just suggested on my blog,, for my followers to journey with me in some fall fitness routines & want to be able to help them if they struggle with this too.

    Thank you,
    Kali Schmalzried

  • RJ Cash

    This is amazing work out!! I eat pretty healthy since my mom is a health nut. I had workout before but was never very motivated. This program is very motivated!!!! Every day I am so excited to see what I am doing that day!! She is so bubbly and full of life! Do this!!!

  • Carmen Verheijen

    I want to loose 10 pounds and set up a new routine after moving intercontinental. Hope I can keep this up and will continue monthly calendar afterwards. Should I add some cardio to this? Just finished day 2.

    • Niki Snuber

      I will add more cardio =D
      Already set a goal for myself that every Saturday I go for a walk / jog.

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  • irenetlss

    Hi Cassey! One of my biggest problem area is my upper thighs, there is always this lump of fat right below the butt, which types of exercises helps? I’ve tried a few leg exercises but I don’t feel that I’ve worked anything in that area. Thank you!

  • Marysa

    Hi! I come from a long period of inactivity and I’ve never been good at exercising. I tried day 1 and I could barely do the exercises and I couldn’t do them for as long as the video. Should I stay in day 1 until I improve? Or should I keep going doing what I can?

  • dema

    hello :)
    im a new mumber here , and i want to know how i can do the moves that are in purpel like: crunches, front kicks …

  • Britain Parrish

    Hi I am looking to start an exercise routine after a long period of inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle. Is this to be a standalone program, or am I too do cardio along with this? If so, how frequently do you recommend cardio and on what days?

  • Dee

    Ok I am ready to get started and I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. My whole life I have never really worked out except for one semester in college I took an aerobics class and really enjoyed it but never went back to it after the class was over. I have come to the conclusion that at 39 years old (I know, a little old to be starting out, but better late than never.)
    How do you recommend doing the workouts each day on th calendar? Do I get up each morning and knock them all out first thing or should I spread them out throughout the day? Also should I eat first if doing them right after I roll out of bed or jump out of bed and just start the excercises for the day?

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  • saisha

    hey!! i wanted to ask after finishing the beginner plan should i do the monthly calenders or what? please let me know and if i finish this calender in between month also there’s no problem right? thank you

  • yams120

    How much cardio should we be doing in conjunction with this calendar?

  • Sam

    Hey Cassey! I am not exactly a beginner to workouts, as such, but I am kinda to POP Pilates. It’s just that there are some days when I feel as if yes, I’m losing some weight but then there are days when I see my thighs and just go like, why the hell am I wasting time? So I really wanted to know how to stay motivated. I am currently 154lbs and 5’2 in height and I really want to become 110 within a year, and I suck at maintaining diets! HELP ME!!! Please I really have to be somewhere in about 6 months and I need a change in my body!

  • lindsaygii

    Day one. It’s a start! I tried this before and tailed off after about two weeks. This time I have my son enrolled to nag me every day :)

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  • cherry

    hey cassey! it’s my first time join this beginner calender 2.0 and i’ll start it tomorrow because i think it’s very interesting so i hope i can do this and lost my fat. i don’t have flat stomach but can i do ABS challenge, because i’ve hear it only can make your stomach bigger that is true or false. and how much weight i will lost in 4 week?. i hope you understand because i’m not fluent in english

  • Tess

    hey, i have a question. i dont get the calendar exactly. do i need to do the pinks and the videos. or just the video. or are there more par day? i hope someone can answer this for me. Sorry for my bad english by the way i am not english

  • Charlie

    Hi! Was wondering if anyone could help me. So I took a break from working out 4 times a week and now I want to get back into the swing of things. I want to try the beginners calender but I was wondering if I should continue to do my usual fast paced cardio before hand to get rid off the extra fat on my body. I don’t get out much so the cardio is really all I have for extra exercise! Anyone with any tips or advice is much appreciated.

    • Minnina10

      I think you can do the cardio as a warm up, instead or in addiction to those suggested by Cassey in the calendar. I am by no means an expert, though, so maybe it’s better if someone with a longer experience weights in.

  • tenobi

    Just started today, I barely broke a sweat with Day 1 but boy does my body feel weak!!! Looking forward to the next 27 days!!

  • Charlene G

    Hi Cassey ! So glad I found this beginner calendar! Im not gonna lie,I found your Sept calendar and I was like ok you can do this and then I watched the workouts to see what they were about and I freaked out a little. Lmbo! Im pretty out of shape so sticking with beginner is probably best .I try to go for walks at least daily but I know I need more so I dont get bored. Im so glad I found your website!!

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  • Julie

    Hello I’m trying to lose weight and I was wondering if you had some tips:)

  • Thịt Xôi

    I’m having a low carb diet but i don’t know if i can do this calendar while still having low carb or not, so can anyone tell me? please answer!
    p/s: sorry for my bad english.

    • Maddie

      I’m on a low carb diet too and I’m on day 18. I haven’t had any problems doing the workouts. I just make sure I’m eating enough protien to feed my muscles.
      Just listen to your body and you should be okay!

  • janaigomania

    Just finished my first day, already feel great! Thanks Cassey, can’t wait to see how I feel every day! 😁

    • Alivia

      I would really love to know how you’re doing because I’m on day two and I am SORE EVERYWHERE.

      • Holly

        Yes, but that is actually a good thing! Keep drinking lots of water, stretch, and keep going with it!

  • Angela

    I’m starting my fitness journey to shed off the many pounds that I hold. Just yesterday I started to eat healthier which I’m hardcore on sticking to. I don’t think I can ever go back to eating too much/junk food. My mother tries to get use from taking out a lot of horrible preservatives that are in foods. And I have found a substitute for sweets. I’m more addicted to Bean Bread (made from NATURAL ingredients) more than cake, cookies etc. I have a LONG way to go before I am at my ideal weight, but nothing is going to stop me from getting there. It’ll take till Christmas or longer, but I won’t stop. I’ll keep going. Since 2011, I started walking around in my neighbourhood and that has helped greatly with relaxing, reducing stress etc. I’m on the right track and I’m not going to lose sight of it.

  • Marz

    I have just started doing this Calendar I’m on day 2, I’ve been on and off exercising trying to find something I can enjoy but also doesn’t hurt my ankles so I am used to exercising however any time it comes to ab workouts I struggle with it all mainly because I never feel any of it in my abs. Since I just did day 2 I struggled to feel anything but sore arms and legs and I got super frustrated because my neck was sore or my arms hurt I tried doing the stuff on my elbows but then that also did nothing for me I basically felt no pain in the right areas or any pain because I couldn’t physically lift myself to do it. Please can someone help me for the next time I have to do abs because it is just super frustrating and I’m getting too emotional about my inability to do it.

    • Shannon

      The reason why your neck hurts is because your abs are not strong enough yet, so you are completing the curling movement with your neck to compensate. This was killer for me at first too, but by the end of the calendar, if you stick with it and try to keep your frustration at bay, you will be much better at staying in the “pilates stance.” If you are not feeling your abs and feeling your neck, take a break and come back to the video, or pause the video and do the moves slowly on your own so you aren’t trying to keep up with Cassey (who has been doing this for 10 years). Here is some advice that may help: 1) Do not stop trying. If you stop trying you will never be able to do it. Even if it takes you two weeks, its better than not trying at all. Exercise can be frustrating and there are days it makes me rage mad because it feels impossible. But it does get easier with time, just like stretching a muscle every day will make you more flexible. 2) Keep your shoulders away from your ears, your elbows wide and gently support your neck with your fingers. Do not grip your neck and move your elbows in towards your ears, it will make your neck hurt worse.
      3) Really focus on your abs when you’re doing the exercises. I think slowing down and really concentrating on the muscle you’re trying to work helps. Do as many reps as you can without straining your neck. 4) Try some ab exercises with your upper body and head relaxed on the mat, such as single / double leg lifts or reverse crunches (I’m sure Google has more beginner suggestions). 5) Do a little ab work every day until you get more comfortable! Good luck! Hope this was useful!

  • Maja

    Jush finished day 8, really loving this! Actually missed it yesterday on the first rest day :)

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  • Lucy

    For the calendars, am I suppose to do all the video workouts at one time or separate them out though the day?

  • noura

    will this make me have bulky muscles? Because I want to have a very slim and toned body and im scared its going to make my body bigger. I dont want to have too much muscle.

    • Shannon

      I think you should be able to get an idea of the type of muscle you’ll build just by looking at Cassey, who is slim and toned.

  • Sintija

    Hi Cassey and other blogilates girls around here! Greetings from Latvia. I am a new member. Your’e videos is so inspiring that I decided to join your’e community and work out with you!
    Thank you for your’e hard work, I must say that your Popflex brand is amazing!

  • LaShonna

    Hey Cassey! I just started your Beginner 2.0 Calender and I’m on day 15! I just want to say that you’re an incredible inspiration and I love how you talk throughout all your video to keep motivated and pushing forward! You’re always so positive and so passionate about what you do! I noticed overall my body is becoming toned and I lost 6lbs in two weeks using your program! I can’t wait to see the following results when I finish the calender and join on up with the Workout Calender! You’re going a great job and keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Anna-M.

    Hey guys. Just did day 4 and I love the workouts. I went to the gym for years and still didnt get that awesome felling there.
    By the way…is it normal to hurt all over? My muscle achings dont seam to go away until I get new ones…

  • serenity

    I gained forty pounds this year and one of my freinds thought i was pregnant and my noise was ‘aaaaaaeeeeeerrwwwwwwhhhhh’ i told her i definitley wasnt i just was on the go dint make it to the gym yadda yadda. So she was super understanding for about thirty seconds and then i got to the part where my standard lunch was a bag of doritos and cottage cheese….her eXact sound was ‘eeeeeuuuuhuhhhhggggpphss’ she then went on a ten minute tirade about me being the death of all good food then proceeded to tell me i had to check this community out and then make it my life so here i am.

  • Imogen Poles

    Hey Cassey,
    I am young and I dont know wether I should be working out. I dont have any insecurities with my body, but I play alot of sport and it would help if I was stronger. Do you think I should wait till I’m older or go for it? x

    • Emma

      Cassey’s workouts are definitely the way to go if you want to get stronger. If you are concerned with being too young, then try out the Beginner’s plan to start off getting stronger. I did the same thing a year ago, and am much stronger and have noticed a difference in my sports. I’m currently 14, so go for it, and make a difference. If you feel like it is too hard, stop and come back to it later that day or the next day. Just don’t give up ;)

      • Imogen Poles

        Thank you, this is a real help. I am 13, so your advice fits me perfectly!

  • Lulu

    Hi, if you are following the calendar workouts is there a warm up and stretch video I should be following too? I have completed PIIT round 1.0 which has warm up and stretch and thought I would mix it up by trying a calendar workout this time. Any tips I would love to know. Thanks

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  • Shanghai

    Hey, guys.
    I’m 16 years old, I practice karate and recently started working out with the videos (mostly arms and thighs). But I struggle with changing my eating habbits. On Monday, 1st of August, I’m going to start with the beginners calender to really get started because I want it so, so bad and to see how many guys and girls are changing is so encouranging and motivating. I just wanted to thank you all for being there.
    But still… does anyone have any tipps on how to eat clean easier?
    I appreciate any comment and advice! Have a nice week-end and good luck on your journey, you are beautiful on the inside and outside! <3

    • Leah

      Hi, I had the same problem you did. What I did was I started off small, I cut out all fizzy drinks and only drank water during the day. (Not including any hot drinks). Then I cut down on sugary junk food, if you ignore the craving for half a hour it usually goes away. And a good way to get more fruit/veg into your diet is to drink smoothies, they’re great for breakfast and/or a snack. One of my favourites is raspberries and kale and you can find loads on the internet. Hope this helps :)

      • Shanghai

        Thanks for your reply!
        I already cut out any sugary drinks, which wasn’t that much of a problem and I try to eat as my fruits and vegs as I can!
        The sweet sins are the biggest problem but I will definitly try your advice out and I hope I can ignore the cravings… I binged again today. :/
        Thank you very much! <3

        • Shannon

          Next time you go grocery shopping, definitely try to have a plan, and try to keep junk food out of sight. I love eating – a lot – and tracking calories was hard at first, but its really motivating if you can stick with it (I use the app myfitnesspal). It definitely encourages me to stop eating when I’ve had enough – food is fuel for your body, and when you’ve reached your limit you really don’t need to eat any more! I have more of a problem with savory cravings, sweets aren’t my thing, but I’ll share what I can! If I’m craving sweets, I like to eat frozen pineapple / cherries / grapes, or fresh fruit with cool whip (not the healthiest but the fat free kind is low in calories). I also like to freeze yogurt and eat that instead of ice cream! Sometimes I’ll even buy a pack of lollipops to suck on to prevent me from going crazy and binge eating (they’re not great for you but again, low calorie). If you feel hungry, try buying some low calorie vegetable soups (its summer where I live so its not the best when its hot out!) because they’re definitely filling. I also like to keep vegetables around to roast (carrots, potatoes, onion, ya know, even chickpeas) because they are filling and are low calorie if you can avoid adding a lot of oil and if you don’t go crazy and eat a whole tray. I try to stay away from bread because it always makes me hungrier for some reason! Buy yourself a cute water bottle and keep that thing with you, sometimes hunger cravings are actually just thirst! You can even add fruit and stuff if you want, or even those zero calorie drink mixes if you’re one of those people who hate water. I’m not sure if you’re trying to lose weight or just be healthier. If it’s health, good luck, I’m not great with eating “healthy” foods all the time. If you want to lose weight, the real key is calorie counting. You could eat 1300 cals of twinkies a day and still lose weight! Good luck!!

  • Leah

    Hi, I was wondering if I did my usual cardio in a morning and this at night would that help me tone up? I’m looking to tone my whole body and also I wanted to know if anyone knows any foods high in protein to help muscle building. I’m a teen and don’t really want to spending money on protein powder if I don’t need it. Thanks :)

  • Robin

    Cassey, I’ve been going through the beginner’s calendar for a little over 2 weeks (I was previously doing single videos apart from the calendar), and have just found out I am pregnant. (Yay!) I want to keep exercising, and have read that it is safe to continue to exercise if you are already accustomed to an exercise regimen, especially in the first trimester. However, I know several of the pilates exercises will become too difficult as the pregnancy progresses. Do you have any pilates videos especially for pregnant women?

  • Aiko

    Thank you, Cassey so much!

  • Sara Cardoso

    Hey Cassey! Which calendar should I follow next? which do you recommend?

  • Maram YB

    Hey guys, my name is Maram and I just joined this family. However, I am facing a problem with purchasing the calendar from the app. Yesterday I purchased the beginners calendar but something went wrong and now I can’t view it or repurchase it again, and today when I opened the app the beginners calendar tap is gone. Anyone can help or relate to this ?

  • workin’itout

    I am only able to work out 5 days a week. Would you suggest skipping Day 6 of each week? Or doing Day 6 of the 1st week as Day 1 of the 2nd week and so on? Thanks!

    • Grace

      day 6 of the first week as day one of the second as casey slowly build the intensity

  • Machi

    I still can’t flatten my back like she told and i’ve tried it many times yet i still fail… Is there like a trick or something for it?

    • Helen

      Sit up with your legs flat on the ground, and suck in your stomach as you slowly roll you back onto the ground. It works for me, and she’s mentioned it a few times.

  • Brianna

    I need help! I have this fat pouch in my upper ab area, it’s like right below my breast region and I can’t seem to get rid of it or even know where to start! It’s so frustrating.Can anyone please help me?