NEW Beginners Calendar 2.0

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Hey POPsters!

Welcome to the Beginner’s Calendar 2.0! Lots of you were asking for an updated beginners calendar with all the new videos so I thought the beginning of the year would be a perfect time to do it!

I developed this Beginner’s calendar to help those of you who are just starting out on your fitness journey and are unsure about how to ease into the routines. I want you to know that you are capable of ANYTHING and that all it takes is a little practice. This is a structured 4 week plan and compilation of videos that will really help you understand the basics of Pilates – like proper form, proper breathing, mind-body connection. Once you finish this calendar, I guarantee you’ll be ready to do the monthly calendars!


1. Subscribe to

2. Print the calendar and hang it on your wall

3. Do each of the videos once (video playlists are listed per day in the table above)

4. Check mark each video you do

5. Sign off and then tweet or instagram me your accomplishment @Blogilates!

6. Download the Blogilates App (free on iPhone and Android) to make friends in there! It’s such a fun and inspiring community! This calendar is available there as well. For only 99c you get all your videos in one place (no need to search YouTube) and you get to electronically check off your daily achievements. It’s pretty cool!


New workout videos are uploaded every Monday on Although the new vids are not included on the Beginner’s Calendar, I encourage you to take a look at them when they come out. Please try if you want to challenge yourself! If you can’t do it anymore, just stop, and start again. NO BIG DEAL. Breaks are ok. Everything you do is PROGRESS!

Do the best you can! All it takes is hard work and determination.

If you want it bad enough, your dream of becoming fit will turn into a reality. I promise.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I am your friend and your instructor and I am here for you!


  • @Popsterpanda96

    Gonna start the Beginner Calendar with my sister starting July 1st I’m also doing the Journey to splits and 30 days to sleek arms challenges while my sister is doing Journey to sports and adore the core challenge we both have chronic pain so we’re hoping getting into better shape will help and I also have some depression and anxiety so I hope this will help with that as well by getting into better shape i’ve tried doing the beginner calendar before but I was getting a really bad slump or something around week two hopefully I can complete it this time

  • GG

    I’m on day 5 and I am already feeling stronger, it’s also so much fun! Love it!! <3

  • Lara Pohlmann

    Hey :)
    I don´t if somebody still read this :D
    But i want to start this calendar to get fitter but I´m very very unfit at the moment…
    I do no sport and I don´t know if these excersizes are to hard for me :/ Ps: sry for my bad english I´m german.

    • Lily

      I don’t do any sports either, but you can definitely do this! It’s not gonna be easy, I had to modify some of the exercises to fit my level, but push through it and you’ll get stronger.

  • Shannon McLain

    Currently asking myself how my core is going to complete Day 4…. LOL

  • Tiara

    Do we need to add cardio in the schedule or just start our workout directly as mentioned

  • Michele

    Hi everyone. I’m a beginner and while i love all these videos i have tailbone issues and can’t put much pressure on it like in the abs/legs videos. Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative abs/legs blogilates videos?

    • Shannon McLain

      I have SI Dysfunction and my sacrom compresses suuuuper easy. I put my hands beneath the sacrum/tailbone area, like a diamond, to provide a kind of cushion to that area. When doing roll-ups The pressure goes between my abs and my elbows, pushing my elbows into the floor. It really seems to help with any of the low ab work, keeping the pressure off of that area. I hope that helps! Try to find YouTube videos of how to support that spot. :-)

  • Cakes M.

    Hey Cassey,

    Any chance we can get a new beginner’s 2.0 calendar? Or a remix of the videos for each day? This is my 3rd time getting started, lol!

    • Caitlin

      Same haha

  • agnoula

    hey cassey! i had a great time finishing day 8

  • Caitlin McCluskey

    I’ve been doing Blogilates since 2010/2011 (god, that makes me feel old!) but I took a lonnnng time off and doing the regular calendar recently has been really difficult. I decided to start the Beginners calendar and follow it to the tee for the next month, so once it’s over I can get back to the calendars no-problem!

  • Tammy Winters

    Well, I started May 1 and finally finished! I actually finished something!! That’s pretty amazing for me because I NEVER finish anything! Just wanted to encourage anyone starting. YOU CAN DO IT!

  • phoebe

    I go to work full time so can I start my beginners cal
    ender in the morning then do the others after work ?

    • Tammy Winters

      I did all the exercises after work, really right before I made dinner. You can do it!

  • Juliana

    Hello Cassey, I am trying to get the calendar for June, but somehow I am unable to receive the password in my email. I have double checked my spam box. It was working until now. Could you guys help me with this :) Thank you, Juliana P.S. Love your workouts.

  • Kash Lingat

    Hey, I don’t have a printer, but I still wanted to track my progress, and I like making apps, so I made an app for the beginner’s guide. Let me know if this is not okay and I’ll take it down, but it’s been super useful for me. If you want to try it, this is the link

    I don’t claim this app to be mine, I just put it together, I am not making any money from it, just making myself more motivated to get fit!

  • Ellie

    Hi, I’m 15 years old and really want to start becoming more active and tone my body. I love Cassey’s videos and enjoy pushing myself with her motivation throughout each of her workouts. My parents worry that her workouts are too much for a teenage girl of my age, does anyone have any advice on what I should/can do.
    thanks, Ellie.

  • Eliana

    Do you need to warm up and cool down after each of these challenges? Or is that included in the video? How long did it take everyday?

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  • Spichellio

    I am doing the beginner calendar the first one. After it do I do the beginner 2.0 or do I just go into the main calendar? I’m not sure if it’s the exact same thing.

  • Talicia Tarver

    Bless you. You seem to intuit how utterly unorganized I am to find and bookmark the necessary videos. You’ve made it so easy for us to get and stay fit! Thank you :D

  • Thịt Xôi

    i just want to ask that if i stop doing the monthly calendars for about 6 months and now i want to start all over again, would i have to do this beginner calender again? Yesterday I just tried to do a day in this month calender and my legs feels hurt and i can’t really walk.

  • Lene

    Hey! So I’m on week 4 of the beginner workout and even though I’m pretty far in, I still somewhat feel weak and like I keep taking too many breaks. Do you suggest that I try going through the calendar again once I’m done with it or should I move on?

    • Liz

      Hi Lena! Ive just started trying to build up my strength, and i have found that the 30 day challenges are really helpful. Ive been doing the abs, legs, butt and arms every day and ive ally noticed a difference in my strength in just 2 weeks. Ive started doing the beginners calander, and im continuing the 30 day challenges at the same time… It makes it a bit harder, but so much better for getting stronger. I do one day of the challenges, and then do one day of the beginners calendar. I really recommend that you try this! Ive tried the beginners calendar before, but its only now that im not struggling with it. Im hoping to start the harder monthly calendars after this. Good luck!!!

      • Liz

        Sorry! Not sure if i was clear…. I do the challenges and the calander at the same time, one after the other 😊

  • Helen McArdle

    Hey Cassey. I started the beginner’s plan today with the total body workout. I only made it half way through! What do I do? Do I keep trying the same thing until I finish it? Or do I just try the next day on the calendar tomorrow? Trying to stay positive but a bit disheartened.

  • Bethany Fief

    Hi Cassey!! I just finished your beginners workout and loved it! I broke my foot pretty bad last week and cannot put any pressure on it whatsoever. I am an avid fitness lover and have been doing military style workouts at a boot camp class full of heavy lifting and running. I was getting stronger but didn’t feel like I was trimming down. I’ve been really eating healthy and am about 85/15 right now with my food. Two questions! 1) will the beginners workout program work for those who cant stand? :( And 2) since I’m obviously very limited I won’t be able to do burpees or a ton of cardio. Do you think the program will help me keep my strength and trim down during this crappy six months!? Of course right in the middle of summer! But I don’t want to give up!!! Thanks so much! -B-

  • Janet Boldt

    I’m on day 17 of this Beginners 2.0 challenge (the longest I’ve ever committed to a workout plan!) But I thought I would be getting better at it by now! How long does it typically take to get better and stronger at these types of workouts?

  • Lily

    Hey guys just about to start this challenge but pretty new at this! Have ye guys found it helpful and what do ye feel it helps?

  • Loise

    Hi Cassey!
    I just stumbled upon your videos in youtube while search for some body workouts and I enjoyed your videos a lot.
    I am planning to do this Beginners Plan workout, can’t wait to see the improvements!

  • Emily

    Hey, I’m just about to start on the beginner calendar! About how long does each workout take? Need to plan how much time I will need every day.

  • Maya

    Heyy, how long do you think it takes someone to move from being a beginner to being intermediate?

  • Tiff

    Hi Cassey!
    I did my first pop beginner today and when it came to legs I couldn’t do barely anything caus it hurt so bad in hips! Now I’m a big walker, pushing my double pram so do you think my form wasn’t right? I didn’t feel any burn in my legs or butt!
    Thanks :)

  • Sara

    Would it be a problem if I star this tomorrow? I know it’s not the first day of the month but I only found about this like..on Friday. I plan on following the 4 weeks, but I’ll be a week late…

  • Robert Kleinert

    Hi Cassey,
    got a quick question regarding days 1 and 2: Both days include ab workout, but as far as I know (my wife is a physical therapist) you have to give each muscle group a rest of 48 hours in order to let them grow?

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  • Okay… well I’m going to do this and after this month I will go on to the regular calendar. Stronger and lighter by summer I hope! Wish me luck ✌🏻

    • Lily

      Good luck!

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  • melloriya

    I’m so proud of myself, because I did it! I’ve lost 4kg (almost 9 pounds) and I’ve never felt better! I’m definitely going to continue with the monthly calendar.