30 Day Flat Abs Challenge!

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Hey guys!

I am sooooo excited to share with you the first ever Blogilates 30 day Flat Abs Challenge! To complete the challenge, all you have to do is check mark the moves after you complete them each day. You also have to drink the number of water cups listed each day (minimum). That’s it!

It starts off pretty simple on day 1 but by day 30 you will be an abs master! There are 2 things I wanted to achieve here with you:

1. I wanted to constantly challenge you by increasing the reps every single day. Result? You get stronger and fitter.

2. I wanted to also challenge you to drink more water. Why? Because when you’re dehydrated, your body holds on to more, and you get bloated. So drink up to flush your body out! The cups indicate the amount BEYOND what you normally drink.

Ab moves for the month:


The Roll-Up.

Did you know 6 crunches equals one of these? Yup. Do them.



The Criss-Cross.

Bring your shoulder towards your knee, not your elbow. And be sure to lift your shoulder blades high off the mat!


The Double Leg Lift.

Press your heels together, press your lower back into the mat and lower your legs down and back up. Inhale as you go down and exhale when you go up.


Ankle Reaches.

Keeping your legs straight and your toes pointed, reach your fingers toward your ankles! Use your abs, not your neck!


The Reverse Crunch.

Cross your ankles and lift your bottom off the floor. Total core control here!

Please invite your friends, co-workers, and family members to join in on this challenge! I wanted to create something that was simple enough to do and squeeze into your day. I know that sometimes doing the monthly workout calendars can be intimidating and requires time and major commitment.

For those of you doing the #JanYOUary calendar with me, yes you can do the 30 Day Flat Abs Challenge alongside the regular calendar or the beginner’s calendar. Oh by the way, I am working on Beginner’s 2 for you guys! So watch out for that coming soon too.

Ok now go print it! I PURPOSEFULLY made the background white so that you guys don’t have to waste ink. Take a pic and show me using the hashtag #30dayflatabs! Oh and wait til you see the new workout calendar…everything’s changing up for 2015. Don’t be scurred. You’ll love the new look!

Oh and don’t forget to write down everything you do in your 2015 Blogilates Fit Planner!


RECORD EVERYTHING! It’s your own fit journey and you should take credit for everything you do to get you to where you want.


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  • Mijs

    Those extra glasses of water, is that in addition to what you normally drink or what you should drink in a day? Lets say, you should drink 2 L water a day, do you have to drink on day one 2 L + 1 glass of water? Or what you normally drink (I drink way less than 2 litres of water) + 1 glass…

  • Bev

    Ok blonde question the blue numbers on each square are they the day number or the rep number?

    • Lindsey

      If you read the article it says those are the numbers of glasses of water to drink.

  • finngirl1
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  • Tabby

    many reps do i do? Does it go by the day number ?? Like on day thirty you do thirty reps ??

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  • Rima

    eeeeeep! I want to try tthis but i have a question: would it be okay if i do this challenge by itself or should i add another challenge to it? willl i see results if i do this by itself T^T stubborn belly fat is the worstttttt!

  • Michael Wilson

    Not sure where i came across this. But I decided to add it to my November goals (NOT that I expect “flat abs” by the end of it.)

    I’m not sure I’ve ever made a more strained “hrrrnnnggg” noise as that 5th roll-up.

    Got it all done though. *\o/*

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  • helga

    Ciao…Well I am ready to start this challenge and I would find it helpful if smn tells me what to do exactly…so does it work, or what happends if I make the max moves everyday . Grazie

  • its great

  • Jeanette

    Will it be fine to just do the max reps every day for thirty days?

    • Chocky

      I don’t think it’s the best idea – pretty sure you’ll overwork your muscles if you do the same exercises every day. Take rest days and try new exercises, maybe try doing some cardio as well?

  • Jen

    Will you get results faster if you do the workout multiple times per day?

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  • alondra

    hey i need help on how to get started i have been trying so hard on trying to eat healthy and do the 30 day challenge but i cant how do you guys do it

    • Sabrina

      Hi Alondra,
      What helps me is thinking in little step, always follow the calendar or the fitness plan you’re doing and if you feel like eating a little bit more or a nice meal every ow and then it’s not the end of the world.
      The results will be slow, sure, but they will come! And if you can, try not to blame yourself, I used to do that ad I felt awful, I try to just accept myself now.
      If I am not wrong, Cassey advices to have a buddy too.
      Good Luck

      • Brandy

        I use an app called lose it so i can track my calorie intake. The app also takes uouronfo like weight height n again to determine hiw many calories yiu need per day. You can eat what you want but you have to portion yourself. Today i start the 30 day challenge. First day was pretty easy for me!

  • Sabrina

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to thank you Cassey so much! You’re my inspiration to become strong and healthier.
    I am doing the beginner calendar with this challenge and I already feel stronger, I am only on day 4!

    Keep up the amazing work!

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  • Anna

    I completed this challenge 2 months ago and it was great because my lower belly pooch disappeared and I had really flat abs. Now my belly pooch is back so should I start this challenge over again from the beginning? Any advice?

    • Maria

      If you dont keep up some sort of workout, then of course all your work will be undone. But if you didn’t want to do the whole challenge, I think it would be enough to just keep up a bit of exercise, to keep everything the same. That said, the challenge is obviously the faster option. Don’t overdo it though, or you’ll just get fed up. X

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  • Hey guys! I just started working out today but i feel motivated to do this! I moved to Spain 2 days ago and the food is amazing! I living with a host family but I find it hardand a bit unkind to reject their food, but its not a 100% healthy. Are these workouts really working? Please give me some guidance!! <3

  • oksal

    could you explain in more detail about “5 times” ? im new :)

  • Christine

    I started with day 30 of this and after I was done I didn’t feel anything in my abs. I thought that by the next day I would be really sore, but I continued the exercise routine adding 1 more rep a day for 7 days plus holding a plank for 2 min everyday. I am not making anymore progress and I am not sure what to do. Do I just have really strong abs or am I doing something wrong? Should I keep going with this for the 30 days adding an extra rep everyday?

    • Maria

      If you dont keep up some sort of workout, then of course all your work will be undone. But if you didn’t want to do the whole challenge, I think it would be enough to just keep up a bit of exercise, to keep everything the same. That said, the challenge is obviously the faster option. Don’t overdo it though, or you’ll just get fed up. X

      • Maria

        Sorry, that was meant for another person. I’d say make sure you were doing the exercises right, and make sure you’re eating healthily (but still eating)

  • Lucy

    How many reps should I do

    • lucienne

      just look at the calender at each day

  • Lanie

    If I will do the 30 days abs challenge do I need to do some other cardio exercise? and how many times in a week of cardio if i will combine it in this challenge? thanks…

    • KB

      That depends. It doesn’t matter how hard you train your abs if you have fat lying on top. Cardio gets rid of that fat, but if you’re already thin with a low body fat percentage and/or have a fast metabolism it’s unlikely that you will need it. If you do have fat and want to do cardio, first decide what kind of cardio you’d like to do (steady state vs. HIIT). For steady state I’d recommend something like 5 times a week, but for HIIT I’d recommend no more than 4 times a week (every other day). If your HIIT workouts are under 12 minutes then feel free to do them more times a week.

      Also, keep in mind that you cannot spot reduce, so if you lose fat you will lose fat everywhere. Furthermore, if you gain more muscle it will be easier for your body to burn fat, and this is best done by working out your other muscle groups like your arms and your legs which cover much more area than your abs.

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  • shasha

    hai…how to use this calendar???for example day1 is 5 rool up…5 the mean is 5minutes or 5 times or 5 reps roll up…??please anybody help me…

    • anoushka

      it means 5 times :)

      • oksal

        could you explain in more detail about 5 times is it? im new :)

        • lucienne

          1 time= just up, and back (so 2 times= up, back, up, back. etc)

  • I have completed 26 days of the 30 day challenge but then took 4 days off. Should I continue to reach the 30 and will this impact my results.

  • I have completed 27 days of this challenge but then stopped for 4 days. Should I continue on for the 30 and will this change my results?

    • Gaby Serrano

      Have you seen results so far?? (:

  • elissa

    Hey I’m 15 and doing this abb challenge at the moment, I’m adverage size not skinny skinny and people are doubting it’s going to work, I’m on my 12th day. Am I suposed to be doing heaps of other excersise on top of this and eating very healthy for it to work?

    • kelly

      Abs are made in the gym (or on a yoga mat) but revealed in the kitchen! Even if your muscles get developed, you won’t be able to see them have a flat stomach if it’s hidden by fat. Be sure to count your calories and eat plenty of protein.

  • Hi there.. I did the routine for 15-days, it felt amazing! I fell ill thereafter and stopped the challenge.. qurdtion, where do I resume now, from day 1 onwards or continue where i had stopped? Hear from you soon. Thank you

    • Ashley

      Hi Daisy. I think it depends on how long you took a break from the workout. If it was just a few days, I think you can resume from where you left off. If it’s been, like, 4-5 weeks, you may want to start from closer to the beginning. Otherwise, your body won’t be used to the workout, and you may hurt yourself. Stay motivated! Hope you reach your goal!