Lower Belly Flattener Printable

  • claudia

    These are great if you don’t have diastasis rectifi….please be sure to check as often the “lower pooch” is a result of that and crunch type exercises will make it worse.

  • Lily Smith

    I love your workouts…can u do a push up challenge or something?

  • Sherry

    Hi Cassie,
    Extreme beginner here. I was wondering if you have an easier replacement for the seesaw. I’m no where ready for that one ;)

    I just finished this video for the first time today, in fact, first one of all your videos. Also looking at trying your beginners calendar.Thx

  • Mirac

    Hey Cassey my name is Mirac. I am 14 yrs old and when I was 9 I was 75 kelios and when I was twelve 134kilos please help me

    • shasy

      hey cassey my name is shasy, I am 21 years old and I was 75 kg.. please help me to lose my weight..