6 Min Sexy Thighs Printable

  • Darial Kuznetsova

    Is everyone moving on to PIIT28 or is there still somebody doing these?

  • Rossana Lerra

    I’m going to try this workout and comment the results when I’ll reach 30 days! I’m getting more and more curious every workout I read <3

  • Kelly

    Best Workout EVER!

  • Hello Cassey! My calves are too fat than my thigh, what’s the best exercise for this? :)

  • I definitely have to try this workout :)

  • Lyrisia

    Loving this workout! <3 My butt hurts as well as my legs which I am really digging ;) have more confidence about my legs now even though I don't have a thigh gap, thanks Casey __<

  • Im excited to do these tomorrow!!!