Nutrition is NOT a Religion!


Hey guys!

New video. It’s kind of a rant.

Today I wanna talk about something that’s been on my mind for the past several months. I noticed that every time I post something related to food or nutrition, I get a ton of comments hating on the way I eat!

People telling me that I’m so unhealthy and such a terrible role model. That I’m eating too low carb, too low fat, too much protein, not enough calories, too many calories, that I just love eating chicken periods and cow pus.

Look, I am all for learning, understanding, and making wise decisions for my own life and my own body, which, mind you, is VERY DIFFERENT than yours…so why do you feel like it’s ok to put down what I do and praise your way of eating?

What bothers me most is that I’m seeing the healthy living community break off into little cults that don’t want to accept one another’s views. There are the clean eaters, the IIFYMers, the vegans, the raw vegans, the low carbers, the paleo people, the gluten free bunch…

From reading the comments I see on my own posts and others, I can see the rise of religion in the healthy eating world. I don’t like it because you know what I see? I don’t see people sharing information for the genuine purpose of helping people. I see people yelling at others, telling them they’re wrong, and IMPOSING their ideas upon others with no room to breathe.

Stop making it like a religion because nutrition isn’t a religion!

By treating one way of eating as THE way, you’re saying that anything beyond “the way” is sinning. Anyone not following YOUR way is a sinner.

My body is different than yours. What works for me, may not work for you. What works for you may not work for me! I was pescatarian for 4 years. I tried being vegan for a little bit. But now I just eat clean. And I’ve been doing that for the longest time. It’s the most sustainable for me.

And you know what? It makes me happy. It gives me energy to teach all my classes, work out hard, and a run a business. It’s given me the results that I want and it’s easy for me to embrace it in my lifestyle. Anyone who says that I have no energy for my workouts according to the way I eat, I invite you to take my POP Pilates classes and be my gym buddy for a day.

It’s very much like working out. You’ve got to find the one that works for you! If you wake up just loathing your next workout, then you need to find something else. For me, it’s Pilates, dance and weight lifting. For you it may be Zumba, Crossfit, Yoga, or Running! The best workout is the one you look forward to. The one you can stick to.

Look, I care about you. I care about your health. And I will share with you everything I know. That’s why I started Blogilates. But never, will I EVER impose my beliefs on you and shame you for not being the way I am. Because my way isn’t the only way…it’s one of the MANY ways you can get fit.

Your food and the way you eat is your decision. Feel free to experiment. See what works. See what doesn’t. You body is smart. It will positively react to what it likes and negatively react to what it does not like.

True story. I got an email last week from one of you guys asking for an exchange on the 8 Week Hot Body Meal Guide. Originally she had bought the Vegan Plan but now wanted the regular. I thought it was pretty abnormal…like if you’re vegan, you should probably stick to the vegan plan right? Well turns out she had just gone to the doctor to seek advice on a bunch of internal health issues. After getting her blood test results back, her doctor told her that she really needed to get off of her vegan diet in order to nurse her body back to health.

Personally for me, I noticed that when I cut dairy out of my diet, my skin looks way better and I don’t get pimples. I also notice that when I eat bread and rice, I bloat super easily and my intestines get uncomfortable. So I don’t eat it too much of it anymore. It’s all trial and error.

Please remember that there is no one diet for all people. We’re all made of up different cells and different genes. We’re from different cultures. Different families. We all have different nutrient needs based on who we are. It’s as simple as that.

So guys – the moral of today’s rant is this. Nutrition isn’t a religion. Eat the healthiest diet that makes you happy.

Never impose your beliefs on anyone else. Live to learn and live to share. There is not one right way. There are MANY RIGHT WAYS.

Peace on POPsters! Love you.

<3 Cassey

PS: OH! And for the record. People who are saying that my “What I eat in a day” video is irresponsible and that I am eating 1200 calories, I am not sure where you got your information from. I don’t count calories anymore, but the overwhelming attack on my food intake called for this calculation. So here it is.

Breakfast: Banana Pancakes with Raspberries

272 cals, 33g carbs, 10g fat, 14g protein

Post workout: Strawberry Banana Protein Smoothie

311 cals, 44g carbs, 5g fat, 23g protein

Snack: Celery and Hummus

113 cals, 13g carbs, 6g fat, 5g protein

Lunch: Seafood Salad with Asian Peanut Vinaigrette Dressing

337 cals, 18g carbs, 7g fat, 48g protein

Dinner: Creamy Chicken Apple Lettuce Wraps

374 cals, 32g carbs, 3g fat, 51g protein

Dessert: Raspberry White Chocolate Quest Cookies

190 cals, 23g carbs, 8g fat, 20g protein

TOTAL: 1597 cals, 163g carbs, 39g fat, 161g protein

Also please keep in mind that this is a random snapshot of what I eat in a day in the summer. Some days I may eat more or less. It just depends what’s on the menu.

PPS: My vegan beauties out there, I hear ya on the ethical front. I think if people were to kill their own meat, it’d be a different story. There would be less meat consumed. I 100% agree that the way slaughterhouses kill animals is inhumane and horrendous. I think everyone should educate themselves on this topic instead of being completely blind and emotionless to the situation. You guys are correct that veganism is more of a compassionate lifestyle rather than simply a diet. It is definitely something that people should work towards if it works for their body.

  • Anonymus

    Freelee sucks, she stalks caseys ( yours ) instagram and twitter to make casey look bad. I mean honestly she makes videos about how bad casey is. Well, casey is the best workout fitness trainer ever, stalking caseys social media is the wrong tip. Stay the awesome casey!

  • Nicole

    I have a question. I have done your thigh workout videos because I want to slim my thighs, but I don’t want them to bulk up. Should I keep doing this?

  • Rebeca

    I just saw another video of Freelee. OMG What’s wrong with her? Why so much hate and why she thinks that here point of view its the only one correct in this huge spectrum of diets/lifestyle?
    Casey, I’m brazilian and I had to adapt some of your recipes, some of those I dont even try to cook, but I totally get your perspective and try to eat clean more part of time. Since then I’ve lost 10kilos, eating clean and doing your workout calendar (and now I have a beautiful butt and legs, and…OMG, my body changed completely!). So I couldn’t agree more with you, everybody reacts someway to some foods, its really consecutive trial and error. Oh, and I must say: my bloodtests are completely healthy since I’ve started to follow your tips and exercices. Thanks for that!

  • Mechelle

    Was watching one of your videos on YouTube and was reading some of the comments, saw your link to this blog. Just wanted to say that you are doing a wonderful job and keep doing what you are doing. Healthy eating is simple but yet involves a lot a different factors that vary from person to person. It seems that what you are doing works for you. You seem healthy and happy, and that’s what most people are trying to achieve. I don’t watch these type of videos to copy every thing the person says or does but to really kind of get suggestions and ideas;Then I tailor them to fit myself because I’m unique. These negative haters who want to be experts on everything should not be on these sites because it’s obvious they already ‘know everything’. Thus, they should shut-up and start their own YouTube show or vlog, blog etc…

  • AA

    Woah. I take nutrition seriously in the religious sort of way. I have a book that I call my food bible.

    Thank you for this video and post. I feel like I need to take a step back, and be less pushy on those I love about my love for nutrition and nutrition information. I need to go apologize to everyone I talk to about nutrition; I will try to improve. :) I hope all who see this and are similar to me will also take a step back and acknowledge we need to tone down, not our love for nutrition and nutrition information, but our pushiness of our love. :)

  • I absolutely agree, that food is not a religion and that everone should choose for themselves what´s right.
    Even so, I have to state that your calculated intake (if it´s correct) of what you eat in a day, seems too low for a woman your age, particularly if you work out! (If this is your average intake on a daily basis)
    (And I am finishing my master´s degree in nutrition, so I know what I´m talking about) Just saying! ;)

  • I couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve now stared a blog for health and wellness
    it’s so sad that people are constantly bashed for one reason or another.
    what happened to live and let live at least they are trying.
    There’s a differencbetween constructive criticism and just being hateful.
    yall learn to love your fellow human.the world would be a much better place.
    everyone has different opinions. And that’s a great thing.

  • Lauren

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU. I’ve gotten so much flak because I am following the keto lifestyle which is ‘not healthy’. I just wanted to point out that they have never seen the positive results on me eg. more energy, better skin etc. keep living the way your body tells you to, not the others who have no personal experience. They’re not you!!

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  • Laura

    Agreed. If you have a problem with how others eat–keep it to yourselves! Cassey is the best out there for everything! Even though the only time i see her is through pintrest and blogilates- I feel like she’s my sister! She’s helped me through Anorexia and self-doubt! And depression, lack of sleep and so many other things! She’s practically my Guardian Angel (sorry if this creeps you out, Cassey.)
    Even though I’m thirteen and most people would exile me for working out at my age, she’s always embraced other people, and i suggest you do the same. Remember what yo mama said.

    “Ain’t got nothin’ nice to say, don’t say nothin’ at all!”

    Love and peace and everything else,

    Laura <3

    Pitbull girl

  • Totally true sentiments! I don’t think it’s healthy to few it as a religion OR as an addiction. It’s a journey, it’s a process and a lifestyle. Life isn’t perfect so you cant expect to always be 100% on the right path. You try your best and have more good days than bad. Great share! :)

  • Maria

    Hi Cassey :)
    I really love if u post your autumn daily routine. Pleaseee.

  • Lieke

    Is sweet potato clean? Btw I lovveeeee your videoss! x

    • Emma

      Sweet potatoes are pretty great in my opinion, you just have to remember that they’re fairly high in carbs. Definitely wayyyyy better than white potatoes or bread though.

  • This post is bold and spot on. We should want to learn from each other, not attack. Good for you!

  • Judi

    Hi Cassie!

    When I watched this video a few days ago, I didn’t really know why you seem to justify yourself and what you seem to be so angry about – but I think I just found the reason by accident right now!
    I discovered videos of Freelee the Banana Girl – and wow, I can already say I absolutely hate her! She is the absolute opposite of you! She is incredible negative and kind of aggressive! Her view of food is sick! She makes young, impressionable girls anorexic! She says her way of nutrition is the only way that is good and works.
    Cassie, I follow your monthly calendar since end of August and therefore, also your blog and some videos besides. And I have to say I love you :D You are such a positive person (and in no artificial way, which are some people…). You show us your lifestyle but you never expect anyone to do the same! Contrariwise, you always talk about different ways of nutrition and so on. You are incredible and there is nothing negative I can find about you (and this will mean something because I’m not that positive and always find something bad :D). But I can’t believe there are people, for example Freelee, who trie to make you down. Maybe they are jealous about your success and having so many supporters – but you have those supporters for a reason! But you are such a positive role model to so many people and I simply cannot understand, why some people don’t see it!
    Never let people get you down! You never need to justify for food or anything else – we support you and we want you to share for example a food dairy with us! Keep going ♥

    I hope you read this! I usually don’t comment on blogs but when I just found Freelee and her videos… I just felt like I need to!


    • Maria

      I totally saw that video too! I was trying to google my.blogilates and it appeared in the search results. I honestly found the video very rude and to assume that only her way is the right way is completely ignorant and wrong of her.
      I actually went and looked at the comments for Freelee’s video and found that many people were angry at her for attacking Cassey and someone even referred to Cassey’s video “Nutrition is NOT a Religion”.
      I can’t even stress how true it is that everyone’s dietary needs are different and there’s no “one way” of going about it. If I were to eat the same way as my sister, I would probably gain weight because she has a higher metabolism than me and she’s more active (I blame my gaming obsession on that one. Heh heh…) I’d also get sick because I’m lactose intolerant and she isn’t.
      Another example of how everyone’s different would be if I were to look at one of my best friends who has hypoglycemia (Her body produces too much insulin). Let’s be honest, if she were to eat the same way as me or my sister or Cassey or Freelee, it probably wouldn’t work for her. Instead she found a way of eating, by trial and error, that works best for her. And it’s always a celebration when the two of us can sit down and split a meal because it’s something we can both eat without getting sick. :)
      I think it’s so important to experiment with our food to find what works and what doesn’t. Sure, someone out there is going to look down their nose at you, thinking your way is weird or bad, and tell you their way is better, but what’s best for them might not be best for you.
      In the words of Taylor Swift…
      “The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
      Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
      I shake it off! I shake it off!”
      Shake it off, Cassey! Your Popsters are behind you 100% and we’re not gonna let a bunch of haters stop us from loving and supporting you! <3

  • Sharon

    Your insights about clean eating has helped me have a starting point for my own research into what works for my body. I’m feeling great, getting fitter, have SOOOOOOOOOOOO much energy, just from making different choices in what I put into my body. Like you said, its our own personal choice, our bodies are all different. Keep up the inspirational work!

  • Kristine

    I am so sorry that there are people personally attacking you! Your positivity and kind spirit have not only helped me live a healthier lifestyle, but also helped me through dark times in my life. You are so inspirational to me and MANY other POPsters. Just remember that we love you and you are beautiful inside and out! Stay strong! :)

  • Chynna

    Oh, Cassey! I am sorry for all these people! I support you and everything about you! Some people just find it hard to adapt on others’ habits, probably like yours because it may seem peculiar to them, but that doesn’t mean they should disrespect you. You motivate us NOT TO BECOME THINNER, BUT TO BECOME HEALTHIER. TO BECOME A BETTER VERSION OF OURSELVES. TO BE HAPPY IN OUR OWN SKIN. And I love you for that.

  • Bailey


    I agree with most of your post until you came to the section on animal slaughter and it being inhumane and horrible. As a veterinarian who has been on the work floor of one of those slaughter houses, I would like you to know that the way animals are slaughtered is not inhumane and every precaution is taken to ensure a swift and painless death. I don’t hate on the vegan lifestyle, but until you have experienced a slaughter house facility please don’t generalize or make assumptions. Now on to your new video workout! Thanks for helping me transform my body!

  • This post really resonated with me, Cassey. I recently wrote an article on Fiterazzi about whether organic food is really good for you or not, and basically made the same points in that hey, if it works for you then go for it but do not impose what you think upon others.
    Living in SF especially, I am surrounded by so many food extremists and it makes me a little angry at times. Why do people always think that what works best for them is right for you?
    Thanks for this post, Cassey. You’re the best and always keeping it real :)

  • You hit the nail on the head! Too many people not supporting each other and being open minded. We’re always on the defense.

  • Bronwyn

    Thank you for this. Could you make a video about how to stay healthy during cold and flu season? I always wonder how you don’t get sick running on just a little sleep. I’m home with a new baby, so not getting much sleep and looking for tips to stay healthy this winter.

  • Kaitlyn

    Cassey! Well said! I really hadn’t thought of this turning into a “religion” thing, but you’re right. There really are tons of little sectors, especially amongst instagram. I find myself being judgmental of the way others show their diets on instagram sometimes. Which isn’t good! I know that a lot of people think that the way I eat is “extreme”, but it works for me, and I don’t appreciate them judging me for it, so I shouldn’t judge them either. Glad you posted this!

  • Miek

    Today I went to a public lecture on my University (University of Wageningen in the Netherlands). It was about the clinical perspective on obesity and what he (Dr. Frank van Berkum) said was that the saw that losing weight is not about eating less and moving more. It is about being aware of your habits (I immediately thought of your fit journal, in which I started last week!) and finding out what works for YOUR body. Every body is different and reacts different to food.

    Also that our society measures with averages. So if one group gets fat from eating pizza (Random example) and the other loses weight by eating pizza, that the conclusion is: eating pizza doesn’t affect your weight.

    Besides I saw something I didn’t expect in the supermarket. Spelt is a total hype here and I compared spelt pasta and whole wheat pasta, and guess what? The “normal” whole wheat pasta had less carbs, less fat, more fibers! I truly hope people will be more aware of what they put in their mouth when it IS processed…

    Just had to type this ;)
    Greets and a hugs,

  • Ahhhhhh! I know it must be hard for you to see that kind of comments, but just try to ignore them. There are always haters when it comes to successful people like yourself. No matter what you’re doing, there will always be someone judging. The most important thing to know is that we love you and the rest is just not important :D

    Apart from that, I totally agree with you. Everybody has to get to know their bodies and see what works best for them. It’s also fine to treat yourself from time to time!

    MUCH LOVE! xoxo

  • Clementine

    As always a lovely and caring post, Cassey. I’m sorry folks are trying to put you down in order to further their own diet fad crazy (looking at a certain banana fixated individual, but *ahem* anyway.) a lot of people are influenced and it is easy to go over the top with cutting calories or carbs too completely from a very rigorous regimen of exercise in order to lose weight. instead, eat moderately and cut moderately. I like to think of it as a science experiment. try one thing for a few weeks, and if it doesn’t work reintroduce the food and cut another. it’s interesting to track and see how your body responds/changes. but your main message stays with me: can’t go wrong eating clean; just make sure you eat enough. and there is no one perfect way of eating for EVERY BODY TYPE.
    thanks so much, Cassey.

  • Robyn

    I very much agree with this post. I would like to add though that ‘religion’ is used very negatively here and I don’t think that is fair. Just trying to be sensitive.

  • aja

    I really hate all the people that think their diet is the only diet. Everyone is different and every body is different so there is no one size fits all diet, like religion.

  • Hi Cassey,

    I love your clean diet, all your ideas and your positive attitude. You changed plenty people life and you should be proud of yourself. Don’t worry what other people say. I met you in person in London and I think you are great, very inspiring person and you should keep up the good work. Well done you! Marzie x

  • Rebecca

    Just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. Why would people think that just because you post what you eat, or post a recommended diet plan, that that is the end all and be all, or that it would work for them? Like you said, every body is different. Some people are judgmental. Those people are stupid. Cassey, you are awesome and we love you. I don’t understand why people feel the need to separate themselves into angry, opposing groups. We all have the same goal (health), we all have different journeys, and we all have destinations that will look different. No need to judge those on a path different than your own.

    PS While being vegan is certainly the most humane way of eating, simply getting your meat and animal products from happy farms where the animals are free range, fed a natural diet and loved by their caretakers (and killed humanely), as opposed to eating factory farmed products, I believe makes a big difference in the world. Not to mention tasting better and being healthier for your own body, as well as the animals’.

    PPS What the heck is “chicken period”?? Do the people claiming you eat that have a lot of experience ingesting it themselves, to be able to recognize it (and know that it’s not good)? Because…ew. ;)

    • Annelise

      Amen. Also the first time I was informed I was eating “chicken periods” I didn’t know what to say so I started laughing.

    • Maria

      Lol “Chicken periods” are eggs. I “cracked” up when a friend of mine told me that one. XD

  • lauren

    you go girl!!! this is so great!! I cop crap all the time for the way I eat (sugar free vegan) and this post is great :)

  • Julieke

    Well said Cassey!
    I’ve tried the blood type diet (yup, another one!) which was maybe the only one that worked.
    Basically according to it I have issues digesting cheese, dairy, red meat and refined carbs… Which is true! (I’m A+).
    It took me a long time to realize that I wasn’t just slow at digesting, I also ate a lot of food that didn’t agree with me on a daily basis.
    Today I still eat everything, but in moderation. I’m french so avoiding cheese is definitely out of the question, but now I think about what I eat and when I should eat it.
    One last thought: in my language “diète” means fasting. Adopting good eating habits is to me way more important and lasting than loosing weight. I’m sure plenty of Popsters feel the same.
    Thank you Cassey again for your rant! :-)

  • Sarah

    Hi Cassy,

    Thank you for addressing this so well and encouraging tolerance!


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  • Sarah

    Cassey, I LOVED this post. Thank you! I wish we would all take the attitude of taking what is good and helpful from whatever source we may and figuring out our own healthy. I do this by looking through your recipes and thoughts on nutrition and working them into my own needs. For me, as a runner, that basically means eating a lot more carbs than you recommend. So do I write you hateful comments on how you’re giving bad advice? NO! I make your Ultra Clean Meatballs and add a huge pile of brown rice or quinoa to my plate or eat them on wheat toast, sandwich style. Everyone should be able to find what fuels their life and then be genuinely happy when others do the same.

    My husband’s family has a hilarious saying: KEEP YOUR EYES ON YOUR OWN PLATE! It’s something their mom would say when they were kids if someone whined about someone getting more chicken, not eating as many peas, etc. And man, I wish more of us adults would take that good advice. Keep your eyes on your own plate and eating and stop beating up on others who have found a different way of doing things.

  • Yun

    You are great! I love your views! You help me a lot.

  • Lauren

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!