The 8 Week Hot Body Challenge!

Hey guys!

Ok it’s not too bad today. 1:13 am! I’m improving!

Anyway, I JUST announced the 8 Week Hot Body Challenge on YouTube! Watch the video to learn more! But I guess if you’re at work or in class right now, that’s probably not a good idea. So you can read my blog post instead :)

On November 10th, I want all of us to do the 8 Week Hot Body Challenge together! This means that we are going to eat clean, train hard, and stay FOCUSED until we slip on our new year’s eve dresses! I want a before pic on the 10th and a confident, toned, and beautiful pic of you glowing on Dec 31st!

Are you ready to take on the challenge? Yes you are. The time is now. So here’s how you can join in:

1. Follow my 8 Week Hot Body Meal Guide – it’s a complete clean eating plan that shows you what I eat to stay happy, healthy, and super energetic.

2. Follow the free Blogilates Workout calendars.

3. Join the exclusive Hot Body community where I will be hosting live Q&As to support you guys. This community is only available to POPsters with the guide.

4. Record all your progress in your Blogilates Fit Journal 2.0!

5. Take a before pic on Nov 10th

6. Take an after pic on Dec 31st

That’s it!! And use the hashtag #8weekhotbody to stay connected with other POPsters doing the challenge! Now…wanna look at some pretty pics? I betcha do! Lookie now.


This is one of the prettiest photos I have ever taken! That’s the cover of the new Fit Journal 2.0. It makes me so happy just looking at it!

Listen up. If you thought the last Fit Journal was cool, this one is going to BLOW YOU AWAY! I collaborated with an amazing European artist on the cover, the gorgeous calendar girls, and I poured me heart into every single page of this book.

Writing down your progress has been PROVEN to help people lose weight successfully. Because I am a huge advocate of being honest with yourself on paper (and in life of course), I created the Blogilates Fit Journal to help you sculpt your best body and life in the most beautiful way possible.

In this journal you will find:

  • Personal motivational letters from me
  • 84 full daily pages where you can record your food, your workouts, your sleep, and recap your day in detail
  • 14 hand painted, beautiful calendar girls who represent the strong, vibrant, and unstoppable POPsters from around the world
  • 1 exclusive Blogilates erasable gel pen (pink) <— this thing is AWESOME. Watch the video.
  • 12 of my favorite inspirational sayings
  • 12 grocery list pages
  • 12 progress report pages
  • 2 Detailed Body Measurement Pages
  • 2 “Before and After” photo galleries
  • Inspiration Board
  • Goal Setting Page
  • Final % change formula page for your measurements


 Which body shape do you think you are? You can pick and write down all your measurements before you start!


One of my fave paintings in the journal. This girl is strong and delicate all at once.


First ever pink Blogilates ERASABLE gel pen. It comes free with the journal. You will love this thing. It’s kinda like magic.


When my friend came back from Japan, he bought me some erasable gel pens and I fell in love. It inspired me to make my own for you guys!


And now…the comprehensive 8 week clean eating meal guide and ebook to help you burn fat, lose weight, and sculpt your hottest body!

Along with a registered dietician, I developed a tasty and colorful plan for you that includes 5 meals a day (2 snacks and 3 meals) that change week to week, keeping your metabolism revved up and your body excited for new flavors. These are my go to meals that I eat very regularly.

Here’s what to expect:

  • A Complete 8 Week Meal Plan for you to follow
  • My “10 Rules” to Sculpt a Hot Body
  • My Personal Clean Eating Grocery List
  • The Hot Body Formula – to help you understand why nutrition is the most important factor in your physique
  • My Tricks to Naturally Speed Up your Metabolism
  • 12 unique weekly meal plan calendars to make clean eating easier
  • 12 weekly grocery lists
  • Over 40+ healthy recipes for you to mix and match so your taste buds will never get bored (pancakes, crepes, shakes, spaghetti, meatballs etc.) There’s a vegan version too.


Also! Don’t forget to use the discount code “hotbodcombo” to get your new Fit Journal and Guide for only $42…versus $62, cuz…who wants to pay more when you don’t have to!?

AH!! And GIVEAWAY right now on my instagram!

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Go find this pic and then comment below and tag a friend of yours who may want to do the 8 week hot body challenge with you! I will pick 8 winners who will will the Fit Journal and the Meal Guide! Contest is open to everyone, everywhere and you can comment as many times as you want. Contest ends tonight at midnight! GO CRAZY!

Good luck guys. I cannot wait to get started! I think this is gonna be so fun. If you have any questions for me, please post below so I can help you!

YAY!!!! Love you!!


  • Kayla rasmussen

    Hi I just last week orderddd Her meal guide a long with the journal to write it and teck ur progress in… I have not received anything yet. I don’t understand help please!

  • alicia

    Hello Cassey, I’ve just ordered the 8 week hotbody meal plan. Unfortunately, I could not access to the hot body community. Could you please help me check? Thank you and sorry for any inconvenience.

  • sandra lopez

    I purchased the meal plan and i exceed my limits of opening it not knowing it had limits.

    can someone help?! i can not get access to it anymore I PAID FOR IT ! what a waste of money if I can not see it anymore.

    Has this happened to anyone?

  • Thalia

    I bought the meal plan when it came out… is each recipe made to last the whole week or do i have to triple the ingredients?

  • very nice

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