Stretches to get you in Splits!

Hey guys!

I made a printable for you in case you wanted to add this to your Blogilates printables collection along with your other workouts! It’s the 9 warm up stretches I do before getting into the splits! Practice everyday. It will take time for your flexibility to increase, but it will happen!

Also, I want to do some sort of a challenge with you guys to get ready for 2015. Do you wanna do a 1 month, 2 month, or 3 month challenge? What do you want me to show you? How do you want me to help you? Let me know in the comments and I will design something just for you guys! I am here to help you so please, let me know what you want!

<3 Cassey

  • AMY

    I need to master the split by the end of october for a new tango routine I will be performing at a dance competition. Riding Horses for so many years and doing weight bearing exercises without enough stretching has left everything too tight. thanks foe the tips

  • Me

    I would like a one month challenge on the splits

  • Me

    I would like a 1 month challenge on the splits.

  • Sonia

    I just received the DVD POP Pilates by cassey Ho. Unfortunately is not working in my DVD player. It starts but when it comes to tick play it DOESN’T work!! My DVD player has played American DVDs in the past without a problem.

    I Need help.

    Thank you

    Snia from London

  • Ravneet

    How come Cassey never replies to any comments?

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone else notice how the numbers are not in order? It goes from 6 to 8 to 7 and then 9…

    • Olivia L

      I’m pretty sure it was to make the blocks fit better… but you should do 7 (straddle) before 8 (pipe), even if it doesn’t go left to right

  • Kirstin Meg

    I would love to have a 3 month work out on and, legs and butt :)
    I’m looking for a nice toned, strong, and beautiful body.
    Your the best Cassy!! <3

  • Yuna

    Please 3 months abs challenge!!!!! Pretty please! Thank you

  • S

    Cassey, you’re so perfect! I was doing your splits tutorial video and I wanted to write down all the steps, then I found this!!! AMAZING! I love you so much Cassey, thank you for everything you do for us.

  • just need help to master the splites .

  • i am akeem from jamaica am 18 and will practice the splite just need help and motivation

  • Zeynep

    Hi Cassie! I think you should do more cardio dance videos because they’re both effective and fun so I think that it would be great if you could make a challenge which has a lot of cardio dance routine in it.

  • Madison

    Hi! I was wondering if there were any specific stretches or exercises that you’ve found useful for getting the MIDDLE splits? Thanks!(:

    • Elvira

      The straddle its a great strech for your middle splits, you can even do it against a wall if you want a deeper strech. You can also do the butterfly , the froggy and the side froggy. Beides, you can lie on your side and try tu pull your legs pass your head.
      Hope it helped!

  • Mackenzie

    I have been trying to get my splits for about a year now and have discovered stretching for an hour is not working for me. This stretching seems short and simple. I’m excited to try it out.

  • Subhasri

    Waiting for the 1 month thigh challenge!!!

  • Sara

    Please please do thighs and arms next :)) And thank you for all you’ve done so far with us!!

  • Preksha

    Looking forward to an intense 1 month lean thigh challenge

  • Emma

    Hey Cassey!
    A 2 months flexiblity challenge would be the best thing!! One that could help us do splits, scorpions, bow and arrows etc.

  • neslihan


    I want to see new challeng. but it should be harder for ex. butt challenge 2 tuffer than first one.
    and new challeng for legs and arms. One of my problem areas arms half cobra is my favorit.

    and thank you for your videos and every thing ı have a 3 yaers old son and i don’t have for exceresies after ı saw your videos and callender ı said myself yes i can . ı am doing :) butt challeng, flat abs and begginers calender 2.0 :)

  • Claudia

    Hy Cassey,
    I would love a two month challenge about endurance, because I’m playing football and I really need much endurance for the matches in a few weeks, and about flexible because I really like to be more flexible.
    Greetings from Austria <3

  • Jana

    A two month flexibility challenge would be awesome. I really want to be more flexible and I think a challenge would keep me motivated to work for it.
    Lots of love from Germany <3

  • Bella

    I have a wedding in a few month and i really want you to help me to lose weight not just for the wedding but because I want to be happy and confident

  • chris

    How long does this take? I need to be able to perform head high kick By the end of Feb! I also seem to have a problem that every morning I seem to be starting from scratch! I’m stiff as a plank!

  • khadidja amel

    hy , please can you help me to gain weight , honestly its frosturating i so wanna have some curves and feel good about myself.. any challenge with a diet meal plan would be awsome or advices even .please i really need your help

    • chris

      I wish I could give you some of mine! I’ve got curves in abundance!

      • AyBreyannah

        Umm I could help

  • Karin

    the longer the challenge the better!! they really make me stay focused

  • How about a 1 month or 2 month muffin top melter challenge? And do I do these stretches before I workout or after I workout?

  • Talitha

    Doing the splits is on my bucket list. I would love to check it off of my list. I am interested in whatever you put out.

  • iman

    hi,i love flexibility, and i realy want to do a 30 day splits workout challenge
    plise do it Cassey, and i love your videos youare amazing!

  • Sarah

    I have my right and left splits and I’m really close to getting my middle split. I want a 1 or 3 month stretching challenge to help me get more flexible.

    • Thea

      Hi you posted that comment on my birthday!!!! I have no idea why that is important but whatever ;)

  • Kay

    I would really like a three month workout to lead up to May bikini season! I tend to stay focused and on track while I’m on one of the workout plans, but then I slack off for a while after each challenge ends. That’s why I’d like a continuous challenge leading up to Summer vacations when we are walking and running around as tourists and want to be able to keep up on vacation as well as feeling confident beachside. :)

  • Emma

    Thank you for posting this :)
    Now, I’m going to do this everyday, because i really want to can do the splits. I dance ballet and I’m the only girl in my group that can’t do the splits which is really embarrassing for me.
    So I hope it works, lots of love from Germany

  • Tami

    i would really like to lose 15 pounds by the new year but mostly i would like to tone my entire body!! alos i love the stretches you showed on how to do the splits, i want to so bad!!!

  • lika

    hi, i currently weigh 86 kilos and i am 16 years old and about 174 centimeters long. so i am overweight, i’d like to weigh 75 kilos in like 3 months, is that healthy/possible if i just follow your pilates for beginners month calender and eat healthier?
    i try to do your videos everyday, and i already feel some things changing.

  • Jeannie

    A two month plan would be fantastic :)

  • Desiree

    Hey Cassey! Greetings from NZ! :D I just wanted to let you know how much you motivate me to workout and get stronger. No matter how many times I quit from time to time, every time I think about you it always motivates me to get back on track. I’m obese, yes. People put me down, yes. But you’re different! You motivate me to get stronger inside and out. I don’t cry as much anymore and I haven’t been depressed in so long apart from today (something horrible happened). I thought of you while I was crying and so I started exercising. And now I can’t wait to keep going. Thank you so much Cassey! You don’t just help physically, but also mentally and spiritually.

    I don’t care how many times I slip up, I know I’m gonna get there with you. :D I’m gonna get stronger until no one can put me down anymore. :D

    Love you so much Cassey! :D XX <3

  • Eva

    I would love to see a challenge with smaller daily challenges, for example drinking x cups of water, eating x many vegetables, one day meatless, stretching exercises, run a mile, etc. Challenges that aren’t particularly difficult yet show results when you add them up. Alternatively, it could go on for one month and each challenge is passed on to the next day. For example, day 1 the challenge is to drink 4 cups of water minimum. The second day to not eat any fruit after 2pm as well as drinking 4 cups of water. The third day to stretch for 20 minutes plus drinking water and not eating fruit after 2pm and so on and so on. To me it sounds like such a big commitment to follow a meal plan and this sounds like something I could challenge myself to do quite easily yet still ending up being very effective!

    • Vau

      I totally agree with you, it is a very great idea!

    • Jo

      I agree too! It’s slowly changing your habits. If you’re busy it can seem daunting and hard to learn to fit everything in. This way you slowly build things up :)

    • saras

      i totally agree with you. I think it can slowly change us to have a healthier lifestyle

    • Elma

      I’m in for this challenge

    • lily

      This sounds great! Totally up for this :)

  • Elin

    I have just finished the Beginners Calendar (yeah!) and I really love your workout videos. I can feel that I’m getting stronger, but i struggle with food. So when making this plan maybe you could incorporate some kind of easy and healthy meal plan. A 2 or 3 month challenges works for me!

    • Ras

      she has a bunch of meal plans available even a 90 day one that are easy and simple.

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  • This is sooooo useful Cassey, thankyou! Xox Sparky

  • Lisanne

    thank you cassey!!!

    a 2 month challenge seems so amazing!! like we start on novermer 1st and stop on januari 1st. that way youre all fit and confident to conquer 2015!! :D

  • Jenny

    Hi cassey! I would love a flexibility plan! Maybe also flexibility in the back, in addition to splits, hips, and all that. I’ve been trying to get flexible for years, and I’ve had very little progress, especially in my back, since it’s so uncomfortable to stretch that. It’d also be cool because you’d be working towards something along with us, as opposed to only helping us obtain something while you already know /have it.
    A cardio plan would also be awesome because i’m also looking to get rid of that extra fat… Maybe you could combine flexibility and cardio… That seems like the type of creative thing you’d come up with!
    As for length, I think a 1-2 month plan would be best, since anything longer makes me doubt whether I’d be able to go through with it.

    • Emily

      This sounds amazing!!!!

  • Emily Bernstein

    Have you ever done a challenge with yoga? I have gotten into it in the last few months. I see a lot of people wanting more flexiblity, and yoga has really strengthened me and increased my flexibility by a lot!! Also, if you are thinking of doing a food challenge, have you ever just done a dairy free diet? I think a 2 month challenge would be perfect: November-December

    • maritza

      I think a two month yoga/flexibility challenge sounds awesome. It could possibly also be a core challenge since many of the challenging poses require a lot of core strength.

      • maritza

        Also, you could do like pop challenges with yoga so it would be faster paced for the cardio days. I show your videos to some teenage girls at a treatment center and they LOVE the song challenges!

  • Veronica

    I love the routines that combine HIIT with toning every day! I think an 8 week challenge would be the perfect length to keep us on track through the holidays. November and December are definitely the most challenging months of the year to keep consistently active when schedules are so wonky, and of course the challenge of clean eating during holidays meals ;)

  • Heather

    I’d love a three month challenge to keep us all exercising while the holidays and colder weather hits; most people tend to stay inside and hibernate during winter! A plethora of people are affected yearly by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) with the changes in seasons, and often experience symptoms of depression. It’d be great to have a challenge all winter long to keep those “feel good” endorphins in us! I’d love to have some more HIIT/cardio incorporated into the daily workouts. Could you also consider including more stretching routines to increase flexibility, and some routines focusing on correct form and posture? Also, some holiday CCE perhaps? Thank you so much Cassey!

  • Radhzell

    I would love a challenge of two months (starting on November) to start 2015 at my ideal weight and have the body I always dreamed of having. I am currently on a diet and I will start exercise today, so I’m super motivated and trust that this time I will make it happen. Thanks for your good job, motivation and efforts Casey, thanks for being there for us.