Things have been crazy!

Hey guys!

Wow, this is probably the longest I have taken off from blogging. Seriously no good.

You know, the first time I started blogging about 4-5 years ago, it was so much less intimidating. I would write an article on quinoa and share with you the benefits. Or I’d do a quick printable of some sort and tell you have to tuck your abs in for my core strengthening routine. Things were very straight forward and I promised myself that I would blog every single day!

I think last year was the first time I started straying from that. I missed a day. Then 2. Then 3. And then now this. 2 weeks! Oh boy.

I love my blog, I love talking to you guys and I don’t ever want to stop writing. But I guess the problem was, I started putting too high of a standard on my blog posts. I wouldn’t write unless I had something crazy or super informative to say. I noticed that my last few posts have been super “epic” style. It ends up taking hours to write and edit.

Then I get intimidated of that. And I get scared to write!

Craziness. Not that you should care, but if there are any bloggers or aspiring bloggers out there, I wonder if any of you have run into the same problem? For some reason in the back of my head, I feel like if I don’t have anything epic to say, I just won’t!

Anyway, I’m slapping my hand now and telling myself to stop trying to be so ridiculous. I will try my best to share more with you guys on the blog! So…ONWARD!

Tonight I don’t feel like recapping anything. I feel like those stress me out sometimes. Later I will tell you all about the BODYPOP Launch Party, the IDEA World Fitness Conference, and the POP Pilates Party. It will be a pics galore post.

Right now I just want to write and feel…

Looking at my calendar, I cannot believe that in 1 week it will be September. Excuse me. WHAT!

Where did the year go? Why is summer going to be over? I am so so sad. This year, 2014, has been crazier than ever. With the launch of BODYPOP, the POP Pilates Certification Program, finishing up my book, and too many other things to list, I am getting exhausted.

Really exhausted.

I find myself longing for time to stop. Like right now, I just want everything to freeze for 24 hrs so I can catch up with life. Do you ever feel that way? I just want the clocks to pause, the world to stop turning, and for me to lay down and just relax and not feel like I’m falling behind.

It’s a great thing to “live life in the fast lane” and I am fortunate that I am busy and that I absolutely love what I do…but sometimes, like right now, I wonder where life even went. Before I know it, it’ll be Christmas again, and my birthday again, and then I will be a year older.

Even though 2014 has been crazy, it has been extremely good to me. One of the best things I’ve experienced this year are closer friendships and truer relationships.

Your life, my life…it’s all about the people you surround yourself with. Our life is sculpted by the people who we interact with. Get this: It’s about people, not things or events or awards. But the people who make the things and run the events and give the awards.

Do you get what I am trying to say?

I am beyond blessed to have you guys in my life. You’re such a positive source of light and happiness for me. I love that we can both cheer each other on. Do you know that I am always rooting for you?  Yes. I am your personal cheerleader and trainer :)

People always ask me how I am always smiling and the answer is simple. It’s because I love you and I love what I do. Because of you guys, many incredible things have happened this year so far. I know I couldn’t have done ANY of it without you.

I just recently found out that I am an official nominee for the Streamy Award for the best fitness channel on YouTube! There are 5 channels competing and I won’t find if out we won until September 7th! I will definitely have to ask you guys for fashion advice before I hit the red carpet.

streamy cassey

Ok well it’s time to hit the bed. I have to teach class tomorrow morning.

Have a fabulous start to your week!

<3 Cassey

  • I think that from time to time we all that feeling. We want to be better and better all the time. But sometimes this feeling can get in a way. We think that nothing we do is good enought in comparison with our expectations. I believe that that’s the moment we have to let go and go with what we have. See what will happen and learn from that.

    Greetings from Poland!
    You are amazing inspiration to me ;)

  • Samoa

    Hey!!!!!!!!! I love you Cassey. I love your workouts and everything. Something you might think about doing it weight training for beginners. I would love to learn how to lift weights but there is no one that can help me. I think maybe when you get sometime that would be a great new thing to maybe start. Just something different that you haven’t really done. Just a thought!! :) Thanks for all that you do for us Cassey but don’t forget to live your life to!!!!!!! You are such a strong a power full women I really look up to you. I am 15 going to be 16 and I want to be a person trainer because I just love being healthy and fit. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  • s6milerun


    Take a deep breath! This is your blog site, so you can do whatever you feel is right with you. If you need to take a break, so be it. Go at your pace. Remember too that we wouldn’t be POPsters if we also were not hard at work. I’m sure many of are checking in with you at our own personal paces as well.

    Be kind to yourself, because we like it when you’re in a good mood!


  • parissa

    Hi dear Cassey,
    this is the first time i’m writing to you.YOU ARE AMAZING!
    I’ve discovered you in youtube recently, about 2 weeks ago. I am from Iran and I have tons of problems receiving your videos, visiting your blog and … our internet network in Iran is very slow and is filtered by the government so it is hard to see your beautiful smile every time! but I love u sooooooooooooooo much, i love your positivity,enthusiasm and energy.
    in my country women are not allowed to wear what they like,they are not allowed to do work-outs in public, to dance freely, to have colorful clothing… because of Hijab we can not wear something which is body form and shows our body curves. many of people (specially women) here are so depressed. I’ve heard it a lot that women say: “what for we should be fit and pretty? there is no fun in our lives, nowhere to enjoy that fitness and beauty, no one to see and admire it…”
    Cassey you are a super fortunate girl to be in the most democratic and free country in the can follow your dreams and they can come true. you have the opportunity of a full life.enjoy it with every single cell of yours! you can be so busy making your wishes happen. having your fashion brand, having your successful career, having your friends, having so much fun…you can not imagine what it is like not having a dream!!
    dear sweet beautiful Cassey! I love you and I’m so happy that you have pure happiness in your life. wish you the BEST!

  • Haha I totally get it, Cassey! As a blogger myself, I have lots and lots of little “struggles” and obstacles. However, I figure that what works best for me is to stick to a rough schedule of posting only on Tues. Thurs. and Saturday, but if anything comes up or I really don’t have something ready to post, then I won’t on that day or I’ll delay it till he next day. I think it’s all depending on the person, and most importantly balance. I try not to stress myself out, yet still I want to push myself and not get too laxed with it. Sometimes I do think that not saying anything at all is best if there’s nothing “good” to say, but it’s also totally ok to just ramble on about our thoughts and feelings if need be. :) So you have permission to do that, not that you need it, Cassey! ;)

  • Kitty

    I had that problem with my study abroad blog, and I have it all the time when writing fiction or poetry. It’s usually bad when I’m stressed about something else, and in my perfectionism, I project that stress onto my writing.

    Thank you so much for being a source of positivity. I have severe anxiety, and Pop Pilates is probably THE most effective lifestyle choice I’ve ever made in managing it. Some days, it’s really hard to make myself put on my workout clothes, but whenever I see your happy face in those videos, I know I can do it, and I always feel happier and stronger when I’m done.

    Thank you so much for everything you do. You’re a one-woman support network and huge inspiration.

  • Don’t beat yourself up – you have so much going on that it’s incredible that you even post as much as you do!

  • Virginia

    Hi Cassey!! I really love your work! If you need a vacation please come to Italy!! I can suggest you a little wonderful island here!!! Please come!! Xoxo Virg

  • Becca

    I love your new body pop line and the music video is fantastic!!! Such a creative way to express yourself!! I have a song request: Please do a video to Taylor Swifts new song Shake It Off!!!!! I thinks it’s so much fun, the best is awesome for a workout, and it’s inspirational to all who have ever had any negativity in their lives. We all just need to shake it off! Like you said we have to get rid of the negative people in our lives and I think this song really helps! Thank you so much for continuing to make the calendar and new workout videos!! It’s made a huge change in my life. Love ya and all your hard work!


  • Dana

    Hello Cassey, I know everyone have told you this many many times but I have to tell you, too! You are my big inspiration and even role model. I’ve been working out with you since the start of summer last year… :) I am still quite young, 18 years old in October and I have always been you could say passive with my life. I havent had a stable personality of my own and have been struggling like many other popsters here. But recently I started to feel so different. I mean, small changes slowly surfacing in every other direction of my life. My opinions on life, people…That’s why I was quite pleasantly surprised after reading this post of yours. It wasn’t planned nor consciously controlled. However, after spending the holidays in Greece( oh yeaah *.*) and most importantly experiencing. Feeling. I came to the same conclusion like you did. That the most important in life arent things. Economic values. It is the people. And relationships. What would be the meaning of anything without them? Nothing.
    So I just wanted to thank you Cassey for being. With us. Can’t be more grateful for the invention of internet right now :D <3

  • Vatruon

    You are amazing and you have achieved so much, and you have provided so many of with the shoulder we need. I come to read your blog once in a while, as I follow you on all social networks :-) but when I read the title, I had to come and read this one…

    I hope you do take a break…Im sure we will all understand. There are times that you probably should disconnect, I think we are all the time online, updating, following, reading, take a breather…so that you can be stronger going forward.

    Hugs, and all the best!

  • Lydia

    I so needed to hear that one! thanks for keeping it real. Love your workouts! And I also love how personable you are, I feel like you are someone I would totally go get a coffee with! Make time for bubble baths, time alone and hula-hooping! peace.

  • Breanna

    Everything you do and say is epic because it so obviously just oozes out of your heart! Your so passionate about sharing what you love and making us better. Don’t stress we love everything you give us. Thank you for everything, you deserve the award! Fingers crossed!

  • As a blogger myself, you are someone I really look up to. You’re such inspiring in so many different aspects of life. You also make me want to become more upbeat and positive like you! <3

  • First of all, congrats on the Streamy Nomination! How exciting! Good luck!
    Secondly, I heard you speak at IdeaWorld BlogFest and wanted to say THANK YOU! I learned so much from you, and took SO many notes. I can’t way to put those notes into action.
    Last but not least, as a blogger, I do find that sometimes I’m going out of my way to find new and exciting content. I’ve joined a few weekly link-ups that help me stay organized and keep me on track for what to post, but every now and then I have a day where nothing is planned and I’m scurrying to find something to fill the space. Maybe it’s ok to just post stream of thought or just something fun vs something new and epic and uber exciting that takes hours to create. :)

  • Joshi

    Hello Cassey, I understand how are you feeling about posting, but even if for give a tiny advice or just for chit chat about whatever you should keep writting, see it as a scape from your routine, something that liberates you, we your popsters we gonna read you with all the exciment and love we can give you. Hugs and congratulations for everything you have accomplish this year

    Hugs from Martinique

  • Cassey, I know EXACTLY how you feel. In fact, I wrote a blog post about it myself about a month ago! You start to feel that every post needs to be an inspirational masterpiece, and you begin to worry about a single word, which photo to use, whether the topic is actually important enough, and so on. And in the end, you decide not to post it at all! Ridiculous. Glad to see you got your game back :)

    If you wanna read my post, check it out:

  • Anna

    Hey Cassey! good for you, taking some time to just live and breathe and enjoy the awesome little things is so important! You’ve really done so much this year and its amazing, you don’t have to be insanely interesting or epic or anything but just you! cause that’s what we all love you for <3 xo

  • I’m at the beginning am I can relate to what you are saying. It’s hard to put your heart out there. But keep going at your pace. I love your advice :)

  • June

    I think everyone needs a break every now and then even if you’re working on your dream job or anything that you’ve been dreaming of for your entire life. It’s okay to take time off for your emotional and mental health. Too much of a good thing can be bad sometimes, you know? :-) And I also can relate to how you’ve been so focused on your dream/task/what’s in front of you..everythings has flown by and you didn’t even noticed it. :-) Anyway…I just wanted to tell you, Cassey, that I am extremely grateful for everything you do for us. I’ll still read your blog posts whether they’re epic or just simple normal posts. I’m sure all other POPsters feel the same way. :-) Don’t forget about your own happiness and sanity. We’ll be your cheerleader and morale support then and will always be. :-)

    *This is my comment ever on anything Blogilates..>__< Take care Cassey & Love you!

  • Cassey, your blog posts are great! I totally know how you feel about blogging. I used to blog on my wordpress and never really bothered to publicize it to my friends. I blogged for myself and for strangers who were interested in what I had to say. Once a lot of my friends, as well as my sisters, found out about my blog; they were impressed. They told me I had a good blog. Once I found out they knew about my blog, I knew they would continue to read it. I felt so much pressure to write a “good” post, or to incorporate more humour and witty banter/wordplay into my writing. I could only imagine the pressure your under as your audience is much more expansive.

    Anyways, you’re great. You’ve accomplished so much at such a young age. You deserve a break. You’re honestly what I aspire to be once I finish university. A health and fitness enthusiast living her dream in creative design and blogging. Well, I want to go into graphic design and communications, but that’s beside the point. Keep doing you, girl!

  • Kristin

    Cassey, you’re a rockstar. We’re all over the world supporting you, feeling so thankful that you let us into your life at all. I love when your posts are chatty, like we just ran into each other in the coffee shop and you’re telling me about whatever is on your mind. I also like your “epic” posts. The point is, I like reading your blog, whatever you write, because it’s from you and from the heart. Sounds like you need some time just for you! I think someone above suggested a vacation to Toronto? I will second that. ;)

  • Nina

    Hey I totaly understand, I’m a mother of 2 one 4 years the other 5 months. i have so many things going on that i take one day off and i turn around and it been a week. Take time to rest for you we all be here!

  • Cassey! I love you how honest and real you are with us. Hope you can start to destressify (is that even a word?) and continue blogging! xoxo

  • Jackie

    We understand Cassey! do not worry! we love you too

  • Becca

    Can we call the September calendar Sep-tone-ber? if it hasnt already been called that :)

  • sara

    AWW Cassey! You are amazing, you inspire us all the time. Lots of love x

  • Rita and Tobi

    Hey Cassey,

    me and my wife read your todays blogpost. If you need holidays, you should make holidays. Your work is amazing and if you want to love what you do for the next 100 years, you need your love to your work. If you do more than you can, you’ll find some kind of monster that awaits you every morning. You’ll become afraid of telling your community something not worthy of “Cassey Ho – standard”, even it it as good as ever.
    We do not want to see you at this point. That is what people call “burn out” and you sound like going to that point.

    You gave a lot of health to thousands of people for free. I think I speak for everyone, when I say we all want to see you healthy and happy.

    So, write whenever you want, whatever you want and don’t try to be a great person. Just be Cassey Ho. Because you are already a great person. Keep it easy. I had to learn the same lesson in my job.

    Enjoy a holiday, you earned it.

    Rita and Tobi
    (from Germany, sorry for the bad sounding “TH” in this text)

  • Jane

    I am super proud and super excited about everything that has happened. You are a true inspiration, Cassey. I love spending every day with you, although only virtually (hopefully one day we will actually meet!). Just let me tell you how amazing you are and I am so thankful for everything you do. You just know how to cheer me up, how to make my day way better. I admire you, your passion, your kind personality. THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU!

  • Sonia

    We dont know each other, but let me just say that you have been a great encouragement to my life, so I hope that the words of all of your fans can give back a little of what you have shared with us. Do you realize how much have you done? Do you see how great you are NOW? One day at the time, and we could all be here or we couldn’t but (like a cousin of mine said to me a long time ago) happiness doesn’t depend on what happens around you, it depends on what happens INSIDE of you. We love you! God loves you! and if I (that really dont know you) appreciate you this much, I am soooooo sure,that people in your everyday life love you even more :D

    Thank you so much for everything

  • done is better than perfect — that’s my philosophy these days! with so much going on, it can be so easy to get bogged down.

  • Rosie

    My dad has a very good saying for this: “If we are all saws cutting away at wood, we are eventually going to get dull and less effective. We all need to take some time off to sharpen the saw so we don’t get too worn out.” No worries Cassey. A lot of your POPsters are busy killing it as well! We are all in the middle of life and we just need to understand that and each other. Take a break, get some rest, get up refreshed and go get ’em again!

  • I know exactly what are you talking about!
    I have a fulltime job, i am a part time student, i am engaged, i am a blogger and i am doing sports. There are so many beautiful things that happen to me but sometimes you cannot enjoy them because we are running all the time! Time goes by so unbelievable fast, i cannot handle it! I am a blogger since March this year but sometimes i have the feeling, that i haven’t something epic to tell, so that I bore my readers. Of course this is nonsense! But sometimes we need to push ourselves :)
    Love, Jenny

  • I can definitely relate to the “Where is life going?” feeling. I’ll be graduating from college really soon and I have no idea what I’m doing next…but I’m not worried. I know everything will fall into place, and I have POP Pilates to keep me sane :) Thanks for all that you do, Cassey!

  • I loved looking at pics of your new clothing line from IDEA. I’d love to sport some of that when teaching group fitness classes or training! Best of luck with all your new endeavors. It’s awesome!

  • I know what you mean about writing blog posts–but I don’t wanna stress myself out by writing things I’m not passionate about, you know? So you EPIC posts are things you are really passionate about and that’s what readers like to read! I blog on Tuesdays and Fridays and try not to stress out about what my next topic will be. I think it’s quality over quantity, so I do back and reread and add pictures over and over again until I am satisfied with the result.

    I think you should take a vacation, Cassey! Come to Toronto Canada and just tour around, find yourself again and meet some awesome fans. :)

    I love you!

  • Dear Cassey,
    Thank you! For this honest blogpost. I have the same experience! Because I have the feeling that every blogpost should be very valuable to my readers and the people I work with, I tend to raise the bar so high that… I don’t write one! This makes me remember this quote: “Strive for progress, not perfection”. Let’s just DO IT, doesn’t need to be perfect. And as you see, just sharing what is on your mind at the moment (as you did in this post) can be just the right timing for some of your readers:-)! Hugs!

  • Summer

    Thanks Cassey for this post . Perfect timing coz Ive been off poppilates for a long time ! Now im deciding to try to do the calendar again . It dosent have to be perfect right ? just my best :D.

    Im trying to gain weight and not letting social media or myself get inside me telling me I have to be skinny . But im also trying to gain my motivation again.

    Praying for you to achieve your goals ! God bless you

    Summer :)

  • Nina

    Hi Cassey.

    I know how you feel when you have gone through some high and only to back with a low that you can’t accept. I am a Toastmaster, where I have been a member for four years now. It has been a year since I wrote a speech which was my first competent communication manual. As I moved onto my first advanced communication manual, I found myself struggling because I was expected to maintain my level of competency and I find myself putting off doing my speeches. Until last week, when I attended Toastmasters first International convention outside USA; in Kuala Lumpur.

    I took my time off work (unpaid leave) to attend this 4-day convention and experienced a natural high from attending the educational sessions and listening to different speakers having their speech. They inspired me so much that I found myself writing again.

    I think it will do you good if you take some time off for a while and attend something that inspires you. Hopefully this will help you be able to get inspired once again.

    All the best to you, Cassey. Don’t give up.

  • Cassey, I know exactly what you mean with regards to creating awesome blog posts for a blog. I am a blogger too, and I fall into the same trap – trying to come up with awesome content and if I don’t have any, I just don’t blog. I am trying to change and write posts that I know people will like despite me thinking that they are basic… Keep up the good work!

  • Hayley

    Heyy Cassey! I was wondering has your book come out yet and if it hasn’t when do you think it wil be coming out?? I am very keen to buy it because I love everything you do! Stay amazing :)