Why you should NEVER give up on your dreams


Hey guys!

I am so happy that a bunch of you were excited about the POP Pilates certification! Honestly, it’s going to be so fun training y’all to be group fitness instructors. Literally one of the best jobs in the world! I mean, I wouldn’t be still doing it after 8 years if I didn’t ABSOLUTELY love it right?

Speaking about love…let’s talk about your own love for yourself for a sec.

Have you ever been told that you can’t do something? That you shouldn’t because you suck. Because you’re stupid. Too fat. Too weak. Too ugly?

It hurts me when I look back at what was told to me before. Especially when you’re a kid, you begin to believe what you’re told and then your confidence diminishes to nothingness.

So today I want to talk to you about this. NEVER STOP BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. Whoever tells you that you can’t do something is just PLAIN WRONG. YOU are the one in control of your life. You can’t control your environment or the people around you, but you can control how you react to it.

I followed my passion and it led me to this. To you guys. To Pilates and to fashion.

So for all you dreamers out there, keep dreaming but start DOING!

I want you to watch this video because it’s the first time I’ve ever talked about my struggles growing up and how I ended up pursuing my passion against my parent’s wishes. It was not easy. But it was worth it. The harsh times I went through made me the stronger person I am today. It molded me.

I get a little emotional during the video, so I am sorry! But I hope you can take something special away from this and continue to let NOTHING stand in your way.

<3 Cassey

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  1. Hi Cassey, thank you for posting your story. It is so inspiring! I’m actually having the opposite problem. I’ve just started graduate school whilst still having a fulltime job. Everybody believes in me and tells me I can do this. My parents, family, friends and colleagues are so supportive en encourage me in this journey. There’s only one person that doesn’t believe in me… myself. I’m terrified of doing this, there’s SO much work involved and I’m convinced I’m gonna fail at some point. I know I have to try because having this degree will land me my dream job. I hope I can find a way to silence these insecurities and just work very hard to reach my goal. Thank you for inspiring us Cassey, I hope you know how much you mean to us POPsters and how you can really make a change in somebody else’s life.

  2. You are such a strong person Cassey !! Thank you so much for sharing your personal story with us, it is sooo inspiring :))

  3. Your video really really touched me. My dream is to be a yoga teacher and a tv host and probably an actor too… but due my parents I’m studying radiology in college now. Thank you for inspiring me to work hard towards my dreams!

  4. My dad also wants me to be a doctor but I am seriously disgusted by blood, even though I also got blood in me, I will like literally throw up if I see it.

  5. Cassey you are such an inspiration!! So happy for you and your success!

  6. Kelly Peters says:

    I love the pink outfit!

  7. What an excellent video

  8. Cassey!!!! So proud and happy for you!! Congrats!!!! <3 xoxo

  9. Congratulations!!

  10. Hey!

    im requesting a video or post about how to talk to your family / parents about why you eating clean kinda of thing. because lots of people including myself find it very hard to gain eccouragement and support from our family.

    thnks !!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxxxxx

  11. Love this video! <3

  12. This post is sooooo beautiful!!

  13. Thank you for sharing, your story is so inspiring and I think we have all been there at some point. Telling your story will inspire many others and that is a good thing. Congrats on everything you have going on!

  14. I just want to speak myind. Your creations are absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I was so excited to buy new active wear for the school year. I checked the size chart to see if I needed a large or a medium….I was devastated to see the largest size was a size 10 labeled as extra large! In what world is a 10 an XL? That makes me feel not good at all. I hope you’ll eventually expand your sizes for those of us who aren’t a size 10 or smaller :(

  15. just wow, i was just at bodypopactive.com,,, and wow,, im so proud of you as im sure all the popsters all over the globe are. great designs and i have got my eye on a few items already. good job Cassey, we are with you all the way

  16. Hey Cassey

    I totally agree with you, and we share similar backgrounds too, in a sense how there were so much resistance when you want to do something that may be meaningful for you.

    When I left the hospital I was working in to setup my own practice, my mom practically screamed at me to return to my boss to beg my boss to keep my job (my boss was not making it fun) – in a nutshell, despite all the difficulties and resistance, I presevered and pushed on ahead.

    After 5 years, my mom can not be any happier.

    Nuff said =D

  17. You are very inspiring Cassey. You have inspired me in health and following dreams (following your videos since 2013). My favorite lesson from you is the one you gave on “Pick Me Up Quickie Workout” where you said something in the line of choosing how you react to what happens around you.

    Also, I really liked your calendar for August because it says this is the month to make your dreams come true and I can really relate because me and my life partner decided to make our dreams come true this August and we are really working hard for it. We released a beta version of our website – Chip’n Ship – which is a crowdfunding platform for online shopping.

    Soon Cassey, I hope we will be able to reach out to you and feature your products in our online shopping crowd-gifting platform because I really love them.

  18. You are such an inspiration Cassey. Thank you so much for encouraging us to follow our dreams and become the person we want to be instead of the person that other people think we should be. It makes me so happy to know that people like you exist in the world who want to make this a better place fore everyone involved! Congratulations on launching your line!!!

  19. Cassey, my story is so similar to yours. I was a Biochemistry major for the first two and a half years of college because I wanted to become a doctor. But I didn’t find any joy in what I was studying and I found it really, really difficult to stay motivated. I began taking writing classes to raise my GPA and after one of my professors saw my skill and enthusiasm, she encouraged me to pursue writing. After a long struggle with myself and my fears about not pursuing what my family considered a practical career in medicine, I made the switch to English without their approval and ended up finding a deep passion for writing and teaching. When I was accepted to graduate school and began teaching persuasive writing to college students, I felt like I had finally found my place. I’m still trying to find my way, and I get discouraged at times, so I really appreciate your story. It affirms for me that it is worth it to pursue fulfillment rather than acceptance.

  20. Thank you soooo much for this video !! You are already helping me with my weight and shape. And this video appear right when I feel blue with my struggling following my path!! Thank you sooo much ! You are great ! You deserve each moment of hapiness you live !! I think that if I love training with your videos it is because it makes me feel so enthusiastic watching a strong woman like you glowing with enthusiasm to fight all the obstacles the world put against our passion and motivation. It encourage me to behave like you. I wish you all the fulfilment you deserve.

  21. s6milerun says:

    Cassey, I love you! You are the positive change that this world needs! I wish that more people in prominence were as big-hearted and considerate of others as you are.

  22. Hi, Cassey! I have just completed my first week of the 12 week #newbodymakeover! However, I’m going on a 1-week trip on my week 5 and well, let’s just say the place I’m going to is not very convenient to prepare the foods from the meal plan. What should I do??

  23. I feel so motivated after your move, and i thing you need to heave this kind of personality to do what you want . just like her – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZY0cdXr_1MA it make me so proud that there are woman like this

  24. cassy, you CAN BE a haute couture fashion designer!

  25. Thanks Caseey love you!!

  26. Amazing and very good post

  27. OMG, I would never think that you had some fight with your parents, ever! You are such a positive person and I always thought that you had a huge support from your parents. Thanks so much for posting this video, it shows that even people who were once let down by the loved ones can still be strong and positive:)

  28. I loved watching this Cassey! Thank you for following your dreams and doing blogilates. I was a college athlete and when I graduated I didn’t know what to do with myself. Working out and being in shape was a part of my daily rutine my whole life, and with no schedule or goal to follow I went a lil crazy. I love your workout calandars and your workouts! Thank you!

  29. oh my tear jerker!

    I too left an office job that was crushing my creativity and happiness to pursue my passion, and now as a Barre instructor, Personal Trainer, and raw foods chef, I feel the same happy amazing tears and feel so lucky to find what I love to do!

    I am so excited to wear the bodypop line to my classes and show the students! Thank you for testing them and I CANT WAIT to see the music video with amazingly fit ladies wearing clothes that stay where they should!!

    Thank you for all you do xx

  30. Cassey, you are so sweet, encouraging and inspiring!!! <3 I was tearful watching this video as I felt your hurts and your joys. So happy for you and you deserve this and so much more success and joy in your life!!! Very happy that you and your parent's relationship healed as well which makes this all the much more special :) I am so glad that I have found Blogilates and can't wait to hear new song!!! Also can't wait to see your activewear. Might have to hint to my husband what a great Christmas gift for me :) take care

  31. You are such an inspiration to me! I’m currently working in a corporate job that I hate, and because of you, I have started to take the first steps I need to complete to follow my dream of becoming a writer. I’m not ready to quit my corporate job yet, but the day I do quit, I’ll have you to thank! You are an amazing woman! I’m so proud to be a POPster and will continue to support all of your endeavors! Let the shopping begin :) :)

  32. Hey Cassey! Thank you so much for sharing such a personal video. It’s so inspirational to read your blog and watch your videos, but to see this side of you and to know how much you’ve had to struggle to make all these things happen…it just really makes it realistic for those of us who have goals or dreams that seem daunting or impossible. It seems more than ironic when I get kind of down about my personal goals, there’s some new uplifting post or video. It’s amazing really. I want to thank you for putting your heart out there in probably one of the scariest places to say such personal things. I think you’re absolutely awesome and I hope I can come to one of your meet-ups in the future. Keep kickin butt lady!

  33. Cassey – you are so inspiring. I’ve been following you and doing your workouts for almost three years now, but am too shy to comment online. You’re a constant light in my life. Thank you!!

  34. Hi Cassey :]]] I know I’ll probably just be one of the many comments and all, but I just wanted to say that I saw your video and I was really touched. I didn’t know your background and you’re always so happy so I never would have guessed what you went through. It just really hit close to home because all that happened to you also happened to me. Those really were some hard times, it makes it all so hard when you and your parents aren’t on the same page. I also ended up leaving home and all, but it’s like you said, once things start working out, you start brightening up and even defying the odds that were once all against you, things change for the better. Wow, I’m also kind tearing up myself. You’ve come such a long way on your journey and I can only hope that I reach a successful/fulfuilling end like you. For me, all of my struggles and changes have happened in the past year or so, but still…. I think I’m on a much better path now too…
    Anyway, just wanted to send you some love. I’ll work harder too and I wish you all the best :]]]
    Hope to see your next video soon XD

  35. Charlene says:

    I can definitely relate to this, my parents didn’t want me studying paramedicine, “your to small” “not strong enough” “you wont get the score to get in” “Its not a good job”. It crushed me for a while but it made me even more determined to prove them wrong, I did blogilates workouts almost every day and studied my ass off and I got into a prestigious double degree of nursing and paramedicine and astounded the exercise physiologist conducting my entry fitness test, I did better than most guys, he couldn’t believe how strong I was and how good my cardiovascular system was, he asked me what on earth I was doing to be so strong and fit for my tiny size, I said “Pop-Pilates from blogilates.com it’s amazing stuff” he is now recommending it to girls who don’t pass the first time.
    Thankyou so much for helping me achieve my dreams, it’s awesome to see you realising yours <3
    Much love from Australia!!

  36. Hi Cassey,

    I live in France for the moment and I was reading through some older Cosmopolitan magazines and In the April 2014 issue, you are actually mentioned! It had an entire section about working out and a section on workout videos on youtube and there’s where your name came in:

    “Les Course de Pilates de Cassey, une coach surexcitee mais sympa (PopPilates, en anglais, sur Youtube)”

  37. Omg Cassey you are so cute and wonderful! I just started watching you videos and since I’ve been following the monthly calendars I’ve been feeling so good about myself and It’s all cause of you! I’m realy glad you didn’t give up on your dreams because I’m pretty sure that you helped a lot of people just like you helped me. You are really wonderful and just know we’re always here for you, thank you so much!

  38. I just had to comment and tell you this! I’m a new follower of yours, and have recently decided to drop out of college to pursue my dream of being a personal trainer. But for some reason in this last week I’ve been really second guessing myself. But after reading yesterday’s post and seeing your video, I now know that follow my heart is the right thing for ME. And that is all that matters. So thank you so much for Monday’s post and the video. They really helped me and I love how relate-able you are and how you speak from the heart. It really has inspired me to keep pursuing my dream :)

  39. Hi blogilates! I’m so incredibly touched by this video because I feel like I can really relate to your situation right now. I’ve always been involved in science/health related fields since sixth grade and recently as an upcoming senior in college, I’ve discovered that being in this health field may not be for me. I’m really terrified to turn my world around right now, but your story is just inspiring and promising to me. Especially living with such negative parents and very few people in my support system right now, I’m just so happy to see that you were successful in achieving your dreams! You are truly an inspiration, Cassey! :)

  40. so freaking motivational. i truly love and admire you.


  41. What a beautiful Woman with a heart of gold. I love this story!

  42. Hi Cassey!
    You are such and inspiration!

  43. Oh Cassey! You are such an amazing person! Both inside and out! Certified FanGirl here;) HAHAHAHAHa

  44. You’re awesome, Cassey! Your videos are the first workout vids that I enjoy and that I’ve been able to stick with. Seriously, it’s something that I truly enjoy now, because you motivate me to do it for the right reasons. Like you, I would never do things if there was no passion for them. You have done something wonderful by following your dreams in a way that, following your parent’s ideas, you never would. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us and opening your heart! ^^

  45. I am speechless. This hit me so hard! You. are. aaaaaamazing!

  46. This was really inspirational. Thank you!

    And congratulations;)


  47. Omg, this is zo inspirational!

  48. Cassey, I really love reading about your goals and dreams and how you got to where you are today. Being from an Asian family as well, I totally get what you mean. I was really interested in web and graphic designing in high school but back then, that field wasn’t very popular and my parents told me that I wouldn’t be able to get a job or make money. Nowadays, EVERYTHING is on the internet and web/graphic design is very popular and keeps on booming. I wish I had followed my dreams and not let my parents’ opinions squash my dream. However, now that I am in my late 20’s, I realized that anything is possible and that I shouldn’t let anyone let me down or stop me from doing what I enjoy. I recently started blogging again this year and have been working on my photography skills. I know I still need to improve but blogging really lets me be creative and show my artistic side. Thanks for everything you do, Cassey! You are such a great motivation, not only in fitness, but in achieving all kinds of life goals!

  49. Cassey, you are AMAZING!!!!!! Last December one of my good friends made a comment about me being “fat”. I have struggled with thinking my body wasn’t good enough since nine years old and when she told me that I really broke down. But somehow, about a month after she said that I was searching for workouts (because I believed what my friend told me and wanted to lose weight) and found Blogilates. Your positive attitude brought a lot of positivity into my life and I listened to you when you told us to love our bodies. I began believing that my body was strong and beautiful. My abs were so weak when I started off, but now I can do several ab videos in a row. I had a really hard time doing push ups and about a month ago I was able to do the push plank challenge all the way through without stopping. I’ve learned to love my body for its strength and what it can do, not what it looks like. And while I still put myself down sometimes, I stop myself quickly and remind myself of how far I’ve come. Cassey, you have seriously changed my life. In a way, I’m thankful my friend made that comment to me, because otherwise I wouldn’t have found you. And my life wouldn’t have changed for the better. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so SO much. :)

  50. You can do it!!! Go get ‘em!

  51. Cassey this couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. I just got my biggest film directing job to date. It’s just a short film but everyone loved the storyline. I have always wanted to be a director but I usually stick to being an assistant director because I figured there were a lot of better directors than myself. I am getting my crew and cast together and everyone has been supportive of me. I am large and in charge and not giving up on my dream to be a director!
    I am saving my paycheck for Bodypop clothes and a new gym bag. :D Can’t wait to see the wonderful work you have done!

  52. You’re amazing!!! You inspire us everyday to keep following our dreams!! So thank you!!! xoxo wishing you all the best as you deserve it! xoxo

  53. You are such an inspiring person!
    Blogilates made me a lot more conscious about how necessary a good feeling for your own body is.
    You’re a strong person and noone can ever take that away from you!
    You’re a hero, for real!
    I’m really happy for you!


  54. I can’t stop crying. This hits home so hard. Because of you I’ll never give up my dreams, no matter who breaks me or blocks my way. I’m going to make it.

  55. Cassey, thank you so much for this great post and the video!
    Thank you that you never stopped believing in yourself and your dreams, what you give to “your community” cannot described in words although i am not the typical popster!
    I love to get your newsletter every week…and although i don’t know you, i am proud of you!

  56. You can do it! I’m currently in med school, doing an surgical internship and it’s amazing how you can keep going. If it’s realy what you want to do you’ll find intrinsic motivation. There are so many inspiring times during work. Its not going to be easy, but where is the challenge in that. Make sure to find something that takes your mind of work and study, and find someone to talk to at the end of a stressful day. Pilates has always been my escape after a particularly crappy day.

  57. charmaine says:

    Cassey, I cant view your video?? Im in Australia. I will try on my phone, but its not working on my laptop xx

  58. Cassey, you are an amazing person! Thanks for pursueing your dreams and sharing your experiences with us!

  59. Hi Cassey! Thanks so much for posting that video, it means so much and really rang true for me! I was also pushed by my parents to be a straight A grade student, and it was inevitable that I then went and studied Biology at uni, got my BSc, got my MSc, started my PhD….and then came to many personal realisations about myself! I realised I don’t want to stay in science, I don’t want to follow the academic career track etc. Ever since uni my mental health has suffered (diagnosed bipolar) and the only thing that had any major positive effect on me was fitness! Which I got introduced to thanks to your amazing videos!! I cannot thank you enough. Yoga has been the centre of my existence for the last couple of years, and I got accepted into yoga teacher training at the best studio here in Edinburgh!!! I have quit my phd and am starting to work towards my goal of becoming a full time yoga instructor. THANK YOU CASSEY for making me realise anything is possible!

    I have one question – when I am Yoga Alliance qualified to teach yoga (not til November 2015) would that be a good enough qualification to then go for your POP Pilates teacher accreditation too?

    So much love xxxxxx

  60. Divya Tomar says:

    did u read it in an accent after i told u m indian ..thats racist..
    hehehe..jus kidding.. :P

  61. Divya Tomar says:

    hi cassey just watched ur video n i love love love it..n love u..this is so inspirational..a lot of people talk about motivation n stuff but dey r okay but dont really touch my heart..but this is so real n relatable for me ..m pursuing mechanical egineering rite now about to start college..but truly i have no idea why or do i really want it..n u knw how asian parents r lyk..but my parents always temme to do what i want..but dere r always some constraints n stuff..n sometimes they become my enemies since dey tell me to do what i want n in the end it turns out -me doing what they want.. ..n opinions r pretty much blunt n sometimes hurtful.. coz dey want me to focus on my education..since being in mechanical field its real hard to be taken seriously if u r a girl..
    but i more of a yogi..i enjoy it so much..fitness is my lifestyle..i dont feel good if i dont workout.. my parents are supportive but not all the way..i knw they jus want the best for me..

    i have decided to take a stand after watching this..i’ll teach my parents yoga so they’ll know how addicting it is..n if they dont get it..naah m sure they’ll get it ..

    i love u sooooo friggin much cassey..i wanna meet u..but m in india..we’ll meet someday i knw so..
    whenever i think i should stop u r always tellling m i can do it..its become my mantra..n ur voice is always in head telling me to push myself.. thank u so much.. oh n pls dont cry cassey u r my bubbly personal insructor..i love u..

  62. Francesca says:

    Hi Cassey.

    I truly admire you. You made me come back training after years of smoking and immobility. You gave me back that energy and motivation that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I’ve found you by chance on youtube and it was love at first sight! And when I’ve found out that there were tons of videos, and a website and a community! Oh gosh I was excited! I was going to became a professional fitness instructor when I was younger (I am 34 for now). But then for several reasons I gave up. You made me really want again to be fit and healthy! I quit smoking 7 months ago and start training again thanx to you!

    Please come to Italy! I’m sure there are lots of popsters in here too.
    (sorry for my english :) )

  63. So basically, I’m super emotional now. I’m in the midst of medical school applications and it’s pretty stressful and on top of that I just got hired for a documentation job (on the spot at the interview!) in the Emergency Room, and training starts on Friday, so that’s gonna eat up a lot of time and energy. I’m pretty excited about it though. (Sorry for the rambling, it’s late and I’ve had a long day.) Anyway, med school is SUPER competitive (I’m sure you know this, considering you were supposed to be pre-med in college) and I’m super freaking out about everything. But hey, you can’t succeed if you never try, right? Thanks for being an inspiration <3

  64. Cassey, this

  65. Hey Cassey. I just can’t believe this. I didn’t know you were that into designing. I guess it’s safe to say I found my future me? or someone I want to become. I too want to become a fashion designer & my parents aren’t very supportive of it. They do not think I will be successful in that field. You inspire & motivate us popsters even more now than ever now that even more of us know your story & I know you know that, but seriously. I will not give up. I will fight for my dream no mater what people say mostly because I know another person who did. Cassey you are the strongest person I have ever met. (Well I haven’t met you, but you know what I mean) Because of you I also want to become a fitness instructor when I grow up. I am so thankful to find you. If I have never did, I would be the most self conscious girl you’d ever meet. I hope to meet you some day. I live in a small city & whenever I hear where your meetups are, they’re always somewhere far. Come near Hayward? Union City? Fremont? I would love to work out with my idol. So soo much love, Raizel.

  66. *Ones self. typo srry

  67. You are absolutely amazing Cassey. You have this rare quality to make people not envy you, but to be proud of you. And that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and happy. Happy to be happy for someone other than onceself

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