Juicing: Slimming Craze or Healthy Lifestyle + Summer SHAPE Up!

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Leading the plié squat leg warmup!

Hey guys!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! I just got back from San Francisco teaching a couple big classes near Pier 39 at the SHAPE Magazine Summer Shape Up event with Jilllian Michaels.


It was so exciting to see you guys there sweating, smiling, and completely BEASTING it alongside me!!! I am so proud of you!!


Loved getting to know you better, hear your stories and how you began to take control of your life. You’re all so strong, beautiful, and vibrant! BTW, loved it when you guys had pose ideas! Had one POPster pick me up!! That was a first.

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Going around and checking form. For the most part, really good.

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 I was there all morning til 4pm. So between my classes, we walked around and of course…I dog stalked. This one, I call him “Little Lion Dog”. I think he must have been cold without his natural coat.

Thank you to all my POPsters who came out to work out with me! I need to do a huge meetup back in the bay some time soon! In fact…I need to do a huge national (maybe international) tour too! So this brings to mind a couple questions:

1. Where should I go?

2. What cool activities/things do you want at the meetup besides a class and a meet and greet?

Please let me know so I can start planning something epic. And when I say epic…I mean…I want this to be beyond memorable for you! I’ll be waiting anxiously for your comments.


Also! I posted a new video on Thursday on juicing since I’ve been getting a ton of questions on the subject. Will it help you look better? Feel better? Will those 7 day juice cleanses ACTUALLY make you lose weight for good?

Please watch the video to hear my thoughts on how I feel about juicing. Oh! And there’s also a giveaway happening on twitter right now for ten $25 gift cards to Jamba Juice to you can try their new whole fruit/veggie juices. All you have to do is write:

@blogilates @jambajuice If I were a fruit or veggie I’d be a … #juicebyjamba

Good luck! I will be choosing the winners randomly on Tuesday this week! Only open to US POPsters this time. But you can tweet as many times as you want!

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Lastly, I want to leave you with this. The quote above resonates with me so much. Don’t you remember being a little girl (or boy) and thinking “One day I’m going to be president, a movie star, an astronaut, a princess, a doctor, a nobel prize winner…etc.”? I do.

When I was growing up I had huge dreams. (Still do!) I always wanted to be the best I could be no matter what. I would never settle for less. Sometimes that made the other kids not like me…sometimes it made me “uncool” – well, stereotypically uncool, but what now? To really be cool is to be confident in who you are, know what you want, and go after it.

So, now I’m a woman…and a woman with a dream to help guide people to discover their own best potential. All I ever want is for you to take something away from my videos and my blog, and light the fire in your own friends and families to live happier, healthier lives. That’s all I ask. Thank you for helping me live my vision every single day.

Much love,

<3 Cassey


  • Rachel

    Come to either Daytona Beach or Orlando Florida!!!! Please(:

  • Veronika

    You would fit just perfect in Sweden ;D

  • Rebecca


  • Ania

    Please come to POLAND!!!!!

  • Afiqah


  • Lea

    I’d love you to come to Hamburg, Germany or even Bremen (but I don’t think there would be alot of people, so Hamburg is better) :))

  • Leidys


    Country: VENEZUELA
    State: ZULIA

    Please! you should do an international tour and come to LATINAMERICA>>>V E N E Z U E L A<<>>M A R A C A I B O<<<

    You should be here and do an especiall new class and new recipes for us at the meet ad greetings :)

    I'll Wait for YOU!! <3 <3

  • charmaine

    Please come to Singapore!! :-)

  • Please come to South Carolina–Myrtle Beach!!! <3

  • Emma

    Firstly, I adore what you do… you should be very proud of yourself…
    Secondly, please come to the UK… I will travel anywhere in the Great British isles to come and see you!
    Thank you!
    Em x

  • Shelica Tan

    Cassey, I hope you can have an Asian tour! I am from the Philippines but I really wanted to see you. You have been a gift to me since April and I have come to love myself more because of you. I hope aside from beasting ^^, we could also have activities like amazing race (it’ll be a lot of fun!!) Much love!!!

  • Freya

    Please come to Sydney, Australia and do a class on Manly Beach! It’s an iconic location and there are so many great healthy cafes you and fellow POPsters would love!

  • I wanted to tell you what a wonderful inspiration you are to me. I have never been overweight until I was put on a different medication last August. I lose motivation easy but using your monthly plans helps tremendously. It would be amazing if you visited Virginia. I live 30 minutes away from Va. Tech, home of the Hokies. I know a lot of people in this area would love seeing you.

  • Cassandra

    Please come to Salt Lake City Utah again we miss u out here!

  • Tamara

    This might be pretty far :P but it would be amazing if you came to Dubai, me and my sister are huge fans! <3

  • Jessica

    We were VERY sad pandas when you came to Chicago for a split second, then took off. So COME BACK TO CHICAGO and stay a while. =) We can do a class in Millenium Park, or on the lakefront. Woo-hoo!

  • Keara

    Hey Cassey! All my friends and I would love it if you came to TORONTO!!

  • Caroline

    Come to London again! :D

  • Bianca

    come to Boston, MA or Providence, RI!!!!!! teach a class, meet and greet, maybe even share some eating tips!

  • Cora Vice

    CASSEY COME TO HOUSTON, TEXAS! WE CAN HAVE DANCE PARTIES, CONTESTS, AND GIVEAWAYS! I love you so much, I’m sure a lot of people from Houston do too!

  • Sydney

    Cassey! Omg your videos have helped inspire me, as well as some of my friends to be the best and the healthiest person we can be! From the inside out! PLEASE come to the South Carolina/North Carolina/Georgia region! Nobody ever comes over to see us! Lol! It would AMAZING if you could come! I would cry if I ever took one of your classes or met you in person! I LOVE YOU!

  • Sydney

    Cassey! Omg your videos have helped inspire me, as well as some of our friends to be the best and the healthiest person we can be! From the inside out! PLEASE come to the South Carolina/North Carolina/Georgia region! Nobody ever comes over to see us! Lol! It would AMAZING if you could come! I would cry if I ever took one of your classes or met you in person! I LOVE YOU!

  • Danielle

    Come to San Diego (or SDSU) for a meetup! The beaches are beautiful as with the weather! :)

  • Kathrine

    Are you going to plan your tour also in Europe? Because I would like you to come to Czech Republic so much! Please!

  • Amelia Sanchez

    Come to San Antonio, tx!!!!!

  • Jacquie

    Please come back to SF! I was so sad that I had to work the day of the Summer Shape Up event. I’d really love to meet you and do Pilates :)

  • Rachael Masters

    Please, please, please come to Toronto! Canada loves you, and it would be amazing to thank-you personally for everything you and your program have done for me. Much love,

    Rachael xo

  • Marina

    Hi Cassey
    I think you should do an international tour and come to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    You could do healthy cooking classes and also you could do a workshop to cut old t-shirts like you do on the DIY videos. And another thing you could do is dance classes or a dance off

  • Maureen Seel

    Come out to DC/Baltimroe Metro area! Especially in the fall-fantastic colors, awesome food! We’re waiting for you!

  • marissa

    Come to seattle, wa. I would love to Pilates under the space needle!

    • elena

      Yes, please come to Seattle. I’ve seen people wearing blogilates tanks on the streets, it would be fun to meet you and the Popster community!

  • Marlyn

    Please come to NEW YORK!! :D specifically NYC

  • Kristie

    Please visit Huntington Beach Cassey! We can do Pop Pilates on the beach where we can RIP (rest in Plank) The weather is gorgeous year round, and there is endless room on the beach for Popsters, trust me!