Juicing: Slimming Craze or Healthy Lifestyle + Summer SHAPE Up!

photo 1 (3)

Leading the plié squat leg warmup!

Hey guys!!

I hope you had a lovely weekend! I just got back from San Francisco teaching a couple big classes near Pier 39 at the SHAPE Magazine Summer Shape Up event with Jilllian Michaels.


It was so exciting to see you guys there sweating, smiling, and completely BEASTING it alongside me!!! I am so proud of you!!


Loved getting to know you better, hear your stories and how you began to take control of your life. You’re all so strong, beautiful, and vibrant! BTW, loved it when you guys had pose ideas! Had one POPster pick me up!! That was a first.

photo 3 (2)

Going around and checking form. For the most part, really good.

photo 2 (2)

 I was there all morning til 4pm. So between my classes, we walked around and of course…I dog stalked. This one, I call him “Little Lion Dog”. I think he must have been cold without his natural coat.

Thank you to all my POPsters who came out to work out with me! I need to do a huge meetup back in the bay some time soon! In fact…I need to do a huge national (maybe international) tour too! So this brings to mind a couple questions:

1. Where should I go?

2. What cool activities/things do you want at the meetup besides a class and a meet and greet?

Please let me know so I can start planning something epic. And when I say epic…I mean…I want this to be beyond memorable for you! I’ll be waiting anxiously for your comments.


Also! I posted a new video on Thursday on juicing since I’ve been getting a ton of questions on the subject. Will it help you look better? Feel better? Will those 7 day juice cleanses ACTUALLY make you lose weight for good?

Please watch the video to hear my thoughts on how I feel about juicing. Oh! And there’s also a giveaway happening on twitter right now for ten $25 gift cards to Jamba Juice to you can try their new whole fruit/veggie juices. All you have to do is write:

@blogilates @jambajuice If I were a fruit or veggie I’d be a … #juicebyjamba

Good luck! I will be choosing the winners randomly on Tuesday this week! Only open to US POPsters this time. But you can tweet as many times as you want!

photo 4 (2)
Lastly, I want to leave you with this. The quote above resonates with me so much. Don’t you remember being a little girl (or boy) and thinking “One day I’m going to be president, a movie star, an astronaut, a princess, a doctor, a nobel prize winner…etc.”? I do.

When I was growing up I had huge dreams. (Still do!) I always wanted to be the best I could be no matter what. I would never settle for less. Sometimes that made the other kids not like me…sometimes it made me “uncool” – well, stereotypically uncool, but what now? To really be cool is to be confident in who you are, know what you want, and go after it.

So, now I’m a woman…and a woman with a dream to help guide people to discover their own best potential. All I ever want is for you to take something away from my videos and my blog, and light the fire in your own friends and families to live happier, healthier lives. That’s all I ask. Thank you for helping me live my vision every single day.

Much love,

<3 Cassey



  1. Come to either Daytona Beach or Orlando Florida!!!! Please(:

  2. You would fit just perfect in Sweden ;D


  4. Please come to POLAND!!!!!


  6. I’d love you to come to Hamburg, Germany or even Bremen (but I don’t think there would be alot of people, so Hamburg is better) :))


    Country: VENEZUELA
    State: ZULIA

    Please! you should do an international tour and come to LATINAMERICA>>>V E N E Z U E L A<<>>M A R A C A I B O<<<

    You should be here and do an especiall new class and new recipes for us at the meet ad greetings :)

    I'll Wait for YOU!! <3 <3

  8. charmaine says:

    Please come to Singapore!! :-)

  9. Please come to South Carolina–Myrtle Beach!!! <3

  10. Hi,
    Firstly, I adore what you do… you should be very proud of yourself…
    Secondly, please come to the UK… I will travel anywhere in the Great British isles to come and see you!
    Thank you!
    Em x

  11. Shelica Tan says:

    Cassey, I hope you can have an Asian tour! I am from the Philippines but I really wanted to see you. You have been a gift to me since April and I have come to love myself more because of you. I hope aside from beasting ^^, we could also have activities like amazing race (it’ll be a lot of fun!!) Much love!!!

  12. Please come to Sydney, Australia and do a class on Manly Beach! It’s an iconic location and there are so many great healthy cafes you and fellow POPsters would love!

  13. I wanted to tell you what a wonderful inspiration you are to me. I have never been overweight until I was put on a different medication last August. I lose motivation easy but using your monthly plans helps tremendously. It would be amazing if you visited Virginia. I live 30 minutes away from Va. Tech, home of the Hokies. I know a lot of people in this area would love seeing you.

  14. Cassandra says:

    Please come to Salt Lake City Utah again we miss u out here!

  15. This might be pretty far :P but it would be amazing if you came to Dubai, me and my sister are huge fans! <3

  16. We were VERY sad pandas when you came to Chicago for a split second, then took off. So COME BACK TO CHICAGO and stay a while. =) We can do a class in Millenium Park, or on the lakefront. Woo-hoo!

  17. Hey Cassey! All my friends and I would love it if you came to TORONTO!!

  18. Caroline says:

    Come to London again! :D

  19. come to Boston, MA or Providence, RI!!!!!! teach a class, meet and greet, maybe even share some eating tips!

  20. Cora Vice says:

    CASSEY COME TO HOUSTON, TEXAS! WE CAN HAVE DANCE PARTIES, CONTESTS, AND GIVEAWAYS! I love you so much, I’m sure a lot of people from Houston do too!

  21. Cassey! Omg your videos have helped inspire me, as well as some of my friends to be the best and the healthiest person we can be! From the inside out! PLEASE come to the South Carolina/North Carolina/Georgia region! Nobody ever comes over to see us! Lol! It would AMAZING if you could come! I would cry if I ever took one of your classes or met you in person! I LOVE YOU!

  22. Cassey! Omg your videos have helped inspire me, as well as some of our friends to be the best and the healthiest person we can be! From the inside out! PLEASE come to the South Carolina/North Carolina/Georgia region! Nobody ever comes over to see us! Lol! It would AMAZING if you could come! I would cry if I ever took one of your classes or met you in person! I LOVE YOU!

  23. Yes, please come to Seattle. I’ve seen people wearing blogilates tanks on the streets, it would be fun to meet you and the Popster community!

  24. Danielle says:

    Come to San Diego (or SDSU) for a meetup! The beaches are beautiful as with the weather! :)

  25. Kathrine says:

    Are you going to plan your tour also in Europe? Because I would like you to come to Czech Republic so much! Please!

  26. Amelia Sanchez says:

    Come to San Antonio, tx!!!!!

  27. Jacquie says:

    Please come back to SF! I was so sad that I had to work the day of the Summer Shape Up event. I’d really love to meet you and do Pilates :)

  28. Rachael Masters says:

    Please, please, please come to Toronto! Canada loves you, and it would be amazing to thank-you personally for everything you and your program have done for me. Much love,

    Rachael xo

  29. Hi Cassey
    I think you should do an international tour and come to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    You could do healthy cooking classes and also you could do a workshop to cut old t-shirts like you do on the DIY videos. And another thing you could do is dance classes or a dance off

  30. Maureen Seel says:

    Come out to DC/Baltimroe Metro area! Especially in the fall-fantastic colors, awesome food! We’re waiting for you!

  31. marissa says:

    Come to seattle, wa. I would love to Pilates under the space needle!

  32. Please come to NEW YORK!! :D specifically NYC

  33. Please visit Huntington Beach Cassey! We can do Pop Pilates on the beach where we can RIP (rest in Plank) The weather is gorgeous year round, and there is endless room on the beach for Popsters, trust me!

  34. hi cassey, fisrt i want to tell you that ur my inspiration and motivation. everyday, when i wake up i have positve attitude and it’s thanks to you! i love your workouts, i can’t live without them! seriously, i must work everyday because when i don’t do it i feel empty and sad. i’m addicted to live healthy!
    but i want to tell you that why don’t you go to Poland? In Poland are some beautiful places, ex. Old town in Warsaw od Warsaw Rising Museum. People in Poland love u and love work hard. So please come to poland, it’s my one of biggest dreams! <3
    and sorry for my english :D

  35. Hi Cassey! I’m from Czech Republic and here we love you! Can you please visit czech republic? :)
    We’ll be happy if you come here!! it would be great! :)

  36. Please come to Toronto next!! :)

  37. Pauline Cavanelli says:

    Come to France!!! Paris is waiting for you ;)

  38. Cassey we Austrian POPsters would be really really LIKE SERIOUSLYhappy if you would come to Vienna! We would probably show you our favorite workout places and favorite health stores!! Besides thatwe would surely show you the main attractions of Vienna which are still from the 20th century!! There are also many places to relax in our multiple gardens!! Sounds so weird but well hopefully see you soon!!xoxo Austrian POPsters!!

  39. I really would love if you came to Dublin, Ireland . I think everybody should have a trip to Ireland at some stage of their life, you’d really love the beautiful country and culture!

  40. Please please come to somewhere in Saskatchewan! Perferable Saskatoon. It’s not a very common place to come but it would mean to the world. I think having classes and beauty stuff would be so much fun. Maybe have challenges like who can hold a plank longer or cook offs!

  41. Salomé says:

    Hi Cassey,
    Come to Colombia please

  42. Please please please come to Egypt !!

  43. I think song challenges would be the most appropriate because we would be enjoying the music and doing lots of repetitions! Haha, also a little bit of cardio!

  44. Cassie! You should definitely make a tour!!
    I’m from México but it would be great if you could go to Las Vegas next year, I’ll be there between April/May. Just imagine how much fun it would be!
    I’m obsessed with your workouts and I appreciate you so much ♡

  45. Jennifer says:

    You have to come out to the southern cali area, preferably around Temecula, but I will travel to San Diego or Riverside :)

  46. Lauren smith says:

    Please come to Victoria BC I love your workouts and I have a few friends that follow you and a few new friends that would love to start!

  47. Come to Nürnberg Germany!

  48. You should definitely come to Sydney, Australia! You’d be able to do the meetup in Hyde Park in the CBD!

  49. Come to Appleton, Wisconsin!!! I love Blogilates and tell everyone I meet about you. I get so many compliments about how I look after having two kids and I tell everyone how much fun I have working out!

  50. This is what I’ve been trying to say to friends that are doing this JuicePlus diet thing, if you’re eating rubbish and then go straight into a juice diet and exercise of course you’ll lose weight/mass but the same thing would happen, with more permanent results and all around better health, if they just ate a clean and healthy diet like Cassey promotes! I’m all for getting extra fruit and veg in – I juice and blend myself but as part of a balanced diet.

  51. You should come to Minneapolis, MN! I think it would be cool to do Quest Bar giveaways! :)

  52. Nontalie Morrow says:

    Please come to Kansas City. You should also do a fashion show of all of your clothing/gear/

  53. Yes, I 100% agree! Do some classes in the beach near Lake Michigan!!!!

  54. Please come to Chicago and have classes on the beach near Lake Michigan! I know a lot of people who would do it :)

  55. Lindsey says:

    You have inspired me and helped me become the person I have always wanted to be. I would LOVE to meet you! PLEASE COME TO ST.LOUIS MISSOURI!

  56. Please come to Seattle Washington! It’s my dream to meet you, you have changed my life!

  57. Carinne says:

    Please Cassey I would love to see you in DC!!! PLEASE COME TO WASHINGTON DC <3


  59. Megan Goodell says:

    Come to Burlington, VT! You will be SO well received!

  60. Cindy Rincones says:

    You should come to Houston, Texas!!!!
    -Burpie contest
    -small give-aways
    -healthy food trucks

  61. Come to Dubai! :)

  62. Sarah Swiatek says:

    Please Please please…….. Come to Colorado Springs, Colorado!!! My family especially me loves you!!! Your an inspiration to me to workout!!! I would love to meet you in person! It would be awesome for you to come here!!!!!!!

    Love, Sarah

  63. Come to Poland ! :)

  64. Please come to Los Angeles!!

  65. Come to Jacksonville, Florida! Please!!! I love your workout videos and recipes!

  66. Lindsey says:

    Please come to st.louis missouri!

  67. Omg I would absolutely adore if you came to NYC!! Like Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chelsea, anywhere!!

  68. Please come to Mexico City, we love you!

  69. Kennedy says:

    Pleaseeee come to Memphis, TN!!

  70. Please come to NC! More specifically Siler City!! I think you should also have a food truck!

  71. COME TO PHOENIX, AZ! We are next door neighbors, just a drive away! Pleaseeeeeee

  72. Hi Cassey!

    It would be amazing if you could come to Toronto, Ontario! Super in love with your workout vids and Lean Out Mini Meal Plan. xx

  73. Hi Cassey!

    It would be amazing if you could travel to Toronto, Ontario! Super in love with your vids and lean out mini meal plan. xx

  74. Go to London (England) on August 2014. I’ll be there for whole month, and I’m from Venezuela, I’m wish I could meet you :D

  75. You should definitely do your tour! PLEASE come to Erie, PA! You have so may POPsters here.

  76. Come to San Antonio, Texas!! Texas is amazing :)) and so is the food haha. It’d be great if you could come up with healthier versions though!

  77. Yes!! Cassey come to Prague PLEASE :))

  78. Come to Belgium!!!!!!

  79. We need you in the midwest! Near Kansas City would be AMAZING! For an added bonus for you….I will bring my dog! haha :)

  80. Would you please come to Lafayette,Indiana! At the meet ups you should do the things that you mentioned in the email they all sound great and fun

  81. Come to australia!!!!!my friends and I r obsessed and u inspire us all the time!!!

  82. Danielle says:

    Come to Philadelphia!! ♡♡♡

  83. Samantha says:

    Come To Ottawa, ON Canada!! :)
    [POP Pilates @ Parliament!!]

  84. Love your workouts! Come to Albuquerque, New Mexico please!!!

  85. Samantha Schroth says:

    I would love for you to come to Albany, NY. There’s a park called Washington Park where there is a ton of room for you to do a blogilates class!

  86. Come to Canada, Specifically Winnipeg, Manitoba!!! We love you here, and would love you to come!!! :)

  87. PLEASE come to Salt Lake City!!

  88. LittleFirefly says:

    Haha that panda is sooooo cute :)

  89. Claudia says:

    Come to Wellington, New Zealand :)

  90. Please come back to Boston Cassey! It would be great to see you again! Pretty please visit us <33

  91. Shelbie says:

    My friend Isabella and I love your workout videos and we would love it if you could come to Ohio(:

  92. Come to Canada, more specifically Toronto, ON

  93. Please come to Pittsburgh PA!

  94. Why stay in America? Come to central Europe! Vienna, the capital city of Austria, please!

  95. Btw, it would be cool if you’d sell some of your stuff there. The shipping ist just too high to Germany :D

  96. Jane Dresing says:

    Please come to Cleveland, OH! You (obviously LOL) host a class and meet and greet! But also a demo class on new Cheap Clean Eats or a Smoothie making/tasting contest!

  97. The tour sounds amazing! Unfortunately I live in Belgium, where you probably won’t tour… But, you should have an event showing cute workout hairstyles and DIY clothes! Also a group workout after that for example. And of course, because all POPsters love your Cheap Clean Eats, you should preform a live episode where all the POPsters could cook with you and ask questions and help. You should absolutely lead a stretching class! Many woman’s dream is to be flexible because it makes losing weight by exercising easier and more fun! Women just have trouble by starting a stretching schedule by themselves. Also I think doing a run or a DANCE marathon for a charity would be pretty cool. To sum everything up, you need a Blogilates Bootcamp that lasts for a week or so in every city!

  98. Lindsey says:


  99. Hi Cassey,
    Bit of a big ask but come to Cardiff, Wales, UK! We have a beautiful bay that would be perfect for pilates!
    Also i love pilates and really want my friends to get involved and going to an actual class might be the kickstart they need to join pilates with me!

    Its a beautiful country and i hope you will consider it if you go international!
    -Sofie x

  100. Please Come To Sweden!♡

  101. Grand Rapids, Michigan ! besides a crazy fun workout, you could do a cooking demonstration ( because you know, abs are made in the kitchen ).

  102. I’d LOVE it if you could come to Toronto, Canada <3

  103. PLEASE come to Arkansas!! Fayetteville where the University of Arkansas is located, Little Rock or Bentonville the HOME of Wal Mart!! WE can have food trucks, clean eating demos, nails, hair stylists for quick work out do’s, and I can go on but will stop there. You have helped me so much become more strong and I would LOVE the Chance to meet you!!Thank you

  104. I will be there if you make it to Los Angeles! :)

  105. Christina says:

    Come to the East Coast Philly or NYC!!

  106. Denmark! Please, I wan’t to meet you so bad and I think that meeting you will give me more power to push through and motivate me even more!
    Love you Cassey <3

  107. SEATTLE! I need your workouts back in my life this summer Cassey <3

  108. Veronica says:

    I live in Seattle and I’d love her to come here BUT I would absolutely love the excuse to come to Vancouver! ;)

  109. Veronica says:


    I know a huge group of girls who would be so excited for this, so I can only imagine how many more Seattle POPsters are out there! I can already think of a list of venues…

    We have a ton of clean-friendly food trucks. And we just got a vegan (with GF options) ice cream sandwich truck called The Cookie Counter that operates out of VW bus. How cool would that be?!

  110. PLEASEEE come to Washington, DC! We love you here and it would literally be a dream come true to workout with you in person! xoxo

  111. Margaret says:

    You should come to Chicago. My best friend and I are such big fans and to be able to meet you.in person would be so inspiring and epic.

  112. Danielle says:

    Vancouver Canada!! :)

  113. Come to Ohio, around Hillsboro, please!

  114. Maria Ramos says:

    Columbus, Ohio!!

  115. DETROIT, MI!!
    There is still so much good and hope people have for this city and you would definitely help add to that!!

  116. Cassey! You should come to Austin!! You would love it!

  117. Honolulu, Hawaii!!

  118. Geraline says:

    Please come back to the East Coast! Boston, NYC, and NJ would be great places to go! Thanks for everything, Cassie!

  119. Come to Czech republic! There is so many people who loves you! It would be perfect :D.

  120. Come to Cincinnati, OH please! Lets do nails, a good workout sesh and cooking clean lessons

  121. Come to Vancouver, Canada! Yoga and Pilates are huge here!

  122. We’d love to see you in Manchester, UK! :)
    I think that a Cheap Clean Eats demo is a good idea. Maybe a new recipe for post-workout food? That would be great!

  123. Come to Canada, in particular Toronto! :)

  124. Tiffany says:

    Please, please, please come to Toronto! It would be so cool if we did Pilates at the Habourfront!

  125. Rebecca W says:

    Come to Canada!! :)

  126. Yess, Cassey please come to South Carolina! Or possibly Atlanta. Wherever you come in the Southeast I will come to see you! Thanks for all you do! :)

  127. Jacksonville, Florida! Or at least Orlando lol

  128. Stephanie says:

    PHILADELPHIA! PHILADELPHIA! PHILADELPHIA! Our YOLO foods are hard to resist, but we’re the city of brotherly (or sisterly) love!!!

  129. Stephanie says:

    I second this statement.

  130. Veronika says:

    Czeeech.. we love you there!

  131. Cayenne Sirois says:

    Please come to Tucson, Arizona! We’re basically neighbors (only 8 ish hours away) and I kmow a ton of friends who are huge fans. The university of Arizona has an awesome rec center or there are plenty of other places to go!! An idea of what to do is everyone makes up a song challenge (either dance or ozone move video) and you pick the best one to be featured in a new blogilates video!

  132. Siobhan Smith says:

    Come to England!

  133. Ariana N says:


  134. Please come to pensacola! Like some one else said we have the whitest beaches and deep history. Come to the sunshine state!!!


  136. PLEASE COME TO MEMPHIS, TN!! Nail painting and food trucks would be so fun :)

  137. We need you in the southeast! South Carolina, pleeeaseee.
    A group workout and/or a Cheap Clean demo would be rad, I think <3

  138. Houston would be great to do a class and food demo! Our city loves fitness activities!:)

  139. Houston would be great to do a class and food demo! Our city loves fitness activities!:)

  140. Houston, Tx please! It would be so awesome! You could do like à jucing or healthy eating station!

  141. Danielle says:

    Please come to New York. Im a huge Popster and would love if you had a Pilates class. :)

  142. Knoxville, TN! I am with the other popster… I think a live cheap clean eats demo would be awesome or just something to do with food! :-)


  144. Christine says:

    Come to Pittsburgh!!!!! :)

  145. Jesa Mae Amparo says:

    Wew! Come to Hong Kong maybe? haha No one really comes here T.T

  146. Cassey please please come to Pittsburgh, PA!!!! A class at point state park would be beyond amazing!!!!

  147. Cassie it would be sooo amazing if you came to Boston! I know you already came not too long ago but we are HUGE fans of blogilates and you over here and we would love to see you again! (Especially me cuz I didn’t get to see you last time) and plus you used to live here so why not come and revisit your old home! You have truly changed my life physically and mentally in ways that I am so grateful for and it would again be sooo amazing to meet the person that changed my life<3

  148. Will you plz plz plz plz come to GA?????????? it wouldrbe amazinggggg and maybe nail painting and a exercise together and also a cooking episode on cheap clean eats that would be amazing if we cooked together and if you came, I want to meet you sooo freakin bad!! And I need tips and if I met you it would be AWSEOME for you to teach me and have funnnnnn! Please come to Augusta, Georgia!

  149. Mikhaila says:

    Please come to Pittsburgh!! My friends and I would love to meet you while you’re on your national tour. We LOVE your workouts!!

  150. CASSEY! please please please come to PITTSBURGH, PA
    As for activities, a pop Pilates class would be a blast as well as a live cheap clean eats demo! Or maybe a huge hula-hooping class or a relaxing destressing stretching routine!!

  151. Kimberly says:

    Please come to San Antonio, Texas!!

  152. Jessica says:

    Please, please, PLEASE come to Chicago! Absolutely LOVE your videos!

  153. Please come to Rotterdam (the Netherlands) I would love to meet you :)

  154. Yes! Portland, Oregon! Either head to the Water Front or Pioneer Square.

  155. Please please come to Germany! Munich would be great. I’d love to meet you. :)

  156. Jocelyn says:

    OMG COME TO HOUSTON, TX!!! Or just TX for that matter i’ll drive out to go see you!! :) so excited!

  157. Definitely Germany – best of course Berlin. :) I have the feeling that there are many German fans waiting for you to come.

  158. Are you planning a tour only in the States or wolrdwide?
    If worldwide, please come to Prague, Czech Republic.

    And after class, maybe a quick Cheap clean cook? You could maybe show us your new recipe, which everyone could make. :)

  159. Holly Love says:

    Come to Melbourne Australia :D

  160. Yess come to portland :)

  161. Alexandra says:

    DALLAS DALLAS DALLAS!!! please come to Dallas! I would love to take a class with you! It’ll definitely help me push myself to work harder since there won’t b a pause button on you haha they have huge parks in downtown Dallas like klyde warren park where events are usually held, so it would b a good place for the meet up if you come! They also have food trucks but lets just say its all yolo food. Maybe we can mix in some sports like volleyball with pilates? I have no idea haha I just really want you to have a meet up here in Dallas please and thank you :)

  162. Come to Denver, Colorado!

  163. Chino/Chino Hills, CA and teach at The Shoppes at Chino Hills. Concerts, yoga, and a lot of activities are done right at the mall. It’d be awesome if you could!

  164. Lindsey says:

    Please Please Please come to Atlanta, Georgia!!!!! A class would be amazing! it’d be so great just to get to meet you!! :)

  165. Naomi Li says:


  166. You need to come to Southern Indiana or Louisville Kentucky! Please I won’t be able to go to a meet up anywhere else. :(

  167. Come to India!!!

  168. Come to India!!!! ;)

  169. PLEASE come to CLEVELAND, OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  170. Please please please come to sydney and canberra in Australia!! Please

  171. miranda says:

    I’d be sooo happy if you could come to Dallas!

    As for the meetup, something involving food would be lovely! :)

  172. Amelia Rzezniczek says:


    Please please please PLEASE come to Toronto, Ontario! It would be so amazing. I know so many people here that workout with you daily!

  173. A Blogilates tour would be amazing!! Please come to Cincinnati, Ohio! <3

  174. Isabella says:

    Brisbane, Australia!!!!!!!!!!! Come to Aussie Land!!! It’ll be amazing! We really need you, Please <3
    Pretty please with a edamame on top?

  175. I would love it if you came to Washington State! We often get neglected so it would be AMAZING if you came! You inspire all of us so much and we love you <3

  176. Shannon C. Casey says:

    You should DEF come to University of California schools, specifically UC-RIVERSIDE!
    We just built a BRAND NEW GYM and with your help thousands of students could learn to squeeze in a healthy lifestyle while dealing with our heavy school workload! Instead of reaching for the convenient roman noodles you could come and provide simple daily activities/meal plans to keep us all on track!

    Shannon Casey

  177. Please come to Montreal Canada :D

  178. Whitney says:

    Calgary, Canada!!

  179. Brianna says:

    Come to Tucson, AZ!!!

  180. Please, come to Germany! <3

  181. Jessica says:

    Come to Orlando! We can go to DISNEY! And a class is a no brainer. :D

  182. Come to Florida!!!! In either Orlando or Daytona Beach!(:

  183. Ann Arbor, Michigan!!!! Our town is very cute and diverse!!!

  184. I definitely think you should do the Blogilates tour, I’d love it. Please come to Stockholm, Sweden. <3

  185. Carolina says:

    This is a very good idea! I love working out to your videos and you are so inspirational.

    You should come to Fort Worth or Dallas Texas! I would love to workout with you.
    As for activities, having a booth with your clean eats would be awesome! Hopefully you consider coming to one of these two places.

    You are amazing!!!!!

  186. come to portland, oregon!

  187. Come to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania!! We have good food and the liberty bell

  188. Lacey Morris says:

    Dallas, TX (or Houston, Austin – whichever) :)

  189. Gaby Mend says:

    Please! México! And if you ask for an specific place in México, Querétaro sounds like a lovely city! :D I love your massive classes, you could try Mexican Food, and if you need a guide, I offer to be your guide and help you around! :3 That’d be my dream come true!

  190. Malaysia !!!!

  191. pls come to germany!! :) anywhere near karlsruhe would be sooo awesome! i’d love to meet you.


  193. Abigail Villegas says:

    Please come to LAS VEGAS!!!! <3

  194. Hey cassey. Please come to Chicago downtown. I know alot of ppl will love for u to come here. Please please

  195. Come to Portland, OR!!!! We can workout in crazy costumes!!

  196. Sarah Rainwater says:

    Cassey, you have to come visit Atlanta, and bring Jackelyn with you! It would be awesome to have a raffle. One awesome prize idea would be for the winner to star in a workout video with you :)

  197. Brittany says:

    You should come to Huntsville, Alabama! Anywhere in Alabama would be fine I guess, but I would prefer if you come to my city. I love your videos so much and they inspire me to be a better me! <3

  198. Come to Texas Cassey! Preferably Dallas but Austin, Houston, or San Antonio would work too!

  199. If you do an international tour you should definitely come to Australia, there are so many of us POPsters down here! :) And it would be even better if you came to Tasmania, I genuinely think you would love it :)

  200. Cassey you HAVE to come to Chicago!!! <3

  201. catherine says:

    Please come to Milwaukee. A huge group of us would love to meet u

  202. Please come to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada!

  203. CASSEY! PLEASE COME TO LONDON, UK! All your British fans would love to meet you!

  204. Come to Chicago! The ol’ Windy City would love to embrace you again! You could see about having it at Millennium Park…?

    Some cool things to do would be a dance party, cooking demonstration, or “get to know everyone” talk to name a few. :)

  205. Casey I would love if you could come to Charrlotte, NC!!!!!!

  206. Cassie please come to NYC!!!! That would be great. I love your workouts so much

  207. PLEASE come to Philadelphia! We literally need you here. My cousin and I are huge fans!

  208. The Yogi says:

    YES this is good :)

  209. OH MY GOODNESSSSSS! Like wow I would be super excited and definitely would love it if you came Hartford, CT or the tour!!!!! I went to your Boston meet up and you met my sister, who has disabilities, and it made her day and mine as well:) . When her and I workout to your videos and you start talking about your day or your matching workout outfit she’ll respond as if you were there in the room it’s so adorable. Her and I would be there bright and early to attend this with yoga mats in hand, colorful sneakers on, and pony tails high!

    So here’s an idea for activities: Quest Bars should come again because they are amazing, possibly a photo backdrop/ booth taking thing (oh man I don’t know what to call that but I think you get what I mean), two person yoga moves, have trader joes (since you shop there and love their sriracha) possibly sponsor a booth and have them bring the food items of your latest clean recipe so people could purchase it right there, have a board with the girls with big dreams quote on it then have everyone write what their big dream is, and some contests. Hopefully this helps!

  210. I know it’s far… but if you could make it too the Netherlands?!?!? Noord brabant to be exact XD But maybe if that’s to much you could do a European tour?? Thanks!


  212. you should come to Chippewa falls Wisconsin that’s near my area !!! that would be awesome

  213. OMG Cassie! Come to Philly! You will love it. You can do the class on the art museum steps (where Rocky did his famous run) or at Penn’s landing at the Race Street Pier, or at Citizen’s Bank Park, or at the football stadium at UPenn. Please please please come!

  214. Please come to Grand Rapids, Michigan! It’s a great city full of active people. (:

  215. please come to Orange County Cassey!! we’d love to have you.!!!

  216. Chaeli Smith says:

    We would love to see you at OKC OK! It would be the best workout and motivation to have you here right in front of us! :)

  217. TexasBlonde says:

    Please come to Austin! I’d love to see you! :)

  218. Come to Chicago!!! We’d love to have you here! <3

  219. Come to Austin,TX!!! It would be great!

  220. You have to come to Manchester, UK, Cassey! :)

  221. You should come to Toronto! I think that would be cool if you come to Canada!

  222. Hey Cassey!

    I recommend that you come to Toronto! Do a few big, outdoor classes and maybe host a seminar-type thing to discuss clean eating and your 12 week Body Make-over Plan (I’ve seen the results and other peoples results, maybe bring a few successors). Bring your merchandise from your online store and have a shop set up.
    I think you would highly enjoy Toronto, the beaches, the hotels and some of the restaurants too! (I recommend Lucky Red – a Chinese Bao Shop for a YOLO meal)

    Hope to see you sometime during 2015,
    Krista B

  223. Come to Salt Lake City! (Or Boise, Denver or Las Vegas…I’m willing to travel a bit to see you on tour.)

  224. Come to Paris in France! It would be so exciting to do the class in front of the Eiffel Tower, on the Trocadéro (dreaming… ;) )!! And there’re a lot to visite and a lot of good restaurants.

  225. Jessica Shanks says:

    Please come to Canada! Like, Edmonton or Calgary or even Red Deer! Please! My best friend and I would love to meet you! <3

  226. Would love to see you near Cincinnati or Sandusky, ohio Lots to do and it would be great seeing you!

  227. Phoenix, AZ! It would be such an honor to meet you.

  228. I wouldn’t mind doing anything as long as you come to Hamilton or Toronto (both in Ontario!).

  229. Come to Salt Lake City, Utah! :)

  230. Jennifer Nguyen says:


  231. YES PLEASE!!

  232. Please come to Buffalo, NY!! It’d be so awesome to see you, and Buffalo is so close to Niagara Falls, you could take a trip there too. I have a bunch of friends who I’ve gotten into blogilates, and my mom and I do it together every day. It’d be so much fun and I would love to meet you in person. You’re such an inspiration to me :)

  233. jennd52509 says:

    I Would love it if you can to Lancaster pa or york pa both I can get to. I love everything you do and the I energy you give your fans.

  234. Please come to any city in Michigan!

  235. Cassey you should come to Austin!!! You would love it here!!

  236. Please come to Brazil! Belo Horizonte!!!! Me and Mt friends follow tour workout calendar and we LOVE YOU!!!!!!! It would be amazing if we could attend to one of tour classes.. Please come!

  237. Please come to Virginia! We hardly ever have any exciting events in the Richmond or Washington DC area! It would be amazing to be able to finally attend one of your sessions!

  238. Come to Boston,MA!!

  239. Please come to Pensacola, FL! It’s full of rich history, has the whitest beaches, and has great soul food restaurants. You’d love it. I wouldn’t care what activities you’d have, but I would be super excited if you came to the panhandle of the Sunshine State! God bless you.

  240. Hey Casey!
    I would love for you to come to Philadelphia, PA! If you come during the warm weather you could do a great class on the waterfront at Penn’s Landing or on Ben Franklin Parkway at the Art Museum (the Rocky Steps). Philly has lots to offer… hope to see you here! :-)

  241. Would love you to come to my studio right outside of Charlotte, NC!! I have a lot of girls who would love to do a class and possible an eating clean workshop. We also have poles and I could show you some of the fitness routines we do involving the poles!! You are an amazing inspiration!

  242. Nathalie says:

    Please come to London again soon! :D Also, it would be cool to have different sessions during the day like cooking/juicing classes etc.

  243. Come to Amsterdam! Or anywhere in the Netherlands! That would be so amazing!

  244. come to dublin, ireland! we love you here cassie :D <3

  245. Alexa Cuevas says:

    Please come to the Philippines! Pretty pretty please! I’ve told my friends about you and bam! They’re now doing POPilates with me! Oh please go here! Although i don’t have a mat yet. Im still saving up to buy a pretty good mat. Oh and we could like do song challenges, cooking stuff? Like you teach us how to cook a simple snakc, dish, or basically whatever floats you boat or we all of us can cook like swap recipes and stuff like that! And then you could host a contest or something. Actually if you ever come here, i know you’ll blow my mind with the stuff you prepared. :)))) p.s. PHILIPPINES IS CALLING FOR YOU

  246. Janelle says:

    Austin or San Antonio Texas please!

  247. Hannah Shults says:

    Come to Texas!!! Preferably San Antonio! (; It would be so much fun to take a class from you I’m person!! We have a ton of history in our city!


  249. Please come to Montreal, QC, Canada! It’s a beautiful place :)

  250. Claire-Anne says:

    I know it’s far away, but if it’s possible please come Glasgow!!

  251. Kimberly says:

    Come to Mpls! We would love to see you here!

  252. WASHINGTON D.C!!!!!

  253. Come to North Carolina! You can meet Popsters from Raleigh, Durham, & Chapel Hill with one event.

  254. Marcelia says:

    Raleigh, NC!

  255. Jessica says:

    Can you please come to Canada! Toronto, Ontario :)

  256. Come to Wisconsin!

  257. International tour would be awesome! Canada isn’t so far, and it would make such a huge difference for those of us who are so close but don’t get the chance to meet you often. Niagara Falls would be sweet – also good background for filming – but realistically I’d be happy with major cities too :).

  258. Danielle says:

    Anywhere in CT or even MA!! I’d LOVE to meet you!!

  259. You should come to South Florida!! :D

  260. Kayleigh says:

    Philly!!!! And we should do cooking classes!!

  261. Rebecca says:

    Cassey! Could you include DC Baltimore or Annapolis? Any of those are close for me! What about a DIY like that cute cutout shirt or something easy and crafty with simple/basic materials that we could bring? The nail painting is a great idea too. Or POPsters could sign eachothers mats with their instagram tags/ other social media so we can see each others progress.

  262. Christina says:

    Hey Cassey!! I can’t believe your thinking/doing a tour!!! You should come to Ohio! I know its not the most exciting place to go when you have the opinion to go somewhere like London or something but I know a lot of people would love it ! If you are able to come to Ohio I know you wouldn’t be dissapointed! But if you come we should do something with food!!! Ohh and maybe workout clothes and of course a class !!!
    Christina <3

  263. Omg!! Please come to Minneapolis!!!!

  264. Ashley Macleod says:

    Please come to Edinburgh, Scotland! It’s a really beautiful city with lots of history and although it is a city, there is so many parks and hills around.

  265. Allison says:

    Casey please come to New York City !!!!!!!

  266. Come to GERMANY!!!
    Pleeeeaase <3

  267. Hoping to see you in Paris if you do an international tour ^^ finger crossed :)
    The Blogilates community really helped me going back on tracks and staying motivated !
    Love you
    xoxo from Paris

  268. Come to South Florida!!

  269. Hey Cassie!! I think you should visit the George Mason University campus in VA. Or at least that area. :) I can think of a few people who would LOVE for you to come! (Including me)

  270. Cassey, please visit Hong Kong! We’d love to have a meet up with you! It’d be a great pleasure to workout with you and finally meet you in person!! Apart from having a class, I think it’d be quite fun if we can do some sort of competitions or contests, for example like a plank contest or squat challenges! :DD

  271. PLEASE COME TO SYDNEY CASSEY!!! I know you probably will only go on your in America BUT PLEASE TRY! YOUR AUSTRALIAN POPSTERS NEED YOU! We wanna meet you girl!!!

  272. Marlene says:

    Come to Europe, you have a lot of fans over here!
    I’m from Vienna and I would be so happy to meet you and all the other POPsters ^-^

  273. you should definitely come to cyprus. And you can do some teaching classes and all POPsters can train to the beach and talk to us about food,cooking and other things.

  274. Hi Cassey. I’m from Serbia, and I don’t know if it’s too far away, but it would be amazing if you would come to Belgrade. We love u

    I hope it’s possible.

  275. You should definitely come to London! It is a central place for much of Europe and people who live on this half of the world can travel here for much less than we can get to the US or parts of the southern hemisphere. Plus, it’s London.

  276. CASSEY YOU HAVE TO COME TO THE UK! London, Manchester, Birmingham would all be good (: xx

  277. One thing is for sure, you should definitely come to the UK – I am guessing when you do tour I will be at university, so you should come to Newcastle so I can come along to your classes and train insane with you. However you should also go to Manchester/Leeds/Birmingham (we get quite annoyed because many people only tour in London, so it would be nice to see you in a few of England’s main cities). As for what you should do, I like to just go with the flow. Hope to see you in the UK at some point (even if you can only do London, I am sure there will be a way I can get there)!

  278. Come to Singapore!! :D

  279. womaninlove says:

    You absolutely have to visit Poland ! How about Cracow and Warsaw?
    When it comes to the activities the intresting ones would be nail painting, doing hair for exercises, the ability to create your own motivational workout tees, I guess

  280. Cassey!
    Please come to Germany! You’re awesome and it would be a ton of fun to actually meet you and train with you in person. A small cooking workshop would be really cool btw.

  281. Anastasia says:

    Come to Switzerland please, You will love it, It’s very beautiful here. ;)

  282. Cassie can you do a UK tour (or at least London) please ! I loved your Invading London series maybe you can do a mass workout in a park in July or outside another tourist attraction.

  283. michelle says:

    my city is only small – lancaster in the uk – but it’s really beautiful and friendly. it would make my year if you came! eve ensler of vagina monologues came last year for the one billion rising day protesting violence against women so you would be in esteemed company ;) you are such an inspiration!

  284. Estelle says:

    COME TO CHRISTCHURCH IN NEW ZEALAND!!! Please please please!! I would absolutely love to meet you, workout with you and eat/cook clean food with you! Sounds like a perfect way to spend time! :D

  285. You should come to istanbul. for sure, you will be amazed. We talk about how great it will be if you come, whenever you post a video you work out with people

  286. Hey Cassey.
    I know a whole bunch of people for Adelaide who are a big fan of blogilates, you should defiantly try coming to Adelaide considering we don’t have much famous people visiting here, wouldn’t it be great if you changed it? :) Hope you come to Adelaide!

  287. Megi Traykova says:

    You should definitely come to Sofia, Bulgaria!! We are dying to meet you and to do some crazy exercise classes together!!

  288. Sofie Olsen says:

    Hi Cassey. I’m from Denmark, and I don’t know if it’s too far away, but it would be amazing if you would come to Northern Jutland. My friends and I do Blogilates, and it makes it so much more fun.

    I hope it’s possible.

  289. You would love Toronto!!!!!! It would be a dream come true :D and you would love Toronto we have just about everything there! COME LOVE USSSSSS

  290. You should come to Australia! Please! Ballarat (Victoria)

  291. Vancouver, BC please. It would open so many opportunities for Canadian posters who don’t get the chance to meet the person who changed their lives very often since so many youtubersluke only do USA tours. If you’re able to come to canada please please consider making a stop here. Lots of love, Ashley <3

  292. DALLAS, TX!!!

  293. Maelle bangerter says:

    Omg come to switzerland please

  294. Cassey please come to mumbai in INDIA!!!!! PLEASE.

  295. Cassey!! Please, please, PLEASE come to northwest Arkansas! Lol. I know it doesn’t sound glam or anything, but I’m sure you’d love it here! Specifically Fayetteville! We have a saying, “Keep Fayetteville funky,” and you would totally funk up Fayetteville! Love ya!

  296. Alicia M. says:

    Anywhere in SoCal would be great! And maybe make it a fitness fair – a Blogilates fair! With all kinds of activities and of course food.

    It would be great to meet you/ the person who has been working me out! :)
    Nail painting is a good idea seeing as in so many videos you talk about your nails so it would go along with that I guess haha :)

  298. Totally put Kansas City on that list! We have so many things you can do it is unbelievable! We would love to see you here!

  299. You should definitely come to Singapore ! I’ve been doing your workouts for a while now and I tell my friends all about you ! I would definitely want to meet and do a workout with you :)

  300. Bend Oregon!!

  301. Come to Toronto pretty please Cassey! I love you so much and it would be awesome if you came (:

  302. Cassey please please please come to KANSAS CITY!!!!! You could hold a session in Loose Park–it’s a big beautiful park with lots of scenery! We love you here and would be so excited if you came!!! :)

  303. Elizabeth says:

    Yes! Suggesting a Blogilates event at Red Rocks!

  304. Richmond, Virginia or Washington D.C.!

    You can hold an event with my sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi. We are an Asian Awareness sorority and we support the cause to fight breast cancer. We could either do something related to Asian awareness or raise money to support our philanthropy, or some sort of combination related to fitness.

    A healthy Asian food cook off maybe? Or a simple fitness class where donations can be made, as an option, not a requirement. :)

  305. Australia QLD!! Amazing videos and I love how you distract the pain with other things to talk about for example how you bought a new pair of shoes or something. Awesome work!! Xx

  306. You should come to Dallas! :)

  307. Jacksonville, fl pleasee!!!!!!!

  308. Please come to either red deer, Edmonton, or Calgary Alberta Canada

  309. Katelind says:

    Fresno, CA need to make that clear.

  310. Hunter Samuelson says:


  311. Katelind says:

    You should come to Fresno. I hope u can love u, u changed my l life!! :)

  312. Denver, Colorado please!!(:

  313. HOUSTON!!

  314. Jasleen Dhaliwal says:

    Canada please :)

  315. Please come to Chicago, IL!! :D

  316. Please come to singapore!!

  317. Jasleen Dhaliwal says:

    Hey Cassey, I really want you to come to Canada for your tour… please please please :) by the way your amazing!

  318. Please

  319. Kristen says:


  320. Jessieluong says:

    Please please come to SYDNEY :) you changed my lifeeee

  321. Come to chicago!!!


  323. Cassey come to Orange County!! <3


  325. Mikaela says:

    You should visit Denver, Colorado.

  326. Come to Whittier for a SoCal Tour! Come on it is the place where you first went to college ;) Anywhere in SoCal is fine with me if not Whittier! It would be great to do a beach meetup, or maybe like a blogilates hike/rock climbing in the wilderness? healthy food trucks and paddleboarding? let’s take this to a wilderness twist! ;)

  327. Kristen says:

    Savannah, GA! It’s beautiful here. Plus I’d love to attend one of your classes and meet you. (:

  328. Kaylie Green says:

    Salt lake city Utah!

  329. You should come to Indiana. I love your workout vids

  330. You should come to Colombia!! (South America)

  331. Minerva says:

    Osaka pleaseeee! I am dying to do blogilates with you! Love you Cassey :*

  332. Madeline says:

    Anywhere in the 5 boroughs in New York!

  333. Cincinnati Ohio!!!!!! :)))

  334. You Should definitely do an Australian trip

  335. Hi Cassey! Can you please come to Birmingham,Alabama! I would reallyyyyy love to meet you in person. Please come to Birmingham!!!!!!!!!! <333

  336. Julissa says:

    Minneapolis, MN! Painting nails would be cool! It would be fun to have a class at the Mall of America rotunda! Then we could all go shopping together! :)

  337. Virginia Beach, Virgimia. Or Fairfax, VA. (:

  338. Come to Austin!!!!

  339. Cassidy Harvey says:

    Come to SF!

  340. If you are doing an international tour… COME TO TORONTO !!

  341. I live just northwest of Columbia sc, but I’m not sure if there are a ton of popsters here. So even to Charlotte NC would be SO awesome!

  342. Please come to Madison, Wisconsin and Duluth Minnesota! Upper midwest! :)

  343. NJ, Philly, or New York City would be best for me!

  344. Kylee Mitchell says:


  345. Come to sunny Singapore!!! Ill help you organize the meet up.

  346. please come to Toronto!!


  348. Jessica says:

    Please please please come to Conneticut

  349. Rachel R says:

    You should come to Destin, FL or Panama City Beach. Do a Blogilates class by the gorgeous emerald green water!

  350. New haven Connecticut!!! small little Connecticut never gets enough credit over on the east coast?? or maybe boston Massachusetts!! LOVE YOU CASSIE

  351. Anywhere near San Jose! How about a Q&A during the meet up?

  352. Sussana says:

    Please come to Florida preferably West Palm Beach, Florida cause I live there

  353. Jessica says:

    Please come to MICHIGAN!! Detroit? Dearborn Heights? SOME WHERE IN MICHIGAN x)) <3

  354. Tashnuva says:


  355. Priyanka says:

    San Jose/Bay Area!!!! We have everything! (+ nice weather ;)

  356. Austin, TX!!!!! You’d love it!

  357. Please come to Seattle!!!! There are tons of popsters near Seattle that would love to meet and workout with you in person!! God bless!

  358. Melinda says:

    Come to Dallas!!!! I loved all the ideas you had! Food trucks, painting nails. There is a cool park over the freeway, Klyde warren park. That would be a cool place. They have outdoor bookshelves, pianos, and food trucks. Throw a workout in there and what more could you want?! Come to Dallas!!!!

  359. Jessica says:

    Agree!! Colorful Colorado!!

  360. Please come to Calgary.
    I’d love to workout with you.

  361. Jessica says:

    COME TO DENVER!!! Or Colorado! We could do a hike or run the stairs at Red Rocks or do a work out session at City Park… There is so much we could do and you can see mountains from almost anywhere in the city, or see the city from the lower mountains!

  362. stephanie says:

    come to Pearl City, Hawaii (Honolulu is on the right side of the island, so it’s harder for everyone to get there, and more traffic)….there is a ridiculous amount of stuff to do here….hiking, boating, going to the beach, luaus, swim with dolphins, visit dole pineapple plantation, shops on North Shore, shopping in Waikiki….need I go on?

  363. Please come to Toronto Canada!!!

  364. HOUSTON, TX!!!!!!! OMG YES!!!! I love this idea, I think it would also be great for us to meet people around us that we can do pilates with and keep each other motivated. YES! HOUSTON

  365. Please come to Chicago! (:

  366. I know this seems like the last place anyone wants to come but Oklahoma City, edmond, or tulsa!

  367. Michelle says:


  368. Marie Walther says:

    Come to San Antonio, Texas!!!!!!!

  369. Samantha says:

    You should come to Lexington, KY. Maybe do one at the University of Kentucky?

  370. PLEASE come to Toronto!!!

  371. Charlotte NC!! You could do a few mini competitions for cool healthy prizes– like who can do the most jack knife crunches, push-ups, waist whittlers, etc.

  372. Come to Chicago!!

  373. Yasmeen says:

    SYDNEY!!!!! Pls international tour!!! I hope many popsters are here n crazy to meet u n do workout with u!!!!

  374. Christina says:

    Please come to LONDON! We want more Cassey in Europle!

  375. Priscilla says:

    Yes! TORONTO!!

  376. YES YES YES

  377. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to Cincinnati or Columbus, Ohio
    It would be absolutely AMAZING
    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to meet and workout with you :) <3 <3 <3

  378. Come to Cincinnati!

  379. Also, to answer “What should we do?” I think having classes and healthy food vendors… maybe post workout snacks like Quest Bars in the mix? So people can find out how delicious they are :)

  380. I second the vote for the Nation’s Capital! Our fall (Sept) and spring are the best time of the year here. See you this fall I hope!!! :D

  381. Come to Saint Louis!! A ton of my friends and I have been a big fan of Blogilates for a long time :)):))


  383. PLEASE COME BACK TO NYC!! And food trucks are BIG over here :D

  384. Candy L says:

    Come to Nashville, TN!!! We can go line dancing!!!

    Plenty of sun and beaches! You’ll love it!

  386. Us Canadian POPsters need some love too! COME TO TORONTO!

  387. Yes!!!! Go there it is really beautiful!! You would really enjoy looking at the CN tower and going to Niagara falls!!!:)

  388. N Nathaina says:

    Cassey! Would love to have you come to the beautiful Niagara Falls area – what could you ask for that would be better than seeing the beautiful falls?!! Then not only would you be able to have us fabulous New Yorkers come to your workshop but you would probably get some Canadian’s too! What a great way to meet other Blogilates lovers!

    Xoxo N

  389. Us Canadian POPsters need love too! COME TO TORONTO!! :D

  390. Please come to St. Louis, Kansas City, or Springfield in Missouri!!! I would ABSolutely love to meet you!


  391. Cassey, you need to spread the loving internationally! Come to Australia so I can koala-bear hug you.
    You’ll love our beaches and the people are great.

  392. COLORADO!!!!!!!! It would be amazing if you could come visit me and my friends in Colorado!:)

  393. it’s true!! she would have a good time in philly!

  394. Cassy !! Please come To Rouyn-Noranda Qc. Ca !! This is a cute town, a lot of people are following you ! It would be so fun to meet you at Fillactive (School girl fit club ) !! We love you !!

  395. yes please :)

  396. Monique says:

    Sydney, Australia! We need you!

  397. PITTSBURGH!!!! We have tons of bridges over our 3 rivers so let’s all rent kayaks and go kayaking together!

  398. New Jersey! Or Philly, please! It would be adorable if you did a Blogilates session in Love park, or any park in Philly for that matter.

  399. sandryn says:

    Canada in quebec city!!! :)

  400. Cara D. says:

    I agree with Jacquelyn, coming to visit somwhere in Miichigan would be fantastic! I think Ann Arbor would be perfect! Since Michigan is known for it’s lakes maybe having a cookout at a park on one of the lakes would be fun! Unless this happens in the Winter lol. If it is in the winter well we can make some snowmen then! <3

  401. Lindsey says:

    Oklahoma City! Or Dallas or somewhere nearby!!!

  402. Please come to San Jose,CA! All my friends love what you do and we all host blogilates sessions together! We would love to work out and cook with you!

  403. COME TO NASHVILLE. It doesn’t matter what you do while you’re here, as long as you’re here and I get to thank you in person for all that you do.

    Although a Pop Cardio Dance-off would be cool. Imagine: you teach us all a quick dance routine, and we keep going until we just can’t anymore. Or maybe we all just freestyle to some music. Last person standing wins something from the Blogilates store (or like a $50 credit to buy what we want). Think about it. Awesome, right? :P

  404. Come to vancouver, canada please!!!we can do yoga up in the mountains with our friendly birds and bears=)

  405. Please come to saint louis!!!! It would seriously complete my life if I had the chance to meet you and thank you for how incredibly you’ve impacted my life. I discovered your videos and website when I was looking for a healthy food recipe on YouTube and when I found your videos my life changed then and there. Even if I don’t get the chance to thank you in person I would like you to know how much your work has meant to me :) but I hope you will consider coming to saint louis; we would love to have you!!

  406. PLEASE come to Melbourne, Australia!
    We would love to see you here in the land down under :)

  407. Us Aussie POPsters can’t be forgotten!! I know we’re hours away but we love you here.
    Maybe we could bring our dog/s so there’ll be a sea of POPster Doggies!!

  408. Jacquelyn says:

    Please come to michigan!! Either Ann Arbor or Detroit. I would travel anywhere in Michigan for a meet up with you. You have changed my world!


  410. come to Chattanooga!!!!! (TN)


  412. Rebecca says:

    Come to Glasgow, Scotland! You have so many POPsters over here and we would to meet you! We have lovely parks for POP pilates classes and then there could be smoothie stands or one making other healthy treats!

  413. Chicago!

  414. Stephanie says:

    Come to Sydney, Australia!!! I know you loved it the last time you came, and i think a trip here is way overdue! I think food trucks would be awesome, Maybe have one for juices/smoothies as well :) We could have a big picnic and paint our nails~ ^__^

  415. Come to Atlanta!!!
    Lots of awesome parks! Food truck parks! Unique shops! And areas!


  416. You should come to Houston. We would love to have you here

  417. Alexandria says:

    Yes, please!!!


  419. Panama City, FL please.

  420. Valentina says:

    PLEASE COME TO ORLANDO….!!! We need some of your kick-butt pilates classes…Also if you want something new to do, maybe a “bailoterapia” at the pool (which is a like zumba but at the pool, or at least that is how we call it in Venezuela) or perphaps a cooking class…
    You do not need anything exciting or new, you coming here will be more than enough…

  421. please come to Austin, TX! We’re a wonderful fitness city with tons of great opportunities, and plenty of resident popsters :)

  422. Newport, Rhode Island
    Please Please Please
    I love to see you go skydiving at SkydiveNewport
    We are the most scenic drop zone in New England
    Love You

  423. PLEASEEE come to Michigan, preferably Detroit or Ann Arbor! :)

  424. Courtney says:

    Come to San Diego!!

  425. Come to Minneapolis please!! Booths with your clothing and items would be awesome!!

  426. Casey please come to oxnard ca.

  427. Makayla says:

    I was just about to say this!

  428. Samantha says:

    You’re such an inspiration. Thank you for allowing me to have the ability to transfigure into the persona that I wanted to be. It would be a dream come true to meet with you in person and attend one of your Pilates classes.
    Fingers crossed that Toronto/St. Catharine’s is one of your go to location.
    Thanking you in advance,

  429. Christine says:

    I second this :D


  431. Minneapolis, Minnesota please! It would be so fun to get the chance to meet you and let you know just how much you’ve changed my outlook and positivity just through Blogilates! A meet up with healthy foods classes, Blogilates merchandise, and one of your classes would be amazing.

    I hope you make it up to Minneapolis!

  432. Samantha says:

    Denver for sure!! Yay for central location! And yes! WE HAVE MOUNTAINS!! :)

  433. Come to San Jose/Bay Area!!!!
    Beautiful place with plentiful beaches where we could do relaxing (or intense, doesn’t matter) workouts!

  434. Come to Hatboro, PA

  435. Come to minneapolis, MN!

  436. Oh my goodness I would love love love if you came to Melbourne, Australia!!! You could do like a clean eating class or a pilates/cardio/fitness class :))

  437. Marquita says:

    OREGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! …please

  438. It would be SO SO SO GREAT if you came to Atlanta, GA!!!!

  439. Chantelle says:

    Come to Sydney! We can do a class in the park just underneath the Harbour Bridge, right by the water!! ^_^

  440. Come to Brisbane AUS please! I know you’ll love it here :) I’m waiting hehe

  441. SEATTLE PLEEASSE!!!! My friends and I love you and it would mean so much if you came!! I hope you have a good tour! Thank so much for the amazing videos, they have really helped me reach my goals!

  442. Come to St. John’s, NL, Canada! We could have a class at Signal Hill, or at Cape Spear, the most easterly point in North America! It would be a lovely turnout, I’m sure! You could see some whales or icebergs while you were here!

  443. Jennifer says:

    Please come to Chicago! There are so many great places to go downtown and in Chicago the only way to go is with Food! We have the best food around.

  444. COME TO DC!!!!!!

  445. Emilie Scott says:


  446. come to southern California!! Los angeles Hunnington beach or Newport area please

  447. Camille says:

    Please come to San Diego! It would be so amazing to meet and work out with you! :) <3


  449. Daman Kandola says:

    please come to Surrey,B.C. You should visit Canada

  450. PLEASE COME TO CAIRNS AUSTRALIA!!!!! I think you’ve been there before, I saw it on one of your videos! :D

  451. Janelle says:

    Calgary please (:

    There really is not much to do in Calgary, but we’re near Banff and the mountains..
    And if you come during july, you could catch us Calgarians stampeding! (Go to the stampede)
    And don’t we forgot, shopping centers, malls, and restaurants!

  452. Please, please, please come to Dayton, Ohio! Please????


  454. Please, please, please come to Central Florida! Preferably somewhere like Tampa!

  455. Grace&Joy says:

    Hey Cassie! You should definitely come up to Edmonton, Canada!! I vote you do an international tour :D that would be incredibly awesome! Please please please considerate it :). I would looooove to meet you!

    We should do a bunch of random activities like doing each others nails, team building games to get to know other popsters, face painting, and a dance party in a park/ other fun location!

  456. Alejandra says:


    I have been inviting a lot of people to make pilates with you on youtube!
    I would be awsome if you can come here(:


  457. A tour is such a great idea! I am a student at a chiropractic collage in Port Orange, Fl. I know that many people here would love you to come and teach a class. Plus because we are all into health and nutrition (and college students) a Cheap Clean Eats class would be a BIG hit!!!! It will be epic! I’m so excited for you, your going to have a blast.

  458. Christian Roxanne says:

    You should come to Denton Texas!!! Or at least Dallas :-)

  459. ATLANTA. PLEASE COME TO ATLANTA. You simply mustttt Cassey.

  460. MINNESOTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minneapolis in specific please!

  461. Jennifer Delano says:

    Please please please come to Vancouver! Or Seattle, even.

  462. Patricia says:

    Please come to Spain! To Barcelona :)

  463. Casey, you should totally come visit Milwaukee or Madison, WI. I would love it and you mentioned food trucks, so I think that would also be great to have (you had me at the word food)! I also think cooking demonstrations would be fantastic! Oh, and also having a DIY booth with different things you could create, such as a motivational board full of quotes to motivate people to continue to eat healthy and to love their body. I hope you come!

  464. Boston Strong! Come to Boston :)

  465. Come to Chicago please! (:

  466. Sydney, Australia!!!

  467. Michelle says:

    Please come to Atlanta! It’d be amazing to have the chance to see you and workout with you in person!

  468. Ashleigh says:

    It would be great if you came to Winnipeg (Canada)!

  469. I love love for you to come to Colorado! And I’d be soooo totally down for a cook-off!

  470. CHICAGOOOOO!!!!!!!

  471. Rachelle says:

    Kansas City! I would love it if you’d come to Kansas City! Where do you go to view the Blogilates schedule. How would I find out where and when Cassey’s events are?

  472. I know it’s not probable, but if you were going to do an international tour come to New Zealand! Beautiful scenery and lots of POPsters! :D

  473. Hi Cassey
    It would mean so much to me if you could come to Sweden, gothenburg. I know there is a lot of POPsters here that would love to have a meet up here! It would mean the world to me, TO US, if you could come here!! So please, i feel like it would be such a amazing thing to get to have a meet up with you. We could workout together and then talk, do a little cooking, share good memories and so on. We have a really pretty park here that would be perfect for a workout
    I love you so much,
    Kisses, Nicole

  474. Hey Cassey,

    Great video! :)

    I’ve been juicing for almost two years now and it has really made a big difference to several aspects of my health including increased energy, better quality sleep, better skin and improved digestion. Yes defo agree on the fruit/veg thing. When juicing I usually use fruit in a 1:4 ratio, for every 4 veg I’ll use 1 fruit. Yes fruit is great as you say but is very high in sugar (generally) and can lead to a more acidic internal body environment.

    One more thing I also do with most of my juices is I add 1 teaspoon of wheatgrass powder. Really good stuff! :)

  475. Come to DC!!!! You could do a monuments run/workout with everyone (jog to a monement then do a short workout, and then jog to the next!!).

  476. Well, I read that about an international tour, I think it’s asking too much but if it were true I would like you to come to Spain ^^

  477. Yes! Poland will welcome you warmly! Especially your blogilates fans! :)

  478. Come to Montreal, Canada please! :)

  479. Hey, you should come to Montreal, Canada! It’s great here!

  480. You should come to Seattle! !

  481. Please come to Chicago. Navy Pier or Lacuna Fitness maybe????

  482. Come to Columbus, Ohio!

  483. come to Mexicoooo!

  484. Darylle says:

    Cassey, please come to Phoenix Arizona! You could even host an event at ASU Tempe or the the area near Westgate in Glendale! I know SO many POPsters (such as myself :3) who would be incredibly happy if you came by! Maybe do a dance off? Or a challenge or something? I’m not so sure, but it would be ah-mazing to workout with you!!!

    PS It’s pretty hot here, but please don’t let it drive you away :c

  485. You should come to Michigan! Me and my friends are big fans of you. I’d love to take a class with you or just thank you for helping all of us :) Please think about coming

  486. If you do an international tour IT WOULD BE AMAZING IF YOU COME TO MUNICH (GERMANY)
    the English Garden is perfect for popilates as well as some places at the Isar. What more can I say Munich is just simply awesome.
    It would be incedible to meet you Cassey xx

    Lots of love from a german/bavaria popster <3 xx

    PS: sorry for any spelling mistakes I'm still learning english

  487. I’d love for you come to Washington state!!!! I think that a quick cheap clean eats class would be a great idea and a DIY workout tank would be great as well! :)

  488. CassieH says:


  489. jennifer says:

    Come to nashville! Country music capital and rock out to the top country hits

  490. Come down to Washington, D.C.!!! We could tour the national mall and have a cheat day in Georgetown where there are tons of restaurants! You know you can’t resist the famous Georgetown cupcakes! Please come down to the east coast!

  491. Natalie Amidon says:

    Come to Rochester New York!
    It would be so cool to see you in person!
    I love your exercises!

  492. Dear Cassey,

    I would be so grateful if you would come to Belgium
    (or the Netherlands)! Knowing that I can spend some time
    with you when I get home, keeps me going through the day!
    Your workouts are effective, but also fun! I look forward to it
    every day! I need it! You’re my inspiration and it would be really
    amazing to meet you!

    Kisses from Belgium x

  493. Chelsey says:

    You should come to New York City again. Just need a big wide open space like Central Park or Flushing Meadow Park.

  494. Belinda says:

    Brisbane Australia!

  495. You should come to Carrollton, GA and you should host a fitness trainer’s business class. I know so many people you are following you and their passion for fitness and trying to start their own fitness sessions and events. I’m sure it would be life changing to experience to receive advice from you!!! Thank you and keep it up!!!

  496. Kelly G says:

    Cassey please come to Spokane WA!!!!

  497. If you were doing an international tour, please come to Poland!

  498. Caroline says:

    Come to Washington, DC!
    We have a great fitness community here. And we have tons of parks- Rock Creek Park, The National Mall, SW Waterfront, where you could do a public meetup and a Blogilates class! Think about it- a sea of Blogilates fans doing planks and burpees would look good in front of the National Monument :)

  499. Please come to Boston!!

  500. Please please please come to London! Id love to meet other people who are doing blogilates like me and id really love to meet you as youre the reason I get to do this! We could all do a dance cardio outside big ben or something! Or hunt down any juicing shops because I wanna try one!

  501. Vancouver! :D

  502. Jordan Rome says:

    Please come to CHICAGO!!! There are so many great places in the city you could lead exercises and especially in the summer. It would be cool to be able to purchase your merchandise at the tour too.

  503. Chicago! It has a plethora of parks, popsters, and it can definitely be a success!

  504. Can you come anywhere in England, like Nottingham or Birmingham????

    I think it would be awesome if there was an DIY T-shirt to tank top lesson, or smoothies, that would be super cool ^_^

  505. Nori Hubert says:

    Cassey, please come to Austin! We Texas POPsters would very much love to sweat with you! (And with our weather, there will be plenty of sweating >3). Lots of dogs here for you to stalk, too <3

  506. Georgia or North Carolina!! And like Da realest^^ said, a cheap clean eats class would be amazing!

  507. Yes!!!

  508. Marissa martinez says:

    I could totally drive out to Denver or Colorado Springs so I’m good with both these!

  509. Hey Cassey! I recently started doing your workouts and love them! I fit them in when I can. I’d love for your to come to Rochester, NY sometime in the summer! (I’m in my senior year of college and go away from the area during the college year.) I’d love some cheap clean eating food classes like mentioned above and workouts! I don’t know what else. Maybe themed workouts, if you will? There’s a lot of festivals, fairs, and air shows around here during the summer. So workouts, or even cooking classes, themed after something going on in the area. Like the air shows–a military-esk workout. Idk. I’m crazy. :)

    Thanks for your hard work!

  510. Marissa martinez says:

    Salt Lake City ,Utah we have lovey mountains and st.George is gorgeous too

  511. Marissa martinez says:

    I want you to come to Salt Lake City,utah. I love your beginner workout calendar too!

  512. Please come to Toronto!

  513. Jessica says:

    I suggest that there should be juice trucks! :D

  514. Come to philadelphia!!!

  515. Cassey, it would be SO AWESOME if you came to Pittsburgh, PA! It’s a great city and we’d love to have you! It would be really cool to have maybe a cooking class or something, along with a Pilates class. Anyway, good luck as you plan this whole tour thing, and I can’t wait to see what becomes of it!! :D

  516. Christina says:

    Hi Cassey!

    Please come to the Iowa City area! We’ve got a gorgeous campus at the University of Iowa with a lot of health and fitness-minded people! I’m sure there would be a huge participation level!!

  517. Oklahoma City!!!! Please please please!!!!

  518. valerie says:

    Chicago.They do workout in the park all the time and I’ve seen a few other fitness tours come here. We could do yoga, have juicing seminar, clean eating class, pilates, giveaway raffles.

  519. Come to Maui again and we can all go to the beach!

  520. Jasmine C. says:

    It would be awsome if u can come to NYC
    And it would also be exciting if you add food trucks
    Healthy ones obviously ;)
    I’m so excited and happy for you
    Hopefully u come here

  521. Come to Washington DC area! We are very into fitness :) or Bethesda, MD is specifically where I’m from but either way! Also, I go to University of South Carolina so you should consider coming there or going to colleges in general!

  522. Please come to Bosnia and Herzegovin in Zenica pleaseee… You have fans here and we wanna really workout with you and do whatever.. You are rollmodel for me and my friends . We every day workout with you.. Please come to Bosnia pleasee <3

  523. Hey Casey I would love for you too come to Cali!!!! Like the IE (Inland Empire) or the OC!!!!!!!

  524. Please come to Berlin, Germany! :)

  525. please come to VANCOUVER!!! <3 love you Cassey!

  526. Colorado!!!!!!

    Come to colorful Colorado!!

    We have mountains. Real mountains ;-)

  527. Da realest says:

    PLEASE COME ANYWHERE IN FLORIDA!! Fort Lauderdale or Miami or Boca Raton !
    I think doing a cute cheap clean eats food class would be an awesome part of the blogilates tour!!

  528. You should come to Wisconsin!!!! (I know people make it seem like a ‘hick state) It’s actually really beautiful and Madison wisconsin is a great place! it’s a city with malls and diversity! If you came I would LOVE LOVE LOVE for you to do classes!!

  529. Hey Cassey! You should come to alas Vegas, Nevada!!!

  530. Jennifer says:

    i concur!

  531. You should come to Austin Texas. :)

  532. Come to Minneapolis/St. Paul! Lots of riverfront public park spaces!

  533. Jennifer says:


  534. YES!!! I hope she comes to Dallas!!! :-D

  535. Please come to Dallas, TX! I would LOVE to meet you! Your videos have really changed my life and I would like to thank you in person! And I think you should have classes, a Q&A sess, food trucks, and a juice bar! ;-)

  536. You should come to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada! It would honestly be a dream come true. Or just anywhere in Saskatchewan, really. It’d be worth the drive :) And we could do a bunch of workout challenges (who can hold a plank for longest, who can do the most pushups, etc)

  537. Come to the UK, London!!! European POPsters are waiting for you <3 :D

  538. Hawaii!!! Why wouldn’t you want to come. LOL :D

  539. Alison Rose says:

    Please please come to minneapolis or Wisconsin!!

  540. Portland, Oregon! (:

  541. Botswana, Gaborone needs more people doing Pilates, so, if you decide to do Africa, make it my town…

  542. VANCOUVER-girl says:

    Come to Vancouver Canada!!!

  543. Come to Orlando, FL for a meet and greet, I think you could draw a good amount of Popsters!
    On top of a class & meet and greet I think it would be cool to have either health booths or a nutritionist to help give out tips for a healthier lifestyle.

  544. Please come to NYC!! <3

  545. Oh, please come to Sweden! Stockholm or Gothenburg. Or Malmö, that would probably draw some danish popsters too. Sweden is a really beautiful country!

  546. Oh, please come to Sweden! Stockholm or Gothenburg. Or Malmö, that would probably draw some danish popsters too. Sweden is a really beau
    tiful country!

  547. Yeah, Boston!!!

  548. Yeah, It would be great :) Come to Austria please :)

  549. you should come to Vancouver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  550. Houston, Texas!!

  551. Come to Toronto, Ontario! (:

  552. Chicago please!!! :D

  553. Please come to Winnipeg, Manitoba!!!!! It may not be a big city, but you have soooooo many fans here. And it would be cool to do something where we make designs for your shop!

  554. Kalamazoo, Michigan!!!!!!

  555. Please come to New England! (Maybe Boston or Providence or NYC!)

  556. Miami please!! :)

  557. Please, please, PLEASE come near Charlotte, North Carolina!! I like the Smoothie idea and you could have some of your recipes that we can try. Learn some healthy tips. The different classes sounds like a good idea. I would like to purchase some of your merchandise and see it in person so that’s an idea to. Maybe some prize giveaways. :) Thanks Cassey! We love you!

  558. Come to scranton pennsylvania!!! :)

  559. Isabelle says:

    Chicago, definitely!

  560. Jennifer D says:

    I would love it if you came to London UK! I know you have lots of fans here! You could do a dance workout with 1D music.
    Love ya

  561. Please come to Portland, Oregon!!

  562. * many people that would love to do this , too

  563. You should come to Germany ! I would really love to meet you and to train with you and i’m sure there are many people would love to do this, too :D <3

  564. Francesca says:


  565. It would be awesome if you could make it to Seattle, Washington. Or Vancouver, B.C, Canada!!! :) <3

  566. That would be so awesome if you could come to San Diego or Long beach!! I would love to come to your event!!

  567. Brazil ! haha I know that’s not really going to happen but still! haha Love you Cassey!

  568. You should do a college tour! Come to Brown!

  569. You should come to Sweden :)

  570. Quebec city/Montreal, Canada

  571. Toronto, Ontario Canada! Would absolutely love it if you came. Or anywhere in Ontario. I’ll find a way to make it there! :)

  572. Boston, MA would love to see you again Cassey!

  573. Please come to Houston. Discovery Green would be a great place to do a meet up

  574. Raleigh, NC!! Classes! Food trucks!

  575. Casseyyy TORONTO, CANADA!!! Pleaseee

  576. Tampa or Orlando, FL!

  577. Come to Tucson, AZ and we can have a fiesta themed Pilates session… And then of course we’d eat lots of salsa and guacamole and other local Sonoran food after! Maybe we could even do a desert hike after! There are some great locations (such as the botanical garden or on the university campus) to hold classes.

  578. Come to Vancouver, WA. We have a really nice park that would be perfect. ..Esther Short Park

  579. SEATTLE! It’s the perfect time of year when it’s not hot and we have all these great parks around the seattle area that would be awesome to meet up at! Seattle is such a beautiful place with the Puget Sound and all the different water fronts to visit and the back drop of the Olympic and Cascade mountains are to die for! Please come here to SEATTLE!!!!

  580. Tara Eaton says:

    Heartford, CT I would like to meet u!!!

  581. Washington DC! Please

  582. YES PLEASE!!!! To San Antonio Tx, Houston Tx, and to Williamsport PA :D

  583. Please come to Houston, Texas.

  584. Nicolette says:

    Cassidy you should come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania please!

  585. Marissa Smithinsky says:

    You should come to San Antonio, Texas! You could see the river walk and the Alamo and then we could have a big pop Pilates class in the park!

  586. If you could come to Calgary, Alberta, Canada that would be amazing!!!! Or Medicne Hat, Alberta, Canada!!! That would just be the greatest!!!!

  587. Come to Portland, Maine please! I would love it if you did some classes! :)

  588. Atlanta :) Plenty of perfect meeting spots around here! Usually beautiful weather too. Maybe you can do a grocery tour at a large international market or something like Whole Foods. Show us what grocery products you would typically buy and the best way to save money!

  589. BIRMINGHAM, UK. Pleeease! It would be awesome! <3

  590. Calgary, Alberta, or Medicine Hat, Alberta! Both are in Canada. :)

  591. I live in Olympia, but I would be willing to drive up to Seattle (if my mom would let me)!

  592. Hamburg , Germany please :)))

  593. Please come to Boston!!

  594. I would love love LOVE it if you came to Olympia, Washington (or even somewhere close to there if not there!)
    Coming to one of your classes would be amazing! Me and my some of my friends watch your videos and do the monthly calendar workouts and it would be so inspirational and definitely would help motivate me more.
    In Olympia, Capital Lake would be a great place to do a class, its outside and right next to the water! As for activities that could go on, there could also be a walk around the lake event, or something like that, plus I think it would be awesome to do something with clean eat cooking! Also I would definitely enjoy to personally meet you, so you would need to have a meet & greet!!
    I love you Cassey, even if you end up not coming to Olympia, I would still some day love to attend one of your classes. Thank you for making videos and being so inspirational!!

  595. Klamath Falls, Oregon!! Or just somewhere in Oregon, we(my friends and I) will come find you! (in a totally, noncreepy and nonstalker sort of way haha!)

  596. Alina Younger says:

    Seattle washington! It would be so amazing to meet the person who is inspiring my weight loss and to show you my success! Ive already lost weight and I have only been doing it for a week!! Please come to seattle ((:

  597. Stephanie says:

    Cassey, Please, please, please come to Albany, NY. It’s the capital of NY! nyc is just to far to drive for most of the people who live in upstate NY (like myself) Albany, NY would be the perfect location and there is a perfect venue (the times union center) PLEASE!!!! We would love to see you!

  598. Cassey, please come to Holland!!!

  599. TORONTO! we’d love to have you Cassie! xo

  600. San Diego! Preferably north county coastal like Encinitas or Carlsbad

  601. come to San Diego, keep up the great work!

  602. You should come to Belgium! :D
    A lovely country!

  603. OOPS! That would be backdrop not black drop. I was just so excited thinking about you coming here! LOL!

  604. Annapolis, MD! Sailing capital of the country. The Naval Academy would be a fantastic black drop to whatever you decided to do.

  605. Kristine says:

    Please come to DC!

  606. YES!!! Philadelphia PLEASE!

  607. Danielle says:

    Please come to Baltimore MD, or Washington DC… I mean you have to come to the nation’s capitol… Right? There are many popsters here and we would all love to meet you… <3

  608. Come to southern california!!!!

  609. San Diego, please!!!!

  610. Chicago and/or Atlanta! :)

  611. Katherine says:

    Mobile, AL? obviously a big workout session, healthy-ish food catering, and then do some DIY clothing together?

  612. Ahh! You should come to Fresno, California! We would love to see you Cassey!

  613. For me, it’ll be worth the drive :D

  614. Hey :)
    Come to Luxembourg (I know, it’s far, but it can be sooooo nice ! )

    Voilà, bisous <3

  615. You should go to Chicago, Illinois! It’ll be worth the 3 hour drive!

  616. Come to NYC! We’ll do Pop Pilates in Central Park!

  617. Rachel Silva says:

    Come to the Bay Area! Maybe San Jose or Los Gatos! We have some beautiful outdoor areas that would be perfect for a blogilates stop!

  618. Please come to Germany! Nürnberg or Munich! And please bring your Yoga-Mats! I’d like to buy one!

  619. Jennifer says:

    Philadelphia PA! Maybe we can do some challenges like the call me maybe squat challenge together?

  620. Come to PORTLAND!!! We <3 fitness!!! Also we should have a contest or something like who can hold a plank the longest and who's the most flexible. :D

  621. Fort Lauderdale, FL. Fort Lauderdale Beach is very spacious and food trucks are a plus in south florida.

  622. Gabby V. says:

    Raleigh/Durham, NC area would be AWESOME! :)

  623. Minneapolis MN


  625. Please come to Minneapolis! I would love to meet you and take a class!

  626. Please come to Berlin in Germany, that would be so awesome!

  627. Come to Vancouver please!! Vancouver is awesome, we have everything here! Plus loads of my friends and I love you! ❤️ Or Seattle, we’d drive the 2 hours down there just to see you! Love you Cassey!

  628. You should go to New York City’s Central Park! And maybe we can have a picnic or do some kind of tournament :)

  629. Pheonix, AZ! It would be so much fun to come see you! I know so many people who could come out and see you! :)

  630. SEATTLE!!! that’s the nearest big city to where I live. It would be amazing to meet you or even just to be at one of your classes. Be assured Seattle would show good support! PLEASE!!!

  631. Teri Van Saun says:

    Hi Cassey!! We’d love for you to come out to Temecula, CA! We have some awesome wineries that would be a perfect local for a Blogilates workout with Cassey Ho! This unique local is driving distance from San Diego, Palm Springs, & LA. I’m sure this would be one of your favorite stops for your tour!!
    Keep killing us with your great videos!
    Teri :)

  632. please come to Frankfurt am Main in Germany!!!! :D

  633. Jenna Yu says:

    Yesss! Please come to Denver!

  634. Jamie Hoffman says:

    Come to Denver, Colorado!!!!

  635. Come to Albuquerque, NM. We often get overlooked as a state in general because we are small population wise and not a rich state, but if you came here I am sure you would get a good turnout. We have a good climate and a beautiful view of the Sandias! If you were to offer cooking/ nutrition classes and of course popilates our community would love it. An event like this would really be a good way to help our community with an opportunity to learn something that is widely available in big cities such as New York or LA but not here because of our lack of funding and corporations. Even if you consider coming to Santa Fe our artsy capital you will get people from all over the state. This might even offer you the opportunity to learn about New Mexican cuisine for a new clean eats recipe maybe with some chile. And if you are a Breaking Bad fan we have tours ;)

  636. Please come to Terre Haute! It’s kinda small compared to other cities but it would be so cool to see you there and work out with you! We should do classes and maybe a food truck also so people can see that healthy doesn’t always taste bad!

  637. Sacramento, CA! Food trucks would be fun and maybe classes on clean eating :)

  638. It would be great if you could come to Sacramento, CA. I was at the event on Saturday in San Fran. It as sooo much fun.

  639. Michelle says:

    Please come to Miami, FL. You’ve got a lot of fans here!!!

  640. Samantha says:

    Come to RGV, Texas!!!

  641. Hi! I recommend Oceanside, California!:) or if you want somewhere more like the countryside you can visit my hometown, Valley Center, CA. It’s about a 30-40 minute drive from the beach aswell. There’s lots of great things to do. Especially outdoor activities and many cute cafés such as the yellow deli, which is all organic homegrown and home made. If you want to try riding a horse, VC is the place to go! There is a beautiful location, Bates Nut Farm, to have your meet. Or our community center. I hope to see you soon! I have been doing Blogilates since before I can remember! It’d be a dream to meet you! :)

  642. Cassey! You should totally come back to Boston as one of your stops!

  643. I second Philadelphia! Such a great fun town. You can even match the historical sites against Boston and see which ones you like best. (I do it too as a former Philly girl moved to Boston then back to Philly.) There are some GREAT healthy restaurants and TONS of farmer’s markets to help offset the YOLO cheesesteak.

  644. please come to London Ontario Canada, we’d love to have you here!! or toronto which is 2 hours away and i’d drive out :)

  645. Come to Edmonton or Calgary and do a class so I have something super fun and inspiring to take my beautiful bridesmaids to!

  646. Come to San Diego

  647. Courtney says:

    please come to Dallas/Fortworth, TX :)) ❤️❤️


  649. Alli Tambaoan says:

    Sykesville, Maryland please!!!!!

  650. How about Cleveland, Ohio? That would be incredible!
    A fun thing to do besides classes would be to make some DIY tops and other workout related items to use in future exercising! I think also some healthy food trucks wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  651. It would be amazing if you came out to Albuquerque, NM! Events such as yours so rarely ever happen here in NM. :]

    Denver or Colorado springs is a good second option; I know I would definitely be willing to make the drive up there as well!

  652. Boise, Idaho! Such a great place with tons to do. I would love to meet you and other popsters.

    Anywhere in the UK, i’d literally go anywhere

  654. Come to Fremont, CA! My friends and I here loved your videos with the cows at Mission Peak :-)

  655. Come to Austin for South by South West (SXSW)!!! Its the best and you’ll love it:)

  656. New Jersey!!!

  657. Jackie Owens says:

    You should come to St. Louis, MO and we can workout on the riverfront in front of the Arch! So much cool stuff you can check out while you are here too! The zoo, botanical garden, science center…

  658. Jennifer says:

    Longmont, Colorado! Or Niwot! Nothing ever happens in Niwot, it would be so awesome to have something like this and finally be able to meet you, too!

  659. Come to QUEBEC CITY, CANADA! We speak french here! Plus, DID YOU KNOW it is the oldest city in North America? ;) Organizing a meetup in downtown Quebec would be awesome, especially on the battlefields, where France and Great Britain battled to win over our beautiful province!!! LOTS OF LOVE XXX

  660. Taylor Nicole says:

    I live in Chattanooga, TN so I would absolutely DIE if you came here, but since it’s not a big town I totally recommend Nashville or Atlanta! I would brave the drive to meet you! Maybe we could have a clean eating class, a Q&A, meet & greet, and a mini workout?

  661. Melissa says:

    I never finished haha. But there is so much sightseeing in both places. Philly or NYC please!!!

  662. Patricia says:

    Come to Corpus Christi, Texas! Its “The sparkling city by the bay”.

  663. Melissa says:

    PLEASE COME TO PHILADELPHIA OR NEW YORK CITY!!! It would be so amazing to meet you!!! Or

  664. Totally agree on that one! Hey Marie, I’m from Quebec city too! Your story is very touching xx

  665. My friends and I would be ecstatic if you came to Washington DC!! Hopefully before school starts :) I’m not sure if you’ve came before, but we could jog around the monuments and then have a class on the national mall! Love you Cassey!!

  666. Wasilla, Alaska would be so cool, definitely a unique trip , I know. Few people who would love to meet you!, and get to exercise with you in person, me Eapecially! I’ve only been doing the July calendar for a week but I can already see it (mostly feel it) showing through in my skating ( figure skating) it’s giving me a new way to work on spirals /arabesques ( my ultimate enemy) without doing the same old boring exercises ! Thanks Cassie, maybe I’ll see you soon, you could even try skating while your here, unless you already have, but you still can! Thanks! Hope to see you in Alaska soon!

  667. Sabrina says:

    PLEASE COME TO OAHU!!!! IT would be so fun! And do something where we get to talk to you and stuff!

  668. Come to Chicago, IL!

    You should do a food adventure with your fans! Each state has its own charm and gems when it comes to foods… do a clean food meet up? Also manicures sound nifty :P


  670. Parneet says:

    Yeah Cassey! We Vancouverites would absolutely love it if you paid a visit!

  671. I second Quebec, Canada! :)

  672. Come to Santa Barbara, CA!

  673. Celeste Menard says:

    LOUSIVILLE KENTUCKY!!!!! I don’t even care!!! I just want to meet you and a whole bunch f other popsters!!!!! Giveaways, dances, push-up contests haha. That would be epic!!! Oh and smoothies, and quest bars!!!!!!!! YESSSSSS

  674. Chicago, Illinois!!! Down town area would be fantastic!!

  675. Cassey you should come to Niagara, Ontario, Canada! :) I have always struggled to find exercise that I enjoy and want to stick with. I always start out with good intentions, but then I stop. But I really do enjoy your videos and have been getting much better at sticking with an exercise routine lately. People always tell me I don’t need to workout, but I am tired of being “skinny fat”, by which I mean I look small, but I’m not in shape. I want to be strong and fit and healthy! Thank you Cassey for being such a positive person, and inspiring so many to be healthy. It would be lovely if you visited the Niagara Region, it’s very beautiful here, lots of pretty places to do an outdoor fitness class!

  676. jennifer cole says:

    please come to Zephyrhills Florida or some where near here I would love to workout with you.

  677. come to milwaukee, wisconsin please!!!

  678. Lindsey says:

    Please please please come to St.Louis Missouri!!! You have been such an inspiration to me and I would love to meet you!

  679. Crystal says:

    Come to Seattle, WA! It would be amazing to work with you live!! You’re an inspiration Cassey!

  680. Savannah says:

    There are a couple cities within a few hours of me that I would be willing to travel to see you, each place has it’s perks. If you went to Atlanta, GA (you have lots of fans there) a perfect place for a location would be Centennial Olympic Park which was created when the Olympics were held there in 1996. It has a really nice atmosphere and is in walking distance to the largest aquarium in the country, which is a must-see with any visit to ATL. Nashville TN would also be a very good place, you should check out Centennial Park in Nashville online. And before you leave Nashville, make sure to check out Taylor Swift’s apartment complex, since I know you love her so much. ;)

  681. Heather says:

    And hit up the province of Saskatchewan while you’re at it! :)

  682. Kimberly says:

    Orange County!! There are plenty of beaches down here in SoCal — with that comes with a lot of things to do and plenty of foods to try! I hope that you can make it down here, your fellow POPsters would love it!

  683. Please come to Edmonton, Canada!! I’d totally get all my friends and family to all come :)

  684. kritika s says:

    Please come to San Jose/Santa Clara area!! My friends and I are high schoolers and we love blogilates!
    Thanks Cassey!!!!!

  685. Please come to Dallas!! (before or after you come to Austin! LOL) Not only do we have healthy BBQ but we also have healthy Tex-Mex, sushi, pizza, etc!!! We would LOVE to see you!

  686. Macenzie says:

    Chicago, Illinois OR Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

  687. Come to Minneapolis, Minnesota :)

  688. Come to Shreveport! We’ve got some great things to do as well as being about the center of the ArkLaTex. I really think this town is missing a positive view on fitness that I think pulling together POPSters could build.
    I think a Farmer’s Market visit would be fun for a meetup beginning then maybe a park after with a local food truck and/or a class. Nails would also be fun or (if the city is laid out well enough) a scavenger hunt around town.


  689. Hey :)
    Come to Luxembourg (I know, it’s far, but it can be nice ! )

    Voilà, bisous <3

  690. Olivia C. says:

    Please come to Boston! There is so much to do in that city including shopping, having amazing food, and getting an exercise from walking (lol). I know you’ve been here before and it would be awesome to meet you because you are what inspired me to become fit <3

  691. Jill Thistle says:

    NJ or NYC!!

  692. Jill Thistle says:

    Come to NY or even better – NJ!!

  693. Please come to Winnipeg, MB, Canada! I know there are a lot of women here who would love to meet you and do any sort of epic thing with you! I hope you consider, in Canada, Winnipeg gets left out a lot! Thanks for everything you do Cassy! xx

  694. Hayleigh Hayhurst says:

    Come to Las Vegas, NV!!!!!!!!

  695. COME TO PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!

  696. Come to Columbus, OH!

  697. Come to a Richmond, VA. We have a large reservoir outside the city – Swift Creek. You cannot use watercraft that runs off gas. So, it makes it a great area for paddle boarding. We could have a paddle board race! There are several colleges in the area to market to.

  698. Please come to Perth Cassey! :)

  699. Danielle says:

    Come to sacramento, ca!!!

  700. I agree :) or even Colorado Springs *wink wink

  701. Coralie says:

    Yeah! I will really like too if you can come to Montreal or an other canadian city.
    Thanks Cassey!

  702. You should go around the USA and then come to canada! Please come to Alberta! You should do like a question and answer and like give workout advice to people

  703. Karoline Thomsen says:

    Hey Cassey! Please come to Denmark, that would be amazing!
    I’ve been doing your workouts for about a year and I love them! They are the best-hard, fun, easily accessible and personal! And I’ve done a lot of different workouts and tried a lot of YouTube videos..
    Anyway, anywhere in Denmark would be great! But Vejle especially, a very pretty city by the sea with a huge forest and a buzzing city! Wherever you decide to go, I think in addition to workouts it would be fun to do nail painting, cook outs and maybe an area where we could jazz up water bottles, yoga mats, head bands, etc.?
    Keep up the good work! <3

  704. YES!!! I was just about to say Austin, too! For all the same reasons. We love you here in ATX, Cassey! :-)

  705. Pittsburgh would love to have you! You could do it at Point State Park right by the rivers.

  706. Please come to México i would be totally amazing!!! Please, please!! :)

  707. Come to Austin, Texas!!! Not only do we have all sorts of stuff to do (live music, lots of delicious –and healthy– food, parks, paddle boarding…), but Austin is a super fit city, meaning that there are sure to be lots of popsters around here! I think you’d have lots of fun here!

    Also, you could forgo the healthy meal to have a YOLO BBQ meal! We have some AMAZING BBQ down here! Just a suggestion! :)

  708. Seattle! I know tons of Popsters in the wider Seattle area, and there are a lot of cool places in Seattle to do a meet up at!

  709. Carolyn says:

    Come to Virginia Beach!!

  710. Annabelle Aubin says:

    You need to come to Montreal ! We could climb Mont Royal in a group and maybe have a class on top, or go in any of Montreal’s beautiful parks, it would be awesome ! ^__^

  711. fernanda laveaga says:

    Hi Cassey!!! I hope you come to Mexico, you have so many popsters here!!! I´m from a small town called Mazatlan, we have a beautiful beach, so it could be the perfect pleace to workout!!! Please, please, please come here!!! We need your energy and your awesome workouts! love you cassey!!! XOXOXO

  712. Atlanta would be amazing! Georgia would love to have you!

  713. Please come to Plovdiv, Bulgaria :))

  714. I’m from FL but go to school in Auburn, AL. So Auburn (AL), Atlanta (GA is really close), or Tampa/Orlando (FL). Thank you Cassey for these awesome workouts and inspiration to live a better lifestyle. :)

  715. *popsters

  716. Come to Canada and visit Toronto!

  717. Come to DC! I’m sure lots of pop stars love in the DC metropolitan area,(it’s like a half hour drive for me) we can have a vegan cook-off or a vega food truck! So please, come here! :)

  718. Oh man….I’m from Germany. I don’t think that you’ll come to Germany or to Cologne?
    Greetings, Vicky

  719. Shavaughn sickels says:


  720. Please come to Palo Alto, CA!! Would LOVE to workout with you!

  721. Cassey, come to Vancouver, BC! We can all hike The Chief together and do a class on top of the mountain (if there’s enough room) ;) ….or just appreciate the gorgeous view!

  722. Brianna says:

    You should definitely come to Rhode Island!! I know a lot of people that would love a chance at something exciting like this! :D

  723. You should come to Chicago :D please that would be awesome if you did

  724. Please come to Honolulu, Hawaii!! :)

  725. Caroline says:

    Kansas City, Missouri! That way you can get most of Kansas, part of Nebraska and part of Missouri all close by in one town! (:

    Awwwww Cassey you are the best fitness instructor in the entire world. Thank you for being so amazing!

  727. I really hope you add Canadian cities to your tour! I’m from Calgary, but I would totally drive up to Edmonton if you did something there! <3

  728. Raquel Woodruff says:

    Please come to NYC! I missed you last time you were here. So excited to do blogilates LIVE with you! You’re the best, Cassey!!

  729. Please Come to Quebec, Canada ! My health is so better because of you. Haven’t been to the hospital for 2 years ! :) you are my number one inspiration ! xx

  730. OKLAHOMA. nobody comes here lol. but im such a big fan and its got poosters i believe. I’m 16 and have been following since for over 2 years now and youmve helped to become more healthy and fit. at my age its hard because of peer pressure. people around me aren’t really healthy and my family is really big so sometime we cant afford healthy things, but me following this and eating clean has rven led to a good example for my mom who struggles with fitness. THANK YOU, and i hope u can consider Oklahoma so it can have something special. ;)

  731. New York City!!!! pleaseeee

    So many popsters and you can do class in Bryant park or central park. Would love love love for being able to meet you and do some exercise in the park bang in the middle of the city after work on weekdays or weekend. 1000s would turn up. This is a unique experience specific to NYC, unlike any other city. Please pretty please make it happen :)

  732. Basque Country, Spain! It would be amazing to have you here, no many people decides to come to Spain when they tell they are going to do a tour:)) it would be perfect to expand your endless energy here, and show what is the meaning of Popilates, and why not, demostrate how gratificant is to sweat. Kissess

  733. Cassie, I’m telling you– Toronto is the place to be.

    You could do an auction for merch or equippement. Or maybe have a Zumba class? Or an inspirational talk? I love the idea of a team building challenge/competition.

  734. boston!! the last boston meet up was so much fun!

  735. Please come to Atlanta, Georgia! You could hold the event at Centennial Olympic Park perhaps. Food trucks definitely sound like a good idea. And you could have a “merch” table like at a concert where popster can buy your merchandise like tanks, bags, etc. That’s all I’ve got! All your ideas are good. Hope to see you in Atlanta!

  736. Caitlin Rose says:

    I second this motion! Definitely come to Minneapolis! If you come during the warmer months, we could do some stand-up paddle boarding on the lakes as well. I think that would be awesome!

    So yes, PLEASE come to Minneapolis!

  737. Faith Peterson says:


  738. I would also drive out to Chicago :) So … a vote for there, too

  739. Please come to Spokane or Seattle WA! It would mean the world to me! I have always wanted to meet you and take a class with you! Please let us know in advance too.

  740. Come to Fargo ND!! If you don’t think North Dakota would be worth the trip, Minneapolis MN is close enough that I would definitely drive to come see you!!

  741. It’s a small town, but there are a lot of folks in Cedar Falls, Iowa who would LOVE to see you for an in-person session; even if you went to a bigger city in Iowa (or Minneapolis, as I’ve seen in a comment), I’d definitely drive out for the session and know others who would as well, although it would be super cool to see you in our hometown. WE LOVE YOU!!! I’m actually about to do a Blogilates workout right now! Peace out, beautiful lady ! :)

  742. You NEED to come to San Francisco/Bay Area again!! It’s an amazing place, and the things to do are endless!

  743. Indianapolis!!

  744. Christine H says:

    Sunny Los Angeles! Would love to see a great health and fitness expo with workouts, cooking classes, and tips for healthy living.

  745. Please come to Ontario Canada! A major city like Brampton or Toronto would get lots of people!

  746. Colleen says:

    Please come to Philadelphia! I know there are popsters there :) I would loveeee it! you can get a real cheesesteak as a YOLO meal!

  747. Jenilee says:

    Denver, Denver, Denver! It’s nice and central, and the altitude will add a whole new dimension to your workout! :)

  748. Gabriella Montemayor says:

    San Antonio, Texas would be a great place for you to come in the spring! The weather is great, and the city loves to host outdoor fitness classes to get our city moving! We are working on improving our overall health and fitness as a city, and I think you would be an amazing inspiration to so many people in this city. The biggest problem for many people here is that they feel unmotivated and unsure because gyms are expensive, and trainers are even more expensive. You take away the uncertainty and fear of diet and exercise, and turn it into a fun journey! People need to hear about you in San Antonio! I tell people all the time, but we are a large city and I can’t talk to everyone!

  749. Is this an International tour?! Could you come to Toronto, Canada?! Huge city – lots of connections to be made :)

    Would love to see you Cassey!

  750. Taylore says:

    You should definitely come to Nova Scotia, Canada! I think it would be really fun to do a class with you somewhere athentic to Atlantic Canada, like by the waves of Peggy’s Cove or on the Halifax Waterfront!

  751. If you plan to come to Canada, Toronto should be at the top of your list! :D

    Having healthy, pre/after-workout food trucks waiting around the location would be pretty awesome.
    Team workout challenge competitions might be fun as well!

  752. Michelle says:

    Please come to Phoenix!! Probably not in the summer though.. :)

  753. Come to Toronto, Canada! We have tons of fun activities here! It would be really nice to meet you!

  754. Vancouver, Canada!!! There is no shortage of things to do here! We have awesome food, loads of nature activities, shopping. You name it, we have it! It would be AWESOME if you came here!!

  755. Please come to Rhode Island or Boston something in the new England area! It would be awesome to meet you!

  756. Come to Florida in Orlando or Daytona Beach. I really wanna meet you. We should have like workout gear store their. Some dance workouts too!

  757. Utah! Please oh please oh pretty please! Salt lake area.

  758. Pilly Marie says:

    FLORIDA!! I live in Palm Beach but anywhere in FL really would be awesome! If you come to somewhere near the coast Its so close to the beach and would be an awesome place to work out and hang out!


  760. Come to Cleveland, OH!

  761. TORONTO!!!

  762. Please come to Toronto!

  763. San Diego! There are plenty of beach side parks to work out in (La Jolla Cove, Crown Point, Mission Bay, San Diego Harbor), as well as Balboa Park. There are a TON of healthy food shops down here to check out or even get them to come to the event! San Diego has a huge fitness atmosphere; you would get a lot of support from the community as well as the POPsters!

    We also have awesome museums, farmer’s markets, shopping; you name it, it’s here! Come work out with us!

  764. Victoria says:

    please come to Toronto.
    We need you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  765. Michelle says:

    I second that notion!!

  766. Come to st Stephens green in Dublin!!!!!!! Please Cassey!!! Or if you ever come to Northern Ireland come to Warrenpoint (where I live…hehe) it’s a beautiful seaside town… We can do pilates facing the sea!!xx

  767. Bridget says:

    Yes yes!

  768. Come to Mississauga’s Celebration Square! They have Fresh Air Fitness events and maybe you could host one!

  769. Caitlin Borthwick says:

    Please come to CANADA! It would be quite the experience and there are a TON of PopPilates fans here!
    Toronto or Ottawa would be fantastic!
    Montreal is also beautiful.

  770. Portland, Oregon would be great. My daughter goes to college there and would have a blast doing your classes (she uses your videos). Also, for another activity besides classes, how about a workout wear fashion show?

  771. Bridget says:

    Please come to the Metro Detroit area! Right next door to Canada if you wanted to do a Canada meetup too :)

  772. Amen. Please come to Amsterdam:)

  773. Fahreen says:


  774. Ja! :)
    Cassey, you should do a “Europe Tour” and come to GERMANY like to one of the big cities (Berlin, Munich …) !! That would be amazing :)

  775. Come to Dallas. Klyde Warren park would be a great spot or do a huge event
    at Victory Park or Cowboys (ATT) stadium. So many choices!

  776. Shannon says:

    Come to Columbus, Ohio! We’re within driving distance of several other states and there’s always something fun going on, pretty much year-round. We have a large college campus nearby (go, Bucks!), great culture, and lots of health-minded people who would love to see you and work out with you! Heck, Arnold Schwarznegger holds his sports festival here every year; let’s do a Cassey Ho Festival, too!

  777. Come to Indianapolis, IN!! Or, Chicago! (they are 4 hours apart actually). I would try to make it to either you decided to go to.

  778. Heyyyy,
    Can you come to Either New York City or Long Island NY? Thanx

  779. Come to Edmonton Alberta! It would be awesome to have you here.

  780. Jessica says:

    Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta!

  781. Please come to Toronto Canada!!

  782. Bend, Oregon! We can do blogilates in the park, float the river, eat yummy vegan food, and slide down a 50′ slip n slide :)

  783. Come to Grand Rapids, MI!!!

  784. Hi Cassey!

    Sigma Psi Zeta sorority, Xi chapter would love it if you came to Lincoln, NE! We would love to work with you as a motivational speaker and a pilates instructor for our campus! We have Asian Heritage celebration month in April that we would love to have you be apart in it! Especially when Asian heritage month usually gets put on the back burner on campus.

    <3 Kandy

  785. Come to New Orleans! We could work out in City Park, wander around the Quarter, and eat on Magazine St. There is so much to do here!

  786. Lillianna says:

    Come to Miami Florida! It would be amazing for you to come here and it’s such a beautiful place :)

  787. Atlanta, GA!

  788. You should come to New York. It would be so cool.

  789. Julianna says:

    I agree with Maree! Although I currently live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I’m from Minneapolis and it has a lot to offer! There are tons of beautiful spots to hold the classes, as Maree mentioned above, but also The Sculpture garden (close to Loring Park) and there are multiple places to hold a meet-up on the U of MN campus (huge and gorgeous)!

    I also think you should make your way across the pond to the Netherlands! Amsterdam is a vibrant international city with many parks to host a meet-up!

  790. Melissa says:


  791. You should come to Minneapolis Minnesota. We have so much stuff to do here from dining out to visiting our abudance of lakeshore to relax. Minnesota would be a great place for you to visit.

  792. Jessica says:

    Please come to Atlanta, GA! :)

  793. Julia Hong says:

    Hi cassey! Please come to Orange County!!! I live in huntinton beach and we would LOVE to have you here!!! The beach, weather, and food is all here ;)
    Other than Pilates classes I think we should do something related to food lol..make food? Bring food?
    I’m bad at ideas but id be happy with just seeing you!! Please come it would mean the world to me!

  794. Carolina says:

    Please come to New Jersey! So many of people around here love your videos but aren’t able to go into NYC when you do meetups there! One in NJ would be amazing and definitely a big crowd! Love you Cassey :)

  795. Come to WISCONSIN!!

  796. Please, please, please come to Toronto!!!! I love your videos and you so much and you’ve helped me through a lot and it would be absolutely amazing for you to come to Canada! :) You could teach classes, maybe do some Cheap Clean Eats, do a fitness/health Q and A, so many ideas!! Please come to Toronto :)

  797. Come to DC! We need some east coast love :)

  798. Come to New York City!!

  799. Come to Mexico City! I know it is far away but I would love to have a live class with you! There are so many things to do here (you can visit the piramids or go to the new aquarium that just opened) I am even willing to give you a tour and why not eat real mexican food :D. If you will come can you tell me so I can get ready? thanks!

  800. Montreal, Canada. You would love it here. We have an observatory up a hill (Mount Royal) where you can see the entire city and watch the sunrise (whilst doing some blogilates?) :D

  801. YES!! Come to Toronto!!! <3

  802. Hi Cassey! You have to come to Tampa Florida! Its sunny and bubbly, just like you! Please visit soon. A meet and greet workout would be such an amazing experience. TAMPA TAMPA TAMPA! :)

  803. Tiffany says:

    You should come to KENTUCKY!!!! There really isn’t anywhere for you to come in the town where I live but you could come to the Horse Park in Lexington and we could work out outside. It’s Beautiful!

  804. Come to Montreal, Quebec. It would be an experience to come to Canada :D

    There are always festivities going around in Montreal and there’s always places to explore. Plenty of restaurants to try out as well (healthy and not so healthy ones haha). There’s shopping, museums, just strolling around the many parks, maybe learn a bit of french ;) and much more great stuff.

    I am sure you would love Montreal and we would love to have you here! :D <3

  805. Come to Los Angeles and/or Atlanta! :D

  806. Come to Colorado please! A class would be fun or maybe the incline?

  807. courtney says:

    yes please come to Minneapolis!!! You could even do it in the mall of America!!!!

  808. PLEASE PLEASE come to Atlanta! It’s a great city with tons of stuff to do!

  809. Yes!!!!! COME TO JERSEY CASSEY!!! If you come during the summer we can meet up at the shore and it will be SO FUN

  810. San Diego! We’re so close to you and you know it’s amazing down here :):) Also Minneapolis MN would be a great place for you to go, but please let us know in advance because I’d definitely travel there to see you! (Oh, and I guess my family too…)

  811. Come to Houston, Texas!!! We can have a session at Hermann Park!!

  812. You should come to Austin, Texas!!!!!!!
    See if you can beat the heat here!

  813. Houston, Texas please! :)

  814. Please come to the big A Atlanta Georgia!!!!!!!!

  815. Come to the Seattle area! XD

  816. Luisa Perez says:

    Cassey you need to come to Mexico, i dont care in which city i will be there. And i think that beside the class and the meet and great there should be a selling of all of your products like clothes and bottles,etc. Also you could bring healthy food trucks and you should record this big tour and then share with us your experience.
    Goos luck Cassey we love you ♡

  817. MIAMI !!!!!!! doesn’t that sound nice? :D

  818. Sharyn Goncalves says:


  819. Come to Middleburg Florida c: that would be so cool!!!!! :D

  820. Kristine says:

    I would love for you to come to Toronto, Ontario, or Ottawa, Ontario in Canada!

  821. Denver. For a city that is considered one of the healthiest, they lack fitness events like the one you’re putting together.

  822. Kirsten says:

    CALGARY CALGARY CALGARY!!!! PLS come to Canada!!

  823. Please come to Paris, France !!!! :)

  824. Why not start one in Los Angeles for all your local fans.

  825. Come to Corpus Christi TX or San Antonio! PLEEAASE!

  826. Come to New Haven, CT!

  827. Please come to GERMANY, to Frankfurt, Berlin, München, any place is fine! I’ll definitely come and bring some friends along <3

  828. Come to Indianapolis, Indiana!!!!

  829. Brittany says:

    Please come to owen sound ontario! Or somewhere near there, i really want to meet you!

  830. Marissa says:

    Please come to Rhode Island! It would give me more inspiration to push myself to be stronger for when you get here!

  831. Please come to BUFFALO, NY!!! My friends and I would be blessed to be able to meet you!! You’re so inspiring <3

  832. Shannon says:

    You should come to ontario, Canada, preferably belleville!!!!

  833. Sheridan says:

    Cassey PLEASE come to Redlands or San Diego CA!

  834. Michaela says:

    Stockholm Sweden! I know quite a few popsters here!

  835. katherine says:

    Plymouth, Michigan, or Detroit since it’s a big city :) so fun if we did it on comerica park or something like that

  836. Maree Vie says:

    I’d love for you to come to MINNEAPOLIS,MN!! We are voted one of the top five as the healthiest and most active cities to live in. We have many parks here and it would be so much if we could share the city with you as you should share your experience with us!!
    A few great places that you may look into is Loring Park, Lake Harriet Bandshell, Theodore Wirth Parkway (I prefer this one!!) and there are many others! Live bands, Food trucks, DJ, entertainment, arts & crafts, photobooth are all some fun additions that you could include in the event! =)
    So PLEASE come to Minneapolis, MN!!

  837. Jessica says:

    Please come to Indianapolis! You have so many fans here!

  838. Melanie says:

    Yes !!! Come to France !!! After Lyon, come to Paris, please !!!!!!

  839. Come to Portland, Oregon!
    You should do abs, butt, arms, and leg stuff!,
    I would love to meet you and talk about how to eat healthy.

  840. Yes, def Austin! Health and fitness is big here- and people love you! You’d have a really great turnout!

  841. CASSEY PLEASE COME TO NYC!!!!! It would literally make my life!!!!!!!! AND It’s really convenient because WE HAVE HUGE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORTS THAT CAN EASILY TAKE YOU TO YOUR NEXT DESTINATION!!!!!! OMG please come here!!!!!

  842. Pleaseeeee come to west palm beach, FL or somewhere in south Florida I’ll drive anywhere for you!

  843. Milwaukee WI !!! Or if the doesn’t work Chicago works too :)

  844. Please come to CHICAGO !!! You’re so amazing & I would looooove to meet you !!^.^ :*

  845. Please come to Tampa or Orlando!

  846. Cassey please come to Jersey! We could do a meetup at the shore and there are plenty of lighthouses to climb or parks with trails to stay active besides doing pop Pilates! Hope to see you!

  847. ChristyS says:

    Kansas City, MO or KS – food trucks, nail art would be so fun! We are in the middle of the country and it is a beautiful and vibrant city! You would have so much fun and so would all of the midwest POPsters!

  848. Yes, come to Chicago, please!! We should simulate a live cooking show and have some of us help you while the rest of us watch. It’d be great. :)

  849. Come to Indianapolis!!:)

  850. Come to phoenix, AZ (:

  851. Ooh please come to Anchorage Alaska while it’s still warm! You’d love the view of the ocean and the wildlife is beautiful and amazing! I hope I get to meet you

  852. Come to Birmingham, UK! London is 3-4 hours away from me so my mom won’t let me go if you go there :(

  853. COME TO JEDDAH,SAUDI ARABIAA. (Seems crazy but I think you’d like it (for the most part)

  854. You should come to the OC! Irvine, Ca would be awesome. And how about some clean eating stations?

  855. Aenia Amin says:

    If North Carolina is not possible, Atlanta or Washington DC will also be great!! I do not mind traveling one weekend to see you ;)

  856. Please come to CT! (Or somewhere near it so all of us can go)!!

  857. Come to the Washington D.C. area! I can’t think of any ideas for what we should do though…

  858. Michelle says:

    Love this idea. The location voting and especially the lunch raffle. Great idea!
    For the location, I’m in Boston – I know you were just there last year but I wasn’t living in Boston yet…. maybe you could come back pretty please!

  859. You know you have to come to NYC :D

  860. Come to Monterrey, Mexico! It would be a pleasure for us to have you here, teaching us! <3

  861. Claudia says:

    Come to toronto please!!!!

  862. Please come to Canada!! That would be AWESOMESAUCE!!! xo

  863. Come to hilton head island in South Carolina, or savannah Georgia! We’d love to see you down here in the south

  864. Carson butler says:

    Virginia beach! It’d be fun to meet & work out (:

  865. Come to Scottsdale, AZ please! I would be so happy to take a class with you!

  866. Danielle Giammatteo says:

    Pleeeeeease come to upstate New York!!!

  867. New York, NY Please!!!!! Your fan base here is huge and I want to hear some of the place you like to eat in our city! We should do a workout in central park and then lets paint our nails :)

  868. It would be amazing if you could come to The Woodlands, Texas!

  869. Michaela Davis says:

    Please come to Houston, Texas!!!!!! There are so many fellow blogilates friends who would love for you to come!!!!!

  870. Houston, TX! Classes would be great

  871. Come to Scranton, PA!! :)

  872. Please Please Please come to Atlanta Georgia! That would be a dream come true to meet you!

  873. Lindsay says:

    Please come to New Orleans, Louisiana!

  874. morgane says:

    Come to LYON, FRANCE !!!!!!!!

  875. I Would drive to Nashville, TN! I live an hour from there, but my town isn’t that big. I’d love to get to meet you and thank you for what you are doing for us!

  876. Hannelore says:

    Come visit PEORIA, ILLINoIS!!!!(:

  877. Annika Donner says:

    Cassey, please come to Auatria (Vienna – capital city) :))
    Please, this would be really cool :D

    I would prefer ab, legs and arms workout :)

  878. Chico CA!! this place is has awesome food trucks and plenty of people who live to work out!

  879. Come to Atlanta!!!!!

  880. Please come to ATL!

  881. Atlanta, Cassey, Atlanta!!! you’d have a ton of fun here, if you’ve never been before. we could all work out in piedmont park, which is in midtown, and it’s giant enough to host everyone! lots of festivals (music, food, whatever) are hosted there!

  882. Gabrielle Boehme says:

    You should come to Murrieta, California! Or Riverside or San Diego!! And we should paint our nails and somehow get like a projector and a screen and watch a movie and everyone can bring a meal and it can be like a big picnic!

  883. Come to Louisville! Would love to attend one of your meet ups, and I think waterfront park here in town would be a good location for it. :] Or you could do it at the YUM center!

  884. Kaitlyn says:

    Miami :) South Florida is full of fitness enthusiasts!

  885. DC, baby! Pilates on the Mall would be killer, but I’m sure any of campuses in the DMV area would be happy to have you. Hit up [email protected] (office 301.314.8498) to get in touch with the folks at UMD- College Park.

    Additionally, I myself work in the events business and I kinda love you, so if you need any help or recommendations as to contacts or locations, do not hesitate to get in touch.

  886. I know this is super far-fetched and probably won’t happen but I would love it if you ever came to London, England!

  887. wadiyah says:

    Come to NYC or Jersey City

  888. Jasmine says:

    Come to Richmond, Virginia!

  889. Sophia Zhou says:

    Please come to Portland, OR! Downtown Portland is beautiful and has food carts and a large square called Pioneer Square. We also have a giant garden called the International Rose Test Garden, and about an hour away is the Columbia Gorge which has countless beautiful hikes and waterfalls. The beach is about an hour or two away.

  890. Come to Athens, Greece…!!! :)

  891. Stephanie says:

    MOntreal and then Quebec city. They are 2 city not too far apart:)

  892. wadiyah says:

    Come To NYC. Or Jersey City

  893. OMG Cassey please please PLEASE come to Toronto, Canada!! I would love to do a workout with you and all the other Canadian POPsters

  894. Natalia says:

    I think you’d be a big hit in Boulder, Colorado!

  895. Stephanie says:

    Please come to Quebec city in Canada:) It’s a wonderful city with a planty of place to do your workout. It’s a French community with a French culture. HAve you ever heard about Chateau Frontenac? It’s here in Quebec:) I’ll be so excited to show you around and to organize you a private tour:)

  896. Cassey please come to Austin TX! We would love to have you here and I KNOW you’ll love it.

  897. Come to Raleigh NC! There are many beautiful parks around here perfect for working out! The east coast would love to see you again :)

  898. Please come to back to NYC, Cassey!! We New Yorkers miss you :c

  899. Please come to North Carolina!!
    I’ve always wanted to meet you


  901. You should come to Pennsylvania! We could have a meet up somewhere like Penn State! That would be absolutely incredible

  902. Somewhere near Houston, TX please!!!

  903. Juliana B says:

    Please come to Florida more people need to experience blogilaties here!

  904. Come to Alberta, Canada! I would love to work out with you in real life! We could have a clean cooking class!

  905. You should definitely come to Washington DC, Cassey!!!! It would be a dream come true to see you in person! And DC is a great city to visit. :)

  906. PLEASE PLEASE PLEEAASSSEEE come to Montreal Canada! :D
    And if you cant for some reason at least go to Toronto or Ottawa because I am willing to go the distanse to work out with you :D

  907. Elizabeth says:

    Come to Colorado! Red rocks amphitheater would be a perfect place for you to do this thing. They already have a designated time when people can work out, so scheduling a blogilates event would be nbd. Plus there is plenty of room for tons of people and the scenery is GORGEOUS!!

  908. Come to Baltimore! There are a lot of colleges around the area you could do the meet up at, and if you did a tour you could also hit some other major cities as well!

  909. michalia says:

    Please come to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina! I’d love to go to one of your classes! We could all go run on the beach and get more people to come join,

  910. Come to Windsor, Ontario Canada!!!
    We are a boarder city between Detroit, MI and have a beautiful path along the river that you could conduct yoga & Pilates workouts.We have a few beaches around Windsor-Essex as well and a few Marina’s with great sites that you could use. We have plenty of wineries to explore if you wanted to do a workout slash wine tasting event like a “tough mudder” concept.
    Windsor, Ontario has some great events that take place at our river front (which is close to our downtown) and all around. I think you would be delighted to see and visit us.


  912. Reaghan says:

    Oklahoma City by Tinker AFB

  913. Please, please, pleaseeeeee come to Atlanta and do a Pilates class!! I’ve always wanted to do one of your classes and it would be wonderfully amazing to meet you!!❤️❤️❤️

  914. Oh! Please come to Toronto!! :) That would be AMAZING!!! I tell most of the people I meet about your videos (I’m a fitness instructor as well but I know a few people who don’t have the money to get a gym membership or they simply don’t have the time).

  915. Hannah Sturgill says:

    Cassey, please come to Portsmouth, Ohio! It’s such a small town that most people forget about but I would love to meet you. I’ve been doing blogilates since April of this year and I adore it. You inspire me daily. Please consider my little forgotten town and let me meet you!

  916. Darian Brown says:

    I think you should come to Bradley Beach or Belmar in New Jersey! And besides classes and a meet up I think it would be cool to do like something along the lines of what you suggested a cook off or food truck. I seriously would love to meet you and even take one or more of your classes in person! ^_^

  917. Please come to Sandusky Ohio. We have the beautiful Lake Erie. And even better we have Cedar Point! It is a blast!!!!!

  918. Please come to Boston! Pilates on the Common would be the best!

  919. Come to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada!

  920. Brianna says:

    Please come to Minnesota!! We should do a smoothie off or something like what they do on FoodNetwork with Blobby Flay and they vote which one is better but they don’t know whose is whose.

  921. Vanetia says:

    Come to Chicago! I vote for workouts + mani/pedis!

  922. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!! She should DEFINITELY come to Boston! :D

  923. Please come to Seattle Washington! I personally know that you have a huge following in the area- all of my friends and I are obsessed and you have changed our lives in ways that we couldn’t have imagined.. And now want to share with you!
    Maybe have some sort of clothing DIY section where we make a custom Blogilates tour tshirt, and a little area where we go and take pictures in crazy poses that you can patch together in a big beautiful seattle collage later! Or a video sesh where we do 6 seconds of crazy dancing that you can stitch into a video collage :))
    Love you!
    Claire Bacon

  924. You should DEFINITELY come to Washington, D.C. Why not? It’s awesome here! If you don’t come during this tour, you should for sure do a tour next Spring in the national mall near the Capitol building with the cherry blossoms in full bloom! That would be amazing. I will be there if you do it here!

  925. That is an amazing idea! For the activities anyways, I live near boston so that would be a little bit of an excursion for me but obviously not other people so it’s definitely an awesome idea to go to seattle :D I’m soooooooo excited to!!!! :D :D :D

  926. Come to Toronto, Canada!

  927. Ana Raquel says:

    Cassey, please please come to Portland!

  928. Come to central new york!(syracuse to be exact) i would love to meet you!:)

  929. *Cassey >_< lol hate when ppl misspell my name

  930. Come to New Jersey or NYC!!

  931. Ariel R says:

    Chicago! Pilates at Grant Park! Clean Cooking class?

  932. Veni Murliani says:

    Cassey! Please come to Sydney, Australia a.k.a. down-under at some stage! Particularly during our spring/ summer season (between Sep-Feb)! Would love to meet you in person! You’re truly inspirational!!

  933. Xochitl says:

    Come visit Orlando we should do a Disney inspired work out or something along those lines since Disney basically dominates Orlando! :D

  934. You should come to Boston Massachusetts! I live about 30 minutes away so I could come! Maybe you can have a healthy cooking contest? :) bye, love ya!

  935. Veronika says:

    Please come to Houston, TX!

  936. Omg if you could come to the netherlands!!
    I know it’s far away, but would be fun!! :)

  937. Come to Orlando, Florida!

  938. How about Central Park? That would be…. AWESOME.

  939. Sammie L. says:

    Come to Minneapolis, Minnesota!!!!!! We are voted in the top 10 (not sure which spot, but it’s up there) as one of the healthiest, most active cities to live in! :)

  940. Hey Cassie! I’ve really enjoyed learning new workout techniques and heathy eating tips from your YouTube videos! I’m staying consistent with your workouts over the summer and enjoying the payoff! So glad that you are considering have a Blogilates tour — been meaning to ask you as a fellow RA…. Come to Ohio State University in Columbus, OH! I’m a 1st-yr RA, but I don’t think planning an event like this for OSU will be too much to handle with a team. Love ya and keep going :)

  941. Boston and New York City please! :)

  942. Come to Ithaca, NY!! Better yet, start up a world tour, where you pick like 10 cities based on the highest votes from POPsters and visit each city to teach a class and have a raffle to win lunch with you before you leave!!

  943. Come to Florida or South Carolina! I will drive to anywhere in those two states to be in your class!! Or Nashville, TN because that is my favorite place in the US!

  944. I’d love for you to come to Bloomington, Indiana during the school year!! I know that so many of my college friends would love to take one of your classes; cardio core, yoga, trek, and step classes are super popular at IU, and we definitely have the facilities for it (inside or outside)!!

  945. come to the Netherlands!!
    I know it’s far away… but it would be fun :)

  946. You should come to Chicago! We could do some pilates at navy pier or the bean

  947. Rebecca says:

    Come over to Philly please!!

  948. Please come to Columbia Maryland!!

  949. CASSEY! OMG so I would love for you to come to the Seattle area – I’m hopefully moving here very soon and would love love LOVE to be able to attend a meetup! I think the obviously 1-2 classes (as many as we could fit in, haha!), nail art stalls, food stalls selling healthy food and drinks (like juices/smoothies/protein shakes), and some sort of “decorate your stuff” stall where we could personalize our yoga mats and/or clothing would be awesome.
    I also love the idea of doing some sort of motivational workshop, whether it’s a Cheap Clean Eats “episode” where we all got to watch and/or make the recipe along with you, or maybe some sort of sit-down thing where you talk to us about this lifestyle and different ways to keep motivated and strong.
    This has gotten me SO excited I can’t even tell you – I’ve been a POPster for 2 years now but have never been able to attend a real life pilates class – ever! SO EXCITED! <3

  950. Austin!!!!

  951. Vera Catti says:

    Great idea!

  952. Please come to Denver, CO :)

  953. Please, please, please come to Cincinnati, OH. Pleeeeeeeeeeeease :)

  954. Austin Texas loves you!!!

  955. Vera Catti says:

    Yes, come to Italy!

  956. Christin says:

    Come to Ann Arbor, Michigan. We could kayak/tube/canoe/float down the river after the workout.

  957. Kansas City! If you want outdoors then you have to come in the summer, otherwise the weather won’t cooperate. And it should be huge with lots of food trucks and music and fun sessions. Just my input. Thanks Cassey(:

  958. UK please!! :D

  959. I was about to write MONTREAL! I guess I am not the only one! COME in Montreal, Canada!

  960. Memphis, TN please!

  961. Come to nc

  962. Fresno, CA!

  963. Come back to Boston! Or come to where I go to school in Rochester, NY where there is a fabulous yoga and Pilates community!!!

  964. Catherine says:

    Come to Chicago this summer Cassey! Also I think it would be cool if you did a multi-part or even multi-day event! Like you could have a workout, and then after you could do a cooking class for a good post-workout meal! Or in the evening we could cook dinner together! Or a Q and A session! Really anything is good, it would be great to see your lovely face!

  965. I’d love if you came to Boston!! Us new englanders would love to workout with you! :)

  966. Michelle says:

    Orlando, Florida! There’s so much more here other than Disney (technically that’s not even in Orlando). There are amazing, healthy restaurants and beautiful parks. There are many local, homegrown food cooperatives in the area. Maybe you could do an event highlighting the local, organic crops.

  967. Come to Lincoln Nebraska!!!! Our city needs something like this. It would be a great learning experience and could really help our city get on the healthy track:)

  968. Please come to Albany, NY!!
    Maybe you could bring a couple of dogs for like a dog adoption? There may not be enough people do that though but it’s a thought!

  969. Come to Boston, please!

  970. Hey Cassie!! So chances are you probably won’t even see this small little comment, BUT i will dream bi and assume you will, so.. It would be completely awesom if you came to Connecticut. I know it’s this tiny state, but I am sure it’s full of popster anxiously awaiting a visit from you. Thank you cassie for everything that you do. You have helped me turn my life around for the better and that means so much to me. Hoperully I can see you soon, Love you!!

  971. Kristyn says:

    Come to Calgary in Canada :D

  972. Come to Ireland please!

  973. Rebecca says:

    Please come to maryland!

  974. I would love for you to come to Columbia, SC but it is probably too small a venue. However, we have a growing food truck scene, and a new, vibrant downtown area that has hosted a number of concerts and a weekly farmer’s market. With the University of South Carolina there and a large number of young professionals it would be a great venue!

  975. Cassey plz come 2 chicago! I have always wanted to meet you because you are such an inspiration for me when I workout!!! If it wasn’t for you and your amazing blogilates program I wouldn’t be confident in myself and I wouldn’t look like how I do today. If you came to chicago you could probably do a pilates class at Millennium Park or one of the other great parks we have there. I love you soooo much Cassey!!! Please come to Chicago, I will be there for sure!!!!

  976. Please come to Singapore! I’ve been a big fan of Blogilates and have lost 20 pounds ever since i’ve started, and I finally have a slight ab line too!! :) It would be great if you could teach us how to eat clean with all the expensive foods here. An orange costs around USD$2.40 here in the supermarkets! So it would be sooo awesome if you could tour around Singapore and give us some lessons too :D

    Love you Cassie <3 You've inspired so many Singaporeans here to eat clean and be healthy!

  977. Hi!! :) Please come to Hamburg, Germany?! Or do another class in SF at some point later this year? :D
    It would be really cool to meet you. I like the nail painting idea but I’d really love to do selfmade shirts with you. That’d be so cool. Then everybody would have a special motivational shirt since we would have done it with you. Extra motivation and it’s something to keep. :)
    Lots of greetings from Hamburg :)

  978. Yes, Philly please!!! It’d be cool if you could record the class in each city and edit it into an epic workout video or series. America on Fire!

  979. Josephine says:

    Come to Washington DC! A meet up at the national mall for some pop Pilates would be so awesome and inspirational and a real way to make a statement to the whole nation! Healthy food trucks would be fun and a stand to buy all things blogilates! Id definitely want a souvenir!

  980. Atlanta, GA!

  981. Come to our beautiful Nation’s Capitol! Pilates on the Mall sounds like a blast…maybe a picnic too :)

  982. Kerry-Rose says:

    COME TO SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need you here!!!!

  983. Marissa says:

    come to Toronto, ON! :)

  984. Yay! Another NC popster! Do you know where Siler City is? If so, she has alot of fans there including me! But Siler City is small, so if she doesn’t come here I hope she can cone to Raleigh!

  985. NYC of course!! There is a beautiful spot in Astoria Park right under the Tri-Borough Bridge and next to the East River that would be amazing for Blogilates meet up. There is a track there too and a parking area that I have seen the city use for a Carnival. There should definitely be classes and little stations to learn about the different health topics you’ve talked about like juicing and protein powders. Perhaps a little photo booth station as well? Hope you come to the greatest city in the world!

  986. Please, please, please come back to Boston! Or even Providence!

  987. Please come to Maine! It would be sooo cool to have you here, and I know a lot of popsters here!

  988. Juliana says:

    Come to Buffalo, NY! Please???

  989. Please Come To Nassau, The Bahamas you will love it here and I would to get the chance to meet and exercise with you.

    The Bahamas Is the way to Go our beaches is amazing you will love the experience.

    Hope too see you some day…xox

  990. elizabeth says:

    come to JACKSON, MS!!!!

  991. Scarlett says:

    Louisville!! :D (or Lexington or Cincinnati..)

  992. Yes yes Canada!!! Consider Calgary please!!! :D

  993. Natasha says:

    Toronto Toronto Toronto!!!!!!

  994. Yes! Come to NYC!!!!

  995. Pleassseee come to Arizona! The weather is hot, but bearable. I know a lot of popster who would definitely come out, me included. It’d mean the world!! Thanks Cassey!(:

  996. Portland OR!

  997. Come to Sunshine Coast or Brisbane, Australia please!

  998. Lindsay says:

    Come to Kansas City!! The ❤️of America!!

  999. Please come to Connecticut or NYC!

  1000. Please come to Orlando, Florida! I live really close to there. Also , food trucks are a good idea with healthy food of course.

  1001. Bailey Harrop says:

    Please come to Miami FL, we’ve been waiting for you, and I think painting nails while jamming some music and also going Pop Pilates would be super fun. And how about bringing a salad bar too?

  1002. Yes!!! Siler City! You have alot fans for such a small town! I know at least 50 people who watch you! Nail painting would be awesome!

  1003. Definitely come to Ohio! It’d be an honor to workout and meet you! (:

  1004. come to london in the United Kingdom pleaseeeeeee! <3333

  1005. Candice says:

    Then can can train like a beast and meet a few African beasts ;)
    Classes and food truck!!! Sounds amazing! Some gourmet vegan truck would be awesome!

  1006. Come to Champaign-Urbana? If not at least come to Chicago and we’ll try to make it.

  1007. Please come to Arizona! I’d love to have a class or two with you! But come in the winter lol it kinda gets a ‘bit’ hot here…. #110andrising

  1008. Allison says:

    Come to St. Louis! We have the Arch, the City Museum (so much fun), and lots of tasty, healthy food! BY St. Louis, I mean the West County.

  1009. ATLANTA :)

  1010. Thumbs up for Montreal!! Please come! :))

  1011. Andrea Pekelny says:

    Come to Toronto Canada, You have tonnes of fans here that really want to meet you and experieance blogilates in real time so we can die in the workouts more ;)

  1012. Omg! NC would be perf! Nobody ever comes here so it would be amazing if you did! I live in Asheboro, a town next to Siler City, so yea go to Siler City!!

  1013. Ana Luísa says:

    Porto, Portugal! Beautiful places to workout around here :D

  1014. Bridgit says:

    Come to Toronto, Canada Cassey! I know so many Canadian blogilates fans (including myself) that would love to be taught personally from you :)

  1015. HOUSTON, please & thank you! I say workout class then food truck to follow, UMMM YUM!

  1016. Erin pruitt says:

    Please come to Montgomery, AL!! It may be humid in the spring & summer but come autumn we could do blogilates by the riverfront!!! So much fun :-)

  1017. Come to Houston, TX!!

  1018. valerie says:

    Yeah !!! Montreal please!!!!

  1019. Please come to Poland, to any city! :( You keep me motivated, I want to hug you! :(

  1020. Come to Montreal in Canada ! Please ! It’s not so far from the USA !

  1021. Come to the nation’s Capitol!!!!!!!!

  1022. Martina says:

    Please come to Czech Republic!!

  1023. Yes!! Come to Siler City NC! It’s a tiny town but you have hundreds of fans here!

  1024. come to Pittsburgh! <3

  1025. Chicago (of course)! I would love to have food trucks there, especially if it might be an all-day thing. Hope you make it out here!!

  1026. Come to Singapore! You can teach us how to make a healthy drink with our beloved durians! Or maybe yknow everything else thats good

  1027. Christy says:

    Come to Virginia! Richmond would be great, but I would definitely drive to DC if you had a meetup there :)

  1028. Come to Portland Oregon!! No one ever comes to Portland and Portland is awesome!! I would love to work out and hang out with you!! ily

  1029. Hey Cassey, you should come to NYC!

    Would be awesome to do a meetup/class in Bryant Park or South Street Seaport maybe! Maybe some sort of competition to see who could do a particular move the longest — plank? waist whittlers? squats? Would also be really cool to be able to shop your cute clothing in person!

    See you in the Big Apple soon, RIGHT?! :)

  1030. Eunice Wong says:

    If you could, come to LONDON! I know it’s a dreary city, but we could do a good workout with you!
    There’s great open space at areas like hyde park, or my favourite, primrose hill.

    A workout would be great, and I think healthy food trucks sounds amazing! Maybe even a mini fair, where people could like rent booths and we could do fun healthy stuff together. Like manicures, selling clothing/ equipments, selling healthy food products/ cooked food!

  1031. YES! And boston PLEASE!!!! And maybe a live cooking session and an advice section

  1032. You should come to Siler City NC! You should do food trucks and nail painting! Also maybe give a few of your merch to the first 20 fans there?

  1033. Please come to Hong Kong or Singapore. You said international! Anyone from Singapore or HOng Kong popsters?

  1034. Samantha says:

    Please come to Dallas, TX

  1035. Anique R says:


    This would be really good motivation for everyone. As well as the things mentioned above, you could have a blogilates stall (that way its easier to purchase yoga mats/clothing etc and its also a good way to promote blogilates) in London which would be amazing!!

    You could also just hold a q&a because like myself and others we will have questions about posture, the exercises in some of the videos and just general stuff eg: how do you stay so motivated.

    So LONDON, UK is the play to be!!

  1036. Come to Dallas TX Cassey! I know you have a huge fan base here so it could be amazing to have everyone get to see you! To have you teach a live blogilates class would be unreal, so please consider Dallas as a stop on your tour!

  1037. Come to Chicago and do classes at millennium park! Also Cincinnati!

  1038. Mackenzie says:

    Please come back to boston!! <3

  1039. Paulien says:

    Hi Cassie,

    It would be so great if you would come to Brussels, in Belgium! You could do a Euro trip and see for yourself how many fans you have here!

    :) :) :)

  1040. Paula Barouchel Caracini says:

    Come to São Paulo, Brazil!!!!!!

  1041. Siesta Beach in Sarasota, FL would be an outstanding place to get a group together doing your beach workouts!

  1042. Chelsea Goff says:

    Boston!! We would love to have you! My girlfriends and I do your videos weekly!

  1043. Emily Wang says:

    Come to Fort Collins!!!

  1044. Hey my friend and I are from Germany and we would be super excited if you could do an international tour and maybe come to Germany as well.
    We love doing your workouts, you are so inspiring and motivating. We would love to meet you <3

  1045. please come to Ireland It would be my dream! :) no one ever comes here and organises cool stuff like this you’d be the first :P xx

  1046. Come to Flagstaff and teach a class of yoga/pilates that helps mountain climbers! We have the highest peak in Arizona (12,633 ft). You can also enjoy a run or bike on our urban trails and sweet Flagstaff famous cuisine. Also, you could bribe people from Phoenix to come up here too because it’s 20 degrees cooler. Not to mention, we’re only an hour and a half from a yoga shoot at the Grand Canyon!

  1047. Come to Minneapolis! It is one of the fittest cities in the nation so you would have a great turnout :)

    Love you!

  1048. Cornelia says:

    Come to DC so we can work out in Georgetown at the waterfront park (where it’s shadier than on the Mall) and get cupcakes!

  1049. Agree! Please come to the Netherlands as well :) It would be so nice to meet you in person.
    If you come in spring, make sure to be there between mid-march and end of may, so you’d be able to enjoy the great tulip fields of .e.g. Keukenhof (30 min from Amsterdam). I think, a pilates session next to one of the fields would be unforgettable (for both the sore muscles and the view… ;p)
    Utrecht is another beautiful city (not as big as Amsterdam but it is quite charming) where you as well can go by boot through all the “grachten” and enjoy the view of the city from there. :) Please come to Netherlands! :)

  1050. Briana Cangemi says:

    Come to NYC!

  1051. You should come to Raleigh, North Carolina!

  1052. Yes! The mall would be a great place, maybe in the rotunda? Yes, yes, & yes!

  1053. Julianna says:

    Come to Illinois and Arkansas please!!!!!

  1054. South Carolina!!!!!

  1055. Minneapolis is a pretty fit city ;) Lots of parks to go to! (has to be a warm season lol)

  1056. Please come and visit GERMANY! That would be awesome! You are my queen and you changed my life so much. Thanks for that. Hugs and kisses from Germany. Lisa :)

  1057. Emily Madison says:

    Also, fun things to do around st. Simons/ Jekyll island: well it is on the beach so you can do a lot of fun things there-run/walk, do yoga, relax, go sup boarding, kayak, go out on a boat. There is also carriage tours on Jekyll island, there are lots of cute shops/boutiques right by the beach on Jekyll island, lots of yummy food, and lots more!!

  1058. Stephanie says:

    Come to Philly

  1059. Katie M says:

    You need to come to St. Louis, MO!!!! You have tons of fans here who would love to meet she workout with you:-)

  1060. Please come to Atlanta!
    I would love to meet and workout with you!

  1061. Please come to Indonesia! :D

  1062. Julianna says:

    I agree! Or even Rochester, MI. They have a nice activity hosting type area for events or classes in yhe downtown park.

  1063. Come down to Austin!! You have a lot of fans at UT! :)

  1064. Emily Madison says:

    Hey, Cassey!!!!

    Please come to St. Simons island or Jekyll island, GA!!! :) it would be so exciting! It is gorgeous here on the coast. I know you would love it! There are alotttt of people who are into fitness on the islands. I really hope that you will come!

    Jacksonville, FL or Savannah, GA would also be close to me so please come to one of these places! I have been following you on Blogilates since the very beginning and I feel like I already know you but it would be so great to be able to meet you! :)

  1065. Karla Garcia says:

    You should totally come to either Arlington, TX or Dallas, TX! :)