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may 2014

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Hey guys!

Here is your new #ahMAYzing Workout Calendar!! This month I am having you work different muscle groups throughout the week with a Hump Day HIIT on Wednesdays and a stretching routine on Flex Fridays! Be sure to “tweet what you eat” on Friday too!

New workout videos can be found on YouTube.com/Blogilates every Monday! And the exclusive workout video this month is called “Chisel That Body”. It’s a weighted routine and really digs deep into your muscles quickly. You can find the exclusive workout in the Blogilates App (free to download on iPhone and Android) when you subscribe to the workout calendar.

Now I usually upload the day’s playlists right here on the blog, but this month forward we’re making a change!! You will be able to find all of the daily playlists on my.blogilates.com – our new community where you can make profiles and talk to each other just like facebook.

The registration is free and it’s so safe and pleasant in there. Go now! Sign up here.

Also, remember your diet is a BIG PART of how your physique changes, so be sure to follow one of my clean eating meal plans below:

12 Week New Body Makeover Meal Plan (Vegan option)

90 day Challenge Meal Plan

Last thing, I am doing a Dietbet this month! I highly recommend it if you are looking for extra motivation to lose weight and once and of all change your body! I’m giving away awesome prizes like an iPad Mini! There’s a great weight loss community in the Dietbet game so SIGN UP HERE! The weigh-in is happening on May 4th and the game starts on May 6th! You have 1 month to lose 4% of your weight. You can definitely do it by combining this calendar and one of my meal plans.

Ok well let me know if you have any questions guys! I am always here for you. Let’s have an ah-MAY-zing May POPsters!! Whoo!!

<3 Cassey