Neon Fitness Fashion, Lean Arms, and Hi-Protein Taquitos Recipe!

blogilates hoodie

Hey guys!

WOW! I cannot believe we are nearing the end of March!! What!? Like wasn’t it JUST January or something?? So crazy. I cannot believe how fast this season has gone by. Spring is here and Summer is only 3 months away!?? What!!

Well, in honor of the hotter weather and just in the name of fun fitness fashion, I decided to put together the above outfit for an outdoor morning jog. OMG don’t you just love it!? The brightness puts a smile on my face :D The hoodie is from, the shoes are Adidas, the bra top is from KOS, and the shorts are ROXY.


Also! Surprise! I have a new Bikini Body Pilates video for you. This is the 3rd video in the Lionsgate Befit series and it focuses on toning up and leaning out your arms! (I know you’ve been asking for an arm vid for a while so here it is!) I’m not using any weights, just your bodyweight. Please give it a try. I know you will love.

Now for some fun cooking ideas!

On this week’s episode of Cooking Clean with Quest, I’m baking with my good friend and fitness SUPERSTAR Billy Blanks!!

billy blanks

Watch us as we make high protein Double Chocolate Chunk Taquitos! I made the fruit version of course :) The recipe for 2 taquitos turns out to be  177 calories, 17g protein, 10g fat and 5.5g net carbs.

double chunk taquitos

Click here to see the recipe or watch the cooking video! I’m sure you’ll be entertained. Billy is so cool and down to earth. The best part is that he lives and breathes his workout philosophy. When I asked him what he does for his exercise regimen, he says he does Tae Bo. And he does it 3x a day!


To celebrate the taquitos recipe, I’m gonna pick 4 random POPsters to have a full box of Quest Bars sent to them later today! It’s a world wide flash giveaway and it ends at 2pm PST March 27th, 2014. How to enter?

Tweet me @blogilates and @questnutrition what your first workout ever in your life was. Use the hashtag #workoutgiveaway so we can see your entry. My first workout ever was tennis!

Ok good luck everyone!

<3 Cassey

  • kyla fletcher

    I’m late but mine was probably jumping jacks pushups sit ups n running from playing volleyball/cheerleading<3

  • Love the super fun video!! I usually eat the bars straight up, but it’s fun to see variations :)

  • I LOVE neon! Which is why I named my blog after it. That outfit is adorable. Neon just reflects positivity and brightness. :) I mean that outfit could motivate anyone!

  • Taneeya

    Will eating RIGHT after working out bulk me up?
    I don’t want to gain or grow anymore muscle..should I wait to eat for like 20 minutes after I workout?

  • I really love blogilates posts. This is something new and very refreshing to read on. I love their healthy version of Taquitos, it makes me hungry. I’m looking forward to read more from blogilates. Thanks.

  • Julissa

    My first workout was The call me mabye gangnam style mashup workout

  • Taneeya

    guys please help me! i started working out a 2 months ago and just for the past week or so i have been doing it intensely and following the calendar..but i just noticed in 4 days that my thighs got bulkier..

    its not possible for it to be really bulky doing Pilates but my thighs look bigger some days and slim other..i am naturally skinny and my legs were totally normal but now they look mom says it too..

    WHY? help me please..i want slim and toned thighs because i am naturally slim!! pleasee

    • Lynn

      Don’t worry about the bulk. Continuing doing the pilates workouts. It may take time for your thighs to slim down because results come with time, but remember there’s no such thing as spot reducing. You will lose the fat everywhere with pilates and cardio & eating clean.

      • Taneeya

        thank you!!! :) but my thighs were already slim..does doing Pilates make my legs a little bulky for a little time??

  • Caroline

    LOVE the outfit! <3 <3

  • Aida

    I’m happy for Cassey doing the series with Quest nutrition but honestly I just want the Cheap Clean Eats back :/ they only make sweets with Quest and Quest bars are super expensive

  • I love that hoodie! Noooooo! Too much temptation!! X

  • I love that hoodie! Nooooooo! Too much temptation!! X

  • I love the workout stuff lol
    L x

  • Emily

    OMIGOSH!!! i just had an idea for the april calendar name…. UNBREAKABLE APRIL!!
    Someone PLEEEEASE tweet that for me cause I don’t have a twitter!
    Thanks for the workout Cassey!!!

  • I really loved the punch line printed on the jacket!

  • I am SOOO IN LOVE with this outfit! I just love your blog. So colorful and fun! And your Quest bar videos ROCK! Can’t wait to make some over the weekend!

  • I absolutely love the hoodie! I love all the other stuff too! And damn, I’m late :( Wish I saw this earlier! Heartbroken that I don’t have a chance to win the quest bars.

    Anyway, my first ever workout was well…jump rope :D

    Hopefully, next time I’ll get to participate and win :D

    :) xx

  • Rachel M

    I don’t have a twitter, but I’m going to try here in the comments. :) My first workout was a VHS that my mom had….and I don’t even remember the workout lady’s name. :) thanks for all you do, Cassey!

  • I love cooking clean with quest! And the workout gear is so vibrant that it’s making me more excited for summer :)

    Thanks for being so motivating Cassey!

  • Aww, your outfit is so cute! I love getting new gym stuff, and I have a lot of neon too! If only I could be bothered to paint my nails, I’d almost be as well put together as you!

    I might sound stupid here, but what IS a quest bar? We don’t have them in the UK and I don’t really understand their purpose *embarrassed*

  • Amanda

    Again can’t enter…no twitter :(

  • Summer

    So….for some reason my iPad and my laptop have never allowed me to use twitter…sad day:( I’ll keep trying I’m sure. Anyways…just for fun….my first workout ever was soccer. We did suicide drills and I was like 7 or 8??? My mom says that before I played soccer, I tried dance but had to be removed from class because instead of following everyone else I danced around the room the way I wanted to….which could technically be my first workout but I don’t count that;)

  • Barbara

    I don’t know what time it is in your time zone, I just hope that it is not too late for the giveaway! xD
    And I want to tell you, Cassey, that, although I do not do your workouts ( I just watch them sometimes) because I am focus on weight training, I love your philosophy and your passion and how you encourage people to live healthy without obsessing about it. You truly seem to love what you do and that’s so great!
    I admire your hard work.
    Keep going!
    Greetings from Germany

  • Aenia

    This recipe looks DELICIOUS!! The double chocolate chunk quest bar is one of my favorite flavors (along with Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Peanut Butter Supreme) ( You can see the theme :) ) I do have a request though. Can you do some flash giveaways for us Popsters who do not use social media, or consider comments equivalent to tweets. I am sure that many of us would love the chance to win as well!! Back to your question, my first workout was when I was 3, and I would race my dad in our neighborhood. Apparently, he let me win…

  • LOVE the workout clothes!! I love wearing stuff like that when I workout. It motivates me to get to the gym!

  • Hey Cassey!
    I’m in day 18 of the beginners calendar, but I think I need to skip a couple of days ’cause I got the flu. That made me wonder what do you do when you get sick?

    I love your videos, please don’t ever stop! :)

  • Amanda

    Hi Cassey will you be incorporating the new Lionsgate videos on April’s calendar?I want to try them but don’t have time on top of the regular workouts…thanks :)

    • Cara

      Agreed!!! I get super nerdy and always love finding all the “secret” cassey videos on other channels haha

  • Mariah

    This is my favorite video of the Cooking Clean with Quest series. I love Billy Blanks! :) When I was like… maybe eight, I would wake up at 5:30 every morning and do his Tae-Bo videos with my older sister. :)
    Fond memories… thanks for the giveaway! I am so eager to try the Quest bars. They look & sound AMAZING! :) God bless you, Cassey!

  • Sjoy

    What if we don’t tweet? Can we enter your contest(s) other ways?
    New to blogilates and LOVE it!!!!!!

  • Kevina

    Oh I thought what you mean by first workout is the very first blogilates video that I’ve tried!
    hmmmm…I have to post a new tweet then xD
    You are so inspiring Cassey :)

  • Cute outfit!!

    I just bought a BUNCH of bright clothes and put on bright pink nail polish because I want spring weather to be here already! Still below freezing here!!

  • Love it! So much colors! :)

  • Ester

    I love that outfit! @[email protected]